Manic Drive - Easier Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Every single step
The further I get doesn't seem to get easier
It doesn't seem to get easier
I'm running out of breath
But You wouldn't give me strength if it's meant to get easier
If it's meant to get easier

So help me I'm asking please
There's gotta be another remedy
I'm running out of my options
I'm running out of my options so
So show me how to get
How to get

Don't expect it to get easier
Not until You make me stronger

No it doesn't get easier
So show me how to get
How to get

Don't expect it to get easier
Not until You make me stronger

[Verse 2]
Makeshift happiness
Mistaken being blessed with artificial exteriors
Fabricated with smoke and mirrors
We can never reach new heights
Without obstacles to climb
No, getting there isn't effortless
I'm gonna need a hand with this

So help me I'm asking please
There's gotta be another remedy
I'm running out of my options
I'm running out of my options so
So show me how to get
How to get

Don't expect it to get easier
Not until You make me stronger

No it doesn't get easier
So show me how to get
How to get
Don't expect it to get easier
Not until You make me stronger

I'm gonna break through even if it hurts
Don't want no medication it just makes it worse
Cause if I'm numb to the freedom
I'll never come through if I'm comfortable
No I'll never leave this room

No it doesn't get easier
No it doesn't get easier

So show me how to get
How to get
Don't expect it to get easier
Not until You make me stronger

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Manic Drive Easier Comments
  1. Tim Ellis

    Anyone hear from dude perfect like this and it comment this if you are here from dude perfect

    Tim Ellis

    I am from dude perfect

  2. Ana wright

    Why did this just come across my suggestion !?! And why can't I stop listening to it?!?! Someone answer me!

  3. Paul James

    Thank you for this song :) 13 years of loving one woman and 5 years of her running in fear of the next step. I guess the boss is trying to teach me something. I just have to be ready to learn. Great lyrics

  4. Karla Toledo

    Heard them on Soulfest 2019 Nh in love ❤️

  5. Arun Sharma

    Serenity midst of chaos

  6. Robin Johnson

    I needed this tonight; thank you so much you guys!

  7. Jesse M

    I love this song! God is great!

  8. Ali Ujueta

    They gave me a fist bump at Jesus jam fest I love them

  9. Alison Albakri

    every single step the farther I get doesn't seem to get easier it doesn't seem to get easier i'm running out of breath but you wouldn't give me strength if it's meant to get easier if its meant to get easier

  10. Jackson Goolesby

    go to #WinterJam2019

  11. Jackson Goolesby

    manic drive is soooooooooo good like is u agree

  12. Jackson Goolesby

    i heard it at #winterjam

  13. Bruce Kennedy

    This song brings me to tears of praise to our Almighty God! So much truth in these words! First time I heard them was at WinterJam 2019, and I immediately started downloading songs.

  14. Robbins Family

    goooooood! # Mic drop is good too.......

  15. Abby Johnson

    I heard it at winter jam and they performed it❤️

  16. Cheyenne 45 Lower

    I got to see them live and get a picture with them and a hat and he singed it too the best first concert ever.😊😊😄❤ I LOVE YOU MENIC DRIVE YOU GIVE THE BEST MESSAGES THROUGH GOD AND LIFE I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN❤❤❤

  17. Kenneth Blanton

    WInter Jam was amazing last night. You guys did great

  18. Amanda Parker

    My new favorite band!! I saw y'all last night at winter jam in Greenville Sc and y'all are amazing!!!

  19. Jackson Goolesby

    i love this song

  20. sanam dahal


  21. sanam dahal


  22. heavenly seven

    I went to the Winter jam this song made me cry it touched my heart and will always god bless you

  23. BlueJays Cosplays

    Loved seeing you at Winter Jam! This is my favorite song!

  24. La'Shari

    Who listening in 2019

  25. Pedro Malaya

    I love listening to MD's songs..
    such a relief

  26. makayla plunk

    Oh my gosh I meet them last night😂😂

  27. Rachael Getz music

    This song is da bomb!!!!!

  28. Mumanaplays

    They came to our city and we gave them a ride to a event! Thats right! They where in our car! I also have proof for people who dont believe me!

  29. SillyMcJerry

    I think he sometimes doesn't know what to do with his hands, but man the song is awesome, lol

  30. A human being

    The only comment that's not about the song. Damm it!

