Mariah Carey - Someday Lyrics

You were so blind to let me go
You had it all but did not know
No one you'll find will ever be
Closer to all your dreams than me
Believing the grass would be greener
You told yourself "I just don't need her now"
But I know you'll soon discover
You're never satisfied with any other

Someday oo someday
One you gave away will be the only one you're wishing for
Someday hey hey
Boy you're gonna pay 'cause baby I'm the one who's keeping score

You'll change your mind and call my name
Soon as you find they're all the same
And when you find yourself alone
Don't come back crying
You should have known
Believe me I'm not pretending
It's not hard to predict this ending now
'Cause I know you'll soon discover
You're needing me in spite of all the others


Maybe now you just can't conceive
That there'll ever come a time
When you're cold and lonely
Baby how could you ever believe
That another could replace me
The one and only
But when you're down
In your time of need
And you're thinking
That you might be coming back to own me
Just think again
'Cause I won't need your love anymore


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Mariah Carey Someday Comments
  1. Jason Young

    The Queen Of Rnb Forever !!!! Mariah Carey

  2. DougVale

    3:44 anyone else tried to do this?

  3. Anh Nguyễn

    Fashion 90s ♡ and like Whitney

  4. Encyclopedia Brown

    Mariah trying to do the Running Man 😂. Bitch, please. 🤣🤣😭. Stick to singing and writing.

  5. Encyclopedia Brown

    Damn. She was only 20 years old in this video. So ahead of her time crafting these lyrics (many of which on this album was written in her teens). Sheesh. At this age, I was just trying to jerk off before my parents came home from work. If only I had applied myself...rather than pleasure myself. 😩

  6. Perfect Circle


  7. Audley Swaby

    Mariah Carey 'will always be my baby'

  8. Sam Galea


  9. Déja Vue

    When Mariah was Mariah ...

  10. Eduardo Gonsebat

    Very low volume.more volume please tank you.

  11. Farnaz Khan

    This is dedicated to the people in my life who chose to never see me for my authentic self worth. You’re all regretting it now; you’ll regret it even more as time goes by.

  12. Michael Official

  13. Christian Santos

    Somedaaaaaaaaay!! Love. 😱😍👌🏽

  14. Pengen sehat

    i like the skinny mariah,she is totally beautiful n her hair is the best hair like this...she is in her highlight of her career in this era...tall beautiful perfect voice splendid talent...i wish she would take a break once in a while to maintain her voice back of the most talented people on earth in u always my girl 😘😘


    How much she weigh here?

  15. First Lady Queen

    @:57 hmmmm! 🤔

  16. Brett Cannon

    In 1990, we all knew she was gonna be huge.

    Angel Johnson

    Brett Cannon wow i was born in 1990

  17. Flor O.

    I don't get it, are there 2 versions of this song? I remember a different beat

  18. Harry Dickus

    I remember being 12 when this vid came out. Geez had the biggest crush on Mariah then. If she broke out this same outfit and hairstyle in 2020. I’d still be crushing on her.

    Angel Johnson

    Harry Dickus i was born in 90 life was diffrent huh?

  19. Jamie Harrison

    I always loved the album version of this song, but the single remix is a far inferior version. I can understand why it was mixed and doubtlessly massive in the USA. In the UK it only made 38, but might have been bigger if it had been either the first single or the LP version. It should have been!!

  20. Chesley Sobrepena

    Invented High School Musical

  21. Rainbow Azumarill

    This song gives me late 80s vibes, and I LOVE IT <3

  22. Fruitcake Floyd

    Mariah Carey had alot hits from her debut album this one is my fav when I was 12 then :)

  23. Kara Taylor

    I love you Mariah Carey

  24. Kara Taylor

    I love you Mariah Carey I'm a huge fan of you and I wish I could meet you

  25. Hana K

    All of Mariah's exes who dumped her are feeling pretty foolish! She went on to become the best selling female artist of all time... 1990 was the year of her first debut and in 2019 she's still making and releasing hits!

  26. 11 11


  27. Azure

    Any 2019 listeners?

  28. Yasone 5

    The cutest thing ever made on planet earth: this videoclip.

  29. Ignacio Farias

    i East at marriot hotel lakeland florida

  30. Terry Whitney

    #Lambily ❤🐑

  31. kingcalafia

    early 90s FTW.

  32. Mehdii Laghzaoui

    Lmao before autotune and the surgeries hype... she looked mad fine and I dont even fuck with her like that..

  33. Rosangela Gomes

    Diva eterna😘

  34. Trini b

    This song was released 29 years ago today

  35. Sasha Renee

    I love you MARIAH 💕🤗🌺🎀💫 YOU'RE THE BEST AND The most beautiful 🙏🏼💯

  36. Lil' Jennie Girl

    I did my hair like this back in highschool!!!! Straight bangs though and half up in a barrette or ponytail!!!!!! Her dancing at the lockers......🤭 Me, on the job, in the elevators!!!!!! Yes! Bye!💃🙋💃🙋💃🙋

  37. Terry Whitney

    The Mariah Carey era was the best.

  38. Terry Whitney

    Who else is listening to this in November 2019???

  39. Beau Long

    1:19 savage

  40. Nuttapol Chiangbut

    Mariah is so gorgeous.

