Manhattan Transfer, The - How High The Moon Lyrics

Somewhere there's music, how faint the tune
Somewhere there's heaven
How high the moon
There is no moon above where love is far away too
'Til it comes true
That you love me as I love you

Somewhere there's music, how near how far
Somewhere there's heaven, it's where you are
The darkest night would shine if you would come to me soon
Until you will be still my heart
How high the moon

Somewhere there's music, how faint the tune
Somewhere there's a heaven
How high the moon
There is no moon above where love is far away too
Until you will, be still my heart
How high the moon

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Manhattan Transfer, The How High The Moon Comments
  1. franceseattle

    love love !!!

  2. rlrnix

    a 10 idiotas no les gusta,,, que banda de amargados.

  3. Petal de Winter

    I never got around to thank your band for the delightful music you offer. I am glad that tonight, I am in the lucky position to do so. Thank you very, very much!

  4. JazzKeyboardist1

    rip tim,, was your Italian food company heart healthy?

  5. Didinho Haddad


  6. Dawn Renee Skaien

    What a perfect comment. Great perspective, and I couldn't agree more.

  7. Wolfsky9

    I saw MT during their " Vocalese " Tour & ohhh my were they simply awesome. A true musical treasure, MT. Wolfsky9, 66 y/o

  8. ranran19701

    Wayne Johnson is an alien from Neptune.

  9. J White

    Five thumbs up!

  10. chris hibbs

    i like les paul,s version better.

  11. 50Emerald

    Kinda hurts mah fingers...

  12. Evgenia Bragantseva


  13. Highlight Singing Academy

    Incredible musicians! They use and control their voices like instruments!!! :-)

  14. Jonė Urniežiūtė


  15. Jonė Urniežiūtė


  16. TheFRiNgEguitars

    @benjaminlhaines Yes, and it was first performed in the Braoadway show, "Two for the Show". Ella Fitzgerald also recorded a scat version of "How High the Moon". I accept a demerit for not crediting the songwriters. However, the first popularized version of any song will usually be recognized (arguably) as the "original version" (that many people know) which the artists are given full credit!

  17. Marta B.



    Encantadora versión de los ManTrans!!
    Charmin' rendition with a plus!

  19. Belchmaster41

    @louswire their better version is on the cd Bop Do Wopp

  20. jazz1bro

    Buddy Williams is a master drummer. He's on my 12 tune Cd that is being mixed now.

  21. louswire

    good music can withstand many different interpretations ... and this is a good one.

    . o O ( but I still like Les Paul and Mary Ford's better)...


    Junto con Weather Report, los más escuchados por mí allá en los 80s, fantásticos!!!
    Muy agradecida por haberla compartido conmigo, Leo, me trajo muy buenos recuerdos y vaya que si los necesitaba hoy!

  23. andrew mackelvie

    yeah man... people are crazy for thumbs downing that statement brother.

  24. TheFRiNgEguitars

    As much as I love Les Paul and Mary Ford's original version, The Manhattan Transfer does a magnificant cover of this song. The original artists are most often very pleased when other artists cover their songs, and I'd risk a guess that Les Paul approved!

  25. Froggy19510

    They aint no Les Paul and Mary Ford that's fuh shore.

    Eric Churchyard


  26. lindalds

    I like it. I like MT.

  27. Ericson Rios

    Wish granted! Look under your christmas tree.

  28. Caravan

    They have a great vocal balance, but yah I find them to be a bit shallow.. wish there musical selection was a bit more obscure or even written for them.

  29. mortygwhiz

    Sounds like a tribute to Les Paul and Mary Ford.

  30. ena1490

    gotta love the me chills

  31. Wira Hardiprakoso

    Really dig Wayne Johnson's solo. Awesome!

  32. louswire

    ok... so they didn't have 14 track over-dub... it still sounds great!

  33. anonymusum

    Why did they shatter it? It´s just a standard, their close harmonies are nearly perfect, the band is great - so where´s the problem?

  34. Orrin Konheim

    i think they should have 8 people instead of 4. it's funny they were on home improvement and said their names were Tim and Allen and whaddayaknow? It's true