Marc Broussard - Bring It On Home To Me Lyrics

If you ever change your mind
About leaving, leaving me behind
Bring it to me, bring your sweet loving,
bring it on home to me, yeah

You know I tried to treat you right
But, you stay out, stay out every night
Bring it to me, bring your sweet lovin
Bring it on home to me.

I know I laughed when you left
But now I know I only hurt myself
Baby, bring it to me,
Bring your sweet loving
Bring it home to me

I'll give you jewelry and money too
That ain't all, all I do for you,
Baby if you bring it to me,
bring your sweet loving
Bring it on home to me, oh honey

You know I'll always be your slave
'til I'm buried, buried in my grave
Bring it to me, bring your sweet loving,
bring it on home to me.

But I forgive you, yeah

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Marc Broussard Bring It On Home To Me Comments
  1. Stoney Brook

    I love you guys ❤️ good music marc I listen to you all the time.your voice is amazing!!!!!

  2. Stacey van Riet

    Love it!!

  3. Irmgard Sigl


  4. Stephen Eisenberg

    Really like to know what the 266 who didn't like this are smoking

  5. Elaine Goble

    Beautiful voice! I could listen to Marc sing all day everyday

  6. Overland Autism Adventures

    See ladies and gentlemen dat's a Boudin & Gratton' eating voice. Mais la

  7. Ms Behaven

    Lord what I wouldn't do to sit in the studio one time. Just once!

  8. Emily massi

    Thank you

  9. Mama Laryn

    I think I’m pregnant 😍
    That’s inappropriate but gosh they did one of my favorite songs justice to say the least 💕💕💕💕💕

  10. lee osborne

    what a beautiful bunch of souls you truly are bringing the old great songs back to life! bless you all! ONE LOVE

  11. Crystal Wasserfal

    That's same serious guitar skills there, Jamie :)

  12. Jerry Cooper

    Are you guys ever going to be in the N.W.?

  13. Adrian X

    Sam would probably be in tears now seeing you guys doing his song justice.

  14. Braeden Parsons

    When will this be on Spotify

  15. Samuel Le Meur

    top merci bon duo

  16. jason axel

    u see how Homie creeped up to the mic............ that's soul baby.. the excitement he had even knowing he has a strong manly man voice rather then soulful pitch.......... and still wants to honor the song cus his love for u guys great job!!

  17. F T

    Did Marc go blind?

  18. Mary. Elizabeth White

    Love this song almost a much as I. Love you guys

  19. Rick Beam


  20. Cruz Rodriguez


  21. Sapio Phile

    Damn these white boys can sing. 😲

  22. Max Mansouri Music

    bring it on home!

  23. Jason Demmons


  24. Javier Gonzalez Matos

    Sois geniales!!!

  25. TD Dale

    Very cool very cool love it

  26. Tika Els 4182

    My hat’s off to you guys!! Love this!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  27. Margo Doty

    You guys are ohh Soo lovely!!! Thank you for being fabulous

  28. Maria Wakefield


  29. Phyllis B

    That was soooo good!

  30. LilithMoon29

    Gorgeous.. wowwwwww

  31. Linda Teeter

    I'm with you there Bridgette Marc and Jamie both lol Got me moving in my chair here

  32. André Hazes

    André Hazes bring it on home to me

  33. Billy Rosales

    I am a fan now

  34. Billy Rosales

    Wow amazing

  35. Cristy Ramirez

    Mindblowing and magical. Love this song!

  36. Tracy Indy

    LOVE iT!!

  37. Isabelle Prat

    Excellent man

  38. clsimpson19

    saw both of you at the city winery had to pick up both your records there! Been a fan since 2006 or 2007, one of my college freinds had his CD "Carencro" and I immediately fell in love and share this beautiful mans music with everyone I know. And without hesitation they all realize how talented this guy is. I could listen for hours. My wife and I go to see him on tour anytime he is in nyc, I follow his tour as much as I can. It crazy how i can see the same show and it sounds different every time or something new is added to the show. He will never stop being one of my favorites.

  39. Murat Iskanderov

    Отлично поют ребята!!! Мололцы!!!! Цепляет по самое не балуй

  40. MargaRitaVille

    Oh honey listen to me I’m gonna bring it to you for sure!

  41. Tony Griffin

    don't leave me

  42. debra seibert

    Best I’ve heard in a long time !💯

  43. Victoria Ann Cochran

    Love this song

  44. Victoria Flatgard

    Beautiful 😍!!!!!! Excellent 👍👌😉

  45. Mateusz Tutaj

    So fuckin perfect!

