Manowar - Army Of The Dead, Part I Lyrics

Raise thy weapons on this day
Ye shall not die alone

Fight and die let Valkyries fly
For they shall take thee home

I promise thee that on this night
Ye shall be by my side

Asgard's halls await with heroes
Brothers that have died

For thee we wait at Asgard's gates
Come join us by our side

Valhalla waits so choose thy fate
For all of us must die!

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Manowar Army Of The Dead, Part I Comments
  1. L'Ami Kal

    I just discovered this song, and now I know this is the one I want to be blasted through massive speakers at my funerals. Dang, that song make me feels like nothing is impossible for me. It remember me that, being a man is not as "toxic" as today's society want us to believe. By listening to this, I'm proud to be a men. We are in some dark times, and men must find the wrath to fight back.


    Amen brother!

    Groniz Herz

    what's toxic about masculinity nowadays is the lack of it - why do you think men act so poorly and "toxically"? they lack leading father figures or men rolemodels.

  2. 420smoker89

    Wheres my battle axe the call to arms been made

  3. Jayce Wraley

    Why is this band so amazing.

  4. Nether Noah

    This song is so uplifting! Especially after I just had to give up a hopeless crush on a girl!