Manic Street Preachers - New Art Riot Lyrics

Vintage aromas and vintage ideals
Old men greying to a dying country's needs
Waiting for a knighthood to while away the hours
Listen and learn now it's time to kill your betters

Museums are dead take a new art stance
Paint mass suicide on the aspiration diktat

Hospital closure kills more than car bombs ever will
But it saves money because people are expendable
You cold shoulder insurgents yet love arms dealers
Everybody's taking drugs as it makes governing easier

Museums are dead take a new art stance
Paint mass suicide on the aspiration diktat
Sell out the past and learn to obey
You spit out and douse a Molotov cocktail

Revolution soon dies sold out for a pay rise
China, Russia, England, all washed up in power abuse
Terrorism is an excuse that the ruling class use
Wipe out aristocracy now kill, kill, kill, kill, kill

England makes judgements of old school propaganda
The only threat to heads is silenced by dumb pleasure
Museums are dead take a new art stance
Paint mass suicide on the aspiration diktat

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Manic Street Preachers New Art Riot Comments
  1. Movie News

    dead snow

  2. Jay S

    Just been given this EP signed by James, Nicky and Sean for Christmas....get in there.

  3. Saluki

    To this day Sean has kept is tightness with his drum playing

  4. Dr Parnassus

    How has Bradfield's voice got *less* hoarse over the decades?

  5. Dave Rave

    DJ Newt Old and living in the past. you have become everything you hated!!!

  6. RUDI UK

    Still have this on vinyl :D

  7. Home Boy

    the last great band.

  8. manic4manics

    No Surface All Feeling was actually written with Richey, and features his guitar... and this song kicks ass :P

  9. Emmit Vert

    Woah, the lyrics of this song are an ideological bomb!

    So aggressive and ripe

  10. Sebastian Clarke

    true that, lost in the supermarket espec

  11. Nielsy

    Hospital closures kill more then car bombs ever will

  12. ludiekmagick

    re: The Holy Bible, Amen to that! Tbh I was being unnecessarily provocative. I prefer New Art Riot to anything on the first Clash album, which it most closely imitates in style, but Mick Jones in particular wrote some utterly sublime songs.

  13. Sebastian Clarke

    Its your taste I suppose, Imo they had some absolutely brilliant moments on their last three albums and I prefer almost anything on London Calling to this particular song. The Holy Bible however would get my vote for the best album ever made.

  14. ludiekmagick

    It was spelled both ways in the early days. And this pisses on anything The Clash did.

  15. Mike Gallo

    This is an incredible post punk track from The Manics, it totally was a hell of a first single to introduce themselves, perhaps this was them arguably at their most fierce.

  16. Gluemonkey

    @happyman64issocool who said this is better than design for life? i didn't, and no not every manics song has great lyrics

  17. Sebastian Clarke

    @fuckamericanidiot true but saying this is better than a design for life is stupid. Don't get me wrong I love Suicide Alley, Strip it Down and Dead Yankee Drawl, but this isn't a great song. And every manics song has good lyrics ;)

  18. Gluemonkey

    @happyman64issocool they were so young, cut them some slack, these are good lyrics too

  19. Sebastian Clarke

    @Bryanrobsonsliver , personally i think this is a little crap, and that songs like no surface all feeling are a million times better than this kinda faux clash sound. and its Richey not Richie

  20. SoulStylistJukeBox

    Haven't heard this in ages. Thanks!

  21. MrLoggster

    @fromdespair2where Thanks for posting this mate. I've loved that Manics since Gold against the Soul ☺ I managed to get a copy of this on Vinyl. Only played it once!

  22. SentinelGiga

    "Hospital closures kill more than car bombs ever will"

    To this day, it's my favourite line of theirs.

    Laurence Taylor

    "hate is art and we steal cars" wins it for me! Strip It Down.

  23. Phil M

    @Bryanrobsonsliver save it will ya.

  24. Phil M


    except it plainly isn't.

  25. LeppardPrintAnimal

    Can't believe this was nearly 20 years ago, makes me feel old!

  26. Idol2Idol

    that would be great thanks very much

  27. Idol2Idol

    can ye send it to me please?

  28. wandamolko

    this reminds me of jumping around my bedroom with my best mate thinking we were the female Nicky and Richey -17years ago!!!!!

  29. aprodigy4

    so good.

  30. AManicPreacher

    This song has some of the most truth-filled lyrics the Manics have ever written. The fact that it's spelled out so plainly just makes it more in-your-face, which I appreciate.

  31. Muzikhead993

    same for can buy it on itunes i think

  32. LEBOBSKI25


  33. 何小勇

    chinese mean 狂街傳教士 ... YA Rock on

  34. 아기가지

    Cheers for the video. Don't think this is a very good song to be honest, they had to grow up a lot even by the time of their first album by the sounds of it. The lyrics are fine but as others have said, James used to be shit at singing, and other than that it's just an average punk rock song.

  35. stuart johnson

    Don't totally agree, the two tracks you mentioned are still angry tunes lyrically, just channeled in a different style. Also I think the ' know your enemy ' album had flashes of the old style manics as well. Don't get me wrong, love this era of their music too but I wouldn't say it's better. Of course, Holy Bible will always be tops for me!

  36. TheoStenner

    can't help but love this goodness

  37. Chameleon102

    He got a voice coach, he's mentioned somewhere in Everything (the book).

    His voice really has matured, but it's worth noting that at this time he considered himself a guitarist who had to sing as there was no-one else!

  38. xManicKatx

    Mmmhmm.. because Seanus (erm..Sean) is superior!!

    lol, gotta love that adorable Sean <3

  39. didz83

    haha, yeah that wouldve been a good stunt if richey had committed self immolation and flung himself in the direction of prince philip!

    Ceremonial Rape Machine, i love that title.

  40. didz83

    what you mean before nicky was likely to try and break in and start hoovering the miles and miles of carpets?