Maria McKee - If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags) Lyrics

My heart is empty
Your eyes are dull
Once we were hungry
Now we are full
These ties that bind us
Can't beat these chains
If love is shelter
I'm gonna walk in the rain

You were my angel
Now you are real
So like a stranger
Colder than steel
The morning after
No one should brag
If love is a red dress
Well hang me in rags

Oh well, there goes the fairy tale
Lord, ain't it a shame
In all this comfort, I can't take the strain

If we played even
I'd be your queen
But someone was cheatin'
And it wasn't me
I played on the table
You held something back
If love is aces, gimme the jack

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Maria McKee If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags) Comments
  1. Agustin DLVega

    ''You hear me talkin', hillbilly boy?''

  2. Marco Rosales

    Bring out the. Gimp.

  3. ja maguire

    One of the million things that all went right to create a magical movie.

  4. room11

    А ещё здесь программа "Иное"

  5. Jenn Meskell

    Linda Perry Rocks!

  6. Padraic Glynn

    The spider's caught a couple of flies

  7. Dejan Janković

    Mmmmmmm....kakva pesma....baci coveka u vasionu.

  8. Nicolás CsPl

    I cried listening to this song in so many moments of my life... while sober, while drunk, at dawn or dusk, at midday or in the night, lonely or in the middle of a party… right now im in love and im with her… and still I cry listening to this… there is beauty that must be enjoyed in tears, always.

    Andre S

    Ok doomer

  9. Elacey C

    The one song that I can’t sing to! I will master it one day. I’m determined. Maria’s voice is otherworldly.❤️

  10. Big Box

    Now you are real.

  11. Crystal Dolphin

    The spider caught a couple of flies.

  12. Dat MeSee

    Beautiful poetry.

  13. WhiteAsBread

    get the feels hard from this one . . . . .

  14. diedog1

    Iam in love

  15. Antonio Di Lucia

    if love is shelter i'm gonna walk in the rain

  16. Megafayce

    Underrated how she goes from sustained into vibrato

  17. LoudOrNothing

    The reverb selection on each channel is very well chosen here. Makes the song.

  18. Rachel Alvarez-Greer

    As far as I'm concerned...... this song a CLASSIC!!!! YA GOTTA LOVE IT!

  19. Fredrik Almroth

    love it!

  20. RobAyr McKay

    Any idea why I can't find this amazing song on Spotify.


    RobAyr McKay it’s on the Irish one. Must be distribution rights in your locality

    J Walker

    Not on UK Apple Music anymore

  21. Fritzi

    This song is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I'm melting when listening to it <3

  22. Henry-Bart

    from what scene is this song? can't remember

    blue genes

    It's playing on zed's radio in his shop.

    Backwoods Films

    At least Zed got to hear some good music before he died.

  23. Tony Orsini

    This is pain, CHRIST it hurts, man. Feels alive.

  24. Fredrik Almroth

    it's all good, she's great!

  25. n/a n/a

    My favorite track on this film.

  26. スピカ・アイ

    ああ 人生ってやつは……

  27. Patrick Edwards

    I always tended to skip through this track on CD. I don't know how I didn't realise how good it was at the time.

  28. Fritzi

    I desperately wait for the glorious day, at wich that wonderful breathtaking masterpiece gets available on spotify :') please please please

  29. Joshua Simons

    I wonder how cris cornell would have covered this...definitely be worth a few listens...

  30. Zoe Wilding

    This song kills me...breathtaking

  31. Brenda Trump

    I love this song!!! I just sang it out loud in my trailer park and now I'm hated, lol.

  32. ken wagner

    Shared a beer with Maria about 30 years ago in Asbury Park, this song brings me back to that night.


    ken wagner 30 years ago, Asbury park..was so very different from 40 years ago Asbury park..those were the days..cruising the circuit.. Bruce at the Stone Pony, The Convention Center..where has the time gone? 😯


    ken wagner Here's me doing a cover of Nicole Atkins, "Neptune City" just sending it to you to have a, I miss jersey..

    Wilmo Fictitious

    ken wagner respect from a Jersey native

    Jared Sb

    maria? who that?

  33. PLB051080

    17 people are pretty fucking far from okay

    Joshua Simons

    17 dead in me party yo,

    Josh Reineke

    24 now - clueless

    danix 445

    Zed is doing quick work


    Step aside Butch
    You get gone, you stay gone or U R gone
    You lost your LA privileges

    Diego Hernandez

    26 😨😱

  34. Kenneth Besselman

    You lost your LA privileges

  35. Redress Returns

    demons i command you thru the truth of jesus the christ to leave this abode now and return to your hell home as per the father the son and the holy ghost +

  36. Robert Polanco

    Thank you, Maria McKee, for your lovely song. It sure struck a chord in me quite well.

  37. Melissa Newton

    for anyone who's loved and lost......this song makes u a winner

  38. Sylvia495862

    Beautiful song from awesome movie. This voice gives me chills!

  39. 5toesonthenose

    Such a shit hot song

  40. Carolina Alfaya

    this give me the chills... amazing

  41. Brian Adams

    love this movie and I am in love with this voice! she is amazing.......

  42. RockStarAz

    Break up to beg Karla' s forgiveness .... but it won't happen

  43. Lucieti Genonadi Torres

    muito boa...amei!!!!!

  44. Camila de Szyszlo

    Please check out Emma's cover of this song on my channel!

