Manhattan Transfer, The - A Christmas Love Song Lyrics

All I want for Christmas is you
You're the gift that's made my dreams all come true
All I need for Christmas is here
Finding every sweet surprise
Wrapped up in your eyes
Waiting there for me
Underneath the tree

We'll spend the day
Exchanging kisses
Smile and say "What a Christmas this is"

Long before the snowflakes appear
Without bells and mistletoe
Or the tinsel's silver glow
You just look at me and oh - Christmas is here

Long before the snowflakes appear
Without bells and mistletoe
Or the tinsel's silver glow
You just look at me and oh - Christmas is here

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Manhattan Transfer, The A Christmas Love Song Comments
  1. Anthony Aroya

    Good Lord. I've never gotten over how beautiful this song is. When I heard it for the first time, just, lights out. And man, if you're in love with a woman, at this time of year, know:))

  2. Sofia Basal castillo


  3. BorkumRiff

    So peaceful, so romantic….and to all good people out there : marry Christmas and a healthy and loving 2020.

  4. Adam Ebel

    It's should also be called A Christmas Sad Song.

  5. Samuel Pajoa

    Great song! Love romantic Christmas Music. One of my all-time favorite song's. Merry Christmas to you all..

  6. Samuel Pajoa

    One of my favorite Christmas song ever! So romantic...

  7. 住民


  8. Charles Hamby

    this sounds like a song that was played on a soap opera. I like soft, soothing songs in general, but my real favorite slow songs are those of the contemporary Christian genre. An example is lounge worship/chillout's Wendy and Andrew Green. there's no screaming guitars or harsh vocals. Just soft music with a hint of synthesizers. Just go online and play some of their version of these songs of faith and worship as you relax after a hard day's work or a strenuous workout.

  9. Sam M.

    O.M.G .....the best little choir ever!!!! I grow up with the Manhattans and my heart is crying if i think at the past 😢

    Anthony Aroya

    You ain't the only one, pal. I know just how you feel. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  10. dc gomez

    super!!! no one can duplicate this group. i listened to the music of rare silk and new york voices, though they're sound similar, but i know which is which... hahaha love you MT guyz

  11. Ahalya Vijayaratnam

    Omg this is so beautiful! I feel like slow dancing with him to this song in the sunset or under the moonlight during Christmas ❤️😍

  12. véronique Leclerc

    j''adore !

  13. Florence Tipp

    Beautiful version!

  14. Briana K

    So very beautiful ❤️

  15. Michael Lanning

    I did the original demo for Johnny Mandel and Alan was there as well!

    Charles Hamby

    Michael Lanning who did the trombone solo, or was that a fleugehorn

  16. Darron L Isham

    I'm Thinking..........

  17. Dawn Bless

    A tribute to this awesome group. A NIGHTINGALE SANG IN BERKELEY SQUARE

  18. The Unoverse

    Barbra Streisand does a wonderful version of this song.

  19. Rangel75

    is there a version with manhattan transfer and tony bennet?

    Charles Hamby

    Rangel75 This is that song. It starts out with the quartet ( believe it or not, the Manhattan transfer is actually comprised of a quartet of two men and two women). It starts out with the quartet. Then Tony comes in the first verse with his solo. Then the return of the quartet on the chorus. Next comes the female vocal solo on the second verse. Then the instruments come in with the trumpet and then the strings. The song ends with the quartet on the chorus.

  20. Enzo Lorenzo


  21. Dennis Casey

    What a combination: a Johnny Mandel melody, lyrics by the Bergmans, and vocal honey by MT!!! been enjoying this recording for almost 20 years now!

  22. German Watches Korea

    one more, it's fabulous!

  23. Peter Smith

    Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous!