Mari, Teairra - Make Her Feel Good Lyrics

Is there any boys around
that know how to make a girl feel?
that wanna make a girl feel,
make her feel good?
All I wanna know
Is there any boys around
that know how to make a girl feel?
that wanna make a girl feel,
make her feel good?
I just wanna know

[Verse 1:]
Do I have to tell a nigga how to touch me?
Do I have to tell a nigga how to hold me?
Do I have to tell a nigga when to call me?
Do I have to tell a nigga I'm lonely?
Do I have to feel wrong,
when it ain't strong?
keep my mouth closed?
(huh huh huh)
Can't a girl from tha hood find a homie,
that ain't just tryna hang around me?

Do I have to show a nigga I'm a woman?
Do I have to apologize for my emotions?
Do I have to tell a nigga what to say to me,
everytime he wanna get next to me?
Do I have to settle for a cat that cant scratch?
Stroke his ego
(mmh girl no)
Can't a chick from tha hood find a homie,
that wanna do more than spend money on me?


[Verse 2:]
How come I got a nigga but can't trust him?
Why every answer to my question is a question?
Why can't my nigga be my own lil somethin'?
and every girl on my block can't say they don' bumped wit?

I'm so tired of these so called wanna be hard cold pretenders that
(have no clue)
Can't a chick from tha hood find a homie,
that I ain't gotta tell how to put it on me?


why why is it so hard
hard for a girl like me to find a boy
that really knows how to make a girl feel (girl feel, feel)
why is it so hard
hard for a girl like me to find a boy
that really knows how to make a girl feel (girl feel, feel)
I just wanna know


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Mari, Teairra Make Her Feel Good Comments
  1. Stephanie Partee

    they chose the wrong song for her second single. they should have put out act right. No Daddy ruined her commercially. I actually am a fan of the song and had it come out today it would shoot up the charts, but back then folks weren't ready for that. LOL

  2. eunika black

    i love this !

  3. Tez Da Queen

    this was dat song back in the day!

  4. Aquablue 125

    she really should have been a bigger star than Rihanna.

  5. Cassandra D

    Idc what anyone say I love TT
    Always be my favorite. 💕 beautiful always.

  6. Tiffany Evonne

    Still listening 2019/2020 🎵🎶👑😎

  7. Mr. Chip

    could she have been a more wanna-be Ciara?

  8. ismael1989

    someone made a mix with these vocals on ashanti's "only u" beat ..and it sounded 100 better

  9. LeeAnn20008

    Aww look at Tierra. I hope she can get back on track. She's only 30, it can happen.

  10. FlipMode7467

    She's busted

  11. retro b

    Summer of 05

  12. Ji-Ho Song

    Jay-Z failed ya girl.

  13. brandon Hamilton

    Tiara is a vocalist, no shade to RiRi but with out music 🎶 vocally Tiara has a better, more versatile voice and range.....

  14. Fatima Chevelle Middleton

    thumbs up!

  15. Metro Philly

    Tt come back we need u your fans need u 😍😘

  16. Adrian Quincy

    Could sing circles around Rihanna any day 😂

  17. planet nailz

    Please come back with some bangers

  18. Jacob Hill

    I remember her and Rihanna coming out at the same time. Just goes to show just because you come out the gate in the lead don’t mean u a winner.

  19. t Smitty

    I don’t get why both Rihanna and T couldn’t win at the same time lol both talented and different styles

  20. LaKesha Badger

    I miss songs like this 😞

  21. Jessica Malave

    One of her best hits she can make a comeback if she just focus she is so stuck in drama with that show love and hiphop. Good luck T.T

  22. Andisiwe Dyantyi

    This was her song😱

  23. Mary Edwards


  24. Umanni Christiansen

    That didnt last long

  25. kierra grant

    Lil Tyra banks

  26. Rasheeda Rogers

    Still bumpin in 2019 she needs to come back

  27. Tyshell Washington

    Idk what happened with her and Jay/ Rocafella, bit if they woulda really pushed TeAirra she would be as big as Rihanna. I will argue

  28. Jordan Bledsoe

    Damn she was fine back in the day

  29. Kay A

    This was the first music video I watched on yahoo music because YouTube wasn’t invented at the time lol I was in 6th grade in 05 lol I feel old

  30. Big mel

    I just came here from pornhub . watch her sextape then immediately come back to this song . guaranteed new perspective

  31. Alberto Rodriguez

    What a shame look what alcohol did to her body

  32. Ashlee Brown

    This song was a hit banger

  33. Coppafill. PHILLY.

    Learn something new every day.

  34. justicelyric

    that’s why the the Roc fell off, they literally thought Rhi can sang but not close to this girl and when Jay stuck his dick in Beyoncé was a total downfall 👎


    According to Empressive Beyonce put in a good word for Rihanna so the music producer eventually gravitated towards Rihanna. I definitely could see Teairra being more of a threat for Beyonces career vocally though.


    Why do y'all lie? On lhhatl a producer said Teairra's voice was horrible. She can't sing well live and her voice here was not special. She would've been no threat.

  36. Chi Chi


  37. Ghost Boy Kenny

    Omg the quality lol

  38. Awaken Butterfly

    2019 song still relevant!

  39. Pundi Paradox

    She came out when the music industry was pushing black women out. Rhianna and Beyonce fit the pop (blonde & black) image/sound that was getting attention.

  40. msbuttercup0427

    I remember seeing this video everyday on 106 & Park, I still love this song!

