Marc Broussard - Hard Knocks Lyrics

Didn't take nothing, that I didn't need
'Cause they didn't offer classes in what I wanted to be
They didn't offer manhood, responsibility
Had to learn it the hard way
Earned my degree in the streets

Graduated from Hard Knocks
Got my education
Hard Knocks
Out on the street

Can't bust through that ceiling without feelin' the burn
And I ain't got nothing that I did not earn
Chasin' that mighty dollar
'Stead of hittin the books
Studying Donny and Stevie
Learned to sail the hooks

I graduated from hard knocks
Got the bumps and the bruises to prove it
Hard knocks
Summa cum laude
Hard knocks
Hard knocks

Had a real good teacher named Mr. Life
Didn't teach no chemistry but he taught me how to fight
Didn't teach biology but I learned it from the birds and the bees
Said stay close to your friends even closer to your enemies

Hard knocks
Graduated Hard knocks
Bumps and bruises to prove it
Hard Knocks
Hard Knocks
Got to bring it on home

Said these streets keep calling me
Don't know what it is
Is it the thrill that I seek
I don't know
Is it the night
Or the sound of the city
Whatever it is
These streets keep calling me
Day in and night, can't get them off

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Marc Broussard Hard Knocks Comments
  1. Lorelei McBroom

    Marc should be a super star! He's so good!

  2. BO Jennings


  3. CrazyRaider77

    Awesome song! Slim Thug's "Hard" brought me here. Excellent sample.

  4. brand1974

    Love this song!

  5. C Dizzle

    Such a soulful singer.. One of my favorites out today!! I've been trying to see him live but he hasnt been close enough to get to..

  6. Handztalkin

    Indeed a FUNKY ROCKS!!!!

  7. Ty J.

    why only 7000 likes? jeez this song is funky, bluesy and rocks on so many levels.

  8. Vincent Lajoie

    From my view, quasi sounds like Zappa+Hendrix... Wow! Keep Rock & Soul..!

  9. Chai'naMarie03

    Well said....great song,,,either by Cocker or Broussard

  10. Chai'naMarie03

    This is the first time I heard this song by Broussard....WOW.
    Initially I had heard Joe Cockers' version which blew me 3811iberis's a theme song for my life also!
    2 great versions of a great song

  11. Pete Rice