Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - Prozac Rock Lyrics

Get in the mood.
Get in the mood
For me to come back in.
Tell me what you've been doin'
While I've been getting high
On prozac rock
In the summertime.
I need you, doll.
It never stops.

Get in the mood.
Are you in the mood
To move to pismo? and
Tell me what you've been doin'
'cause I've been havin' dreams.
In one, we float on a riverboat
And drink down a bottle of glue.
In one, I float on a riverboat.

Prozac rock.
I got brazen speech.
I love your sister,
Fell in love with her teeth.

Get in the mood.
Are you in the mood?
That's all; it's over.

Prozac rock.
Prozac rock.
I don't believe you.
I need to see you.
And when we meet,
I'll kiss your feet.
I'll skin my knee.
Because your sister's sweet.

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Margot & The Nuclear So And So's Prozac Rock Comments
  1. Logan L

    this is one of the best bands i have ever encountered

  2. jasonthesage

    Margot's sister must be quite a looker ♥‿‿♥

  3. PuddleBucket

    this video is ugly

  4. ocean0nfir3

    Money, innocence, passion, confusion, drugs, monotony, waste, depression, drugs, sickness, repeat.

    Justa Dude

    preach it.

  5. Spotty Kangaroo

    I would love to move to Pismo Beach

  6. MCcookiebreath

    Wow generic as fuck


    Wow, nice opinion.

  7. Laura72491

    woah, the only stuff ive listened to from them was everything like "tall as cliffs" and "jen is bringing the drugs," which i listened to when i was REALLY sick/needed to be hospitalized due to mental illness...this stuff is SO much different than that album. i need to go intensely google search them now haha