Marcus King Band, The - Welcome 'Round Here Lyrics

Boy you ain't welcome 'round these parts no more
Boy you better take yourself back home
Boy you ain't welcome 'round these parts no more
Heard the things you sing about in your songs

Well you talk about treason, you talk about lust
Keep your heathen ways away from us
Let me live my life, way that I was raised
Boy I recommend you do the same
Boy I recommend you do the same

If your momma was still living
I believe she'd die of shame
Hurt yourself, you cursed the family name
Know I'll always love you, you'll always be my kin
Don't you show your face 'round here again
They said don't you show your face 'round here again

When St. Peter opens up them pearly gates
He's gonna look down but he ain't gonna find your name
Well don't trust your mind to do all them things it's telling you
Listen to the words I say as true
Listen to the words I say as true

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Marcus King Band, The Welcome 'Round Here Comments
  1. Regina Sutton

    I was watching something else and went to the kitchen to turn check the food on the stove and when I came back there was this fantastic blues singer Marcus King and I instantly fell in love with his music. I wish he would play at one of the venues near Houston so I could go see him :D

  2. Brian VanEtten/WildTurkeyStudios

    Love it Marcus, you are the "King" baby! All Soul - pure shred. I'm on my 5th cd ... keep giving em away to friends sayin' ... "you gotta hear this"

  3. Jorn Vallis

    Marcus and his band is so refreshing. A group of young musicians playing music of old. I'm only 29 myself, but having a fresh young band play means alot to me getting into the blues.

  4. ryan richardson

    Bro!! Now that’s music!! As a musician, this reminds me of the stuff that made me love music. You can here just a TON of different influences that shaped a phenomenal band.

  5. Jon Barr

    Marcus sings from the soul and be heart. He bleeds music and his band is badass. Thanks for bringing a Memphis flavour back to music. We need all the brass we can muster!!

  6. chief 2017

    this guy is legit. I just started listening to this guy last week and cant stop.

  7. Jimmy Dill

    He is in the same vein of Good blues men, like B.B King, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Joe Bonamassa, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

    Round Eye Media

    Stevie Ray Vaughn & Jonny Lang

  8. Jam In The Van

    Have you seen our latest session with The Marcus King Band?

  9. BPB9973952

    wish they would come to Missouri

  10. francesco puccinelli

    yeah guys! great song!!!!

  11. SirJohnnyBlaze

    Counting down to the Family Reunion!

    Diane Pritchard

    And I missed it :( (is kicking herself)

  12. Nigel Tufnel

    whoaaah that is so rad!

  13. Quaalude Charlie

    Thank you :) QC

  14. Joel Schneider

    This is Marcus at his best:

  15. aaamud

    Spanish moss just started growing on my screen

  16. Rick Reszler

    The band is so great!

  17. Rick Reszler

    He is definitely another blessed soul like Warren!

  18. jimlovesgina

    Thank you for coming to Albuquerque Wednesday night. It was a great show.

  19. Snuffy Grunt

    GOTDAYUM... that was so fucking refreshing. Aaahhh..

  20. Clayton Doan

    Marcus"The Man" King and his badass band behind him. This is real music.

    Beverly Sexton

    Self proclaimed MKB groupie. Straight fire boys! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Richard Guffey

    One person is not Welcome 'Round Here....

  22. Max Simpson


  23. jeff hansen

    This is one of the best bands around. I was dumbfounded when one night when I walked by a bar and heard a howling ES-335 only to find a 20 y.o. playing with the heart and soul of someone decades older. Stayed for the show and saw him play 4 more shows and a jam in the space of a week. Having seen them a number of times in different venues where folks haven't seen them, the reaction is always the same. You'll see a crowd of 50-100 staring at the stage, mouth agape, wondering what the hell they just witnessed. I always chuckle to myself, crack a smile and say "GOD!" Its really that simple.

    Fernando Clemente

    jeff hansen es345

  24. Souhila Bouchareb

    A discover for me : Love it !!

