Mandy Moore - When I Wasn't Watching Lyrics

Where was I when this was going down?
Maybe sleeping in, maybe outta town?
I spent my whole life waiting patiently
Convinced it all would come to me
My favorite version of me disappeared
Through longer days and shorter years
So where was I when this was going down?
Assumed the world would come around

To who we are
When no one is looking
When nobody's looking
What I became
When I wasn't watching
When I wasn't watching

A little lost, a little rough
I asked myself, "Have ya had enough?"
How do I start to retrace the steps
I haven't even taken yet
The fear of what I'm facing in the mirror
Stops me cold and leaves me here
A little lost, a little rough
The lack of answers all led up

To who we are
When no one is looking
Nobody's looking
What I became
When I wasn't watching
When I wasn't watching

Who we are
When no one is looking
Nobody's looking
What I became
When I wasn't watching
When I wasn't watching
When I wasn't watching
When I wasn't watching

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Mandy Moore When I Wasn't Watching Comments
  1. WS3RD

    This song is too good for Pop radio. There's nothing but garbage on new music stations now...

  2. Mitchell D. B

    Love u Mandy! Don’t stop to sing 🥰

  3. lorenza Serilla

    song of 2019!!! more of this ms. moore

  4. Yuya Fujikawa

    This is a marvelous tune. Thank you Mandy Moore for healing me and countless others.

  5. Xiome G

    We missed you Mandy Moore 😍

  6. yuri soto

    Sorry for just listening to ur song in december , really didnt know . Thanks.

  7. lgeff6

    RIP Prince. All I hear is little red corvette.

  8. John Strange

    This is love at first listen! Another instant playlist track is Chantelle Barry's "Mali's Song" . You won't find it on youtube, but it's worth tracking down.

  9. Truther 416

    As a man am i suppose to like this kinda music ?

    Ryan Wilson

    Why not? I'm a 32 year-old man and I love her music

  10. Edson Cadiente

    Mandy is 35

  11. Robert Rogers

    Always and 4ever a big Mandy Moore fan rather it be music or the big screen. She's #1 in my book

  12. Carlos Henrique Gomes

    I love you

  13. firman syah

    She's one of the classy lady in Hollywood, smart, talented, down to earth, humble and aged beautifully.

  14. Tory Lourdes

    LOOOVE love this song!! Words hit hard. Blasted in the car!!😉

  15. Blend Green

    She has different techniques in singing but when she sang in tangled she sounded amazing and even better in this song

  16. Glen Vincent Biong

    Can't wait for the full album! 😍👌👍🙏


    387 Mandy Moore - When I Wasn’t Watching

  18. Autumn Resolution

    Her voice has matured so much.

  19. Angal pettrae Laura

    Call me mummy when U get back

  20. Angal pettrae Laura

    Heir I am what's your number💖❤️💋

  21. Darrien Williams

    I can’t believe that the star of “This Is Us” has returned to the music scene.

  22. rich t

    I remember when candy first came out, I'm 36 now, time sure flies!

  23. 이lyeek111

    There's only you who can do music like this:)
    I've been waiting for your songs since the last album.
    You're music makes me remind of something that i lost back in time

  24. Syah Reza Kurniawan

    Wild Hope vibes

  25. Kiro AWZ

    Rapunzel's voice yes!

  26. Anisa Jamel

    I wish this has more views. i listen to this song almost every day. Good music needs to be shared.

  27. Hela A Odinsdottir

    She's so talented! I've been following her from Midway movie 2019. Love it!

  28. Noahide

    This song by Rita Ora would be a more preferable style to update with than this song Mandy. This one you have done is a bit dry.

  29. Karla Diaz

    Amazing mandy kisses from chile 🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤❤🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  30. lol Nigel lol

    it reminds me of A walk to remember. I am getting really old, but you are so pretty.

  31. Sara Barhama


  32. Rafael Lefara


  33. SSS nov76

    My favorite version of me disappeared through longer days...........and shorter years!!!! SO SO true

  34. Mark Wijnands

    Amazing to see a new song. I really grew up with her. I am 35 now, but still remember my first introduction to her 20 years ago.

  35. YJness

    only hope

  36. Megan Perkins Roldan

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 this is a whole vibe!

  37. Ale Fernández

    Muy bueno!

  38. Stevie SFV

    Love the Chrissie Hynde Pretenders vibe! Timeless.

  39. Apolo Flávio

    Perfect. I Love This Song. My Queeeeeeen Mandy Moore, your voice is very beautiful. 😫💜

  40. Pop Rush Official

    Watch my personal ranking of Mandy’s debut album. Please subscribe 💗

  41. Shelle Zen

    Philippine Tour plzz miss mandy😍😍we love you❤❤

  42. Diana Lopez

    This type of song is beauty when I remember my exboyfriend when i was in the Uni...

