Marcus King Band, The - Dyin' Lyrics

I'm looking for some inspiration
All my words now they come from pain
Had you on my mind, now my songs began to sound the same
But your touch lost its feeling mama
Your lovin' lost its warmth
I felt you slipping away,
When your heart began to feel torn

Feels like I'm dyin'
My mind won't be still
Even when I'm standing steady babe,
Feels like my hearts been running uphill
Said It feels like I'm dyin'

Seen your plan from the beginning,
Did you ever really want me around
Soon as you left me mama,
You love for me could not be found
I hope he sings to you baby,
Hope he's holding you right
Try to hold back my tears,
As you drew further and further from my site

Feels like I'm dyin'
My mind won't be still
Even when I'm standing steady baby,
Feel like my hearts been running uphill

Said it feels like I'm dyin'
Said it feels like I'm dyin' babe

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Marcus King Band, The Dyin' Comments
  1. Terry Bourrie

    Thank You young man
    for restoring my faith that this genre
    is not going to fade away with the loss
    of so many of the elder statesman...................

  2. nickysecrets

    I've been trying to get the lesson so that I could play this myself at home if anybody could help lend me a hand and shoot me a text

  3. nickysecrets

    I agree it sounds more Soulful when he's doing it by himself on the couch chilling at home

  4. StyveX

    ... most beautiful start into the groove... its awesome!!!

  5. John Witherspoon

    This song came on when me and my girlfriend were making love.. had to get up and see who it was lol

  6. matt m

    4:26 his solos are insane

  7. David Bianco

    Marcus King Band, when making music, is a force for good and one of the one of the best arguments for the continued existence of humanity.

  8. xXhdbngrXx

    To me, he's like a young Warren Haynes

  9. John W

    Reminds a bit of some Derek Trucks. Such a warm, buttery, smooth sound

  10. T G

    This shit is so good but i have to be honest. The video of Marcus by himself playing on Duane's Gold Top gives me chills.

    Joseph Ruff

    T G AGREED MY GOOD SIR!!! being only 19 I have a profound love for blues/rock southern type vibe Marcus playing alone his guitar skills and talent is just mind blowing I go back everyday and listen to it, not to mention other songs!

  11. Evan Lister

    Gud LAWD that saxophone tho

  12. ben dover

    Simply amazing love this group

  13. Alex Stoll

    very Hendrixy, gotta know he dug the great Jimi

    Alex Stoll

    The progression this is based off of is like he mixed 1983 A Merman I Should Turn To Be and Bold as Love, I cant quite put my finger on it but it just sounds so god damned familiar! I LOVE IT!

  14. Melanie Miller

    One of the greatest bands you can feel