Manic Street Preachers - Rewind The Film Lyrics

Rewind the film again
I'd love to see my joy, my friends
Rewind the film again
So I can fall asleep content

Rewind the film once more
Turn back the pages of my post
Rewind the film once more
I want the world to see it all

I want to feel small
Lying in my mother's arms
Playing my old records
Hoping that they never stop

There's too much heartbreak
In the nothing of the now
I want to see it all
Never want to let it go

Rewind the film once more
Turn back the pages of my post
Rewind the film once more
I want the world to see it all

Let me hide under the sheets
And celebrate the boredom
Let me hide under the sheets
With my brave old one

Rewind the film again
I'd love to see my joy, my friends
Rewind the film again
So I can fall asleep content

Rewind the film once more
Turn back the pages of my post
Rewind the film once more
I want the world to see it all

I want to feel small
Holding on my father's hands
Playing all the records
Praying that they'll never stop

There is too much heartbreak
In the nothing of the now
I want to see it all
Never going to let you down

Rewind the film once more
Turn back the pages of my post
Rewind the film once more
I want the world to see it all

I want the world to see all the love
And security, my childhood dreams
But now I am just broken flesh
And I am waiting for the night to come

So rewind the film again
I'd love to see my joy, my friends
Yes, rewind the film again
So I can fall asleep content

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Manic Street Preachers Rewind The Film Comments
  1. simonanthony81

    beautiful. I'm a manics fan. My first ever gig was in 97 at Aston Villa Leisure Centre. Still the best night of music I've ever had.

  2. JRK Channel

    Great tune! Made me follow the film in rewind (and listen to Howley)

  3. Paul John

    This song is very moving, makes  you feel so sad, as does Anthem for a lost cause. I grew up at the head of the Valleys. I moved on jumping ship and emigrating to the States back in 1991 at 32. I was lucky I got out, but am proud to be a valley boy and Welsh. The MSP never leave me forget where I am from. Wales, and being Welsh made me the person I am!

  4. Christian Celtic Warrior

    Hauntingly Beautiful

  5. The random show thing

    This video makes me want to live and die at the same time

  6. Gerrie

    If you shouldn’t know better you bet it was Johnny Cash singing. Besides that, praise the manics

  7. matt stamino

    Absolute masterpiece!

  8. RicheyClear


  9. Angela Chen


  10. Chameleon Chris

    magnificent welsh beauty.

  11. Chameleon Chris

    Flawless 10/10.

  12. Chameleon Chris

    I absolutely LOVE this track.

  13. Chameleon Chris

    magnificent welsh beauty.

  14. Himanshu Gupta

    Something is very calming about this video and music!

  15. Ludovico Street

    The song came out the week my grandfather died. It debated me then. Really did. I still don't know how i feel about that. by christ... what a song.

  16. Alessandro Landi

    Masterpiece and great video

  17. Syco Fire

    I can hear Lou Reed in this project

  18. Stay Beautiful

    This beautiful song puts me in a melancholic mood. It feels like i've been in Wales even if i haven't been there before.

  19. Skaterbun

    For anyone who feels nostalgic about the life they once knew but now no more

  20. Ian Edwards

    The first time I watched this video I cried like a baby. Richard Hawley's vocals and the lyrics and imagery are just so powerful.

  21. The Almighty Boon

    Such a simple video concept yet it's compelling. It brings such emotion and is definitely a different style to MSP that all should see. Truly magical - btw I'm 18 and yes Manic's are my favourite band of all time

  22. kiefer sutherland

    marilyn monroe in south wales!!! (look carefully)

  23. Jonathan Leech

    Thanks Manics and Richard Hawley - Richard Hawley is from Sheffield and as you probably all know we have a common experience re the pits - south yorks  wise.  God bless you all you lovely welsh folks

  24. Isy the weeb

    James Dean Bradfield at 5:32 - Triumphant and Defiant.

  25. Kris Charlton

    I wish I could turn this up louder, it's a fucking masterpiece. pain and joy. the essence of life.

  26. Slubber DeGullion

    David axlerod sample

    Penny Andrews

    Consequently Saying Album. :)

  27. Leonel Velázquez

    MSP + Richard Hawley ¡Qué pinche genial!

    Penny Andrews

    I'm his he's me you know wish I had his wisdom. :) Two Cobra's huh?

  28. Manic Street Preacher

    This is simply beautiful. James' part gives me goosebumps everytime

  29. RageStarable

    394.766 views.Shame.

  30. Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd

    Will the Welsh language, our families language, ever return to these beautiful valleys?

    Terry Beardmore

    Wasn't the recent survey the first time that number of Welsh speakers had gone down since they started teaching it?

