Mariah Carey - More Than Just Friends Lyrics

O, O, OK
O, O, OK
O, O, OK
O, O, OK

[Verse 1:]
I thought I'd be with you but you never tried to holler
We can spend a couple milli actin silly in Milano
Boy hit your horn (beep beep), I'll follow
Have your whip in driveway by tomorrow
Secretly, I know you want to hit it like the lotto
And after that, we can ketchup like tomato
We can make love in Italy in the grotto
Fresh off the jet, got the men they screaming bravo

Steppin' in my Jimmy Choo's
Yeah, I got it all cute for you baby
Nothin' like them other girls
I would never be rude to you baby
Can't wait, just say
That you wanna be more than just friends
Boy, I'ma love you until the end, the end, the end, the end, the end
(More Than Just Friends)
Boy, I'ma love you until the end, the end, the end, the end, the end
(More Than Just Friends)
Boy, until the end

[Verse 2:]
Boy, you got me all mixed up like Cerrato
You got me spinnin' round for ya like a little model
Steady feenin for ya like them fries at McDonalds
I wanna be all on your lips like gelato (ice cream)
Permanently paint me in your picture like piccasso,
Love me down till I hit the top of my soprano.
We can pop bottles while we hittin’ on the (?)
Then, baby, come and pluck this thing like a cello, cello, cello.

Steppin' in my Chrissy Liu's
Yeah, I got it all cute for you baby
Nothin' like them other girls
I would never be rude to you baby
Can't wait, just say
That you wanna be more than just friends
Boy, I'ma love you until the end, the end, the end, the end, the end
(More Than Just Friends)
Boy, I'ma love you until the end, the end, the end, the end, the end
(More Than Just Friends)
Boy, until the end


Is it you, is it me, we should say how we feel for each other.
Baby boo, I need your touch, never wanted somethin so much, friendship just aint enough,
I wanna be with you until the end.

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Mariah Carey More Than Just Friends Comments
  1. Black Beauty

    M I M I M I M I M I M I M I M I M I M I M I
    O H O H O K O H O H O K

  2. Black Beauty

    i can relate to her songwriting skills. fantasy wonderland of love

  3. Mercedes Fierce

    Can someone give me the end of that second verse

  4. Prometheus

    This song is great, but very difficult.

  5. Sabrena Powell

    Lovve you I got it

  6. EMC2 BTN

    That's right !!!!!!

  7. P T

    "Em Aye Em Aye Em Aye Em Aye..."

  8. Ivory Williams

    More Than Just Friends
    Betcha Gon Know
    The Impossible
    The Impossible Reprise
    Up Out My Face


  9. Kingsley Okorie

    Super Sick Lyrics!

  10. Asai Kumai

    Yea I got it all cute for ya babbbbbyyyy!😍😍😍❤️❤️🤞🏾🤞🏾

  11. David UK

    It's 'Come and pluck this thing like a cello cello cello' not 'come and flick this thing like a channel channel channel'

  12. Watcher Offools

    Say when? I’m in

  13. Robert Louie Lozano Sr.

    Awe she loves me thou

  14. kamaldeen iyanda

    2019! Mariah! Mariah! Mariah! Thank you 🙏🏾.

  15. Leggs

    “Sugar baby boo”. My favorite part!!!!

  16. Bag Lady

    a musician

  17. notla76

    Love me down till i hit the top of my soprano

  18. PsychicMax UK

    Best song on this album 💕💕💞
    She is so clever with lyrics I so still love this song. Should have been a single.

  19. Alegriaa

    What's that note at 1:43 ? I hear A6/Bb6, but it could be something else xd

    Nioh 2

    That must be a D7

  20. J P-GOKU

    Hit it like the lotto.... flip this thang like a Channel.... Wait... I wanna be all on your lips like gelato... (Gasp) she's talking about sex....

  21. GeminiMoon

    Love this song

  22. Erik Molenaar

    I always said "pluck this thing like a cello" instead of "flip this thing like a channel"

  23. EmzooH

    Boy, hit your horn beep beep I'll follow !!

