Manhattan Transfer, The - Tubby At The Circus Lyrics

[Tubby (Tim Hauser):]
When the buds begin to pop
And the robin takes a hop
Everybody says, "It's spring today!"
I suppose that may be so
But I'd like for you to know
I can always tell it's spring another way
I can always tell it's spring
When the circus comes to town
It makes me want to sing
When I bump into a clown
When the circus marches past
And the band goes tan-ta-ra
I know it's spring at last
And my heart goes, "OOM-PAH!"

[Tubby's Idea (Cheryl Bentyne):]
Alley-oop, OOM-PAH
Alley-oop, OOM-PAH
An acrobat you ought to be
Alley-oop, OOM-PAH
Alley-oop, OOM-PAH
Hey Tubby! You'd be a sight to see

[Elephant (Alan Paul):]
Be yourself, you can't be anybody else
Be yourself is my advice to you
Or else you'll always be a nobody
So be yourself, or else
A hippopotamus
Would look very curious
Flying like a butterfly
A fierce and hungry lion
Would look silly tryin'
To bake an apple pie
I think you'd get a laugh
If you saw a tall giraffe
Swinging by his tail from a tree
I think an octopus
Would look quite ridiculous
Knitting sweaters at the bottom of the sea
So be yourself, and do the things that you know best
Be yourself, I think that you'd be happiest
By being no one else but you

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Manhattan Transfer, The Tubby At The Circus Comments
  1. The Newsletter05

    I had just moved into my first apartment in 86, when I heard them on a jazz station.Some of these songs were playing that hmid June day. So when did they do this concert?

  2. JBGR111

    I give this comment section a year before we take over

  3. Chad Zulu

    This is great!

  4. Tobuscus Lover

    Just wait until Stone ocean is animated, this entire comment section will be filled with jojo fans

  5. 小林 Kobayashi大理 Dairi

    いえすいすらえる sebonゲドウわ下衆だ

  6. 小林 Kobayashi大理 Dairi

    ~にほんの ぷりん せすな一族 よしなに 久世久我とか まあ奈良は多い。えっとパラマウントの冒頭 亡命したいわ。須磨ちゃんわいいよ 深夜便の

  7. Alex Granada

    Omg, the talent on that stage was out-of-this-worldly incredible! After they're gone, nothing of this sort will ever be witnessed again. I kind of feel sorry for the future generations.

  8. Lê Gracioli


  9. Tom Jones

    Exquisite. And their backup group is top drawer.

  10. Scott Ohta

    They were the best! A class act!

  11. 小林 Kobayashi大理 Dairi

    ~be well so white halo sincerely your's fam

  12. Roy Eme

    Don't you hate it when a blind man shoots you with a sniper by reading air currents with his satellite ?

  13. よん丸

    It was a shame that i couldn't secure a ticket for Vocalese Live 1986 in Tokyo,where my admired Manhattan Transfer came to Japan,but I'm happy to see the video from that time.Thank you for uploading.

  14. cristy tanaka

    fantastic concert, thanks a lot for posting👍
    actually i'm on my way to their concert tonight at billboard tokyo🎷🎸



    Carbon Crank

    tell us about the show

  15. Backroads66

    Anyone that gives the thumbs down, is an idiot that doesn't appreciate REAL MUSIC!!!!

  16. Costin Ungureanu

    I really liked this stand

  17. M.W. Ashby

    Real vocalese. Are there any groups in 2019 that can sing this or similar music? Are there any jazz vocalists today in 2019?

  18. Elda Maran


  19. Jim Nixon

    RIP Tim. I LOVE this group. Nobody comes close.

  20. Phil Pryor

    They have grown within my memory, mind, reflection, from interesting, fine, fun, great, so good, sensational, so cultured, so polished, so inevitably remarkable.., and more to come.

  21. Марго Марго

    после Макаревича сюда пришла)) прикольно однако

  22. CharlesBarry


  23. Jay Seth

    My uncle had this on dvd, love Killer Joe and Birdland 😄

  24. Hernek Keitto

    sing Perfidia, please

  25. clarkewi

    That's the peak folks.

  26. Gombi Gombka

    That Birdland is great.Yah,and everything either.

  27. LinkedSnake

    The blind man uses his satellite ghost to shoot people from afar with a sniper rifle.

    Ahzek Ahriman

    Your comment reminds me of green dolphins and gay priest

    Duck Films

    God damn it already.

    Raccoon Grrrl

    Time to pull CD-ROMs out of someone's head.

  28. Jim Vandemoter

    Right from the very first note I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! The Transfer rewrote the book on vocal jazz. I can't get enough.

  29. The Newsletter05

    Love them!Since my college days.

