Manic Street Preachers - 4 Lonely Roads Lyrics

4 lonely roads
The terror it had flown
Never led you home

4 lonely roads
Got sunk into my heart
Then it fell apart

Staring with an idle eye
Measuring the pain inside
Darker hell stood up on high
Then disappeared without reply

4 lonely roads
I'm trapped inside the skin
Can't let love back in

4 lonely roads
The cities drunk and mute
Lost in your pursuit
(I tell them this)

Staring with an idle eye
Measuring the pain inside
Darker hell stood up on high
Then disappeared without reply
I don't know why...

(Three …Four…)

And if we can
Then we must
Hold our heads up
Learn to trust
It's up to you
It's up to us
Some dignity
A little love
A little love

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Manic Street Preachers 4 Lonely Roads Comments
  1. Gerrie


  2. Gerrie

    What a Total vocal control. Gotta love Kate

  3. Barry Rowlings


  4. Gerrie

    Goosebumbs all around. And I am not Welsh at all...

  5. Frank Hoitz

    Diese Version ist genauso wie sie interpretiert wird genial!!! Die Studioversion ist leider schwach!

  6. Chameleon Chris

    I love manic street preachers but this is just dull and rubbish. The title track of the album is a masterpiece though.

  7. Tim Struik

    Vocal excellence.

  8. Brightsee Willow


  9. Wonky Lommiter

    Fucking awesome songwriting, and Cate le bon's amazing voice, too awesome, prefer this to the recorded versions, 2 of the very very best here!!!

  10. Kate Burgess

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice and sooo Welsh! ❤️

  11. 薔薇薫麻美

    it's so beautiful...

  12. kringles Paul

    so beautiful and so 60's ish.

  13. Connie Dellarusso

    just awesome!!!!

  14. magnifiscent7

    pure beauty.

  15. Nick Samuel

    Looks like I'm beaten to the VU/Nico comparisons.

  16. robert l

    wow what a voice....staggering

  17. anthfax

    Velvet underground!

  18. Mathew Llewellyn

    After thought ... Is this woman related to simon le Bon out of dran dran ?

  19. Mathew Llewellyn

    What an amazing voice ... 10 out of 10 :-)

  20. Michael Seymour

    that guitar is not quite in tune james !
    I'm being a trainspotter aint I .......ok , i'll piss off.


    Michael Seymour Guitar is completely in tune, as you can hear throughout all the verses. James just got his pinky finger wrongly placed in the bridge parts leading to this odd sounding strumming. He’s only human.

  21. disarmsox

    Wow, she's ace isn't she. Brilliant!

  22. Kieran Dacey


  23. james atkinson

    is she trying to be nico?

  24. Deadwood2k

    Ive always be a fan of Cate Le Bon but I didn't realise how good a singer she is until this, a beautiful track!!!!

  25. Robcatist

    what a voice!!!

  26. empian


  27. Jimmy Brown

    Stunning track

  28. Jonny Jin

    Cate's got a very different distinctive voice.. beautiful

  29. dmacaulay75

    What a stunning performance

  30. xdustscm

    i'm crying with joy.
    absolutely beautiful.

  31. Roman Lewyckyj

    Cate rules!

    Wonderful performance.