Manic Street Preachers - (It's Not War) Just The End Of Love Lyrics

To feel forgiveness, you gotta forgive
Do you see the stars or the darkness begin?
You fight your war, I fought for my life
You pay your dues and I'll pay mine

It's not war, just the end of love
Just like before but it's never enough
Oh it's never enough

You fight your war, I fight for my life
You pay your dues, and I won't pay mine
To feel forgiveness you gotta forgive
It's lost on me, I believe in revenge

It's not war, just the end of love
You've got the looks
But I've got the stars
It's not war, just the end of love
To feel some tenderness
Do you have to give up?
Do you have to give up?
Ooh do you have to give up?

It's not war, just the end of love
(just the end of...)
Just like before, but it's never enough
It's not war just the end of love
You weathered the storm but sheltered the loss
but sheltered the loss
but sheltered the loss

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Manic Street Preachers (It's Not War) Just The End Of Love Comments
  1. Alasdair MacFearnua

    Let the East meet the West. At 2:29 Thin Lizzy solo occurs.,

  2. alicia simonne

    i love it manics

  3. Ian Johnson

    I love this song

  4. James Timmins

    Never give up

  5. Granto 67

    Nicky, we all love u xx

  6. Granto 67

    Fabulous great band xx

  7. Meredith Hadaway

    Here via the Michael Sheen/Good Omens fandom, and did not disappoint on that level, but oh goodness also I need to listen to more Manics again. So good. x

  8. Dr Parnassus

    "To feel forgiveness, you gotta forgive / It's lost on me, I believe in revenge." Outstanding lyrics.

  9. Дарья Леонова

    Шин сосется класс. *Мысленно подставляю Дэвида*
    Угадайте после просмотра чего я пришла

    Vlada Kopylova

    Дарья Леонова да детка, так то! благие знамения не отпускают

  10. yana romanova

    oh michael sheen *_____*

  11. Jasi S.

    Was this really one take??


    i can't say for sure but usually "fake one takes" (idk the real name) are used in music videos or films. They hide cuts by letting something stadionary or another person cross the screen or you can cut in a quick camera slide...i suspect that there is a cut around 0:38 for example but it's still really impressive considering that a lot of it is still done in one take


    but like i said, i'm not could be one take

    Jasi S.

    Yeah you see where they made space for cuts but i'm not actually sure they used it. Will have to investigate

  12. FlashakaViolet

    I’m on a Michael sheen spree

  13. sergeant pixel

    oh my
    michael sheen so hot

  14. Μπλε Φεγγάρι

    I was third grade when this came out...memories...

  15. Lucía T. Caballero

    I guess Aziraphale got tired of being a good angel

  16. Stevie Johansen

    The gorgeous anna friel lucky chess guy

  17. Nick Pollard

    As this is just one long take, I have to wonder how many takes this took, and therefore just how long Michael and Anna had to snog each other that day.

  18. LiLi Orellana

    Great song, chess and Michael Sheen! Perfect combination!😍😍😍

  19. paula oliveira

    In love ❤

  20. Thomas Dowdall

    I absolutely love this song.

  21. Izabela Budzisz

    Hehe...😂😂😂 Its not war, just the and of LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Zainab Al-Mintfj

    My fav music ever 💕& Michael Sheen so hot 🔥💓

  23. coolbluesman

    this is like thelma and louise. It looks romantic, but everybody dies.

  24. Drahomír Polách

    William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson :D

  25. Marco Odierna

    the 10th manics album is all fantastic. but this song is much more fantastic!

  26. vitamine ASD

    HD ver. plz

  27. Will Power

    The chorus sounds very much like Let's go round again by Average White Band

  28. Patrick Holt

    Nice work if you can get it.

  29. stargate20mc

    Moto guzzi brought me here


    piece of art

  31. Nick Pollard

    That hilariously miserable stare at the camera at 1:55 will always be my favourite part of this video.