  24. Meems V

    the whistle takes me out!. QUEEN of music ...a true ICON!

  25. MusicLover94

    I bet none of yall noticed that she got the melody of the chorus from "One More Chance/Stay With Me (Remix)" lol genius because it's barely noticeable.

  26. J P-GOKU

    MARIAH HAS BARS.........

  27. Aaron Barnaby

    This song is a lyrical masterpiece.

  28. Laurent1970 Outang

    What a pity when I see that : "This song is lyrical genius."
    I can't understand all what she says in her song, I don't speak well English... I'm a little bit frustrated :)

    Dean Nguyen

    it's not that genius, just a bit of wordplay. it's clever.

    Mahesh Govindarajan

    I know this comment is old, but I'll say it anyway. I agree with Dean. I believe by lyrical genius they mean how clever she is with words.

  29. diva a

    what did she say at 1:46

  30. diva a

    this is how we do katy perry

  31. Drew Vitale

    Such an underrated song! This song is lyrical genius.

  32. Deon Kidd

    "Secretly I know you wanna hit it like the lotto" eeowwwww this is my shit!

  33. GarageStudio

    By the way when Mariah hits that whistle note after singing "Love me down till I hit the top of my soprano", is that one of her highest whistle notes? (sounds almost as high as the g7 she hit in Emotions!)


    Wow thanks, you definitely know your stuff!


    w.a.d.r. : you can't sing a 7.
    a 7 is part of a chord.

    Mariah Szypryt

    no she can hit a little higher


    @EVA AUAD he's talking octaves


    @Aaronix4oops, of course !

  34. GarageStudio

    "Love me down till I hit the top of my soprano" ; then hits that awemazing whistle note! Such a lyrical and vocal legend! #TrueArtist

  35. チョコレートマシュマロタチアナ

    I luv this song 💛💛💛💛

  36. dgaller06

    This is my favorite song from Memoirs.

  37. k'ma Abdullah

    Steppin' in my Jimmy Choo's

  38. • SKAABRONA •

    mm, it's "steppin in my jimmy choo's" not  "steppin in my chrissy lou's" lol.

    Zach Bond

    False. learn the second verse. lol. she clearly says chrissy lou's.

    Mercedes Fierce

    Actually it's both jimmy 1st chrissy next

  39. eyeswideopen

    this was her most underrated album


    I will agree that Mine Again is a great song off that album...


    +Thamer B Although it's less impressive as a whole, I think it flows considerably better than Me I Am Mariah.


    I remember when TEOM came out I didn’t like it but I was happy for her success. I just couldn’t figure out the appeal of WBT and I thought it was going to flop.

    ꧁༺ Lamb ༻꧂

    rockyea85 same. I like WBT together but its kind of average (for me). I love to sing the song though... I just don't know why it got so famous. Though I'm happy because its one of her succesful songs.

    MimiLamb4life MariahtheQueen

    @eyeswideopen Mine again is my favorite by Mariah.

  40. geovanna freitas dos santos

    Mariah Carey Perfect "

  41. Supreme Ali

    cool azz intro!

  42. XxLazerArrowxX

    I WAnT THIS TO BE A SINGLE!! It wouldve been so huge :/

  43. Soares Felipe

    I think this album is just not THAT commercial. But I like your idea:
    I love this one and Standing O... fuck HATEU and Angels Cry..

  44. AJ Thomas

    Yup terrible choice of singles. I Want To Know What Love Is should have had a double single release with Up Out My Face because there was alot of buzz about that being the album favorite right away. Her Palms concert in Las Vegas had everybody going crazy for that song before the album had even come out.

    H.A.T.E.U. should have never seen the light of day. It had gotten great feedback in early 2009 at the album preview but I didn't like it as a single.

    Penny Dollar

    AJ Thomas I am so glad she didn't NEED your approval to release the song, "hateU" personally one of the coolest messages in a song. Trust it ranks👍💞 PS, I💙it


    Hate u is amazing so stop

  45. AJ Thomas

    Judging from the comments section of the majority of Mariah's Memoirs tracks it's apparent that while ALL of the lambs enjoyed listening to the songs, not many bought the album which is why it was only certified Gold in the US only double platinum WORLDWIDE. I really hope everyone goes out and buy's Mariah's new album The Art of Letting Go on July 23rd! If you can't afford the album at least buy the second single from iTunes when that is released.

