Marc Broussard - Please Please Please Lyrics

I, I believe in peace and love and faith and honesty
That you can hold, you can dream
Don't get down when you're swimming up a stream
But the road can be long
When you need me most, know that I'll be strong

Please, please, please remember
To dream dreams bigger than you are
When you leave we'll still be together
I will always keep you in my heart

In time you will fly
Still my love for you will never die
When all, all I know
That it's never easy when you're letting go

The road can be long
When you need me most, know that I'll be strong

Please, please, please remember
To dream dreams bigger than you are
When you leave we'll still be together
I will always keep you in my heart

I, I believe
In peace and love, faith and honesty

Please, please, please remember
To dream dreams bigger than you are
When you leave we'll still be together
I will always keep you in my heart

Please, please, please remember
I will always keep you in my heart

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Marc Broussard Please Please Please Comments
  1. pacobolito

    Thank you for this precious song that expresses what we all wish for our children and grandchildren

  2. Rick Ayers

    Great Mix :)

  3. Twirly79 And Coco German shepherd

    My class is singing this song at a peace assembly event and this is amazing!

    Coughing Robot

    Hello my old account. Goodbye

  4. Melania e Flavio

    Love it! Love you!

  5. André

    Wow... that's great!! Congrats! Greetings from northern Ireland!

  6. alfredo sanches

    Marc Broussard we Will be singing this song in our graduation we are 5 graders that Will be singing this , this song Will make our parents cry and also this song is great

  7. Christine Grant

    Please Please keep making music ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. Angelique Sellier

    Une très belle découverte avec Marc Broussard.
    Une musique toute en douceur sur une voix toute en finesse.
    Un style de chanson qui me rend nostalgique je dirais, car la musique retranscrit... L'émotion.

  9. Terry Sekator

    most is easy...continue singing for me...(smile)

  10. Ashley Pepper

    Marc, your words , sentiments, voice, and your passion quench and restore my soul. Thank you

  11. david gardner

    its time you came to the uk....  we need you !

  12. Mick Collins

    Marc, this is a special song for me. As a father of 4 boys, I worry and excite at the thought of my boys flying the nest. I know they are all capable of so much and i can only hope they allow themselves the freedom to follow their dreams. Thank you for the songs you write and sing, you touch people's lives in ways you will probably never be able to quantify.

  13. Voo

    what a wonderful song Marc. I've been loving your music for years. You never disappoint. God bless you Voo

  14. J024

    Very underrated artist!

  15. Peter Thompson

    Not too often I get on the hook but brother reel my butt in and throw me in the ice chest. You've got something I rarely hear in singers nowadays, it's magic man like when the love of your life lays her head on your chest there's just that type of feeling. You've got gold there my friend, so make yourself known, you're going to be accepting some awards one day I'm sure. Keep it up and I'll definitely will be telling everyone about you. Thanks for what you're doing.

  16. Kerrie Markhouse

    Another GREAT one! Awesomeness by Marc! I have been following this man/voice since 2005. I found him while listening to the airplane music on a flight from Cancun back to Vegas. I fell in love with the voice, music and lyrics. He is amazing. Thank you for another CD to add to my Marc collection. Vegas baby, Vegas!

  17. david gardner

    What a voice this man has's amazing when is he coming to England ??

  18. carter cormack

    You're music is magic to me

  19. Dan Ogle


  20. narokolevu

    T U N E 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. Hakan Dursun

    Very nice !

  22. E&B Blanco

    Wow !!!

  23. Timothy Mullins

    Been listening for almost ten years, this dude is amazing

  24. Pieter Kriel

    Thanx Marc for this song. Means a lot to me and my 2 daughters. This is officially one of my top favourite songs

  25. cyndy pendley

    I love it....<3

  26. DD2917

    My god ! The voice. ... humm ... killing me ! 😋💋💋💋

  27. Tonia Ingle

    Don't ever quit ...

