Mandy Moore - Top Of The World Lyrics

For a time, I thought my faith, it must be hiding
Searching through the sky, hoping to find a way
A way, to get me through the day
Don't know where I belong, is this where I should stay

Lift me up, when I am falling
You're my friend, when I was calling
Now I'm on top of the world
Top of the whole wide world
Yeah, you've always been believing
Gave my life a whole new meaning
Now I'm on top of the world
Top of the whole wide world

There's a strength in me, it seems, I have forgotten
Now I, realized today, I'm starting to dream again
Again, was a matter of when
I guess we all lose our way, now and then

Lift me up, when I am falling
You're my friend, when I was calling
Now I'm on top of the world
Top of the whole wide world
Yeah, you've always been believing
Gave my life a whole new meaning
Now I'm on top of the world
Top of the whole wide world

You lift me up, when I was falling
You lift me up, when I was falling

Lift me up, when I am falling
You're my friend, when I was calling
Now I'm on top of the world
Top of the whole wide world
Yeah, you've always been believing
Gave my life a whole new meaning
Now I'm on top of the world
Top of the whole wide world
(Whole wide world)

Yeah, you've always been believing
Gave my life a whole new meaning
Now I'm on top of the world
Top of the whole wide world

Always been believing
Gave my life a whole new meaning
Now I'm on top of the world
Top of the whole wide world

Yea, yeah

Top of the whole wide world

Yeah, you've always been believing
Gave my life a whole new meaning
Now I'm on top of the world
Top of the whole wide world...

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Mandy Moore Top Of The World Comments
  1. Ruben Franco

    That was from stuart little 2

  2. William Colson

    God I love this song.

  3. New York Guy 1990

    Love It
    Bridge To Terabithia is the saddest Disney Movie ever
    Still listening to it up to this day heard it when I was a young kid all through high school the United States Army and now Iam almost 30 and Iam listening to it

  4. Brittany Ortiz

    DreamWorks the movie and DreamWorks 2 returns to the home the movie music soundtrack top of the world from mandy moore

  5. Muneeb Rehman

    Good ol 2000s tunes 😍

  6. Jeferson John Vincent Tañedo

    Oh my childhood memories.

  7. R3n3gad3

    Stuart Little 2 greatest Stuart Little movie? Nah. Greatest movie of all time? 100% yes.

  8. Shaun Bugayong

    Stuart little ❤

  9. Harriet Riding

    Stuart little 2 brought me to this song. 2019 anyone?

  10. Christopher Freeman

    I like movie songs better than songs on the radio we hear everyday even though they're not that popular.

  11. black knight

    Whose here in 2019?

  12. Zodiac Leo

    This song doesn't have a official video does it?

  13. RiRi Fenty Tiger

    I love this song ❤❤

  14. Amber Ryan

    September 2019??

  15. Pimpin Barbie

    Who's here bc they actually like Mandy Moore and this song

  16. Paula Alcantara


  17. randy Baker

    frigin lov this song makes me feel like i rally em at top of wurld even wen i no deep don im not.

  18. KoasterKing 205

    Stuart Little 2 omfg :D

  19. Elijah Taylor

    so nostalgic it almost brings a tear to the eye. watched stuart little 2 all the time. still remember the distinct smell of that DVD case.

  20. Mr. Clark

    I'm using this for a YouTube video on my main channel boiz!!!!!

  21. Anushka Pant

    2019 Anyone???

  22. Brittany Ortiz

    J.b eagle zootopia rio brave rio 2 ratchet and clank inside out kung fu panda 3 shrek 4 Disney the wild dumbo 2019 madagascar shrek Madagascar 2 shrek 2 puss in boots Madagascar 3 shrek 3 the lorax the movie make from open season

  23. VinTaVge0592

    this song made my childhood
    #stuartlittle 2

  24. Nigel Azille

    The sweet memories😭😭✌

  25. V de Vinicius

    Stuart little 2 me trouxe aqui

  26. Dark Lightning Müller's

    Stuart Little 2 was too short



  28. Kazuto Kirigaya

    Just watched Stuart Little 2 the other day😢

  29. Brittany Ortiz

    Space jam my big big friends kidz bop the movie music soundtrack

  30. Brittany Ortiz

    Looney tunes show in six flags kidz bop space jam descendants lucky looney tunes back in action spyro reignited trilogy ugly dolls the little mermaid descendants 2 phineas and ferb looney tunes back in action 2 the movie music soundtrack

    Brittany Ortiz

    Credits 1

  31. Harriet Riding

    Stuart little anyone??!!