  45. Mel Kittle

    Very Uncomplicated ,  you can just feel how good ( bad ) it is ,

  46. SAtURaToR

    this is THE BEST song for making out!

    Diego Hernandez

    237slimpixie lol if you're cheating 😂

  47. 2112Zeppelin

    @arcmccun he must be british because in england "Zed" is the name of this letter "Z"

  48. thatfilmgeekguy

    rape scene or no rape scene, this song is fucking haunting to me.


    Just before, "Zed, Maynard, the spider's caught some flies."

  49. Alex Mccunn

    @TheSeeker008 at least i think so...

  50. Alex Mccunn

    @TheSeeker008 it's Zed.. not Z

  51. rapidbf

    all medieval on his ass

  52. TheSeeker008

    who's motorcycle is this?
    It's not a motorcycle baby its a copper.
    Who's copper is this?
    Its Z's baby.
    Who is Z?
    Z is dead baby.

  53. tcb1957

    pair of pliers and a blowtorch....

  54. tcb1957

    What a great voice. Shockingly good....

  55. tcb1957

    I love how the clerk at the pawn shop is jammin out to this as butch staggers in the shop. Priceless :)

  56. Michelle Lanuti

    this is my favorite song of all time. OF ALL TIME.

  57. Alex Drexel

    marlboro and this song...

  58. arcamtubitohard

    I love this song!!! <3

  59. brooke walker

    Good Song!!!

  60. Gadget Reviews

    @UncleErnie71 Yeah I agree! This song could be used more wisely... =]

  61. UncleErnie71

    This song wasn't well implemented in the movie. It was obscurely tucked away in the background at the pawn shop. It should have been used better, but at least he used it.

  62. kenjaj

    @ArmyOfPussy Yes it is buddy...You're right...Maynard the spider...

  63. Francisco Alberto Manrique M

    Que voz la de etsa mujer me hace estremecer...¡¡¡¡¡¡

  64. Mr. G.

    What happened to Maria Mckee? Why didn't she become a the star everyone thought she would be? Fantastic talent, fantastic song.

  65. remo1366

    One of the most beautiful brutal love songs ever written.And Maria just drives the nails in.

  66. jmclarty100

    QT picks music that fits the scenes he sees, he's a visionary by definition
    Plus this girl has something different, she's got soul. love to see her live in a small venue like richard's on richards
    and i fyou only sdee the gimp scene... you ain't listening to her,she speaks

  67. jmclarty100

    QT picks music that fits the scenes he sees, he's a visionary by definition
    Plus this girl has something different, she's got soul. love to see her live in a small venue like richard's on richards

  68. jmclarty100

    QT picks music that fits the scenes he sees, he's a visionary by definition

  69. BadgerrInc

    I am Quentin Tarantino bitch!!! I love his films and the music he picks out for them is awsome!!!

  70. Poeterish

    The fucking gimp!!

  71. john atco

    pulp fiction , a film ?,to some its a reel.

  72. TheGanjaman619

    (guy in pwnshp) damn slower than usual wish sumthin would happen...."BANG BANG" ......... looks like its gonna be a good day after all :)

  73. nanci venuk


  74. Michal Roman

    you should recognize at 3:22

  75. EXCELLENTpoo

    @lucasboden Why so sure it wasn't her idea?

  76. doitboy

    The Gimpster

  77. Tristan Korpinen

    omg! the vocals are.. indescribable! she brings tears to my eyes and shivers down my spine! D*mn!

  78. Todd Boden

    whoever told maria to add the whistles is brilliant.

  79. Andybato

    @hippityhop05 Finally, someone who's favorite movie is not Pulp Fiction! I enjoy the movie, but not what the hype was suppose to be about because my friends had to spoil me certain scenes -_-
    But the soundtrack kicks ass though :)

  80. Cyber0135


    indeed hard to watch it was even fucking disgusting so glad the rapers got what they deserved xd

  81. originalninicknikdo

    @Recovrd1 .. best song is dusty springfield - son of a patcher man :)

  82. The Black Knight '81

    Best song off of Pulp Fiction

  83. jotacalvo

    All great stuff, but to me, the absolute gold was the fight over "brain detail." I still laugh at that part and haven't seen the movie in 10 years!

  84. David McAffrey

    one of the best vocals i've ever heard

  85. Geno Castillo

    The essence of a primal scream........reaches right to the very bottom of your soul

  86. koikoiboi

    Everything about this song brings me right back to being 17, cant believe its been 14 years eeeeeeeek!

  87. The Emerald Dream

    Mannn... this song is the epitome of all that has gone wrong in a relationship, and simultaneously the essence of all that you feel while being with that special someone... this renders my heart in twain... my soul criez... thx Maria [emo kirby dance for you] (>-_-)> <(-_-<) (>-_-)> <(-_-<)

  88. Andreja Auda

    this song has a felling it thouch your soul

  89. hippityhop05

    Pulp Fiction wasn't my favorite movie, but this song is one of my absolute favorites. What a beautiful, sultry voice (and whistle).

  90. Andybato

    Yep, you're right. The song did play just before and when Butch entered the pawn shop.

  91. 666TeenageWhore

    I really love it.

  92. Andybato

    Which scene does this song did this appear in?

  93. jamesjonesrocket

    what a great emotive voice. Whoever cheated on maria must have really hurt her.

  94. lucky doug

    when they enter the pawn shop fighting this song is on the radio.

  95. juzzer33

    totally NEED this on Spotify.....

  96. Alchemista

    why? thats the comanche song