  28. T L

    I just discovered you a couple of months ago and have been hooked! Your voice is velvet to me. Every Tear is my favorite so far but love all. Keep shinning and keep singing :)

  29. Claudette Girvin

    Love it 😍😍

  30. Mark Sanchez


  31. Stella Conner

    Love the song it really hits home for me ....all ready a personal favorite .... amazing :)

  32. JARS

    You are great, this song made me feel so good.

  33. Joshua Clark

    marc,your Musik is fresh off the press.I'm very amazed at your talent.Do what you do big bro!be blessed!

  34. Gilles Pierre YOLLE

    A beautiful song... Génial
    GPY From Paris

  35. garden adventure

    Beautiful song ;-)

  36. Andrew Page

    i love your words bro
    love to sing with ya one day

  37. Tracey H

    You are an amazing artist. Keep the music flowing for it is music that makes the soul sing. TB

  38. Tim Schroeder

    A beautiful song... Can't wait to hear it live... Much enjoyed and appreciated...

  39. MIC

    I love the music you touch. it's amazing!!!

  40. Sonja Edwards

    My beloved father in law is dying of cancer of the esophagus , I played this song for my husband and it touched us deeply. If you don't mind we would love to cover this special song at his Memorial, we are musicians and singers on a small scale, but this song is for the loved ones Pop leaves behind. Thank you. PS ,I hope you come to Houston soon, we cover most of your covers.

  41. Monica Taylor

    so very beautiful. Marc you are amazing! touched my spirit. ❤

  42. Leanne Barker

    What a beautiful husky voice live listening to you x glad I stumbled over you voice x

  43. tri.p.a

    Such a beautiful voice! Great song and beautiful lyrics 👌

  44. Mary Salerno

    Great lyrics! Really hits home.

  45. gumpnroy 1

    From Australia........UNFUCKEN BELIVABLE.......... enough said...

  46. Jo Black

    Beautiful words and music, all from an indisputable talent. Thanks to God

  47. Jacques Rousseau

    Please come to New Zealand!

  48. Ruth Boykin


  49. Jesse Pollom

    Wonderful song, so excited for this album!

  50. Bill Orgeron

    Less than 24 hrs til I get to see the show in Baton Rouge. Can't wait

  51. Angie

    Love this, the lyrics are really special! What a beautiful song xxx

  52. Lady Segula

    Absolutely amazing song...🎤🎶🎼🎵

  53. Geraldine Crowe

    Fantastic voice and brilliant song 👏🏻❤️🇬🇧

  54. Catherine Hyde

    Beautiful song! I love everything about it!

  55. Crystal Ford

    My dad surprised me (just today infact) with birthday tickets to see you in Portland, Or October 13th and I immediately started to cry. Ha. Excited is not adequate for how I'm feeling about it. Can't wait to experience that amazing voice of yours in person!

  56. Nishit Soni

    Love it!

  57. kamta2011

    Beautiful! Very beautiful

  58. cynguerrero13

    Made me love this..💋..just discovered your music..amazing

  59. Mistie Ferrell

    +Marc Broussard I can't wait for September!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release your new album early!!!

  60. Vivian Jones

    I love every thing about your music. Jesus it's beautiful.

  61. Shannon Eytcheson

    I love this!!! 💛

  62. Aaron Ravaillion

    Amazing voice brother, keep em coming 😎🤘

  63. Marc Broussard

    After years of trying, I've finally wrote one for my youngest. I can't help but think of my children when I sing it. The song is testament to the knowledge all parents have that, one day, our children are going to fly the nest and the advice we, as parents, give them for that flight.

    Cristina Angel

    Marc Broussard wow 👍

    Eva Fernández Pérez

    royaboy88 I love his voice!!😘

    Eva Fernández Pérez

    Fantastic song!!!😳

    Serena Erizer

    My husband and our daughter danced to this at her wedding. Thank you for a beautiful song that perfectly captured our heart during that time.

    Miss Tery

    Just pray that they have only good people in their lives ... it's heartbreak when they have a great future ahead and one person with bad influence takes them away from good