  30. Василятор Феодоратор

    Да Pentatonics по сравнению с этими ребятами маленькие дети на горшках

  31. 3kbeatz

    Ok now you know where Take 6 got their sound from!

  32. Vladimir Lavrov

    Всегда слушаю с Восхищением!

  33. Nitroglycerin

    120 blind snipers disliked this video



    Fred Zag

    The sing melodies an actor named Carson sang in 50's movies. Carson made goofy movies. When Jack sang he seemed to be the only one enjoying it. I wished I could have seen the cast faces. The lady singer reminds me of keenly Smith. I know I'm going to get a lot bad feelings. Chow.

    Bruno Buccellati

    I guess they don't know what jojo is.

  34. Joan Guillem Pons Marroquin

    12o must be deaf people



  35. G Sutton

    48:57 thru 53:12

  36. G Sutton

    The "Bird Land" performance still sends chills thru my body even after all these years

  37. Berwyn Meadows

    Superb sound recording!

  38. Trevor Morris

    I'm not a great fan of vocalese but I'm always astounded by how they manage to fit all the words in and keep the melody and harmonies going. In fact, I don't know how they even manage to remember the words to start with. Rap is definitely crap compared to this.

  39. Anna Pogosyants

    GREAT GREAT GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Brian Smith

    tits are so ugly, and useless.

  41. Brian Smith

    I love them, but the skinny one with the high voice, should have been replaced years ago . The dark haired guy, I've always wanted his baby.over and over again. he's yuumy

  42. Stephen Morbley

    Before you hear the people in this group sing they would pass as someone
    who live next door.

  43. Suchapill!!

    The Shaker Song was even better live. Thats amazing. Divine Jazz performance.

  44. Pancho Villa


  45. Ken Perk

    Why in the world is Mystery not on here? It's a mystery I guess.

  46. Kyra Claire

    love u guys, love manhattan transfer!

  47. Sand Stone


  48. Carlos Leon

    And STILL going strong!

  49. ThePnyBoy

    ils me foutent la chair de poule tellement ils sont bons....

  50. Tracyowens663 Owens

    This group was call the 360, because they would change in a minute they sound everything!

  51. kalamb1


  52. kermitefrog64

    Incredible talent. Been a fan since I graduated in 1980.

  53. José Manuel Cámara Sáez

    Oh! I saw them in 1986 in VITORIA-GASTEIZ (Capital City of Basque Country). That same concert. It was the bigger vocal music jazz MACHINE I've never heard. I w'ont forget those emotions in my whole life... THEY ARE BIGGER THAN BIGGER, BIGGEST THAN THE BIGGEST IN HEAVEN... I still cry, shout and jump when I listen all their discography. Long life for MANHATTAN TRANSFER. I LOVE THEM. [email protected] @gramodelocura



  54. 64214Jose


  55. 64214Jose


  56. T.F.B YouTube

    Im a teen and this kind of music is iresistable

  57. Steve S

    ...saw them many, many of my all time favorites. Seems like, as time goes by, all by favorites go away and no one to replace them. I am so glad to be able to see them again on youtube. Outside of Lambert, Hendricks and Bavans, they were right at the top of the list of vocal "bands".

  58. Lynn Early

    Can you upload Heart’s Desire separately?

  59. algor65


  60. Ronnegs Focho


  61. Eduardo Grosclaude

    Sure they fully master their voices to the humanly possible extreme, boast every showmanship and have a plain sheer joy for singing, but beyond that, there still lays a deep cultural intelligence, an understanding of the history of their every theme, a full commitment to the sound and spirit of every composition. What a team.



  63. Miro Pribanić

    is that Jay Graydon on guitar??


    It's Wayne Johnson on guitar.

  64. Travis Zane

    Really cool content! Starting to upload my own, check it out if you have time :). Cheers!!!

  65. Agneta Näslund

    I loved this vocalese album 1987, lost it. Find it again  when  I´m  73 years old. YouTube is a miracle.

  66. Виталий Голубченко

    Музыка моей молодости.

  67. RDONNM

    I would love to have Cheryl whisper sweet nothings in my ear!!

  68. Raffaele Guarracino

    Veri fenomeni..vederli dal vivo e stato indimenticabile...

  69. Pieter Sweelinck


  70. Ferran Pastirulo

    Looks like that have seing this video 83 illiterate

  71. nemo227

    I love the intro, the way they come onto the stage, the way the intro really is the introduction. If you're in the audience, you're suddenly on the train and it is MOVING.

  72. Владимир Мардуханов

    Очень круто !!!

  73. Mohammed Cohen

    These guys were the greatest!!!

  74. glxy55

    Excellent musicianship. Love it!