  46. AJ Thomas

    No the album lyrics booklet state "flip this thing like a channel."

  47. Florida King Capone

    I think I'm in love

  48. Soares Felipe

    Fucking great album full of great singles and they chose those un-mainstream tracks...

  49. Sam T.

    amazing vocals! Damn she's awesome.


    My phone rang with this song for almost a year... I LOVE IT !!!

  51. Amy Gales

    hey! gyeah

  52. joan rico

    allen quiles i want 2 b more than just friends!!!

  53. Betsy Boss

    couldve easily been her 19th numbersingle it rhymes really well X)

  54. Gieh Carlos

    i like ittt....

  55. John Lewis

    i love this damn song

  56. LeInevitable

    It's Channel. You don't flip cello's.

  57. fmif100

    Song about Friendzone before it was cool

  58. jessie0030

    11. "More Than Just Friends" Carey, Nash, Stewart, Sean Combs, Chris Wallace, Rashad Smith, Mark DeBarge, Etterlene Jordan Carey, Stewart, The-Dream 3:37

  59. Raymond Cimafranca

    memoirs is my favorite album from MC!


    One of the greatest R&B Ballads !!!

  61. Carey Lewnatic

    I'm pretty sure it's "play this thing like a cello, cello, cello"

  62. Brady Allen Young

    Like clamato* It's a tomato mixer, like bloody mary mix, but for beer.

  63. AKif FUry RUby

    reasons I like this song: the song is very amazing, the artist is beautiful, the melody is very attractive, the album is great even though it is one of the "low-sale" albums..

  64. Daniel Grønvold

    She is damn genious.


    She's also a blessed genius ...

  65. relebohile mamome

    diis my jam...Mariah is the best!!!!!

  66. Boogieman01

    Definitely The Dream Produced This.

  67. MaC Muchiesx

    love me down till I hit the top of my Soprano . that whistle note she hit wow me :O !

  68. romello5kuggz

    Candy Deepthroat Brought me here
    (scratching head)

    Joseph A

    romello5kuggz 😂😂😂💀

  69. romello5kuggz

    who the h___ produced this Beat?

  70. Mar5iahlopez

    @AliYourBrother dude i think youre more obsessed with her then eminm is..i mean i love her to and have all her albums but i dont follow her like that.. get a life

  71. phattyyi3

    And I just can't believe that there's one sucka that just want 2 be friend and not more!!!

  72. phattyyi3

    i been searching this song for like an eternity this more than a song 2 me<3

  73. MrDLOC11

    EACH and EVERY song on MEMOIRS was made with great care,
    her lyrics displays her dazzling WIT
    & her INFECTIOUS vocals are just so CATCHY & IMPRESSIVE
    i cant even know what to say.....

    Joseph A

    MrDLOC11 well said


    MrDLOC11 Couldn’t have said it better m

  74. Asia Stewart

    love this song

  75. rainbowmadtown21

    @AliYourBrother Umm are u that clueless?


    this was her best album since butterfly. thanks to the dream!

  77. rainbowmadtown21

    @Xx69scenequeenxX I am gay haha spread thu love :-))

  78. msbond700

    my favorite song on the cd

  79. Ee vee


  80. blaire wells

    i like song because she explains basically how much she loves her friend but wants to be closer

  81. Hope

    I luv u so much Mimi! My favorite singer :)

    MimiLamb4life MariahtheQueen

    Also Mine

  82. Amber Busby

    hahaa....i need to buy like....all her cds ♥♥

    Mercedes Fierce

    If u haven't you are truly missing out

  83. gurleen kaur Guddy


  84. mesi meee

    The End:)

  85. Tiara T

    @greendaybubbles Yupp

  86. saammy saam

    is she pregoo?

  87. Kristen Campbell

    luv diz song!!!