Marc Broussard - Hurricane Heart Lyrics

Tell me I'm unfaithful
If that's the way that you feel
This is gonna be painful
Cause it's about to get real
You're telling me to be honest
How I wish I could
Cause all I ever wanted was
Just to be understood
Tell me
Rolling stone with a loaded gun
Rambling man
Baby I was born to run

I didn't mean to break your heart, I'm just reckless
What a long shot love we had to begin with
I wish it didn't go down like this
My hurricane heart, you're picking up the pieces

I'm tired of talking it over
I said what I need to say
You put your finger at the sinner
I never said I'm a saint
Fell in love with a Prodigal son
Rambling man
Yes I am

I didn't mean to break your heart, I'm just reckless
What a long shot love we had to begin with
I wish it didn't go down like this
My hurricane heart, you're picking up the pieces

I wish it didn't go down like this
I didn't mean to break your heart, I'm just reckless
What a long shot love we had to begin with
I wish it didn't go down like this
My hurricane heart, you're picking up the pieces

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Marc Broussard Hurricane Heart Comments
  1. Cherlyn Burleson BlackBird

    MISS you Joshua. 3 more day baby

  2. The Fiend__Fan WWE

    I love this song!

  3. happylarry

    Lovely surprise seeing Casey Abrams herr

  4. Clare Glynn

    Stjll gettin over this

  5. Clare Glynn

  6. Traci Carpenter

    Immediately got goosebumps within the first three words!!

  7. Joey Hale

    48 can go eat a dick

  8. Juliana R.

    I am colombian and I love your music!!!

  9. Greitele Daunis

    J'adore sa musique et sa voie

  10. Sky Saunders

    I googled “Hurricane Heart” for a book I’m working on for NaNoWriMo. . . I’m floored. Thank you.

  11. Lyla Worthington

    I love you Marc but a little upbeat stuff would be nice

  12. Sarah Lang

    Now it all makes sense...

  13. mandy nash

    Wow 👌❤

  14. TheTwtebrd

    I sure hope you will come to Humboldt :) I cannot make long trips so keeping my fingers crossed you will reach our way soon <3

  15. hallucinogen22

    So freakin good

  16. Austin Barker

    With the way he's moving his foot he should of had a Kick Drum or something to intensify the beat

  17. Linda Bom

    You make me cry right now, ow my what a song!

  18. Liz Rock

    Come back to Saxapahaw NC Marc! <3

  19. Kat

    Yeah reminds of my ex words he expressed.. Honestly truth

  20. Myra Wirtz

    LAWDY.... MIND BLOWIN! Getting tickets for NC show in February for my husbands birthday. I’m from the Bayous on the Achafalaya too.
    I can smell the muddy water when I got yo tunes cranked loud! Keep it real Brother!

  21. Nimlin Munro

    Where has he been hiding? Never heard of him till tonight! Just goes to show that the music bosses have no idea what good music is!


    Bob Seeger, Bruce Springsteen but mostly Marc!

  23. Sam Sunshine

    This right here!!!

  24. AlwaysPrisms

    wow this is great

  25. Southern Louisiana

    Just can't stop listening to his music! Soul, blues and Marc's voice = amazing :)

  26. Zachary Wheeler

    I love your music man! You should cover Walking in Memphis!!! PLEASE!!!

  27. Myriah Syrylo

    I really love his style and his voice is amazing!!!

  28. Sherry Houts

    Love you Marc. You have real Soul. 💞

  29. Sherry Houts

    Love you Marc. You have real Soul. 👍💞

  30. Sherry Houts

    Love you Marc. You have real Soul. 👍💞

  31. mellany maria


  32. Manu Botari

    Chills.... chills everywhere

  33. The Shovster

    Great tune!, I could live without the do'op girls tho


    The Shovster same

  34. Eric Grunden

    that Yamaha sounds absolutely AMAZING

  35. Lisa Samson

    he is my uncle


    Que voz, meu Deus!!!

  37. Crystal Anderson

    that piano player with the manbun & beard set my heart a blazin'! MY LORD!!!! 😍😍😍

  38. Chris Frye

    Girlfriend broke up with me then sent this song... she had trouble opening up! Wish she would come back

  39. Crystal Anderson

    song makes me cry everytime.

  40. Colby Duplin

    I love it ...Amen

  41. Martin DeNiro


  42. Placebo_Jones

    You can say what you want about Americans on the internet.
    For all of our faults, we have artist like this.
    We are not our politics, we have artist like this that explain our truths through song.

    joe blow

    Placebo_Jones Roger that brother !! peace !!

    Christian Garbass

    Exactly, Amen! Greetings from Switzerland ;-) 🇨🇭


    One of the best workin today too to bottom musician, his pop could swing a pick too 🤙🏼

    Cynthia Morales

    Well said, well said.

  43. Dakota Rivero

    marc is a blues rock man you keep putting out music like this brother you have got me though some hard times

  44. Paul Armstrong

    just brilliant!

