Manilow, Barry - Some Kind Of Friend Lyrics

I saw you at the Beechwood Cafe
You looked at me and then you looked away
That was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be
You said you had places you had to be
Now who is gonna be there for me

That was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be
Lady that was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be
Baby that was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be

They say that women like you can't get enough
Got our Maserati built for two
They say that women like you like to play
With love
Is that true?
When I ran into you the other day
You smiled at me but you had nothing to say
That was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be
Tell me why'd you do what you did to me
Covered up in your life so I couldn't see

Now that was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be
Lady that was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be
Baby that was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be

I never should have let you get to me
Never should have let you bring me down
Didn't know that I was just some fantasy
That you found.

Some kind
Some kind of friend
Some kind
Some kind
Some kind of friend
Some kind
Some kind
Some kind of friend
Some kind
Some kind
Some kind of friend
Some kind
Lady that was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be
Baby that was some kind
Some kind of friend you turned out to be
Some kind of friend

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Manilow, Barry Some Kind Of Friend Comments
  1. Woonkyun Lee

    코파카바나 그리고 123...
    서울 중구 다동 ^^아는 사람은 알겠지
    그닥 히트한 곡도 아닌데 왜레게 자주 DJ들이 틀어줬는지...
    이노랄 들으면 그때가 생각나네

  2. Jenese Dian

    Yummy!!! I agree with Jennifer!!!

  3. sharon beech

    Love this song Wow what a gorgeous photo

  4. Bengie Adams

    One of Barry Manilow 's underappreciated hits.

  5. Maria L. Rapaglia

    Not one of his best songs but a catchy jingle anyway!

  6. Gord 101

    Getting deleted off Facebook...thanks Lisa
    ....some kinda friend you turned out to be

    Gord 101

    She covered up her life ( profile ) so i couldn't see

    Gord 101

    She probably will never see this...she has a tin ear...i love this song

  7. Steakkie

    Love this song!

  8. Cheryl Hannon

    Great song and the picture's gorgeous. I love his original face and no matter what his is sexy with a bod that just doesn't quit.

  9. N P

    Dam Barry getting all tough and shit

  10. Wheels Speeder

    See Vinyl Record of this song -

  11. the king

    I have been a Barry manilow fan since I heard Mandy. I use to buy all of his records and singles. Still do when a new CD comes out. 👍

  12. alex arolas garcia

    Esta buena canción la compuso BARRY MANILOW y la canto y la publico en el año 1982

  13. Kayla Brooks

    This was one of my favorite songs from Barry. Saw him not to long. He sounds amazing but all plastic. Still love you. ❤❤

  14. BellaWolfBane

    One of my many favorite songs by Barry. Can't wait to see him in concert finally!!

  15. Amanda Helton

    I have been a fan of Barry's for over 40 years !!!!!!! and more power to him for marrying his partner too !!! Kudos Barry !!! LOVE Ya !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tammy C

    One of my Most Faves by Barry Manilow...Just Love it !

  17. RainLilly C

    lol I had no idea he was the one who sang this but I heard it at physical therapy today and I'm hooked. love this song

    Ange Ange

    He not only is the singer of this hit song..... HE IS THE WRITER OF IT!!!!!! 🎵🎼🎶🎸🎤🎹📯💙💙💙💙💙💙

  18. Rebecca Lively

    this is such a sexy pic of him wow!

  19. Wolfsky9

    This one, & " You're Looking Hot Tonight", were true-blue club favorites in the early 80's. And, Barry's sexual orientation was not an issue : I mean, who cared????? awesome song! ----------Wolfsky9

  20. rika

    写真ありがとうございます。Thanks the photo ♡♡♡

  21. Sabre PlayZ

    this song is awesome love Barry

  22. Hard Workrr12

    Sound City brought me here

  23. Doobie1975

    I'm surprised this song went Top 5 on the AC charts, I've thought it sounded too upbeat and poppish for it to be a high charting AC hit.


    Back then, AC was mostly an artist-based format.  They'd spin anything by an established AC singer like Manilow even if it was a dance or rock song, but AC stations were hesitant about playing new wave music. A somewhat mellow song like Our House didn't even make the AC chart.

    Ange Ange

    THIS SONG IS ULTRA-SENSATIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎵🎼🎶🎸🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷💙💙💙💙💙

  24. Doobie1975

    I was never a big Barry Manilow fan but have always liked this song a lot, it should've been given the same recognition and chart status as his biggest hits

  25. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Feb 26, 1983 ..reached #26 One more hit reached #18 called Read "Em and Weep. Never again.

  26. SIGMAMAN69

    This was definitely different from what you usually got from Manilow, nice track!

  27. Boston Brand

    Phllyis Lopez Flick Muscara. yeah.

  28. evilsquirrel13

    The keyboard riff for this song used to bump the St. Louis Saturday morning kids game show D.B.'s Delight to commercial breaks back in the 80's... the only reason I even remembered this song existed.

  29. Sandra Montgomery

    OMG... he's so hot.  Why are the best men all gay?!?!?  It's a crying shame.

    Jon Burrows

    Is Barry really gay? There have been rumors about it but never really 100% confirmed.


