Margaret - Thank You Very Much Lyrics

Space calling earth again
Say what
Houston this is the end
We’re lost
Tick tick tick tack
Time’s up
Station is shutting down
Bad luck

Barberalla meets Godzilla
Since you invited both, cling to your pantyhose…

I want to
Thank you much
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
I wanna say I’m sorry but I’m really not
Guess I’ve had enough
I’m feeling dangerous
I wanna say I care, but I’m gonna say

Fresh out of gratitude
It’s gone
You suck, like your attitude
I won
Flake, flakey flakey flake
So sad
I am stirred, but I will not shake
It’s rad

Barbarella she’s a killer
Run to your nanny go, cling to your pantyhose

I want to
Thank you much
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
I wanna say I’m sorry but I’m really not
I guess I’ve had enough
I’m feeling dangerous
I wanna say I care, but I’m gonna say

’bout this thrilla’ in Manilla’
What goes around my friend, bites you right at the end

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Margaret Thank You Very Much Comments
  1. Elwira Celmer

    Ktoś 2020? 😂
    Czy jestem jedyną? ☹️😆

  2. ŠTR8 Clan

    Gayest ass music video but good music

  3. Ahmad Wael

    When my father walked in I switched to porn, it was easier to explain.

  4. beata juszczak

    margaret nie zgniotl cie ten facet

  5. Skanus Kebabas

    Oh long Johnson The best

  6. NikotuBlaze

    My polish cousin used to love this song and I tried to search it up and wow this is uh scary

  7. Shruti Yadav

    Awaz achi thi par Kya tha smj hi nhi aya because I am Indian not a deep English janing😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  8. Nuti Fruti

    2020? Ktoś cos ? 😂

  9. Kalex Revil

    Después de terminar el video se acabaron follandose entre todos

  10. The Powerpuff Girls

    Who else was naked when they watched this?

  11. Andi Dhimitri

    9gag brought me here

  12. Antoni Komuda

    Jak to nagraliście

  13. _&Aurensay&_

    Poje**** ja?!

  14. Gamer freakTomboy

    Ok the song itself is fine but for the video clip uh it's hella weird it is on its own questionable tbh I'm really curious of what the video clip has to do with the song??

  15. sankalpa gunasekara

    Wth 😖🤦

  16. Rysk3 Mourrysko


  17. Jsonic5 GD

    No man has a 2 footlong yu know

  18. BonnieNando

    everybody came here because of you know what.

  19. BadRouter

    Waz the fuk

  20. Abdulla Ibunu

    Super song but director is mother fucker...what is this fuckit... I hate it this character....fukk u director

  21. TunaFishPlayz YT

    Why this song everyone naked

    Md Abdullah

    This is a thug life 😎🤣🤣🤣

  22. Tekuilaツ

    nobody going to admit this song sounds or no

  23. Jeff

    Damn, the mosaic.

  24. Romilton Oliveira

    A vory thank tou much

  25. Yvonne Min

    2020? 😆

  26. Sylwek Kkkk


    Halina Lisc

    Sylwek Kkkk czemu ochydne? Nago tacy jestesmy! Nie badz powierzchowny.

  27. Zuner


  28. Zuner

    Kto iz Ykraini napisi ya iz

  29. Patologisia UwU

    Czemu tyle tu obcokrajowców?

    Halina Lisc

    Gacha KittyX bo sie podoba obcokrajowcom ! Co powinno tylko Cieszyc!

  30. OfficialMonX

    Why isnt this song on Spotify???

    mari rari

    Who knows

  31. sonicfan yasinerenX


  32. Berat Erbaşı

    Terk türk benmiyim eger turksen like lütfen

  33. Jay Kay

    I listened to this so much when it came out

  34. Zelimir Berghauer

    I see. Too mouch

  35. Andy Emanuel Mesca

    Que pedooo??

  36. ALLinONE

    Lol funny 😝👍

  37. Bagel

    I'm here because of memories. Anyone else? ✋

  38. smutna dziewczynka

    Wath the..

  39. a verdade oculta

    Que merda de clipe é esse

  40. hannah xoxo


  41. 城之内病でも恋がしたい!!

    What The Fu*ck!

  42. Valča lceli

    Kdo je tu od Herdyna?😂

  43. Vedat Evcimik

    Türkler izlemesin mq

  44. zekzi mbappe

    Rip art

  45. ꧁༒ƓǻƅƦĬëĽ༒꧂

    Mais oq e isso

  46. SpinkickYT Playz

    I Just Realised This Video Was About Naked People😂

  47. Bilbo 2018


  48. Silesia Black Eagle

    Margaret ty zboczona...😱

    Halina Lisc

    Silesia Black Eagle hipokrytka jestes?Jakie w nagosci zboczenie!

  49. benjamin perez

    Jaja vengo de 2019

  50. SoupIsEdgy

    ... ive never seen the music video but uh... the parents at the beginning... god... shit...
    edit: i wonder how she felt around all those naked people

  51. afgani ses gg team

    What the fact is that

  52. MrWorldwide HanzO GOD

    Oh long Johnson left clash royale but I am not gonna leave this song forever

  53. SpinkickYT Playz

    When Someone Helps You Break A Wall In Clash Of Clans When You’re Breaking One

  54. Just a normal guy

    What can I say...
    0% nudity
    100% talent

  55. Starbone Gaming


  56. Gaurav Kumar

    Hot video

  57. ctpalui :D

    Oh long johnson 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  58. n2bajo !!!!

    Jakoś z Polski to słabo czy są Polacy?!!!

  59. Käse Brot

    Back at it in 2019 :D

  60. Ino meijo

    anaconda is here

  61. Josee K


  62. 城之内病でも恋がしたい!!

    Oh my gosh

  63. Kebab

    Nie musicie pisać po angielsku Margaret to polka?!

  64. Dagger

    What the

  65. Fordex yt

    Bez. cenzury lepsze

  66. Mountain Seas

    Can you kill me plz


    2020 😂

  68. Adrian Xavier

    2020? :V

  69. Adelene Dindini

    There all nacket exepect the girl

  70. Idiot for today,nc)/softball/default.htm

  71. Sz gaming

    Wtf is this

  72. Пьяный Апельсин

    Русский комент листа дальше)

  73. Firat-kurdii Korug


  74. Shania Brijs

    Like be you see this in 2019

  75. kevin_ 5531T

    2019 :v?

  76. Karymartinez Lucafederico13


  77. Dylan 456 el Gamer


    POSDATA:Me gusto la cancion

    LeebKuchler De todo,un poco

    Y el video también?

  78. Mercedes Ninive Martínez Espinal

    No la puedo descargar

  79. Gabriel Bara

    What everyone don't have clothes ?!
    Just you have
    So l like your voice but ....

  80. Anna Z

    I came after watching a recipe video

  81. Atlantic 31

    This is fucking disgusting