Marc Broussard - What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted Lyrics

As I walk this land of broken dreams
I have visions of many things
But happiness is just an illusion
Filled with sadness and confusion

What becomes of the brokenhearted
Who had love that's now departed?
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind, maybe

The roots of love grow all around
But for me, they come a-tumbling down
Every day, heartaches grow a little stronger
I can't stand this pain much longer

I walk in shadows, searching for light
Cold and alone, no comfort in sight
Hoping and praying for someone who'll care
Always moving and going nowhere

What becomes of the brokenhearted
Who had love that's now departed?
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind, help me, please

I'm searching, though I don't succeed
For someone's love, there's a growing need
All is lost, there's no place for beginning
All that's left is an unhappy ending

Now what becomes of the brokenhearted
Who had love that's now departed?
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
I'll be searching everywhere
Just to find someone to care
I'll be lookin' every day
I know I'm gonna find a way
Nothing's gonna stop me now
I'll find a way somehow
And I'll be searching everywhere...
I know I'm gonna find it there

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Marc Broussard What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted Comments
  1. HistorywithTed Payne

    I did not have much hope that you would get this right but I was pleasantly surprised. Rich and deep not soulful but deep.

  2. Jeffrey De Jesus

    Thank you for your soul my brother. Real singers live!! Soul music!!!

  3. treadman26

    Good gosh that’s being soulful is all about.

  4. Shirley Lenz

    Wow! love his voice he can sing anything and it sounds so much like the original.

  5. Alison Matthews

    Loved this by Jimmy ruffin but love it as much as that uve done it justice

  6. afr malatesta of my favorite songs..done Jimmy ruffin proud

  7. Jamie Thomson

    Love your music brother. Can you please do Dark end of the street please my man. A classic. Keep up the good work.

  8. Klara McDonnell

    Randomly came across this... wonderful :)

  9. Stuart Thompson

    Amazing flawless vocals

  10. Tanya Todd

    Oh my gosh.he is awesome❤ Wow what a voice!!

  11. Sandra Brown

    Thank you, so much and from the bottom of my heart for bringing such forgotten artist back to the front.

  12. Toni Ferguson


  13. Made in Mexico

    Damn he spunds so good.I JUST MOBED FROM NEW ORLEANS.Sorry i miss this gem.Hes got such a great boice!!! Really been packing in all the music he put out 2 hrs I love this guy.💝💝💝💝

  14. Alicia Marie

    Just amazing... so much soul!!!!!!!

  15. Les Gombart

    I stumbled across Marc a short while ago and geeze am I so happy I did. Not only does a he do covers fantastically but the more I listen to his music the more I dig him!!!

  16. Claire Littlewood


  17. Christine Grant

    Wow I'm 25 again you have stalker ♥️♥️♥️

  18. Kelly LaTour

    Man, why didn't I find u sooner dude! Can't get enough. Keep on keep on!

  19. Nozzy

    great recover on old great song

  20. Nancy Davis

    Where can I get his CD in Australia ?

  21. Nancy Davis

    Just discover him love love it

  22. Elisabeth Frycer

    The Best singers eVer MarC Broussard ¥ I Like the Music & the voices😉💪👀❤💋💪💪💪

  23. A . A

    after my grandparents died, you kept my hope open me and mam love you, you bring me to tears eveeytime. how would you feel about being involved in my wedding song

  24. Brian Burkhart


  25. Craig Pwhite

    Just found Marc broussard .all I can say what a voice and talent

  26. Pansye Gibbs

    Man... I thought I was hearing the original...FANTASTIC!

  27. sally shelanskey

    I'm old school! And man again I say where did that soul come from you voice is sweet! I'm in love your soo talented keep singing

  28. Cyndi West

    WoW! I've been transported back to my youth. Thanks Missy! Marc, more Cocker please.

  29. Teresa Sears

    Just can't stop listening

  30. MRnewkTrane

    Mr. Broussard is one soulful M%!#F! I first became aware of him in the best way possible- a great live set- at the Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta in 2003. I remember clearly his unique & fine take that evening of Tyrone Davis's classic 'Can I Change My Mind'. I also remember thinking how refreshing it was to see a young artist already with his own sound - while at the same time - he's introducing that audience musically to some of his influences. Play on MB- real music lovers are listening!

  31. Nishit Soni

    Love it.

  32. Patricia Perry

    here you are 2016 getting us all vaclemped 2007 is when you stArted on video I think been going through all the video s each one just so amazing. many fans many blessings you one in a trillion.

    Billy Wilson

    Patricia Perry One of the most underrated singers lv had the pleasure of listening to First time we seen him was In Cincinnati Seven eight year ago blue me away been a big follower ever since myson lives in Indiana and we try to get over twice a year look for where your playing but always some where cant make as specially when with the kids should say teenage ears not kids long how that fast love the music you do Ottis Solomon Burke and all the soul songs Love these songs you write great your Dad not A bad guitarist either We have all CD s hope to see you if you come to England by for now Billy Wilson e/ mail Jb. wilsons @ gmail .com

  33. Barbie Shewmaker

    just realized I was actually in love with Marc broussard!!!! where the hell have I been?? Oh my Lord ❤❤❤ I do!!!

    T Spires

    Barbie Shewmaker I feel the same EXACT way!!!

    Terry Shakespeare

    Fantastic and soulful voice

  34. Brenda Goldd

    I love the way you sing this song :) Awesome! Your voice,style, and heart placed this song is more then music you told a story that is touching millions. :)

  35. higherlivingPJW Last

    Hearts <3!

  36. Ken Jarabek

    ...well, if you want to hear him's up to you to make it happen...make the call to the media's...

  37. No-Ones Home

    another stunning song. it's criminal that your not more known!!!
    so much better than the manufactured po(o)p.

  38. geoffrey rogers

    first. you're the best Marc I wish I could hear you on the radio