Marc Broussard - These Arms Of Mine Lyrics

These arms of mine
They are lonely
Lonely and feeling blue

These arms of mine
They are yearning
Yearning from wanting you

And if you
You would let them hold you
Oh how grateful I will be

These arms of mine
They are burning
Burning from wanting you
These arms of mine
They are wanting
Wanting to hold you

And if you
Would let them hold you
Ohh how grateful I will be

Come on, come on baby
Just be my little woman
Just be my lover
I need me somebody,
(Somebody) To treat me right
(Ohh) I need your arms
Loving arms to hold me tight
And I need you tender lips too
I need your lips
Lord mercy!
Hold me, hold me

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Marc Broussard These Arms Of Mine Comments
  1. Magdalena Charlotte


  2. Helen Mason

    Just slayed me mate, snapped my knicker elastic, beautifully done x x x

  3. BK kb

    Sing to me baby

  4. Laura Watkins

    Yesssssss. Amazing voice 💞💞💞💞

  5. 1gaia


  6. Kenny Karlsson

    Amazing cover. But the guitar is out of tune.

  7. Nomen est omen

    Beautiful 💕🎶🎸👌

  8. Billie Mccurdy

    Absolutely love your old soul

  9. Snipe K1ng

    Guitar dude fingered that guitar well. A+ my friend, wish I could play like that.

  10. Dick Johnson

    Guitar out of tune ?

  11. Dick Johnson

    Excellent cover , soulful

  12. MrMusicguyma

    Nice and slow, the way it is supposed to be.

  13. Mandy

    Marry me now! Lol! Or at least let's do a duet. Voice from the God's. Much respect to band also. Dam that was hot!

  14. thomas robles

    Wow! Awesome 👍

  15. Kevin Henderson

    First time I ever saw and heard Marc was on CMT, singing "Home ." I thought he did a remarkable job singing that. Now I've caught the Sam Cooke classic "twistin the night away" and now this. I love this song by Otis Redding. Marc, you did the song a solid. How about some more Otis? "Pain in my heart." Come to me". "That's how strong my love is." Or I've been loving you too long . " Oh yeah how about, " Try a little tenderness." Lol Actually I like these much better than ,"Sitting on the dock of the Bay." Then there's Sam Cooke.

  16. Lily Baldwin

    Beautiful voice

  17. chasitie young

    Great job! I love Otis Redding!!

  18. raymondhag

    Well done man , bongo....?!?
    Cause i will play with ya.
    Best of lucks brothers

  19. Capitola Godslight

    This is my soul song.. my all time favorite song .. thank you.. you rock!!!!

  20. Cathy Landt

    I love this song so much ,so deep and touching ty 🎶🌟♥️

  21. Amy Howells


  22. JoAnn Turner

    Love your voice ! Beautiful

  23. instantsurgery

    God damn

  24. vicky mcmullan

    I love em, do more do more x x x x x heh heh

  25. dani dial

    This gives me goosebumps. I just accidentally came across you. I will for sure be at your show at the Lyric in Birmingham!

  26. Destroyer 1015

    You give me chills! Hot Damn. Thank you for the chills💖

  27. Stacey Kubiaczyk

    Mmmmm great memories great soul sound

  28. Alison m

    Please do more I am loving the songs.

  29. tanya morse

    Beautiful ❤️

  30. Katie Melendez

    Please come play a show in Wyoming.... Please

  31. Katie Melendez

    Please please do more absolutely in love with your voice. I'm six and a half months pregnant and a play you for my baby

  32. Derek King

    Man U are the shit

  33. Melisa Reilly

    Love you! Love your soul coming thru 💋

  34. Tonya Bonds

    Fantastic cover!! Wow. You got some soul.

  35. Melisa Mauriño

    Love your voice Marc! Well done!

  36. Otis Driftwoodd

    Whooooo nice going mysir !!!!

  37. Shelly Gubara


  38. This One

    Dude. Nobody can cover Otis songs. Really presently surprised by this. Good job mate.

  39. Mandy Bibler

    Stumbled upon you last night. Absolutely in love with your voice.

  40. Onyx Lotus

    Oh my dayum!!!!

  41. jaterapi

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 with that voice Marc you can have my arms around you anytime....