  25. Juan Delgado

    So proud to live in Geenville S.C. where The MKB hails from!

  26. Chris Horses

    (That's a typical enthusiastic expression that we use to say in, and near, Venice.)

  27. Anthony Gonzalez

    YeA..well...if your drummer wasn't so dam good..and your horn section wasn't as great as they are..and your bass player wasn't so ass kickin like he is...and your keys weren't so dam cool..and your guitar playing wasn't FN GREAT...and your vocal sucked...your band wouldn't be good.

  28. Sylvie Declas

    J'adore Marcus King band, je les ai vus à Paris 1 fois et j'aurai la chance de les voir le 13 octobre à Châteaurenard en Provence, pour le Blues Rock Festival. Ce nouvel album semble superbe !

  29. jettylbi

    Just saw him in Delaware. Unbelievable!!! Got tickets to see him NYC! Music today needs more musicians like him.

  30. Ahoi Husar

    Finest sound

  31. tattoo39369

    Love it!!! - but I have to take Marcus to task. Twice I have heard him say in concert that songs “will be on the new album”. The song Can’t Take It was supposed to be on the last album and Soul of a Good Man is supposed to be on the Carolina album. Both songs are killer and I’m disappointed with the teaser. Anyone got the scoop/411?

  32. Nate Hine

    all the time on the road working out their music shows ..amazing band .. burley oak was great

  33. TNBluezHippy

    Proud to say I am going to see this band for the 5th time very soon. Marcus is a masterful guitar genius with the voice of an old blues man. I love him so much. He is bringing back the art of real music again. Like ABB mixed with Chicago. See ya soon Marcus. Digging the new tunes

  34. Howard Cox


  35. Bubble Vest

    Good stuff, good feelings. Keep on

  36. nik e

    The future is yours. Can't wait to hear the whole album.

  37. Melissa Mooney

    It's fairly safe to say that this band CANNOT write a bad song! Can't wait to see them at the TLA in Nov!


    I'll be there with you sweetie!!!! Awesome!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

  38. Gino Rossellini

    Marcus is an old school hard working musician. Great musicians like him will not get radio play and or awards. He's like the great bands of the past, gig all the time gather a loyal fan base which grows by word of mouth ensuring success. He's a musicians musician. Those who matter in the industry know whats up. Very composed for his age very professional, humble & kind.

    Diane Pritchard

    He's very much loved and played on WNCW here in Western North Carolina!!!

    Gino Rossellini

    @Diane Pritchard He is also very much loved in the City of Angels/Golden State/California if you know I'm saying.🏄 🌅🌆🎵💡📽️🎬🚭✌️

    Diane Pritchard

    @Gino Rossellini...that's great to hear! I was born and raised in Northern California (the SF Bay Area/Sac) then transplanted to the south!! :) Marcus King, fried okra and hot cornbread with butter mmm mmm mmmmm!!

    Gino Rossellini

    @Diane Pritchard 🤓🤙 that's great love you reply and or comment the main thing is it doesn't matter where he's from he's a great guitarist singer musician and songwriter. Logistics don't matter to me. But I thank you for sharing that information with me that otherwise would have not known about. Very happy I read your comment it made my day. 🤓🤙

    Diane Pritchard

    Yes, he is all that and he has a universal appeal!!! (But I would venture to guess that the good people of Greenville SC would disagree with your statement that "it doesn't matter where he's from!") After growing up in the SF Bay Area during the 60's with all the great music from that time, it's so refreshing to hear this amazing band...timeless music is alive and well!! Glad to have made your day...

  39. Nolan Lunsford

    My Goodness... This. Is. WILD.

  40. X nation XX

    This man is hell on wheels 👀💯👹👺🔥

  41. Rocco Walsh

    Great new tune from MKB!

  42. SMBDTC

    Marcus, I can't wait to get the new album. I couldn't see you in Moulins (France) this year and hope you'll be back so this time I don't miss your show.
    Your music is a blessing.

    God bless you.

  43. insure2020

    Anxiously awaiting your show this Saturday in Austin, and the new album.