Mari, Teairra - Friends Lyrics

[Phone Ringing]
Who is this... Hello... Yes Sharron... What?.. Not Erica... Oh my god, she is so wrong... I told her everything

[Verse 1:]
Told you bout the time he smiled at me and how wind made me roll inside
Told u how my throat when he spoke to me and how could you palpable straight in the eye

I don't know what I was thinking
Now I see I shoulda kept the info to myself
Cause the very first chance you had
You dealt with him and now I'm left here feeling alone
We ain't friends no more
And there's no changing my mind (I'm not gonna change my mind this time)
All the trust is gone
Now I want you out of my life (Get away from me oh...)

[Verse 2:]
I kno that this is just a silly crush
But I thought that we were much than that
Girl Ur easy
Willin to give it up
But not me
Girl you kno I don't get down like that Oh...

I don't know what I was thinking
Now I See I shoulda kept the info to myself
Cause the very first chance you had
You dealt with him and now I'm left here feeling alone...
We ain't friends no more (No No)
And there's no changing my mind (You can't make me change my mind)
All the trust is gone (It's gone away)
Now I want you out of my life (Get out of my life...)

(Now a lot...) A lot of people tried to warn me
But I swear (I never understood)
(Now You Shown) Now you've shown your true colors
And I can see you're up to no good...

We ain't friends no more
And there's no changing my mind (I'm not gonna change my mind)
All the trust is gone (sooo...)
Now I want you out of my life (Out my life oh...)
(We ain't) Why'd you have to do...
(Changing my mind) I'll never change my mind no...
All the trust is gone
Now I want you out of my life (Get away from me ohhh...)
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Yea Yea Get Away from me!

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Mari, Teairra Friends Comments
  1. Bec SocSci

    Princess was an asshole for that.

  2. Kathleen Cox

    Is it just me orrrr..... does Hazel look a HOT ASS MESS WITH THIS HAT & HER OUTFIT?!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. pinky love

    Princess using the 🐱 cream now.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. rita rae

    What happened to Whitney Ray Jay

  5. Bieber Receiver

    Did u leave this..? Did u leave that..?
    Did u lea.... BITCH

  6. keemie Jay

    Teairra is a damn drunk!!!!! LMAO 😂

  7. Que C

    Example of why you shouldn’t laugh at another woman cause look at you now with two babies crying on live 🤣

  8. kennisha

    Now look at Princess....... Karma is a bitch. You don't do this. You don't kick a woman when she's down because that man will end up doing the same shit to you

  9. Mike Last

    Lol, “Did you leave this, did you leave that, bitch!” I really enjoyed season one.

  10. Jay'Rell 4Real

    Princess really tried it ! I really don’t think she can fight tbh lol

  11. Alaina Cain

    Everybody keep this scene in mind when the TRUTH COMES OUT that Princess got both pregnant and Chlamydia by FLOYD MONEY MAYWEATHER!

  12. Chapzino TheDon

    Ray is a trash can

  13. T. Brown

    Wa wa wa wa wa wa wait lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Antanette Flores

    T: Yeah, you look amazing
    Ray J: "you know black hat, black shirt. I didn't think you were coming" 😂💀💀💀


    This shit fake as a MF

  16. alizedadiva11343

    I'd like to be on that show just 4 ray was handling the situation wtf was he doing??

  17. lovely lady

    Princess your age is showing cover it up

  18. Joan Ngatho

    Does teairra have a drinking problem though??

  19. Terie Walker

    Karma is a bitch princess. Now you need the cream and child support. Don't kick a woman when she is down.

  20. Cristina Chaino-ahkeahbo

    She had tt looking stupid hahaha even now she gets punked

  21. Solange Gazawi

    Cut a check for what 15 bucks just ask for a walmart gift card

  22. Keyanu Ohiochick

    This episode still proves why I don't feel sorry for Princess KARMA is a mf

  23. Jada Cole

    Whats wrong with tt mouth

  24. Markela Banks

    Damn... so Princess was probably the one who had the yeast infection first 😄 TM made a great point! Other women can pass those type of infections to you if you're sleeping with the same guy.