  45. silvana coelho

    loved it, you sing very well.

  46. Stefania Alexia Palana

    Just can't believe that talent

  47. Joyousj

    'I wish it didn't go down like this' @2.23 2.24 mark always gets me. So underrated man. I LOVE all his music. 'Come in from the cold' is another good one.

    Cordell Dixon

    Joyousj literally everything out of this man's mouth is gold!

  48. Brad Frink

    Gotta hear this live and up close. I think it'll be a quest.

  49. jean pierre MAMONE

    is it the Yamaha LL 16 A.R.E NT model ?????
    it sounds really good

  50. Dan Dealy

    Love this version. "bout as good as the album's cut.

  51. Utoober67

    Where have I been all your life?
    Oh, well, I've found you now :-) You move me. Thanks.

  52. PunKComido

    Im hearing scott hoying all over 😳 this is an aweasome artist!!!!!! :O voice of an angel

  53. Erika Miller

    I was just turned onto your music by a friend, who has known about you and your sound. Tremendous!! I'm so glad she did!!
    You write and sing with beauty and deep emotions. Love it!!

    Brandy Collins

    If you dig this, check out Chris Stapleton
    That song in particular hits deep in the soul

  54. joe blow

    Marc you simply hit it out of the park with this one brother simply brilliant

  55. joe blow

    He just keeps putting out great tunes

  56. Kim Summerhays

    Rocked so hard in Portland, so nice, seeing you twice in Eugene :)

  57. Jim Clark

    Portland, OR Saturday night... can't wait. Haven't seen you live in years... this is going to be an emotional trip home, even if only in my heart.

  58. debbieswinyer

    Loved your music for a few years now glad to find this.
    Been my idol for some time.

  59. SuperChar1990

    😚 xx

  60. Frédéric Marotel

    Trop cool 👍

  61. ninano


  62. Hans von Stockhausen

    Great song!

  63. Dexter Litwiller

    Last minute road trip to Madison to see this guy tomorrow night - so stoked!

  64. precisionfort

    Beard like that must mean at least a 200% increase of soul.

  65. Jonina Ara

    Thank you for this....beautiful song !!!

  66. Chris Morlock


  67. Harris Hagan

    Awesome song Marc.. Definitely one of your best! 

  68. Lee Willoughby

    Amazing voice and an amazing song. Have only just discovered Marc, very glad I did!

  69. Bella Oldham.

    Danny Wilkin brought me here... Jesus. So happy to find him <3
    Such a beautiful voice!

  70. Lisa Moore

    The first song I heard of yours was "Home". I'm glad I found this song.

  71. luvly Kodez

    I totally hear you!

  72. Patrícia Marques

    Marc Broussard ROCKS!!!

  73. gonserme

    Love your voice!! I admire the passion in your words when you sing them!!

  74. Jheisson Escobar

    I literally just discovered this band off SoundCloud. And they are AMAZING!

  75. WanderingNick

    Just saw Marc last Sunday opening for Huey Lewis and the News. He's fantastic live! Wish I would have picked up a copy of the album at the concert!

  76. Roberto Esposito

    Marc, I found out about you in a CVS. I heard rocksteady playing and was able to shazaam you in the store! I haven't stopped listening to you since. Amazing work brother. Hope you make a visit to Jersey soon. All the best,

  77. yusef hill

    Nice voice bro!!!

  78. Scott Cava

    So good!!!

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    Keith Kay

    Omg mark. That's amazing. Its absolutely beautiful. That DESCRIPTION is my last relationship to my new one.

  80. Elizabeth Hn

    LOVE it!!

  81. Mitsi Vall

    I heard it on Soundcloud and I felt in love with it at once!

  82. C Dizzle

    Great song Marc!! When are you coming the Charleston SC!! I wanted to see you in Savannah this past march but couldnt get tickets!! SOLD OUT!

  83. Denise Moats

    Just wonderful, love that soulful voice.  So glad you share that gift you have with us.

  84. singleg1

    Love, Love Marc Broussard, incredible voice! Love this song.   

  85. Thomas Fruge'

    Awesome !! ***** Stars

  86. R Q

    Brilliant!! This is just.. Wow..

  87. Tammy Ordoyne - McQueen

    Another W.O.W.  Love you and your music.  One can feel the soul you put forth in your artistry.

  88. Will Crawford

    Hell yea

  89. lonniemo

    Great song!!!!

  90. The Adult Contemporary Music Channel

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  91. phil dankner

    As one of your biggest swiss fans and art director of our upcoming it is a privileg to take you on our musical journey through our beautiful country. Cant wait to play your amazing songs with my band. With great respect - Yours faithfully - Phil Dankner

  92. schofy4934

    Come back to Boston you incredible bearded god of music.

    seriously though, please.

  93. Goldforb

    OMG this song is amazing and I so love his shows.  When will he be back in Birmginham, AL?