Mariah Carey - The Impossible (The Reprise) Lyrics

Say it
Say it
(Forever your lady)
Forever your lady
I love you boy
Cuz this what I have to say
Now I love ya like sunsets, bubble baths on the jet
Love you like...
Love you like freeze pop
I love you
I love you
I, I, I
(Forever your lady)
(This is what I have to say)
Now I
(Forever your lady)
Forever your lady
(Forever your lady)
I, I
Layin' in the bed pumpin' you to see
(Forever your lady)
Layin' in the bed pumpin' you to see
I love you like...
Baby yeah no matter what you do
I will love you

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Mariah Carey The Impossible (The Reprise) Comments
  1. Luan Lima

    1:19 give chills

  2. Mezmerized4Life Jay

    Ohh the nostalgia is real 👑


    Yez sir

  3. Tahmid

    Reminds me of the chords of janet Jackson anytime anyplace

  4. Ash Lita

    mariah carey her voice is like an angel 😍 she is an angel


    Ash Ava Mimis voice in "hero/never to far" , "Do you know where you're going to" , "yours" and "I want to know what love is live Opera" All Live, those video's are fcking HEAVENLY she sounds like a damn angel from gods house I swear

  5. Darrell Gilliard

    so smooth! love the feeling it gives me

  6. Daekwon Da Prophet

    DeVanté, sing it again.

  7. Litalici0us

    This is not the fault of the uploader. Copyrights, you know.

  8. Litalici0us

    Love it ! Mariah is really a genius of music.

  9. Anthony

    Sounds like Janet Jackson's "Anytime Anyplace" beat

    Geloni Pipkin

    Anthony it does lol

  10. Julia Ambrose

    How the hell Am I suppose to listen to this on mobile? -__-

  11. Raymond Frand


  12. MariahYanez EL

    <~~~Layin in the bed bumpin MC!

  13. Dino Rashad

    When I first heard the impossible and the reprise i was at my lady friend house, she had hit playin low on tha radio and was sippin wine, i heard that "layin in tha bed bumpin jodeci" part and i was like "who tha fuck is dat?" found it was mariah, got the tracks and been bumpin'em since..

  14. Orangesocksburst

    This and the Impossible should have been release, it would have been a stone winner on the R&B chart and Urban chart!!

  15. TripleMagazine

    Listen to this allllllllll the time! allll the time!