  25. Crystal Clear

    Hazel was already telling her she was drinking too much before moniece and them did. We give hazel less credit than she deserves. In the other clip, teairra was arguing with her and hazel still had her back when Ray j dumped her shit all over the shop floor. Hazel is the real mvp.

  26. Lovely Rich

    Princess you use it to cause you with Ray J and having his babies, so that means that koochie is vulnerable to yeast please dont judge👀👀👀😂😂💅

  27. penny dreadful

    He's a bum

  28. penny dreadful

    Ray j is a complete idiot PERIOD

  29. Rehema Banks

    Never kick someone while they are down!!! Point blank periodT !


    Never talk about another woman, princess you got your KARMA?🤔 Ti I luv you

  31. Ruby Gloom

    Is it just me or did RayJ look like he was about to fight Teetee?

  32. sam sam

    Why these hoes acting like its a shame to have a yeast infection? They definitely had that and more before ...they need to sit their childish ass down.

  33. Unique08

    Teairra’s iconic line also: “what about it?”

  34. L P

    Sorry but Princess looks so fucking dumb all the time

  35. Dej Dennison

    lmao😂😂teaira marie..that princess chick was in the damn wrong you don't present some personal feminine products to your boyfriend ex girlfriend that he invited to his party....princess is messy and crazy too😂👎teaira marie my love😍👍

    Dej Dennison

    i buy monistat my coochie be nice and clean. what is wrong with being fresh?😂princess is wild for throwing that in titi face like that at ray js event lmbo😂👎

  36. Akilah C.

    I hate the way Tearri says "A check needs to be cut" like wtf is wrong with her mouth.

  37. Poo B.

    Why was he still around tieara? In front of princess

  38. Queen 99

    No Princess was not right for that ..woman to woman she was childish for showing that girls business

  39. Natasha J

    Wow, they steady dropping hints about TTs drinking from DAY!

  40. Bre Sams

    #1 Damn Hazel E and that Snosauge👃 #2 Did Y'all Peep Masika Big Bird Ass 💀 #3 This was the best season of lhhh😂

  41. Jamal Perrier

    You ain’t right ms pearly tryna give my daddy VD #FridayAfterNext

  42. shante martin

    karma's a bitch Princess

  43. Life as Jayonna

    Tierra sleeps with everybody on earth I’m not surprised about what was in the bag

  44. Book Bag

    Princess is a NASTY BITCH. I do not feel sorry for her ass one bit. Karma is a BITCH.

  45. Godgot Myback

    Princess keep getting cheated on

  46. Wild Earth

    They deleted all comments of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 1

  47. Shavonne Holmes

    This is why I didn’t like Princess and even though she married Ray J and has his kids, she is still not happy.

    Godgot Myback

    Correction he not happy cuz he settled

    Asia Allen

    Godgot Myback &’ it is both of their Karma

    Godgot Myback

    @Asia Allen not really her karma jus his she was only one of Floyds hoes while he was with Ms. Jackson ...but him ...he did Tiara dirty tho so he getting it all back now

  48. Chérie Coco

    people forget how nice hazel e use to be... the whole cast shitted on her

    Holley Holley

    Chérie Coco No once she got a lil money to get her body done she changed nobody shitted on her also hazel has issues with dark skin women obviously and that’s not ok.....