    It's because his wife won't let him get off with Anna.

  32. The Replicant

    What a tune! My new fave song

  33. Benny Raleigh

    How did THAT ever pull Kate Beckinsale?

  34. Kirsten Richards

    Is that Anna Friel?

  35. isabelayla

    Now, after a dozens of times I watched this exciting video (+ beautiful song) I realized that HE is Michael Sheen! <3 Now I understand why I found it SO sexy :)

  36. DM Tucker

    Class act. Great sound and production. The best!

  37. Stefano Pellone

    One of the most underrated bands of all times. Simply perfect in both music and lyrics. I love them since "The Holy Bible" and miss terribly Edwards but the band began something very different after his missing... something beautiful in its own way. Stay up and please, please make another album, we wait your music since Futurology!

    Nigel Sheppard

    Underrated? They are worshipped in Wales along with rugby and Tom Jones.


    Nigel Sheppard - yes that’s the problem only in wales - good band like these should be well well recognised world wide like the
    rhc pepper or something.
    It’s rather embarrassing only to be recognised in wales for these guys.

    Víctor Llaneza Vega

    EXACTLY, Stefano, EXACTLY, wise right words :)


    @Nigel Sheppard Still underrated

  38. Gyd Rknc

    James dean looks like Andy Serkis :) by the way this is my fav manics song . Theyre awesome band

  39. T Caplin

    This all gets a bit pawnographic at the end... I'll get my coat

  40. Dani

    sounds like a song from the 80's

  41. Ian Rhodes

    Playing chess with Anna Friel is just exactly how I always dreamed it would be.

  42. Andy Jagger

    Absolute classic tune !

  43. Assaf Bechar

    So who won?

  44. Glsh ay

    whooaaaa :D

  45. DraganChe Gagi

    Šah - mat <3

  46. Javier Garcia

    Absolutely great. Powerful

  47. Bispings Eye

    Very relevant today.

  48. Joshua Gideon

    after I know these video 6 year's ago, I love evergreen love this band! from Indonesia

    Muhammad Firman

    does those music promotors has any idea to bring this lovely band to our beloved Nusantara mate ? i love this band since Sekolah Dasar bro, during their Stay Beautiful days

    Joshua Gideon

    Muhammad Firman lucky you, I just knew 'em since 2010 when their realesed those single

  49. Peter Murphy

    love this very like the chessscenes in from Russia with love non mon ami

  50. The ghost of John Wick's puppy

    Still one of my favourite music videos of all time. Perhaps my favourite. Flawless in its simplicity. It's amazing how they managed to transmit a whole story in one fluid sweep of the camera.

    علي علي

    Visiting Statue

  51. Welsh Simon

    Anna Friel Mnnnnnnnn

  52. Krisztina Pósa

    Wales - Russa 3-0 :D

    Kate Burgess

    yy xx should be the Lancashire flag as that's where Anna Friel is originally from, my home county too! 😊

  53. Patrick Ryan

    classy pop rock ballad - loving all the strings - it's epic..

  54. gav omes

    off to see these next week in manchester cant wait

    Michael Seymour

    the chess players ?

  55. Edmund Humphreys

    Great song and vid. Isnt the music when they sing the song title a bit reminiscent of circle in the sand by Belinda Carlisle

  56. RicheyClear

    Sexy chess.

  57. Daniel Fuentes

    Geopolitics through love. <3.<3

  58. Rhodri Hywel Jenkin Davies

    Great being Welsh


    Hell yes :D


    Dda iawn.

    Alasdair MacFearnua

    @RicheyClear Diolch!

  59. Suzy Nails

    had been hearing this pretty often on the radio, and i loved it! ^^
    it became my gateway to Manic Street Preachers, seriously.

  60. kiefer sutherland

    the Chess Grandmasters of the music world

  61. silverfoks100

    Not the Manics usual but I love it

  62. EDDIEM0NS00N

    Michael Sheen - lucky bugger!!!

