Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - Shannon Lyrics

I don't wanna be your friend, Shannon
I wanna drag the river, drink myself dry, oh
But I don't wanna be your friend, Shannon

I don't wanna be your friend, Shannon
I wanna make a scene, at the middle east, oh
But I don't wanna be your friend, Shannon

Holy moly, what you want me to do?
Don't accuse me of accusing you,
'cause that doesn't work
I'm sorry
but it doesn't work
Oh, Shannon, oh.

I just wanna be your pet, Shannon
I just wanna be your pet
I wanna howl your praises, sleep at your feet, oh
but I don't wanna be your pup, Shannon.
I don't wanna be your pup, Shannon

Come on Shannon, let's go wallow and rue
and you convinced me that your feelings are true,
but that doesn't work, oh
but that doesn't work
Oh, Shannon, oh

But I love you still
I love you still
I always will

I just wanna be your man, Shannon
I wanna be your right hand, Shannon
I wanna have your babies, take your last name

But I'm probably gonna just get drunk, Shannon
I'm gonna go get drunk, Shannon
I'm gonna go get drunk
I'm gonna go get drunk, oh
Tonight I'm gonna get drunk, Shannon

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Margot & The Nuclear So And So's Shannon Comments
  1. Uravitea

    Anyone know who yhe actor for the dead guy is?

  2. Patricia Ferreira

    amo muito ♡☆

  3. shannon lyons murphy

    This song is very accurate. -Shannon

  4. Kingneon 767676

    Feel very music focused instead of giving the lyrics the spotlight idk how to feel about this yet...

  5. ohhollywood

    I still Love you too.

  6. Bobby Shmit

    I've never been so jealous of the name Shannon.


    i don't wanna be your frieeeend bobby

  7. 6packabs85

    I wish MNSS would make some more music. This is my favorite band. Anyone know any other similar almost as good bands as Margot?

  8. Melany Esquivel


  9. Shannon Lee

    your singing it to me ;p

  10. Ashlee Schultz

    @taylor - I'm the girl that kisses you on the cheek. Hahahaha

  11. taylor louchart

    I'm the dead guy lol

  12. Robert Harrier

    My sister plays in this video thats the sh1t right!

  13. burnzthethernz

    Listen, really listen, to new margot. yeah its not as obvious. but its only gotten better. Richards writing has only gotten sharper.

  14. Austin Barlow

    meet the people in this band and know where they're coming from, and you'll know that they haven't stopped writing meaningful music. just because this is grungier and less obvious, doesn't make it any less relevant.
    this song is perfect, and watching them play this and their whole set last week in Fountain Square was the best ive seen them. so much more raw. so perfect.

  15. dapsychward

    I never really thought of Margot as folk, but their sound does change from album to album. Musical evolution is required.

  16. F. Alves

    I remember when margot was a folk band... I don't understand much this stoner rock thing... miss the old margot, but it's ok, we all change :D

  17. QuintsTHEdon

    wow, they completely changed their sound; either way it's good

  18. Lindsey Carlton


  19. Shannon Golden

    I have never been more excited to be named Shannon.

  20. 88agatka88

    since yesterday, I'm addicted of this song :)

  21. lovelylea27

    too amazing for words, i can't even...

  22. Patrick Pearson

    My best friends ex-girlfriend's name is shannon. This song summarizes their break up perfectly...thank you so much so and so's for narrating the disgusting excess of my young lust...and for making me want to get really drunk.

  23. launderground

    we love margot & the nuclear so and so's