    It's a language that needs preserving, especially now the monoglots have gone.

  31. just Me

    love and miss my dad too, first father's day without him , I know I'm lucky compared to others. 47 years of him, but it hurts like fuckin hell, and my mum died one month later life ve and miss her too , so anyone felling pain now you are in my thoughts, and I fuckin love the manic's too x

    just Me

    paul m thanks SO MUCH for your reply

    just Me

    NYC NY I do hope so

    just Me

    Thanks max, enjoy every moment, even with bad times and argument's, try not to bear grudges, and forgive if you can, we all make a balls up from time to time, I have, my parents did, but the love lives on .....I'm getting all spiritual #manicstreetpreaching 😂

    just Me

    Max ANDREWS bless you mate

    paul m

    You are VERY WELCOME mate.
    Once again all the best to you.

  32. Mengjun Luo

    well this is my gateway to the manics:)

  33. lena fan

    Wales is a very grim looking place

    L B

    +lena fan It's beautiful

    Patrick Holt

    +lena fan The locations used were chosen to express that. The song is about despair and loss (implicit in taking comfort in nostalgia) of a part of the country ravaged by forty years of policy by and for Tory south east England. It's a recurring theme in their work. I'm hoping for a return to hope and righteous anger in their music, what with the way the political tide is turning across Europe and America right now.

    Sara Chatting

    lena fan wales is beautiful x

  34. Peter Bradley

    This video is an absolute stunner. From the panoramic landscapes to the detail of fingers gripping the bridge. It captures totally the sentiment of MSP's song. Goosebumps every time I see and watch. Oh, and not forgetting Richard's perfect inclusion into this song. Couldn't have been anyone else. My faith in today's music still burns very strong.

  35. Michael Burke

    This came out about 2/3 months after my Dad died. Not going to lie, fairly difficult to listen to this song without thinking about him. But then again that's the power of music isn't it? Nicky Wire wasn't thinking about his Dad when he wrote it, but all I can think about is my Dad and when I was a child with him when I listen to it.


    My Dad died a couple of years ago, but when I first saw this, there was something about it that reminded me of him. He seemed so much like those folk - in his late 60s, a retired working-class man. Now, after he has passed, the song has so much more resonance for me and it can be hard for me listen to it.


    Take care... Bye from Belgium.

    William Bevill

    Sorry about this man. Wonderful song. Hope you remember him well and celebrate him.


    Well sometimes The Wire replaces God so That’s why he didn’t forget about your dad, my mate.

  36. Danny Muirhead

    pontypridd is where the video is filmed!!

  37. Danny Muirhead

    the social club is on Coedcae Rd. ive just been on google maps then on to street view. awesome!!

    Andres Skliarevsky

    Thank you! It's great that one can "travel" to the filming locations... also, never imagined it was so beautiful there!

  38. Vojin Maslac

    Acustic geniousity, emotions flowing through the music... Brilliant

  39. Merciful Zeus!

    Also finally worked out where the shot is at 5:20 - it's Treorchy viewed from the A4107. The hairpin in the foreground is the A4061 Bwlch-y-Clawdd Road.

    Danny Muirhead

    is the video not set in Blackwood?

  40. Merciful Zeus!

    3:58 Only just noticed that Trehafod is spelt incorrectly on the dot matrix display on the front of the bingo caller's box.

  41. Wendy Hewett

    love this track his voice is haunting!

  42. dimazh zamzam

    esia ,one of the most sentimental songs , I felt a desire of being lonely in this song

  43. JordsWales 96

    The view over the mountain with the wind turbines is the rhigos mountain, behind my house :)

  44. Ahmet Faruk Efe

    This song is so peaceful dam british people know how to music

    Stonepost Institute

    @Ahmet Faruk Efe For the record - the music of this is from 'A Little Girl Lost' by David Axelrod.

    Before I come across as a jerk, let me be clear: I love the Manic Street Preachers and this is a glorious recording. But is it any wonder that THIS song is not on the album of the same name?

    I will agree with you that British people make great music.

    David Reising

    +Stonepost Institute It is on the copy I have


    +Ahmet Faruk Efe .

    Welsh music* ;)

  45. chris park

    bee jeesus this is  damn nice ,, great too whistle too  ,  wot a great combo ,,....  

  46. LoLzZ85

    I thought the old bloke in the video was on vocals at first ... But this is a master class by the Manics, great orchestration

  47. Sai kun

    The whole song is great, but the beginning is truly impressive. 

  48. Paul Johnson

    Absolutely superb record.

  49. Mac9music

    There my couisns

  50. John Seajohn

    best track of the album!!!!!!!!!