  63. Kris Charlton

    'you weathered the storm but sheltered the loss', isnt that the story of life itself.

  64. Luis Martín Pérez

    A masterpiece song by a superb band.

  65. Giancarlo Diaz Minaya



    It's not war

  66. palmer3977

    Is that the very lovely Anna Freil?


    @palmer3977 It sure is :)


    Yep....... Lucky Sheen!

  67. Juan Valencia

    I love the song but the video itself is fantastic. It looks like it was done in a single take (Or maybe it's the magic of editing). Narrative-wise it's pretty solid as well.

    Merciful Zeus!

    +Juan Valencia I think they did several takes (lucky for Michael Sheen I'm sure), but used one single take in the final edit.

  68. Marin S

    the best chess game ever! :D

  69. O'Haire

    Great Pawn Movie.

  70. Annamarie Byrne

    He should have played the bishop.

    Roger Jones

    +Annamarie Byrne I'm with you there i'd say the he'd have to.

    Dave Phillips

    But he did play the Knight (Sir David Frost).

  71. CafeWhisper

    Michael Sheen - great !

  72. Pete Dvorak

    shes gorgeous...

  73. kumppi

    My chess games never end like that :(


    +kumppi We can only dream.

    Ian Bale

    Pawn movie


    try playing Alexandra Kosteniuk

    Joshua Gideon

    And I'm really hope so

  74. ron wilson

    the great Tim Roth is on the front cover of the album 

  75. Simon Jackson

    Manics, Michael Sheen, Anna Friel - what a combination!

  76. Pedijatrija Belišće

    Melodic rock 80's come back!

  77. Robin Topping

    I'm not a video fan.....but this always makes me happy.
     Great track, backed up with a good video.... a rare combination.
    Robin Topping 23rd Aug 2014

  78. Deborah Elkington


  79. Rob Smith

    this is class

    Francoise Cañoles

    Creo que es uno de los mejores vídeos que he visto, las metáforas, los tiempos, las secuencias es todo magnífico. Un punto alto es cuando James dice "i have the scares" único.

  80. Daniela Cruz


  81. Jewel Citizen

    2:56  The Dragon rises...Cymru Am Byth

  82. syntheticmucustwin

    She's been taken by his bishop...

    moodsta man

    *still slow clapping*

  83. Staff777

    Anna Friel...Always knew she would end up

    *puts on Sunglasses*

    ...doing Pawn.....

    Nick Pollard


    moodsta man

    *Slow clap*


    Take a bow, son . . . take a bow.

    Kate Burgess


  84. Laura Wood

    Anna Friel, you lucky moo! Oh Michael, slam me on a table, baby! Ooooosssh! X


    i will ;)


    Pause at 2:57 - that's some great acting in the trouser department.

  85. kristallpalats

    Her outfit is sexy!!

  86. Odalys Salcido

    why I see this video... 10% music.. 90% Michael Sheen <3
    but I love this song <3 <3


    For me it's 60% music, 40% Anna Friel.

    Zainab Al-Mintfj

    Me too ❤️

  87. Roland Lee

    you gotta luv the manics.

  88. Den Brodie

    class.....another killer manics single

  89. Home Boy

    After everything must go I gave up caring about MSP. That said, this is a fantastic song!

  90. Vid Leskovar

    Izvoli, tukaj imaš tuj jezik :DDD

  91. Ciaran Crowther

    Not sorry

  92. Ciaran Crowther

    Well 11 people wouldn't know a good song if it hit them in the face no to mention a brilliant one.

  93. hoty

    Joking good song x

  94. hoty

    Amazan balls 3 that's all very doumy

  95. Cathal Looby

    brilliant song.

  96. Haydn Evans

    How did this song and the album NOT get number 1? A few years back this would have been thought of in the mainstream as contender for album of the year easily, especially compared to a lot of the stuff out these days

  97. commissionergordan

    Jim Fletcher at 2.27