Manowar - Warlord Lyrics

When you see me comin' flying down the road
You know I ain't afraid to lay it down
Yea got me some leather. Leather is my skin
Black'n'chrome flashin' through the town.
Some call me the WARLORD 'cause I'm a god-damn
bad machine, young'n'hungry, not too proud'n'mean
Ride, ride, ride, I'm the WARLORD of the road,
Riding, riding, riding, ain't never growin' old.
Take what I want and I go where I please
Got the world right by the balls. This world ain't
big enough to keep me down. Yea we're livin'
in a sick world. The man on the T.V. said we
got lotsa trouble overseas, well what the hell
do I care? Think they care about me?
Stop sending money send'em all a bomb.
Ride, ride, ride, I'm the WARLORD of the road,
Ridin', ridin', ridin', ain't never growin' old.
Born to live in the fast lane on a chopped up
Harley-D, smell that oil and high test gasoline.
Never got a shortage of girls to share my seat.
Well they all want to know what people say is true,
You know, get a biker started 'n he'll drive all
damn night. Well hold on honey 'cause this ride's for a ride.
Ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride
I'm the WARLORD of the road.
Ridin', ridin', ridin', ain't never growin' old.

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Manowar Warlord Comments
  1. Gerardo Antonio Alcantar

    Que alineación era esta

  2. Nicola Martinucci

    I come back to this song only for the orgasm

    Andy Mendoza

    Hahaha but the song is good too

    Nicola Martinucci

    @Andy Mendoza it is,yes,but the orgasm is better
    You could say that its a song in itself

  3. Craig Behling

    Goddamn Warlords go straight to HELL!!

  4. Joe C


  5. Craig Ponzio

    Imagine if this was released in these times?


    you would never hear this

  6. A30ot6

    Heh, I have this, the record.

  7. kenny ingram

    Great band put them on the Grammys fuck the grammys

  8. yoyoma989

    She's only 16.... Well, the guitarist is now jail, jail, jail and kill....

    Thinking Machine

    Karl Logan got done for child porn... Ross the boss here is cool as far as I know

    JJRJ 85

    @Thinking Machine christ, true story, Karl Logan is an A-Class pedo, videos with 4-12 yo girls, the fuck, not 15-17 teens. Creepo!


    Him and R Kelly could swap stories,

    Tau Noctua

    Some places, even in the US, the age of consent is 16. Here in Texas it is 17.


    All men play on 10-year-olds.

  9. StaticYonder

    2:50 I get chills every time 😅😍

    Hail and Kill!


    Stefan Sell

    Metal Up your Ass Man\0/
    Manowar still rocks!!!