Manhattan Transfer, The - Tubby The Tuba Lyrics

Tubby wants to play the violins' tune, but it's too light and flimsy for a big tuba. He ends up squashing the little tune, and the conductor sends him away. Tubby wanders forlornly to the edge of a pond where he meets a Bullfrog. The Bullfrog teaches him a new song that becomes Tubby's very own melody

[Tubby (Tim Hauser):]
Alone am I, me and I together
If I went away from me
How unhappy I would be
Me and I, oh my

[Bullfrog (Alan Paul):]
Bug-Gup! Bug-Gup!
Lovely evening!
Bug-Gup! Bug-Gup!
I said "lovely evening!"
Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!
I said, "Bee-ooh-tiful evening!"
Hello! Bug-Gup!
Hello! Bug-Gup!

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Manhattan Transfer, The Tubby The Tuba Comments
  1. Mendham's Movies Music Movement and Machinery

    Fantastic! I enjoyed this. As I like the original from 'Hello Children Everywhere!' I like my brass, especially the tuba. It was good see it demonstrated on a full orchestra. Good to have narator as well. Just finished it off nicely!

  2. Sirvalorsax

    Ooops, sorry trombone guy!!!

  3. Kim Stephens-Doll

    Please where is the sheet music for the orchestral version here with strings? I can only find a band version for sale.

  4. John Taylor

    I had it on 78 when I was a kid. Had to turn it over half way through but we listened over and over. We also had The Ugly Duckling by Danny Kaye.

  5. Robert Shaw

    This warmed my heart. Loved the cartoon tubby the tuba and hearing this was pure magic

  6. John Ries

    I long ago heard of this piece, but this is the first time I've ever actually heard it. I suspect it's difficult to listen to without a smile on one's face.

  7. Morgan Anderson

    My orchestra director showed this to me. I play the violin and the tuba. I love this piece.

  8. Cherry Flavored

    i found a tubby the tuba tape when i was 5 (in 2009) don't remember how but i remember watching it and relating to how the tuba felt. i loved it and watched it over and over and over. Then in first grade my music teacher asked if we knew a movie called tubby the tuba and of course i did, she was so surprised and asked if i had it so the class could watch it next time, and we did. :)

  9. bravaLiz

    I first heard this on an LP when I was about 10 years old. I was never "tubby"... but I could identify with being a bit "different"... perhaps this is why I eventually became a pro conductor. It's not always "being green"
    ...sincerely...Kermit the frog.
    THIS performance and narration is a gem! However, I always thought it was Maestro Pizzicato. My memory must be escaping...

    Charlie Moskowitz

    It was Senior Pizzicato. Someone changed it for some reason.

    Yelsok Nairb

    @Charlie Moskowitz they changed it to the name of the conductor

  10. Teresa Rivera

    Those Stories Are When my Dad Reads Them
    On February

  11. Light Man

    Wow. Fantastic job! George Kleinsinger would be proud. I'd love to see you do guys perform The Toy Box.

  12. Paul Kita

    What a wonderful performance. Thank you musicians for sharing the gifts of your talents with all of us. It brought back memories and I will be sharing this and the story with my great nieces. Thank you.

  13. Phaedrax2

    Most enjoyable - a great version, really made me smile. :-)

  14. Z StHope

    Beautiful, our son will love this; thanks for your service

    Boston Civic Symphony

    @Zavier H Thank you, and you're more than welcome

  15. AlphaK

    Dude, I remember watching this as a cartoon when I was younger!  Song brings back so many memories.

    Boston Civic Symphony

    We remember too, glad we can share this with you!


    AlphaKenny1 z

  16. Amanda Rae

    Thank you for this! I loved watching this all the time, singing along, dancing! The music and story sang straight to my soul. :)

    Boston Civic Symphony

    Thanks for the comment Amanda, glad you enjoyed it! It really is such a fun piece.