Manic Street Preachers - The Masses Against The Classes Lyrics

"The primary role of the government is to protect property from the majority and so it remains"


Hello it's us again
We're still so in love with you
And yes we mean it too
Yes we're so in love with you

Hello it's us again
You thought you were our friends
Success is an ugly word
Especially in your tiny world

The masses against the classes
We're tired of giving a reason
When the future is what we believe in
We love the winter, it brings us closer together

So can you hurt us anymore
Can you feel like it was before
Or are you lost forever more, messed up and dead on alcohol

Hello and fond farewell my dear
I hope you hear this nice and clear
Our love is unconditional
Our hate is yours to feed upon

The masses against the classes
We're tired of giving a reason
When the future is what we believe in
We love the winter, it brings us closer together

The masses against the classes
We're tired of giving a reason
When we're the only thing left to believe in
We love the winter, it brings us closer together

A slave begins by demanding justice and ends by wanting to wear a crown

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Manic Street Preachers The Masses Against The Classes Comments
  1. don't want a name

    Great tune. I'm a manics fan and we are in the most critical general election against the Tories that I can think of. Where are you manics? #labour ❤️🌹

    Random Scottish Bloke

    Christmas Number 1!

    Random Scottish Bloke

    The media don't care. I'm sure the lads are for Corbyn.

  2. Random Scottish Bloke

    This should be this year's Christmas Number 1!

  3. Antonis Papadopoulos

    This song was No1 in 2000 and they had so many better songs that this.

  4. simon larner

    surprising to see David Mitchell on drums though...

  5. Michael Service

    First time I heard chomsky x

  6. Angela McCoy

    Thank you * Manics*
    IMO: This one kicks you in the gut.I love it!
    Sean Moore! Sir, You are underated as FÖöK! Cheers

  7. iAMChrisCC

    Seems appropriate today of all days..

  8. Daniel Factor


  9. Pixiesforever7

    Amazing that this split Westlife and Britney Spears as the UK number 1 single

  10. Stay Beautiful

    James Dean Bradfield is fucking beautiful! And Sean Moore's drumplay is friggin' awesome

  11. Jacqs T

    Fucking wow!

  12. Sleepflower in UK


  13. Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal


  14. Zen Juddhism


  15. Wynn phillips

    1.23 - When the Mandy kicks in ;)

  16. Dave G

    Another top tune from the boys, I remember when it was released, I got my mum to get my copy while I was at college. When I got it home it was played over and over again and again. First Number One single of the new Century. Plus a Stomper of a Rock n Roll track, all the right boxes ticked.

  17. 薔薇薫麻美

    best band ever!love you Manics!

  18. RicheyClear

    Jeremy Corbyn.

    Daniel Factor

    RicheyClear Jezza ☺☺☺😃😃😃

  19. RicheyClear

    Oh, Nicky!

  20. darklybright

    dat green eyeshadow

  21. John Heap

    this reminds me of the manic street preachers

    Matthew Smith

    See what you did there

  22. Jay Wetton

    yeah the refrigerators what we believe in!

  23. domenic fieldhouse

    They are left wing trust me im related to them, they have met castro ffs

    Anthony Brown

    All the best bands are left wing.


    You are related to a band? You’re a medical marvel.


    Or his mum is a slag.

    Stephen Reynolds

    @z00ts00t77 I am in a state of shock 😯 ....🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Scott Tancock

    youre related to them? all of them?!?! that one fucked up family

  24. Paul Smith

  25. ima tigerrr

    Manics quality music, with important messages that are relevant to world even more than ever today, especially UK, US, Greece, Spain, Portugal and all countries where the masses are being decided and manipulated by Austerity ideology neo-liberal/fascist nations….

  26. Linnunrata GU

    Now this song has become so meaningful than ever considering recent events in my country....#direngeziparkı..#direnankara..

  27. TartanSpartan01

    one of the most deserving top comments in a while lol.

  28. el buen perro

    Nicky's Awesome!

  29. Andy Gotting

    He should play for Chelsea!

  30. carolinehunterrock

    But there,in finland's news...

  31. Michael Mitchell

    1) Nobody cares when you were born 2) No they don't, they're on a break

  32. carolinehunterrock

    God! Manic St. Preachers are the best! I love that! I am crying now, because I was born in 1998, and the Manic Street Preachers intend to stop! (Like this,if you don't want that)

  33. Jenna Mallow

    :)This song is fucking awesome,and they are cool!!!

  34. Stu Cottam

    Hell yes, damn fuckin right!!

  35. John Blake

    Sean is the best alternative rock drummer to come from the 90's, hands down. These guys are fucking brilliant.

  36. Michael Lanigan

    @rax816 Serious? That's the best you could up with? And you call yourself a Manics fan? Go read a book.

  37. Raxta Emu

    Bieber would dislike this if he saw this!

  38. Dabba Jabell

    Glad to be the 100th like! I love the scream during the intro.

  39. Squishy the Shark

    @MrLee192Gversion Thats more Richeys stance though isn't it?

  40. L192

    @guyboxerdog I dunno, some of the lyrics from Holy Bible are more to the "right" side of politics.

  41. TheGER1982

    What a night that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  42. Squishy the Shark

    @AmyMuffin No we don't. I am a Socialist and the Manics are viewed as very talented musicians but their politics are so bourgois. Whatever the subject, they take the left. They are fine for the back of someones pencil case but they have too much posture

  43. mentalackack

    Fucking Vevo shit.

  44. Amy

    We need the Manics now more than ever.

    Random Scottish Bloke

    No, now!