  41. LucidiaRevolution

    This is my favourite song. I identify most with it due to that this happened to me several times. They should have dumped their girlfriend lol, or gotten over their x-girlfriend when they had the chance to be with me. Bad timing is not an excuse. Too bad, don't come years later expecting me to still be interested. What stupid men I have met, stupid enough to think that a woman is going to be interested in them years later., be waiting around for them, and happy to get them so late.

  42. Ariel O

    Listening to this in 2019

  43. Outsiders Random Channel and ISH

    Jamming this shiiiiii in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. The Man

    Beyoncé ain’t got shit on Mariah Carey😍

  45. Agnieszka Przygodzka

    my kids kip me gowing thank you

  46. Agnieszka Przygodzka

    thank to YOU a bolive am gona be soon

  47. Agnieszka Przygodzka

    Always respect YOUR selfe YOU amezing

  48. Agnieszka Przygodzka

    amezing xx

  49. neuroticgypsy

    Ain’t that truth!

  50. Paul Jones

    I was in 3rd grade this video was on MTV in the mornings while I was getting ready for school. I always heard this song playing in my head at school.

  51. Karin Porter

    I absolutely love this song !!!!!!!
    Always wonder who the little girl was

  52. Sheila Palmer

    You are unique

  53. Sheila Palmer

    You are so underrated

  54. Sheila Palmer

    This is my jam

  55. Kylar Reger

    Her most underrated #1

  56. Alex Klatt

    "Boy, you're going to pay"!


    What's the scouter say??? Octave range is over 9000!!!!!!!

  58. Matus G.

    In what year was it launched?

  59. Jared Woodson

    Lambs. Music video version or studio?!?

  60. lovely Daniel

    Are there 2 version of this video? The instrumental sounds different ,but check out Mariah doing her 1,2 step💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 ALEXANDER RODGERS brought me here 💯😁

  61. J445

    My anthem

  62. Alfredo Gomez

    if you was born in the early 80s you were a true 90s kid. I was 9 yrs old when this song released. Man the memories 😩

  63. Simon Zabala

    Is it from her debut album?

  64. Sheila Palmer

    You are so incredible

  65. Sheila Palmer

    You are mesmerizing

  66. Aleksa •

    2:29 I love this part

  67. Leonard Green Jr.

    This video is so 90s.

  68. anacionqtfixo

    the teen who plays Mariah as a teen looks so much like me as a teen; the same hair out of control and the denin overall

  69. Josh E.

    Imposible to not love Mariah!! ❤️

  70. Josie Springfield

    Steven Tyler SOMEDAY

  71. DR kd

    All time favorite Mariah Carey song remind me of my first grade years

  72. DrRiddlez2015

    This song went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1991

  73. Washmi Wijeratne

    Dang her style is on point. You could still wear that outfit to this day and get a lot of compliments. And that video is almost 30 years old. I wish i had half the fashion sense she has

  74. Veronika

    she is very beautiful here..

  75. Victoria Barron

    You better sang!

  76. Tera firma

    I remember the mtv premier video of this song! Yes mtv is for music television 🤣,such a shame music like this no longer exists,no one these days can hit a note like she can!!!!!

  77. kreion

    I was so mesmerized by Mariah that I didn't realize the video has a little story

  78. Carlo Jay


  79. Margaret Lowery

    Got to be one of the greatest voices ever!

  80. Joan 887

    Mariah Carey was incredibly beautiful when she had curly hair ❤️.

  81. C N

    I think this video is still the only video/performance where Mariah actually dances..

  82. Full on Lovatic

    This is so 80’s/90’s

  83. 明けの明星サタン666

    She had 4 year old me thinking explicit things... lol I miss Mariah.

  84. Kasia Klimes

    2019 💓 💓 💓 💓 💓

  85. hakbug

    little girl looks like her daughter Monroe!

  86. Julie Love

    Mariah my love 💖 I just wonder if it's forever...This is my deeper request ✍God loves us both because we get what is a real sacrifice ☝ Mariah... I'm in love with someone special but i wonder if he appreciates me as i am 💭he 's still in love with someone but she doesn't deserve him in my opinion : she's not loyal with him.

  87. Nicholas Alvarado

    Mariah's 3rd #1 in a row on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart and her very first #1 on the Billboard Dance & Club Chart.

  88. Piggypopbop

    What a bop!

  89. Terry Whitney

    One of the best female vocalists of all time! 🎤🎼🎶

    Destiny Holden


  90. Piggypopbop


  91. Brianna B

    This video is so wack lol
    What is Mariah even doing with her body

  92. Jay Lexus

    I think everyone had that one person in school in life that they really wanted but that person never gave them the time of day. when you heard this song, it was dedicated to them!

  93. Soviet Spy.

    Everytime time when I sing my voice crack's LMAO

  94. Sunny Sunshine


  95. Denton Clarke

    She still one of the best right now
    After Whitney Houston
    Whitney Houston is back new song higher love her music video in higher love the best

  96. Nabila Putri

    Her beauty is endless also her voice..

    Do you agree with me..

  97. Chavis Jones

    Ummm.....I don't understand why Mariah Carey dislike this video. Her early videos of her debut era are great. I like the shots of the schoolchildren dancing in the hallways and the classroom as well as the look of a "natural" Mariah singing to the camera and doing the running man. This is her third Hot 100 number one song and the video of the same name is still relevant. New Jack Swing lives.

  98. Osasumwen Asemota

    There is a whistle note at the end! *YAY!* (B6-E6)