  51. Victoria Cartwright

    Love the smoothness of Richards voice and the rawness of James voice..perfect..I love it..

    Victoria Cartwright

    I agree..saw JDB perform this a few weeks ago..was great but Richard makes it beautiful..

    Kris Charlton

    did they play any songs from the upcoming 'futurology' when you saw them?

    Victoria Cartwright

    Yeah a couple..roll on July 7th..

    Jade Duric

    @Kris Charlton Richard Hawley is the bass player in Pulp, if memory serves.

    Kris Charlton

    @Jade Duric
    cheers jade. pulp are really good too.

  52. Chris Pagett

    Still sound's as beautiful as the first time I heard it last year :) Magical in every way. Manic street preachers= the best band to still be going today.

    Stay Beautiful

    You're so right.

    Chris Pagett

    Hey it's Cerian nice photo! you have great taste in music!

    Cerian J

    Chris Pagett Thank you! I hadn't heard of this song until a few weeks ago but I was raised with the Manics' music. Such an amazing band! 👌


    Are you from Wales Hey its cerian? how old are you if I may be so bold lol just nosey 😉 I love the manics too. you love us introduced me to this fine band. this song is simply...... sublime..

    Cerian J

    jameyinegyptsland Yeah, I'm from the Rhymney Valleys. And I'm 16, 17 at the end of this year. I'm thankful my dad used to play their music; I wouldn't have heard of them otherwise.

  53. Chris Pagett

    0:23 , how high is the coat hook?!

  54. jack mcgregor

    What a beautiful, evocative film and piece of music from The MSP. It speaks of the bonds that unite us all and create communities. Communities that have systematically been dismantled and destroyed by successive English governments,

    Jonathan Leech

    Agree but there are communities in South Yorks who have been destroyed by an 'english' (read south east southern cunt) government


    governments don't destroy community people do, it's called divide and conquer. you get policemen from yorkshire to bully mine workers from wales, and policemen from wales to bully mine workers from yorkshire. get the picture ? now, you've got the same thing with fracking. when are we going to learn, to stop fighting each other, and refuse. to fight each other ? it's their parents today, but it's your parents tomorrow, and because you didn't stick together YOU destroyed your community

  55. Michael Day

    Richard Hawley - you are the MAN

  56. drc123691

    When James voice kicks in I close my eyes and remember bittetsweet that I was born and raised Welsh. I fuckin love this song/video


    lol this is my comment from 3 years ago with a different youtube account, its the first time since then i could bring myself to watch it again, makes me cry every time thinking of my parents


    I'm not in the least Welsh, but I can tell that if I were, the song would be even more powerful than I already find it to be.

  57. SontaJohn

    Pure magic!

  58. jameyinegyptsland

    Still beautiful, staybeautiful.

  59. Colin Littlewood

    Dear Merciful Zeus. In fact i own a copy of Coles Corner. I got it in a charity shop. To be honest that's where it should have stayed. Quite boring. The kind of music your old aunt might play.Sounding like the younger brother of Elvis on a bad night. Sorry but why the hell this guy and the manic street preachers are together on the same track beats me.

    Matt O'Neill

    I quite like Richard Hawley Colin, some people like that Bieber fella and that Gaga fella... live and let live eh? :)

    Merciful Zeus!

    @***** Depends if you've seen it naked or not.

  60. Colin Littlewood

    Absolutley TERRIBLE. terrible song terrible singing. What happened to this band ??

    Merciful Zeus!

    You've obviously never heard a single other tune by Richard Hawley - anyone with a fraction of a soul will find Lady's Bridge or Coles Corner a soaring masterpiece.

  61. SquiralNutkins

    I love Richard Hawley - amazing voice

  62. Manuel G

    Cada vez que la escucho no puedo evitar que corra una lágrima por mis mejillas.

  63. Nedeljko Djukic

    6:08 - Arsenal team?

    JordsWales 96

    Trehafod RFC not Arsenal sorry butty

    Nedeljko Djukic

    @Jordan Isaac Ahh, ok. The kits and socks look a lot like those Chapman introduced in Arsenal, so I wondered... Thanx! Great song, btw!

    JordsWales 96

    No worries mate, glad I could help, they do look very similar haha.. Just arsenal isn't in Wales :)

  64. Lynnie Heal


  65. Mr. Bugs

    @Richard Hawley you are the best!

  66. healysgod

    adverts are the ruin of this site. damn you adverts!

    Merciful Zeus!

    Didn't see any adverts - get AdBlock and all your troubles will be gone!

  67. Santiago Castañeda

    Their best since "The Holy Bible"

  68. chrysa6

    Haunting! And quite Nick Cave-y I'd say..