  43. Kathy Ressler

    Would love to see Mandy live. She is coming to Florida. Can't wait.

  44. Millicent Lockwood

    Welcome back Mandy!!!!!

  45. Baptiste Pesce

    I love this is us

  46. Mami


  47. رزان العطوي

    I really want to understand what you're saying


    Uffff que buena producción....excelente sonido y estilo....

  49. joydi styles

    Wow I was always a fan of Mandy since the Candy days but in this new song she sounds like Jewel.

  50. Cedric E.

    Every shot of this music video is picturesque.

  51. Tomas Durcek

    She looks amazing. This is us brought me here 🔥

  52. SandyPop

    i can't breathe i just found this song, wow

  53. Eileen Beltre

    When are you gonna start making babies. We need to see a mini me Mandy of you

  54. Sweet Orange

    I'm a great fan...I wish Mandy would make a bunch of catchy faster tempo songs

  55. Budi Permana

    Masih cuantik si eneng!

  56. Noleen Golombick

    Love this.

  57. Baby Bearl juju

    All I can Say is WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW

  58. joegoogle68

    I haven't seen her in so long...a woman worth fighting for...noone is more beautiful than Mandy. If you can read this Mandy I've always loved you and always knew you were special...1:36

  59. Tragically Destiny

    I’m obsessed

  60. Alfo Zavala Foto

    this is so good

  61. chdreturns

    Mandy needs a documentary made about her career.

  62. TORVS TV

    Wow great music video!!!! 2019👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  63. Wish heaven

    Just one miilion views, unfair !!!

  64. be witched be

    Still love her voice

  65. alligence

    A song to remember.

  66. Di Balik Kamera

    Such a big fan since I was a child. :(

  67. Mahesh Govindarajan

    Oh Mandy, I am so glad you're releasing music again 😊😊

  68. Pete Wong

    Mandy Moore should compete Dancing with the Stars💃🏻

  69. Fatiha Okutabia

    Love this song so much mandy 😍😍😍

  70. Emma

    Love her, natural, raw and real, so beautiful! Elouise xx.

  71. Adam Carr

    She was good on midway movie, even though she was dressed in 1940s style she was still beautiful

  72. Jocef Jose

    Dear god i just visited her Candy vid because a local radio played it, moved on to watching Shane and Mandy's walk of fame reunion, and discovered THIS! My nostalgic heart is screaming!!! And the song is lovelyyyyyy ♡♡♡♡

  73. Asia Argentina

    wellcome back Mandy.

  74. tahna dana

    20 years and shes still pretty

  75. DustyB

    Terrific song. Welcome back Mandy!

  76. Daisy Rivera

    She’s still got it 😍she’s so beautiful

  77. Gaspar De Rosa

    Pure talent. Real music. This is how artist should be.


    Been waiting for you forever.i love you since cry&a walk to remmber🤟😎🍷😘

  79. juanjo rodriguez


  80. Mr. Magic

    Her new music fits her so much more and I'm liking it. 👏👏👏👍👍

  81. LetThe MusicPlay

    Such a great song and video!! Repeat......................

  82. fivetimesyo

    And this, boys, is why we fight wars

  83. TheRobelectro

    Mandy is back 🤩

  84. Paula Kibagendi

    This is lovely Mandy


    She still gots it ❤️🤟🏻

  86. Gran Sultán Suleiman

    Viva Mandy Moore 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  87. Theron Hayden

    This has become new favorite Mandy tune....great song!

  88. jesus save us

    Wow she moved on in her career after jack died

  89. David Overmire

    Good for Mandy!!

  90. Disney65Fan

    She reminds me of Jessica Biel now

  91. Theron Hayden

    Reminds me of old Fleetwood Mac but with a phenomenal singer! I'm really digging this tune! Mandy is DEFINITELY the most musically diverse from all the "Pop Princesses" she came up with. And has the most soothing voice and looks of them all aswell.

  92. Jose Rosales

    Sooooo beautiful!!❤️😻🎶🎶🙌🏼🙌🏼

  93. David Bentz Jr.

    Reborn!!! I look forward to fresh new music by Mandy, and possibly some amazing remixes as well!!!

  94. I Am Disgusted


  95. MP GP

    Mandy Moore ❤️❤️❤️ Just Perfect.

  96. TheMisterJerry

    I hope I love this album as much as wild hope. Still her best work imo.


    The songs awesome by the way. 😂

  97. Yebbe Steentoft

    Du är min Mandy Moore min Mandy Moor o jag går tillbaks för ofta fast vår kärlek va på låtsas