  75. marqy007

    ...when the Asian audience is cam-panned...not a smile to be seen. This MH ensemble makes me grin ear to ear and want to boogie thru an effin' screen...let alone LIVE!!

  76. marqy007

    I truly adore these troubadours...and appreciate their talented and obvious dedicated love for their art of which they are soooo masterful. And they must, obviously, love each other!!...And for 40+ years!!...thru that journey, becoming as one, with four incredibly melded vocal abilities...and showmanship!!...WHEW!

  77. Chello Puchini

    una maravilla este grupo, geniales.

  78. Troll Face


  79. bruno fantoni filho

    very good

  80. Richard Wallace

    Frickin' great! Thanks!

  81. Nick Link

    If there were ever a group more talented and entertaining that the Manhattan Transfer, I would love to see and hear them perform. One can only hope that the MT can keep going without their heart and soul (Tim Hauser). With Janis, Cheryl, Alan and Trist performing as the Manhattan Transfer, I believe they will be just fine. Please come to Cincinnati and perform with the Cincinnati Pops! What a night that would be!

  82. Harold Smith


  83. iconoclast

    Man, these lyrics are a bitch to memorize.

    Hard to believe that Hauser, a New York jazz vocalist, kept mispronouncing Count Basie's last name with a "z" instead of "s".

  84. aaron wilmore

    they are great really enjoy listening to them

  85. Geniac Sprenkle

    Interesting numbers ya got there Eternauta. Three sixes! That being written, this setting separates the grownups from the wannabe performers. In the music, Geniac.

  86. Antonio De Luna Esteban

    I embraced music in part because it generated feelings of brotherhood and communion. I left a potentially profitable career for the freedom and love of going on the road and share the joy of playing our thing. But something bad must be happening today when comments about music preference are contaminated with insults and separatist elitism. Some are called "idiots" or "fagots" if they don't like what the rest likes. I keep my opinion about this group to myself at this point, because I am not addressing that subject. But I can tell you that the members of MT would be disappointed if they knew you are using their work as a tool of social oppression.

  87. Andy Garsia

    Джаз я мало слушал. А после этой группы проникся :) Очень милые!!!! Поют шикарно! Спасибо!

  88. Ted Exley

    Great stuff....Always liked TMT. Unfortunately, the boys with 10 dollar guitars killed off this fantastic style of music. Most of the groups who sang like this were devotees of The Four Freshmen, who not only were the best ever harmonic singers, but also accompanied themselves whilst they sang...until they hit fame, when they had backing bands and orchestras'. The original Four Freshmen went to the same Music Academy and, after turning Pro in 1948, they had a stroke of luck when they were booked for a gig in the same town at Stan Kenton. He saw them perform and took a liking to them. He was the drive behind their early success. Many early groups copied their style, the most successful being The Beach Boys. Four Freshmen are now in their 24th tribute group. Give them a look.

  89. His Royal Dudeness

    gosh,, I couldn't fast forward or skip on this.. unbelievable concert.. I have the LP..the manhattan transfer live..seems like the same recording...GOLD.. thank you for posting this dear uploader..definitely a treasure and treasured..

  90. michael brown

    Forgot to say how cool the band are!

  91. michael brown

    Fantastic! pure talent, love these guys. Great vocalists have loved them since the 80's but it wasn't cool to like this kind of stuff back then.

  92. dolly. r. aspiras

    Bravo! Bravo! Thank you for sharing this. Truly a treasure!

    tunefultony johnson

    Agreed and with 19 tracks, this is an absolute killer of an album and you couldn't really wish for any more for your money...... No doubt, the boss at Atlantic, Ahmed Ertegun, did much to promote their fabulous recording career....  I am very sad at the demise of Tim Hauser, founder member and great doo-wopper, despite his bald pate.....  :) -- RIP--

    tunefultony johnson

    Recorded LIVE in Japan...... 4th Manhattan Transfer tour of Japan....

    tunefultony johnson

    It helps a lot of course for the sound to be produced that of  that they are being backed by a highly competent and professional backing band, with electric piano, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, tenor saxophone, and a great drummer, who looks a bit like Billy Cobham, but probably isn't.....  :)

    tunefultony johnson

    Actually, timed on the video at 1:01:28, Tim Hauser takes a moment to introduce all the backing band players, and the great drummer here turns out to be not Billy Cobham at all, but Buddy Williams, who I am not exactly familiar with...shame on me.. but there you go....

  93. Dan kelch

    yes this is great musical entertainment

  94. Tracyowens663 Owens

    they would hit a three sixty in a min!!

  95. Dubhglas Zaffa


    Great Manhattan Transfer!

    Can I post in my channel?


  96. Леонид Холкин

    Ш И К А Р Н О!!! 👍👍👍