  31. kellly g

    Love this song when it come out on air 1 it makes me so happy and to hear about god in a song

  32. The Phenomenal Niodine 1234

    Im a huge Manic Drive fan. This is my 2nd favorite song. The First is Mic Drop :-)

  33. TheTruth 7

    Love this😍😍

  34. Scribble Pencil

    1:04 1:15

  35. Genbento

    This may be off topic but, I actually JUST subscribed to yous right when I got back home from Alberta! (I saw you and your band there at YC!) I honestly never knew you until then but, out of all the bands I chose to buy CDs from yous because I loved your band and songs! (Also because one of you reminded me of L from the anime 'Japanese cartoon' Death you probably remember me if you see this comment haha!) Therefore, I chose yous as a favorite band, along with Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch! ^_^ (And Newsboys)

  36. Delman

    What annoys me or makes me sad, that if was in normal charts, likely be in top 10 easy, meaning have more like 5 million views on you tube, sad eh... Too many Christian artists in this modern age making amazingly great pop like sounding songs, but they aren't coldplay, well they are but not in, you know what I mean... I remember back in the 90's when Delirious got to number 20, think came straight in, was like wow, no way, serious, around say 1996/7 era, thought hope for the UK yet, went to see them once with my cousin and his friends, was loud, lol, not a concert, well if can call it that, wasn't big event, but not a goer... but was cool... Martin smith.. But yeah apart from that, oh oh, ok there is, err, oh what's his name, sung fireflies, but not many, have to compromise, sing about love if you a man, flash your flesh if you're a woman, sad eh... So yeah love this, first couple minutes, the verses and how it sounds, was up to me, and I'm late 40's, lol, have it number one easily in Christian charts... Ok bit dated now, mind you, lol, air 1 always playing it, so much so, same old songs, swapped to K-Love, not quite as bad... Can't beat UCB from UK, awesome radio, much better selection...

  37. TrueDrew71

    Well, hey, God didn't say He wouldn't give you trials beyond what you could bear, He only said that about temptations. You gotta rely on Him to get you through trials. He's gonna make you stronger, can't do it by yourself.

  38. Nudhaar Josephine

    I listen to this every night and cry that when my problems will end...this song helped me really triggered at 123 dislikes...they dont understand the meaning of the lyrics....

  39. Carbon -

    WAS at concert in corpus christi at New life chearch #life😢😢😢😢

  40. Delman

    yeah this should have least 2 million views, love it.... oh well, such is life eh...

  41. baby Alisha

    Love this song

  42. Danielle Baker

    I came from Mrbeast

  43. Joseph Bowman

    Thank God for the cross and the holy ghost!!

  44. heavenisreal

    It's not easy to follow the narrow way. And Jesus is the narrow way. As you grow stronger in the faith it doesn't get easier. You have battles with your fleshly desires. But only through Jesus you can overcome your sins of the flesh.

  45. Bobo Bobo


  46. Hoy Chips

    At the end - God always loved us

  47. Yosi Jhernads

    Nice Bro...🙌🙌

  48. Delman

    I'm running out of my options, love that bit so much, awesomely done.... oh well, such is life....

  49. Delman

    Sad can't find anyone doing a cover of this, like every now and then looking for covers on songs i like, anyway there is this Not bad eh...

  50. Janae C

    What a great song! Sung from the heart!❤ "Mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds" ❤

  51. Linda Chau

    Love this song, was going through a hard time, listened to this song, gave me hope, knowing that God's in control. God bless***

  52. tiffany davis

    The first time I heard this song was about a couple of months ago on my way to work and was having some serious problems within my marriage and finances. I pulled over and started to cry. As I listened to the words, not only were they comforting, but it made me see things in a different perspective of how to come to God with my problems. Once I did that, everything started falling into place and it in fact got easier.

  53. Arrelie Valenzuela

    I am sooooooooooooooo a GOD person

  54. Jynnie Flynt

    I am completely in love with this song... It is what I am going through this right now. Fighting this battle...I am so tired...

  55. Stephen Henesian

    Great song, super good message that's right on point.

  56. Dan Watson

    My current favorite song!