    Sir, Barry married his long time partner in 2014. ------------Wolfsky9

    Susan Graham

    I think he's Bi he was married to a chick for 2 years in the 1960s that's all I know

    Gord 101

    Im not gay and im a great guy


    Susan Graham must have been like Elton John

    they started off right but they didn't like it so they changed and are satisfied with their ways

  30. Cybrludite

    Distilled essence of early '80s pop.

  31. coco99

    Barry sang this at Blenheim in 1983 and he looked gorgeous and the music to this was awsome

  32. berwyn58

    "Read 'em and weep"was #18 a few months later - that was his last top 40 hit.  He actually did a piece of this in Chicago last week!!  I couldn't believe it!!

  33. Astrosjer

    Some one correct me if I am wrong but I think this was Barry's last ever top 20 hit. Very good 80's song that he hasn't done live in ages!


    +Astrosjer No, Read 'Em and Weep was his last top 20 hit (early '84).

    Colin Sanders

    actually, he had one last hit reach #18 called Read "Em and Weep. Never again.

  34. MrJacobrabbit

    Its great tune off 2 different cds I wanna do it with you and on raphsody strange enuff on greatest hits vol 1 lost song on that cd considering it was released during that yr hmm

  35. lonehorseman09

    im not a fan of manilow but always liked this song. sounds even better in 14 than it did in 83. should of gone higher than 26. ill see if it is on karaoke.

  36. Shawna McEachern

    That's my all time favorite pic of Barry!

  37. Jai Singh

    Never needed you in my life

  38. MelissaB1976

    This is a lovely picture. He should have left his face well alone. I've got this song on a concert video.

  39. kenpalmer1965

    This song and "Read "Em and Weep" are two rare and hard songs that are hard to find. They either never or rarely play these two on the radio. This song came out in 1983 right before I graduated from high school. I thought I would never find this song anywhere! Thanks a million for uploading it here on youtube!

  40. 阿部克洋

    LA SCARAとか知ってる人いるかなあ~?

  41. 高津幸三

    典型的な80sのpop ソングで、あの頃はいい曲が数多く、洋楽を語るような会話もクラスメートとしたものです。

  42. Jennifer Griffithe

    Great song, great voice and ooo la la, what a photo of Barry Manilow.

    Jennifer Griffithe

    Tim, I LOVE you.


    +Jennifer Griffithe Tim I'm jealous of you-(joke) Don,t care for Barry as a a rule but I really like this and Read em and weep.

  43. Morrisman Smith

    Love this song

  44. Mark Chapman

    watch Robert Tepper singing No Easy way out on Solid Gold

  45. greg lemond




  46. 1968Taquito

    Looooooveeeee it!!!!!!!!!!

  47. sean travis

    reminds me of a girl i used to know but oh well we learn from our mistakes and move on because those kind of women always regret it one day and its too late. thanks Barry Manilow

  48. Jamie Moll

    I Was Like 5 In 88' When I Heard This! It's The Only Song I Liked By Him!

  49. Amy Annunziata

    I love this song so much!!! One of the best songs he made! :D

  50. MrJustice999

    This says a lot about you. You are wet.

    Francis Perlmutter

    Wet, squishy, moaning and writhing... and the rest of us girls in the typing pool just wish you'd go ahead and drop dead. I've gone through half a bottle of CorrectoType today just because of you.

  51. Presley Bowen

    I know I'm only 18 years old, but I grew up listening to Barry Manilow thanks to my grandparents - This song is absolutely AMAZING!!

  52. Rupert Dickinson

    I'm definitely humming this rather bitterly right now. Gave him nothing but help, got so little in return.

  53. AudioLion

    This song plays on the "Rite Aid Radio" at Rite Aid. And I look forward to it playing every day. It's not on often, so i wrote down the lyrics, so that I could look it up when I got home!

  54. Mumsieish

    @Mumsieish truthfully i am so better off without both of them. I have no doubt that they will both pay a higher price for what they did as I am good and from what I hear neither of them are! Karma I believe it is called!

  55. Mumsieish

    hm some kind of friend indeed! spent years supporting her in "recovery" from drugs self harming etc etc when my albeit rubbish marriage finally hit the rocks and I left on her advice she gave me a place to stay and then hit on my useless abusive controlling husband. I wouldn't mind so much if she had given back my wedding, engagement and eternity ring she made me chuck but kept just in case! that would've fed my kids for several years! u all know the joke my husband ran off with my best friend!!

  56. Dave Wollenberg

    Barry hit #26 in Billboard, 4-30-83. God bless ya, for postin' it. Thanx! Shalom, Barry! Have a great week!

  57. Joni Taddeo

    You don't always hear a funky, upbeat Manilow it! Thanks for posting this!

  58. kornfanatic2008

    I remember listining to this in the Car with my Mom. Good Stuff! ^-^

  59. Norangelis

    WOW. I have been searching for hours. CANNOT find the instrumental version.

  60. kornfanatic2008

    This was always my Fav Manilow Song!

  61. Helen Kukula

    I'm not a fan of Barry Manilow...this is his best...I even had it on a single.

  62. rocknrollroy2007

    This is one of Barry Manilow's best songs. I have always liked this one.

  63. Dave Wollenberg

    HIt #4 AC, #26 pop in Billboard. God bless!

  64. MsLaurenElyse


  65. apophisdd