Mansun - Take It Easy Chicken Lyrics

Yeah, I'm sick of this, England's shit
It's pissing down, we are drowned
Star is here, drinking beer, Star is scrawled on my wall
The C.I.D., they follow me, I kidnap Star in my car
A TVR we'll drive to Prague and stop at Mars and we'll be

Taking Star to LA
We'll drive to Vegas for the day
We want to sit in the sun
And take it easy, take it easy, yeah

Mam's got cake, bellyache, feeling sick through Kuwait
Stole a tank, drove to France, star's amazed, in a trance
M53, hit a tree, crashed my car, I killed Star
Stowaway on a ship, dodge the pigs, what a trip

Taking Star to LA
We'll drive to Vegas for the day
We want to sit in the sun
And take it easy
Take it easy
Take it easy, yeah, yeah, yeah
Take it easy
Take it easy, yeah, yeah, yeah
Take it easy, oh yeah

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Mansun Take It Easy Chicken Comments
  1. C YOU


  2. Ed Whiteley

    Got this when it first came out, 500 only 7" single and they were called Manson.

  3. Ian Collins

    gran turismo

  4. YankeeDoodleDandy

    Mansun - Take It Easy, Chicken
    Yeah, I'm sick of this
    England's shit
    It's slashing down
    We are drowned

    Star is here
    Drinking beer
    Star is scrawled
    On my wall

    They follow me
    I kidnap Star
    In my car

    A T.V.R.
    We'll drive to Prague
    And stop at Mars
    And we'll be

    Taking Star to L.A.
    We'll drive to Vegas for the day
    We want to sit in the sun
    And take it easy

    Take it easy
    Yeah, Mam's got cake
    Belly ache
    Feeling sick

    Through Kuwait
    Stole a tank
    Drove to France
    Star's amazed

    In a trance
    Hit a tree
    Crashed my car

    I killed Star
    On a ship
    Dodge the pigs

    What a trip
    Taking Star to L.A.
    We'll drive to Vegas for the day
    We want to sit in the sun

    And take it easy
    Take it easy

  5. Adam Demeter

    TVR Chimaera

  6. Jackie Cane

    Oh my Chad!

  7. Cherif Mihoub

    Gran Turismo 2 😢

  8. Michael Barrymore

    I'm glad Mansun didn't include this in the UK version of Grey Lantern. It wouldn't have worked.

  9. United stars tv mufc

    Thumbs down why delusional twats

  10. Ian Collins

    my favorite song in gran turismo 2

  11. United stars tv mufc

    Better than muse Coldplay oasis blur libertines and the rest my best band ever

  12. Seven Inch Nails

    One of their first song and it has such a great riff. BTW, the drummer is wearing a mask. Is it because the original drummer, Carlton Hibbert was not in the band any longer? Interesting.

  13. Vicky Garnett

    So many flares. Ahhh, the 90s! Good times, good times.

  14. Robert Howes

    can hear a Gallagher influence, big tune

  15. Nyctophora

    That riff will never not be great.

  16. talesofwhatever

    I used to listen to this song everyday, using my sony walkman

  17. William Quiterio

    Ecstasy rock?

  18. MrStanseven

    What a band...great memories

  19. Christian Fleming

    Bought this CD when it came out, took it to a gig at Bedford Esquires and got it signed. Happy days.

  20. Andy InTheWatford

    Why can't this band reform for another tour???


    all dead boy

  21. Virago France

    Suzuki Escudo 🚘 Pikes Peak

  22. Mark Woodland

    Mansun revival!!!

  23. Taku 88

    Comeback plz

  24. Cali shake

    This has Stone Roses all over it

    Bizzy Pinches

    a far better band than the roses

  25. fooman65

    gimp on drums...we used to hear this song in the rehearsal rooms, we knew they would make it, Cast too, they were in another room..we on the other hand fookin didn't and i'm still working my day job

    Marley Evans

    @fooman65 At Crash? If so, some great days (and nights) had there :)


    @Marley Evans Yeah Crash, with John and Mark. Boo Radley's came out of there too. We had a go but it wasn't to be.


    +fooman65 LOL should have switched bands


    @Alex S if only mate, if only, you reap what you sew, still had a good laff tho..

  26. JB5_Bluestone

    Memories of Gran Turismo 2



    Shahbaz C

    screeching round corners to coincide with the guitar squeal (during chorus)

  27. Lanegan75

    One of my favourite ever songs. Not just from Mansun but anyone. Fucking immense!

  28. mandrakespil

    what a great song, the first time When I ear them that was Legacy from a rock magazine call Rocksound 97-98 I think...and since that time I am a fan

  29. xyzxyz997

    I am a big Mansun fan but I just don't get Paul Draper's pathetic aggressive act on this video. This is clearly a classic case of short arse syndrome. I seriously doubt that Mr Draper is a hard man so I find him apparently acting the hard man, rather pathetic.


    It's a pastiche on the swagger of britpop. Draper et all aren't pretending to be the new mods; it's all about being Mansun. You're welcome.


    he was well know for having Napoleon syndrome lol good frontman thou


    Have a listen to the lyrics of this song, I think it's a about of a certain attitude or scene and isn't to be taken too seriously, and the video reflects that.

    Alan Wainwright

    He was well known for writing amazing songs. Napoleon syndrome FFS. Complete nonsense.

  30. Vegan Piano Guy

    There isn't a day I don't miss Mansun. My favourite band of all time, with such creative ability behind their jovial facade, and with one of the best male singers of all time in Paul. Six is just a masterpiece.



  31. DelSevenNine

    Sounds like now! Shame bands now don't

  32. Manisora

    This One Rock

  33. ste528

    defo one of the best bands!

  34. Claire Yaxley

    One of the best live bands of the 90s! This track live was fantastic!
    On top of that, the nicest of people! Please refoem and tour guys!

  35. Music Without Borders

    Well I'm sick of this
    England's shit
    It's pissing down
    We all drown.

    MI The Player

    Slashing not pissing

  36. nige4958

    Great track, great lyrics, especially "drinkin' beer." Beer is wonderful.