    Wild Earth

    Holley Holley that’s ok ho

    Bre Sams

    Nice ? Did you peep her comments about black women? Dark skinned black women? Hazel E one of those women that play nice until you make them Mad. She's a Hater! Always been One & she was never Tiara's friend! 11th drink ? Who says that to they "friend" on national TV? She deserved to be Shitted on

    Chérie Coco

    Bre Sams yes i did. She was a sweet girl b4 that. She was, then she got extra

  49. Danyell Jackson

    Princess eating alllllllllll them words 😂

    Bre Sams

    Every single One!😂

  50. MirrorMommy

    I was so uncomfortable when I watched that episode AS A WOMAN 😷 that shit foul of princess 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

  51. BreJSlim

    Teairra dodged a bullet for sure


    Tell me about it. Imagine if it was teairra that married Ray j. Poor girl. It's bad enough she has like drinking problems and her being married to Ray j would make it worse.

  52. emily p

    Princess petty asf. No female should ever talk about another woman's vaginal issues, which all females will have one day.

    Boby8 Boby8

    Yep makes some sense but guy's can say what they like if women can say a man's dick is too big etc then atleast we have the option of telling y'all hoes ya pussy stank like a fish stick party bitch.


    @truth hurts I hate an ignorant bitch...🤦🏾‍♀️

    Elie C

    emily p fuck tierra ! I can’t stand that bitch !

  53. Blueridge4000

    I love Tierra & Ray did her dirty dirty!

    Metro Philly

    He getting karma princess love is his KARMA 😅😂😁😁

  54. 4TENpointFive

    I forgot all about nasal e


    Ain’t it colossal!

    No Reason

    Please respect Hazel.Idiot


    No Reason fuck a mf hazel!

  55. sahra Khasim

    Oh the irony of princess situation rn 😩that's why u cant always be talking shittttt

    Z. L

    I'm so behind, what's going on rn?

    dora wal

    Z. L I think she’s talking about how rayj left her and her daughter behind in Las Vegas & she wanted a divorce and went off on social media but I think their good now

    Bre Sams

    Right! Tried to embarrass Tier Mari and That Nigga ain't shit, till this day😂🤣

  56. Natasha N

    This is when Hollywood was good!

  57. QBee240

    Every woman in there has had a yeast if Teairra has does Princess cause they both have the same sausage dipping in their bun

  58. Kylah Berkley


  59. Soflynoli the realest

    Princess makes me sick and you get what you deserve.

  60. KiKi Jones

    Ray J liked that drama 🙄

  61. Blah C

    Someone tell Princess she is NOT KIM KARDASHIAN!!! Lol 😂
    Now she’s knocked up twice while Ray J cheating someone get her some creme

  62. bih kat

    Priceless is trash like girl... you don’t have to have sex to get an yeast infection... I never liked her at all... she is trash

  63. Sexc Rav

    Princess did all that 🤣 just to be left by him in Vegas in 2019, KARMA A BITCH periodt


    Ravan Janae Awh, you’re pretty

    Sexc Rav

    Dennys thanks 😍

  64. Liz Jenkins

    princess face is always frowned up

  65. lemonppr wngs

    YouTube messy af for putting this in my recommendations 😂

  66. TheInsaneBEAST1

    I didn't realize how chocolate Princess looked back then.

  67. lynnae gink

    Princess was so evil and mean, but she's getting her karma now! LOL God don't like ugly, and he ain't too fond of pretty! LOL

  68. Irene Clingmon

    Princess is so ugly on the inside smh bitchs like her make me sick

  69. SoSeductive1981

    Bacterial Vaginosis is not a STD. You can be a virgin and get that.

  70. robinette moody

    So your going to laugh at another female for having Vagisil cream, basically taking care of her body like she never had to take care of her body before. Even Ray J said his self he know what's in the bag he bought it so even he, as a Male know that women have to have Vagisil cream so like what's the big deal I'm not getting it here 🤷‍♀️

  71. Ryan Tobin

    .... Gay J. ......

  72. Jamorrian Parker

    This is why I'll never pity or feels sorry for Princess.