  69. catcaptain


  70. David Hargreaves

    your comment re socialism oh dear if only you were so enlightened surely capitalism has stolen your heart get real the song words and the film are about just some of the harm the torys and capitalism have done again to lives and whole communities listen to the words and view the film if you have lived through the despair of thatcher major now this lot you will understand until then you remain so ignorant rewind the film and learn from what i say there are none so blind that wont see so try reading the words and in between the words till the morning comes and  the world wakes up  this will be joy my friend 

  71. Nick Curry

    45 people are conservatives!

    just Me

    Nick Curry 😂


    It could have nothing to do with politics you know. I call myself a conservative libertarian, and I don't have a problem with a majority of the Manics' lyrics.


    "lower than vermin" (Nye Bevan)- but in fact no animals are vermin, only the likes of the Tories


    Unfortunately, it's more than that.

  72. plmnw

    I can't believe my eyes, but a voice of reason in the comments on youtube? This doesn't happen often...
    Also I can't fucking understand people who get all this political nonsense from a simple, charming, beautiful, touching song. I mean if I were a songwriter and heard some asshat fan rant about political ideologies taken from my song, I would flip tables all day long and smack him in the face. Seriously, what the fuck. Socialism? This song doesn't even brush anything related to it.

  73. marcello orom


  74. Vicente Parra García

    one of the best Uk bands ever, stupidly underrated by the...mmm, society.

  75. paperplanes1989

    Yawwwwn. Universal misery more like.

  76. ASTMA193

    Very moving :)

  77. A.Emre Demirbağ

    from which part of the song did you get that feeling?capitalism and socialism are two challengers in the championship of evilness,dont worry.they are both against absolute freedom

  78. Kieran Dacey

    love it, was nice being able to work in Chapter where I met the singer and had a great chat. Such a nice guy!

  79. Joey Levenson

    Great song. Fan since GT

  80. James Heath

    The way it segues from Richard Hawley to J.D.B via the guitar.... fucking amazing!

  81. Hani

    Absolutely amazing album. Flawlessly crafted, brilliant songs, amazing arrangements, so much depth. It almost seems like they're just getting better and better. I've heard lots of people say "the Manics are shit, their only good album is The Holy Bible" opinion which I'm 100% certain they hold only because it's what they've heard (...or read in the NME). Because it sure as hell isn't the opinion of someone who's given all their albums a fair chance.

  82. twobyfour

    Brilliant. But when I saw that picture of Marilyn I thought of Richey.

  83. MrShtiv

    What a fantastic song. Heart wrenching and catchy; a rare combination. What a fucking band.

  84. samkara345

    Echoes of PJ Harvey's recent work (especially Seamus Murphy's 12 videos for Let England Shake).

  85. SinatraDoctrine

    It is a really BIG and touching song. Video is awesome too. Rare things today. Thanks Manics & Hawley.

  86. SarahLady

    I love Richard Hawley but the second JDB starts singing? Instant goosebumps. Beautiful song.

  87. stew southward

    Im not Welsh ..but can sympathise ,love the manics

  88. aa PJ

    Everytime Manic Street Preachers composed a song , A Masterpiece is made ...
    I could cry hearing this song because it's so perfect

  89. Leon Green

    Whoever said I reminds them of Jonny Cash is spot on, my first thought too. Beautiful song.:)

  90. PuckaMucka

    Ahhhh I get it now, I watched our lads the Manics at Newport Centre on Friday the 13th (spooky eh) and Richard Hawley came down and put in a shift let me tell you for 'Rewind The Film' - fair play lad, well played. As I said earlier, I get it now, the song has so much culture to it Boy George would be proud of it :op

    Keep it up lads, and by the way you rocked the Newport Centre!

  91. kecupkecupkecup

    It was like a kick ... I'm happy that my parents, family and friends are with me and surround me. I'm now somewhere in the middle of the film (maybe :)) ... but I know that in some point I'll ask for rewinding. One can only hope that will not be waiting for the night alone.

  92. James Stewart

    One day I hope James Dean Bradfield does a Bond song. Best British male vocalist by a long way.

  93. robert l

    dont think you are missing the point at all. pretty spot on tessa

  94. Dr Sagga


  95. M.Rustom

    Manic Street Preachers is an icon of rock music and Whenever they release a song it's gonna be on the top of my favorite songs !!!!!!

  96. tessabessa13

    Maybe im missing the point but all i know is that things were way better twenty years ago

  97. tessabessa13

    It is true that young people cant really afford to socialize like we used to though, theres no jobs around, twenty years ago all the pubs/clubs were full at the weekend in my town and everyone knew eachother, nowadays your lucky if you bump into a dozen people, yet the street is full of skint youngsters at night in there little groups