  41. steven patterson

    Pure talent that was signed & shelved away from big executives. 💯😘

  42. Rilo Trill

    You see the nigga hit light skinned homie with the bball saying that's Jay girl lol

  43. Rilo Trill

    They be acting like they don't know what Jay z type is lol that's why B said rihanna

  44. Rashadd Baker

    Which one is it t.t.? You want a man to make you feel good or you want a sponsor? Lol. Good song tho. Takes me back

  45. Zaria B.

    I’m this old

  46. Kiresha Ingram

    Before Rhianna there was tiara


    Her lyrics really the truth. Mamaz get back 2 u boo. We still love you!!!!

  48. MC. Dubs

    This song did her good as an Entrance song! She was the "it" girl for abit along with RiRi and Amerie. Problem was that TeTe's follow up song from this song "No daddy" is what flopped her! She should have did this song then "Phone Booth". The transition would have made more sense that way, and kept the rnb vibe solid!

  49. Laykan Thee Alien

    *This song is soo twisting up a blunt with your best girls, cruising through the pjs looking to see if your lil boo thang out and about*

    Kay A

    Girl what? Are? You? Saying? Lol #tryingtoohard #dontknowhowntouseaave 🙄

  50. Sanders Moody

    She plays the intro everyday 🤣

  51. brittany jones

    Still one of my favorite songs! Everyone goes through life..she just chose to live her life in front of the world..but. They can never take away from who she is or what she accomplished at that time! Anyway tho....Still bumpin in 2019!

  52. Terell Nelson

    Teairra use to bump this

  53. Mike V

    Music videos were and still are so stereotypical back then. How many r&b videos have you seen featuring the artists walking past a group of guys or girls in "the hood" hollering at them in slow-mo with cut scenes of black dudes playing ball or rolling dice? Or sitting on a stoop with their crew.. It's fucking hilarious.

  54. Taylor Harris

    Does Jay-Z know how to touch a woman, how to touch a lady, how to make her feel good, WITHOUT CHEATING????? Beyonce tell us secret to keep a Niggah.

  55. Malik Edmond

    This shit brings back memories love this song

  56. fellagood2009

    Yea she made a cum back alright 🤦🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. bklynbeef

    With the right management, she could have been Beyonce.

  58. Big T

    Do i have to tell 50 cent i don't got it (huh) so he can stay out my pockets.

  59. Jason Calhoun

    I miss this Teairra Mari but the Teairra Mari of today is broke and owes 50 cents money now she got fired from love hip hop Hollywood

  60. C NK

    This use to be my song

  61. Fredo Bull

    Who actually thought this cute lil bitch would be dead ass broke with no job now?!? 😂😭😭 I got 1K for a blowjob baby hmu

  62. RKs Truth

    Til this day this po thang still just wanna know 🤦🏽‍♀️😔

  63. Sonya J.

    2019 Yes real Music💞💖

  64. Jesusmalverde247

    She can’t make a comeback her reputation is tarnished no one wants to work with her

  65. Bleek Cartier

    Man living in NYC in this era was a beautiful place B... I miss this era in NYC ode 😣

  66. Felder Cowart

    am from the d I rem t come up stop.the she bet than Rhianna hell no riri is a international pop star music movies can sing and write her ass off


    Rihanna dont write

    Felder Cowart

    Akil where did you hear that ? not true

  67. Ayngaran Thamo

    1 of da fitest black girl

  68. Ladii Bella Official

    2019 still a BOP!

  69. Mia Baby

    2019 and still bumping

  70. Shon Hunt

    When she through up the HOV sign that's when I knew you was like a daughter to Jay n Bey as being her manager he is 👑👑👑🙌🏽

  71. Nicole Smith

    This shit still bump 2019!!

  72. rpfann1

    Anyone on 2019?!!

  73. Corey Eatmon

    She sucks and doesnt have the 30k

  74. VinTaVge0592

    I remember this Teaira Marie i was like she gonna make it !!! big when i first when i saw this song

  75. TNDBRN. 00

    A homie that wanna do more than spend money only.

  76. soufwesthoustontx

    She need to get it together and make a come back. Teairra was always talented.

  77. Primo Dour

    2005 to 2019 and I still get that good Summer vibe shit was jumping

  78. Darry Jay

    This was everything when this came out

  79. Davon Dennis

    Now she giving on camera

  80. Cam D

    Teairra if your reading this you are truly talented.You need to let the world hear some new music from you. I hate that they tried to push you and rihanna at the same time. Especially when they weren't Fair about the Marketing. But you can do it ... Show all of them haters

  81. Diana Montoya

    She was hella skinny here , what happened?

    Darlena Johnson

    She was 17! Smh

  82. sherelle willis

    Instagram brought me here 😂 love this song

  83. Brina Love

    This still my shit

  84. Ashanti Rose


  85. Bissah6

    2019 🙋‍♀️

  86. Lonnie Jolly

    Harlem is way different now.

    Lara Love

    Sure is

  87. mary A

    I dont need no validation!😊

  88. Nicole Hill

    Still listening in 2019

  89. Helen Egwu

    Anyone here because of The Shaderoom? ☝️

  90. Brittany B

    That snippet from shade room had me wanting to listen to the whole thing

  91. Tootsie

    Here in 2019

  92. Carlo J. Morisset III

    *Teairra Mari*
    "Make Her Feel Good"
    Roc-A-Fella Presents Teairra Mari
    Roc-A-Fella Records
    Director: Ray Kay

  93. Dany

    2018 still rockin

  94. Cage Savage

    That pussy was good and tight back then. Now it's swamped.