  73. Kimberly Monique

    Princess needs to be taken down a peg or 2

  74. Lisa Henderson

    I don't like Princess that much

  75. Olivia GEM

    Princess is SO insecure lol

  76. Luv' Em All

    Having to much sugar in the blood can cause y.i....wrong soap, washing detergent, not always necessarily when u get a y.i is it meant as a least she was taking care of it...🤷‍♀️.princess did all this for ray j to play her ass 100% times worst than she did teairra bout her meds.....KARMA 😌

  77. Zihle Febana

    Well now! Teairra allowed Karma to sort this one out. Karma is now hitting Princess on the face like a rubber band!

  78. Happy Bolden

    Princess so immature but the jokes on her this when the disrespecting begin now she in tee tee shoes.

  79. Carly Sweet James

    Who is there because princesses crying now that Ray j leave her pregnant with their infant daughter in Vegas to go party with his friends 😂

    D C

    Thas not funny tho

    Carly Sweet James

    @D C it is funny always remember this when you do bad things to people then laugh and think it's funny karma know where you live even if your homeless 😂

    D C

    @Carly Sweet James it's not cause just as much as ur laughing at her u can find urself in the same situation u do onto others as u want done onto you nd even if she deserves it u be the bigger person instead of stooping to that level

  80. Sophia Dilworth

    I don't care whay yall say i love TT she classy an crazy.

  81. Mali Mali

    Can someone send this to Princess to watch while she’s waiting for Ray J to come back for her and her kid? The Lord’s work.

    Insecure Sally

    Mali Mali damn Lol 😂

    Sharon Harding


  82. Octavia Spraggins

    That bitch princess not cool she deserves everything she gets

  83. Shon9tilR

    Princess never looks happy imo.

  84. Evelyn Carrillo

    Going through someone's stuff is rude.

  85. Metro Philly

    i. Am here after princess and ray j 😂😅😅😅😂😁😁😁💅💅🙌

  86. Excel Ent.

    He did her so wrong but karma is a bitch bet he go running back and I hope she dub his ass

  87. Carletta Pittman

    right about now princess is using monistat 7

    Ayesha Monique


    Asante Indigo

    She probably donebeen through 107 tubes

    Nikki Poo

    Whole hot pocket inside out

    Bre Sams


  88. Latoya Godfrey

    Lol look at Princess now😂😂😂

  89. Peachesxo

    Girls can be so evil.. what most women don’t know is that men can get yeast infections just as easily as we can. However men usually don’t notice, so they can go around for months with a yeast infection, sometimes they never know at all. So if she had a yeast infection I bet ray j did too, he might of been the reason she had one. So go ahead and act like yours doesn’t stink either.. you shared the same man 🤢

  90. Jammi Jam

    TiTi looks good slimmer.

  91. Leah Nia

    “Back up a TASTE hoe”

  92. Esaa bubbles

    I hate how Ray J's mad a TT bc she "caused problems" at his party. Now i aint finna lie she prob shouldnt have gon especially being that she was already a bit schmizzed but she tried keeping it cool when princess wanted to make her self relevant by hopping in the conversation when TT was clearly talking to Ray about a solutions for her missing items. N then goes princess being messy and tryna start drama like girl why you mad you was the side she should be mad at you.

  93. Moriah Diggs

    I dont respect a woman who talk about a woman under her clothes. Corny, classless and tasteless.

  94. Jaiden Valentin

    Imma be honest in every video princess either looks miserable or she crying

  95. DabsDans

    Just know... RAY J SET THAT ENTIRE FIGHT UP... fool whispered to princess roll the pics up!!


    ..... then at the reunion stated.. "ill never humiliate you like that again" 2'2's has berg announce she gave him head SMDH

  96. Semaj da Kid

    Yeast infections are normal I got my first one a few months ago and was nervous,but they normal...

  97. Sameer M

    This was probably one of the funniest scenes in love and hiphop history! 🤣🤣🤣

  98. Nicole Slama

    He was giving her yeast infections and STDs.Princess should be concerned about her own vagina

  99. Princess Uluwehi Ortega-Sanchez

    i love Teairra!