  32. Drakes Gaming

    My fevourite song.Love from India

  33. Lorraine Matthews

    My daughter be punking me her own daddy everything she tell me do something like play a certain song i jump. She's a feisty lil bitch takes after her ugly ass mommy

  34. Lorraine Matthews

    My daughter loves mandy moore as well this ha favorite song

  35. Lorraine Matthews

    10 yrs ago wen my wife reunited with me den she felt like dis top of the world bitch drives me crazy but 21 yrs 💪 Sept 1st 2019

  36. JJ NaNa

    Y'a des français ? ❤️

  37. hot guy

    Woah the bridge of the song got me.

  38. _Shadowwest_

    Who is listening in 2019?

    New York Guy 1990

    I will never out grow this song

  39. parth mehta

    When your crush friend zoned you

  40. dīmensiō mousikē

    i love this song is great!!

  41. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song

  42. Dark Lightning Müller's

    I like Stuart Little, half by the movie itself, half by this music.

  43. Abraham N

    Loved this song ever since Stuart Little 2

  44. Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Jan 23 2010

  45. Chris Hines

    I love this song


    little hi little low,

  47. Haley Z

    This song was my favorite song when i was a 3 year old and now i am ten i cry when i sing or hear this

  48. Mavela Salvatore

    i love this song as a kid and i still love this song

  49. Maruko Chan 99

    I don't know why but as a kid I liked the sequel better than the first movie

  50. Magic IS cool

    This used to be on Muzak satellite radio (the music your hear at publix and Lowes) that brought me here lol. Hope I'm not weird for this. Don't get me wrong I like stuart little 2 tho.

  51. Manon B


  52. BrilovesKurtHummel Briones


  53. H3x iT

    anyone one from Aug 2018 ?

  54. Sora hearts

    Aww, nostalgia hit me so hard.

  55. Sean White

    Who else sang along other than me?

  56. Maria Oramas

    Me gusta de Mandy Moore esta hermosa esta cancion me hace sentir muy contenta la cancion Es la parte 2 donde termina la pelicula de Stuart little amo la pelicula completa pero necesito ver la pelicula no. 2 donde sale margalo y stuart little

  57. Angelo Reyes

    This song is awesome.

  58. 22Tesla

    Man.... I forgot how nice this song was. It just popped into my mind since the last time I watched Stuart Little 2 which was like more than 10 years at most.

  59. Jose Hernandez

    Oh childhood memories

  60. Micah Tapia

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  61. Vicky Faith

    omg nostalgia.... and I had no idea this was by Mandy Moore...... O-O

  62. Dark Lightning Müller's

    Stuart and the bird i forgot the name the perfect ship show how the love stay above the diferences

    Adam Hatson


  63. Dark Lightning Müller's

    I'm crying I'm feeling so sad. I just wanna die

  64. Z.C.M

    My baby girl loved this song. RIP Nykki 5/21/95 - 7/7/2006. I love you. I miss you soooo much that it hurts to be alive sometimes. I have learned to wake up and go through each day, but my days aren't really complete. I try to live the most that I can, for your wonderful little brothers, who came after you were gone,and it helps to heal me and renew me,when I see they each carry a piece of you. I like to believe that maybe you came back to me through one of them. Legend seems to be the most like you. Very sweet and loving and delicate, even for a little boy. Sixxy Bear looks like you I think. And Xyzian, lol...well...I used to believe you came back as Xyzian, since he was born right after you were gone, he even carries a combination of your name as his middle name...but that boy...whoooo....he is your complete opposite... right now.... he is a very moody boy, who tries to run me!! Anyway Mamita I love you soo much. I pray you are really always with me, watching over alllll of us... keeping us safe. I love you, I will never stop loving you and wondering how it would be if you were still here. I would have always done everything to make you happy. You are my only girl, I would have treated you like the beautiful princess you were. And like a true princess you never really asked for anything. Thank you for always taking care of Damien. You were like his second mommy, such a big responsibility for a little girl, but you did it. Thank you for never being angry at me when I was in my addiction :( I was the luckiest mother alive to have such an angel like you. I wonder if that's why God chose you. I hope I can see you again one day. I don't know why you never come to me in my dreams though. Anyway. Thinking of you always babygirl. Love Mommy.