  42. Paxton Payton

    You got soul for damn sure👍

  43. ThunderKat 57

    Awesome, 💝💝💝

  44. Bevey Dillon

    You sing with so much soul that it makes me cry 💔

  45. briegeann mcgivern

    Your voice is amazing, love it

  46. Larry Adams

    3 years on, I like it.

  47. Crystal Blumberg

    All I want for my birthday is to meet Marc!! And here him sing!!!

  48. Cbear lead with love

    Can't tell you how many tears I have cried to this song. Love. Love. Love it.

  49. Jessica Me

    Seen this in an add.. had to come listen...😍

  50. Nicole Noble

    I love your voice. This song brings tears to my eyes. Ottis reading ain't got shit on you.

    Sean Stewart

    Nicole Noble lol okay

  51. Elaine Goble

    Dang bro! That soul son! Sheeew

  52. Amber Deal

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ please more and more .. keep singing !

  53. Sara Christian


  54. Jamie Edmonds


  55. Andre Minnaar

    Music to the soul

  56. Faith W.

    Just discovered you! Can’t wait to see you in Tarrytown, NY. Keep doing your thing. Amazing. 💜

  57. L kopp

    Fantastic, I love it.......

  58. josee pinard

    When are you coming Canada

  59. popi pop

    Voilà ce qui s'appelle "chanter avec le coeur",merci et bonne continuation.

  60. Baytown Mike

    feeling it brother

  61. Georgina Cargill

    Boy Boy, those adlifts are great and i must say Otis would be proud. You better SANG

  62. Jody Ayers

    Don't know whether you were touched by God, or BB King. You have def got the Blues, brother

  63. hotdamn!!! 111

    U know those annoying ads that pop up in the middle your video well this was the ad and I plum forgot what the original video I was watching was..this guys amazing I love Otis Redding and Percy sledge I’m 38yrs old brings back memories of my mama

  64. IrishSpirit Eyes

    Man his voice [email protected]💋💋💋

  65. Birdie Blue

    Chills. So. Lovely❤

  66. Chaun Ralls

    My favorite song of all time and you did it justice- Love the raw soul. Really nice fellas! (and I subscribed)

  67. rizum8beat


  68. Lioness B

    GZIZ. Beautiful version of an Otis song.

  69. Goddess Reine Noire

    Good Lord, man your voice is so magnificent. Thank you.

  70. TruLy - 4 - Ever

    ~~~ Oh My !!
    ~~~ What A Romantic Song & Prayer : )
    ```` dEAREST, Mr Marc Broussard ...SUCH A SOULFUL VOICE !! -- TIMELESS & PRICELESS !!

  71. Silvia Andrade

    Love your voice

  72. alfredo older

    Great job!!

  73. Andy Goswell

    Time has stood still or this man has been taken back in time to perform and blend in so effortlessly, one word is awesomeness!!!!!!

  74. Terible Tom Perry

    You should never stop making music. person should regardless of talent, (even though yours is immense) because music is the language of the soul

  75. Robyn K


  76. Katye Marie Clark

    So beautiful. Straight from the soul!❤

  77. Joe Staunton

    Just found this geezer 2 day superb

  78. jason axel

    @Marc Broussard              love love love love your work, keep em coming!!

  79. jason axel

    You are a Handsome man!! just saying!!

  80. Shelly Gubara

    omigod!soul touching!love it!

  81. Sher Lasseter

    You sound great man I sing would love to jam with you man....

  82. Lorena ll.

    Come hold me bebe.💋💟💟🐺🌷🐺🥰😔😥let's get it over with.

  83. Shannon Sexton


  84. Marli Donizeti Cunha


  85. Teresa Noel

    Omg I'm melting his voice whew I'd love to hear him do my girl

  86. Tommy Apples

    That's baby making music

  87. Monika Moravcová

    OMG ❤

  88. Tom James


  89. Parche Lam Ho

    Sig it my brother 👍🏽

  90. Melissa Thompson

    Sad but true

  91. Linda Fraser

    Love a ginger beard 😍

  92. Kathy Willett

    Upset about ad...then that VOICE!!! New Broussard fan!!!

  93. Alli Cee


    Alli Cee

    Ill treat u right

  94. Katherine H

    I'm like in awe.

  95. Love Givens


  96. mel T

    yes. on behalf of the whole of New Zealand.