  57. lego monster

    My favorite song I love you guys

  58. Jenny Dufour

    Wow! Running on the treadmill right now and this song come in my ears !!!! Woww new favorite Christ song!!
    GOD Will make us STRONGER

  59. Sam

    How come no one is talking about the bridge? Are they referencing taking medication for depression? Some people are required to take medication, and breaking free without medication may be a bad idea.

  60. Hello!! :))))


  61. Alanah Klarich

    I saw this on a underrated band/artist post thing on tumblr and I'm glad I searched you guys up, you're amazing!!!!

  62. ApexPredatorTV

    holy thats great

  63. dragon ball z

    Verry nice

  64. Aleiah McCandless

    I love this song so much!

  65. Bren Vito

    They nailed it with this song!! Thank you Jesus!!

  66. I Am Groot WOOHOO

    The guy with the scrambled voice sounds like he is saying f--- on a roll.

  67. Marvin Rogers

    the guitar guy looks like iron man

  68. B Truj

    Got this on high on this music!

  69. Betty Keist

    So much truth of life in this song. It so reminds us that we need the help of Gracious Lord everyday - Thank you!

  70. Annointed One

    This song has been my anthem. Stopped praying for it too get easier started praying too get stronger. 🙏💪

    Alison Albakri

    your weird

  71. Florian M

    Tap on my logo to see more but not on this logo the one wat I said I hope you will get and the nubers

  72. Florian M

    This song is amazing I hope you will100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000099999999999999999999999999900000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000subscribers

  73. Blanca Aguilar

    Love it

  74. happy.loofah

    Sexual assault survivor here.. it happened in June but I didn't tell anyone until September and then there was a police investigation. Just found out what his sentence is yesterday. Heard this song on Pandora today and it's perfect for how I'm feeling. This is something I'm never really going to get over. Just have to stay strong 😭

    Johanna Nance

    The Lord will show you how to get over it ,he will fill you with Him so you can get stronger and look unto the greater blessings He has in stored for you .be of good courage and take heart. The Lord is faithful. 🤩

    Samuel Robinson

    @Blurry Face That joke is a little bit tasteless.

    Kai Gorkila

    You got this sister

    Natasha Rogers

    So sorry that you had to go through that. It sounds like you found this song at the perfect time! My prayers are with you!

    Jessica Clarke

    happy.loofah prayers for you👏

  75. Delman

    Here is another current great one being played on radio

  76. Delman

    Added to my growing awesome top Christian songs playlist

  77. DrRickHyde

    great song

  78. Suleyma Velesquez


  79. Pamela Hallenbeck

    I heard this song on the Christian radio station K Love and it blessed me. I've been praying and asking God to deliver me out of this painful situation but this song reminds me that He is giving me the strength to go through it so I can testify to others that with God you can make it through. 😢😢😢

  80. Tímea Kassai

    They totally remind me of Heffrondrive band members. Search it up.They look the same nearly.

  81. OhioHerper17

    Best beat drop of Christian music ever

  82. Hannah Joy

    Love this song!! ❤

  83. Marisol Guerrero

    One of my favorite christian songs ever!!!! ;D

  84. kely moya

    I love this song!!!!!! I always hear it I'm a fan of Manic Drive!!!!!!!!

  85. Anderson Andre Ferreira

    #Brasil ♥

  86. Yossh

    Goldfish copy xd

  87. Cookie Love

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️This song is one of my fav's 🔥🔥

  88. Kyle Anderson

    The first time I heard Manic Drive was "Music" and "Walls." This is definitely different. Great lyrics, but not exactly my cup of tea. You will probably get a lot of radio play, though. The lyrics need to be heard.

  89. M. Joel Martinez Oliveros

    Gran Canción 🎶

  90. patience kimaru

    this guy is amazing at his job. he helped me understand that when times are tough God helps us

  91. Alexis Harrington

    Gotta love Air1 and all its done for us!
    I was at the Air1 Positive Hits tour stop in Houston!

  92. undyingwolf3

    Why is it not available on Spotify?

  93. LoveChrist Always

    It's better when you know they are good to identify in Christ, fully aware in Christ, I think it should have been more in depth with Christ mentioned.

  94. ray ray

    Finally found this song... I hear it everyday on shine FM it just makes my day....
    Please God show me how to get stronger each day in this difficult world.... merci

  95. tammy Coleman

    Music can be very powerful for healing and this song has touched something with in me! Best song EVER!!!

  96. love always win

    Thanks u so much i will❤🙏