  65. Adam Hatson

    The sequel to the movie starring the little mouse with a big heart brought me here.

  66. CherrySayainPie

    Little Hiiigh, Little Looooow! 🐭

  67. Christina Blair Burttram

    I had to dance to this and the whole time I was thinking of my boyfriend so every time I hear this song I think of him

  68. Michael Frank Dela Cruz

    Wow beautiful

  69. Sunil Rudriyal

    Feeling Nostalgic 😢

  70. Christopher Freeman

    This would be a great wedding song. 💗👰🎶😎👍

  71. natasha elali

    Mandy Moore is very talented, but love Stuart Little 2 good movie

  72. kathy Pryor

    my favorite song
    she have your future husband

  73. Marcel Sanders

    Stuart little 2 is the best one Stuart little one is cool because it's how it all started but Stuart little 2 is better Stuart little 3 is okay

  74. Heroine Reychelle Moya 537

    I love this song and a movie

  75. Cooper Lumsden

    I don't understand why most people dislike this video? Because there are 85 people that dislike it and there are 3 that like it to be honest.

  76. Alonso Navarro Mondragon

    So cute that song. I like you..

  77. the mayor

    Stuart little movie 🎥 brought me here

  78. Rachel Is Random

    a song from my childhood means so much to me now <3

  79. Debashman Sarbadhikari

    Great song

    Tonnia Linnen

    Stuart Little 2 sent me! :)

    Raul Rosas

    it is a nice song

  80. Destiny Sargent-dahl

    Good song I LOVE IT

  81. jacob hince

    September 2017


    love it

  83. yolocal anna

    2017 people ????

  84. Chuma Robinson

    beautiful memories with my bby mama an daughter almost makes me wana cry

  85. MegaMetalManX

    Man, these were the good ol' days. Back when life was simple and innocent, and movies and music were actually good. I'd do anything to have those times back :)


    near 666,666 views

  87. GunBoy The Kid

    This song reminded me when i was watching stuart little2 in Kalibo,Aklan.

  88. YoutubeVnzla

    Stuart Little 2 "Mandy Moore - Top of the world"

  89. Miss Myoozikal

    My mom 😊I love you

  90. The CL Madness

    Im a star wars fan!

  91. MoveLikeFeelThink LikeWater

    Better than Imagine Dragons!

  92. bryan pedrosa

    amazing memories

  93. Gabriele Diana

    I'm in love with this Song :)

  94. Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    So much memories of Stuart Little, so beautiful

    John Skillet

    I know.. I discovered old video tapes in my house and the memories started kickin in. I just find out that there was a third movie. So glad I never watched It. It would've killed my childhood. It's just not the same as the two first movies, you can feel the difference from the trailer..

    Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    @John Skillet Well, the third one was entirely animated but didn't had the same style as the original films that were perfect, besides it was a direct-to-video release without many of the original actors, so it was decent but not as good

    Miss Myoozikal

    Yes! My favorites 😍

  95. Aldagusta

    Stuart little 2

  96. GorilaPvP30-Player OF PvP

    nose pero yo vengo por stuart little 2 alv

  97. ProfesserUniverse

    I have a friend who going through a hard time right now, so I recommended this song to make her feel better

    Mr. Raleigh D.

    ProfesserUniverse why not dmx?

  98. Johnathon Barker

    Great Song :)

  99. Lucas Barbosa

    Stuart Little 2 nostalgia

    Francisco Rojas

    X2 amiko X,D

    Francisco Rojas

    Amén hermano x3