  46. jaxsun72

    Marc, come down here to Puerto Rico.

  47. pleasedontmakemelate

    Awful. What's with the whining?

  48. ASMR EH?

    Yup. Done.

  49. Valerie Sinclair

    Slayed it guys!

  50. Danny Meyer

    Great song and you do it well. 👍♥️🎸

  51. Theresa O'Daniel

    Marc groove'n his way to the Mic~ 💛🎼😎 soo dang smooth!

  52. judith van gelderen

    Goosebumps 🤪

  53. Jodi Jaglowicz

    Love it!

  54. Charlene Rowe

    Beautiful song

  55. David Lara


  56. Jolanda Resoort

    I love this song 😘👍

  57. Kamin Medders

    This version is so much better than the other version I listen to this song on a daily basis I think Marc Broussard is awesome

  58. Domi Roy

    Oh man...if @Marc Broussard got any cooler, I'd put him in a glass 3 fingers full of a sexy single malt and sip it on down.. I can't handle it!! #YOURESOCOOL#YOUCANBRINGITONHOMETOMEANYTIME

  59. Karl S


  60. Jasmine Turner

    Indeed 🥰x

  61. Diego Furlong

    Sam shuold be proud....Congrants guys

  62. R-Dre Nelson

    😓💖💖💋🔥✨song is calling out to me🙏....

  63. cossie


  64. junecurwen55

    wow this amazing

  65. Shelly Gubara

    omigod!in love great job!


    Loved this rendition

  67. Tracy Wishom

    I grew up listening to Sam Cooke on 8-track tapes, my mother would play his music on Saturday morning's. I'm a die hard fan!!!! You guys "sang" that song!!!! Amazing job 👏👏👏

  68. Teresa Thelma Steohens

    you better believe it./

  69. FishingwithJayce


  70. lori Chargualaf

    ...... bring it on home.... come bother me baby... im still waiting... always

  71. Mono280367

    If white men sing Black songs.. Praise God..

  72. ZombieWulfgrl D

    Okkkk. I srsly F*ks with this rendition. I love when everyone can just embrace good music & spread the vibe

  73. Wayne A. W.

    Dag, Marc, didn't know you had a younger bro lol (am lovin' both y'all):

  74. Mister Chaos

    Wooooooo 🔥🔥🔥 smack some hot sauce on corn dogs

  75. Julie Manderewicz

    Bring it to PA...Loving these guys jamming the Blues

  76. Always Smile

    Thanku for bringing OTTIS some love,beautiful , nice remake!!!

  77. Jackie Smith

    I believe you was born in the wrong era like me. My mother gave me the love for old R&B. Plus, I believe it was born in my soul. I wish she was still living because she would love to hear you
    I know that for certain. I'm sure her and I would be dancin in the kitchen to you.

  78. Chichi DeLaney

    Jamie is simple AWESOME but i would REALLY LOVE to hear Marc & Chris Stapleton together ❤

  79. Frank Cruz

    The "New" righteous brothers y'all

  80. Kerry Painter

    Very nice! Thanks!

  81. Carletta Goodrich Mann

    Love the song and the vocals . a collaboration with Keith Urban would be amazing . Gracefully spoken

  82. Jack Harris

    So he got 15x more views because this was posted on Marc's channel, so be sure to visit Jamie's channel to because honestly, I like him alot better.

  83. Ester Potter

    Love Marc!

  84. Keith Mumford


  85. Angelo


  86. lisa pross

    gift from God

  87. Copper Head

    One of my Favorite Cook songs. You did him justice. 👍

  88. Tristan Jones

    The way you stepped up to the mic....then you opened your mouth....I was ready to leave and bring it on home to you

  89. Lisa Marie


  90. Hannah Birchall

    Love this sooooo much c

  91. El Hajj Zafeer Muhammad

    That's how it's done, boys👍🏾😎

  92. Doreen Gallacher

    These Guy's are brilliant 👌👌👌 i just came across them by accident, I'm glad i did their brilliant xx

  93. Jessica Love

    I can't

  94. Jessica Love

    Laughter to findind me because i seem to be perfectly in mind didnt silence but do given your energy is kindness, with own mathematical kindness my self esteem build this day by day digging inside laughing its joking inside my heary

  95. derek0173

    Who is this dude??? He's freaking awesome!!!!