Manowar - The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings) (Metal Version) Lyrics

From a battle I've come
To a battle I ride
Blazing up to the sky
Chains of fate
Hold a fiery stride
I'll see you again when I die

High and mighty alone we are kings
Whirlwinds of fire we ride
Providence brought us the crown and the ring
Covered with blood and our pride

Heroes await me
My enemies ride fast
Knowing not this ride's their last
Saddle my horse as I drink my last ale
Bow string and steel will prevail

High and mighty alone we are kings
Whirlwinds of fire we ride
Providence brought us the crown and the ring
Covered with blood and our pride

Odin, I await thee
Your true son am I
I hail you now as I die
I pledge you my sword and to no man I kneel
Ours is the kingdom of steel

High and mighty alone we are kings
Whirlwinds of fire we ride
Providence brought us the crown and the ring
Covered with blood and our pride

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Manowar The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings) (Metal Version) Comments
  1. Pero Pero

    i always listen to this song after i beat someone like .... shitfaced them hard!!! HAIL SATAN!


    Original first much more better

  3. Hitman Hart


  4. Amelia Nabila

    Still be my favo 💖

  5. Mountain Made

    hail from America.

  6. Bernardo Henze

    Epic forever

  7. William Smith

    That "Calm Before the Storm" ripoff cover..

  8. DeeJay Pajtim

    Hail from Albania

  9. Anarchy-X

    EPIC 👍👍👍

  10. George Meladze

    Hail Odinn!

  11. Nils Hansen

    I think my beard just grew a beard

  12. Corydoras

    What a glorious words !!! Hail from Turkey

  13. David Bronis

    Best version of this song!

  14. Ott Sääsk

    My small cat heard this song, she is now a Feral Mountain Tigress with mithrlil body armour and rides the lightning clouds of Odin blazing with fire.

  15. Arc Light

    Hail from Oz.

  16. raptor 27

    When I listen to Manowar !!! I don't only listen to the greatest music ever but an epic story telling

  17. Oh Ar

    What version is this?

  18. ARCANE

    Every time I listen to this, I always salute in the end. Hail from my soul! long live the kingdom of conscience

  19. iLove Music

    Ode to a dying Europe...

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  21. Do NOT

    I have decided to have my whole house renovated for a full sized organ. I can sleep in the pipes.

  22. Aikirockhead

    Hail From Spain ✊✊✊✊

  23. helther casarotti

    Hail from Brasil

  24. Christina Mastroyianni

    hiv or not hiv. me and my brother thanasis -- one and them under theyes of god equal to Almighty in glory to this world and after

  25. Christina Mastroyianni

    find medicen for your fucking youth bitch

  26. Oleg Shevchuk

    Harald Hardrada song

  27. M. torres

    U have to put the lyrics for the people that don't know before they start singing! That's the point.

  28. Douglas Guillen

    Hail from canada \,,/

  29. Lazar Elenkov

    He also likes Bulgaria!

  30. Queen Off sun

    Buteful sounds and the best

  31. Eva S.

    Que bonito por favoooor!! Mis Reyes!!

  32. Elegiaco Mexico

    Hail from México

  33. MC Perkele

    Hail from Sweden! Manowar <3

  34. d i g i t a l // K.

    E P I C

  35. DoomerSkulltag

    Entire song is slightly different from the original release, listen this and original (kings of metal album) and you can trust me, only if you hear the difference

    Roberto Alfonso Bautista Carballo

    Why its different??? Which version is this?????

    Roberto Alfonso Bautista Carballo

    Yeah it is from kings of metal 25 right


    It's all re-recorded, all the vocals including the chorus. You can hear that this time the choir sings in a more American accent and in the original in a more British accent, and also Eric is much louder and more frontal in this version.

  36. rocketcab

    .... gave it a "thumbs-up" but....this one lacks the raw energy of their original version....

  37. Stöpsel der Große



    no entiendo un carajo lo que cantan

    bru Vaz

    Va aprender ingles!

  39. beps1974

    Hail from Russia, my brothers! We are true human, not politicals

    Nauro Medalla

    beps1974 from a battle ive come


    beps1974 To a battle i ride!


    Just because politics are more mainstream than ever and sadly all over the place (and had many *really* bad apples recently especially in video games), that *does not* mean that people who talk about politics (like the channel Jreg) and politicians are only to be shunned. Politics are very complex and diverse, and so even a harmless good message can be a political message in the end, just because you see politics in it doesn't make it bad, be adult about this.

  40. random name

    This is a fucking masterpiece guys

  41. Mariusz Walkowiak

    Miażdży beret. Jedna z najlepszych. Hail

  42. giorgos ntomaris

    Ιούνιος 2019 ετοιμαστείτε

  43. perpetuummobile

    I remember singing this song without knowing the lyrics, making them up according to what I thought I heard back in the day when internet didnt exist!!!

    Dobri Stalev

    hahaha made me laugh... did the same as a kid

  44. Commander 711

    Set the flags and fight for the right !

  45. Сергей Беляков

    Супер вещь,!!!!!!

  46. samir zadar

    7.Assholes don't like MANOWAR.Hail and Kill-Fuck The World.

  47. G Manowar

    Hail from (hell)as!!!!!

  48. Isitnot Writtenthat

    Properly epic

  49. freeman guess


  50. Odinfang

    True power in song.

  51. Nick Dellon

    Heil from Greece

    Ramngaii khiangte

    Nick Dellon hail from my hreat




    Its HAIL, not Heil

  52. Алексей Арбаев

    За 24 года что я слушаю MANOWAR ни разу не пожалел о выборе группы и их стиля🤘🤘🤘🤘

    Grzegorz Łuczyński

    Nie wiem coś tam kurwa popisał, ale myślę, żeś prawy typ :)

  53. Music Bobo


  54. Music Bobo

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!

  55. YxRevanxY

    hey thx for the subtitles :D well done. 647 views? this should have 647k views.

    Thor Odinson

    38k on this video. Working up to 647k!

    OMGitzYT micro

    Nah not 647k but 674m , this is fking great

  56. Mai Đào

    21 năm nghe mà không chán.cảm giác vẫn như ngày nào.những chiến binh manowar ...

    Ngoc Bao

    Gần 40 năm vẫn là những chiến binh