Mandrell, Barbara - Woman To Woman Lyrics

You don't know who this is but...
The reason I'm calling you is because...
I was going through my man's pockets this morning...
And I just happened to find your name and number...
So woman to woman, I don't think it's wrong to call
Now, I don't know how you're gonna take this...
You might even hang up the phone...
But, you see, it really doesn't make any difference...
And it's only fair that I let you know...
That "that man" you've been seeing...
He's mine... and I love him...
So woman to woman I think you'll understand

Woman to woman
If you've ever been in love
Then you know how I feel
And woman to woman
Now if you were in my shoes
Wouldn't you have done the same thing too?

Woman to woman
I've just got to make you see
Woman to woman
That you can't take him from me
Woman to woman
I just can't step aside
And let you take what is rightfully mine

Woman to woman
Right or wrong
I ain't gonna let you break up my happy home
I hope you understand...
I love that man...
And he's mine

Woman to woman
If you've ever been in love
Then you know how I feel
Woman to woman
Now if you were in my shoes
Wouldn't you have done the same thing too?
Woman to woman
I've just can't step aside
And let you take what's rightfully mine

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Mandrell, Barbara Woman To Woman Comments
  1. Carlo Stocchetti

    Moomin brought me here.

  2. Bizarre Is The New Black.

    is anybody NOT here from gmm?

  3. Lucas McCain

    Lordy Barbara looks so incredibly gorgeous!

  4. William Sims

    This not Shirley brown...Nice arrangement...Makes Appealing to different audience

  5. 80z Lady

    That is the way T0 do it!! { Butt I would Say you can have him * HUN * )

  6. Lawanna Williams

    Nice remake Barbara!

  7. Carlo Stocchetti

    moomin brought me here.

  8. Kirwan Tini

    Lol Im 3 years late to the party!! This ones for you barbs!!

  9. A.J. 232737

    The white version to a black song.

  10. Linda Downs

    If Hes Screwing Around Hes Not Happy. And Hes Not Worth Keeping!!! They Always have A Reason Or Excuses!!!

  11. Frank Overman

    If you didnt grow up during this time period.....BOY YOU MISSED WHAT LIFE TRULY WAS SUPPOSE TO BE LIKE.....

  12. Joni Michalski

    Both Versions Are Beautiful

  13. melina romero

    Here because of Rhett GMM 2018

  14. Kathie

    Great example of crossover country.

  15. Mr Spectacals

    The beat is so dope I almost mistaken this song for hip hop.

  16. AlphaTrion92

    I did this for good mythical morning.

  17. RakinBill

    Awesome song for it's time, and is still a great song. Barbara has a great voice, and a lot of great hits.
    Sorry sweetheart, but you do not "own" him. Nor does he "own" you. If you are dumb enough to take him back after finding another woman's number, then that is your fault.
    But hey, to each their own.

  18. Viktor von DOOM

    Hi Tech

  19. Rikki Douglas

    Woman to woman

  20. ludvig nyman

    listen to that intro! godammmmmm

  21. Sophia Cabrera

    Everyone (including me) is here because of rhett listening assignment

    Gary Christiansen

    Not true I'm here to hear a good song. Never even heard of Rhett and whatever GMM is. But I do know Barbara Mandrell sings good country music.

  22. Kyra Smith

    Interesting to see how p much all people have been the same through the millenia
    Though now I think many women, or plain people, would be glad to let their partner go if someone else really wanted them that much, ain't worth the trouble

  23. Beh Urrutule IV

    Yo so much respect for Barbara and for the Hi-Tech people, 70s fuel the 90s hip hop!

  24. Sky Blylevin

    Barbara went black? LOL

  25. Sonja Smith

    Take warning gentlemen

  26. James Middleton

    Old School Country Ballad

  27. Magnolia

    Love her, I was introduced to Barbara when I was 13 by my mum, after all these years she's still amazing.

  28. Lisa Frankel

    Barbara put feeling in this song and she nailed it.

  29. mardonna5187

    Good spin to Shirley Brown song

  30. Tracy77751

    Such good songs.....!

  31. Ageless/Fem-Gem

    some women can't take takes a BIG to make that this song

  32. greenteamangomochi

    I wonder what other music Rhett listens to.

  33. D Rice

    Great song! Great Artist!

    Connie Martin

    also great musician. Barbara plays 7 different instruments PROFICIENTLY.  Check out "Last Dance" on youTube.

  34. Mane Juan


  35. Haley Johnson

    We rlly did do our assignment


    We are such responsible students.

  36. jf2006 mckin

    I just love my fellow mythical beasts, lol!

  37. Spencer W

    This song is basically saying, "Hey, that guy you're banging is mine. Regardless of his cheating and running around I'm going to blame you for trying to destroy my "loving" relationship."

  38. stone sherrill

    i'm from rhett and link's good mythical morning as well. i'm not going to put this on my playlist, but it is good.

  39. sharon k

    I'm here, Rhett

  40. RyanRuinedMusic

    Hello, you don't know who this is, but the reason I'm listening to this is because Rhett told me to. Good Mythical Morning (;

    JeSsIcA Schmidt

    +Ryan R Good mythical morning, fellow mythical beast! ;)

  41. Melodie

    Rhett's wife singing this to Barbara!! :'DDD

  42. allie

    Thanks Rhett

  43. blackfighter99

    homework complete! GMM!!

    Kyle Huang

    what is up with all these gmm people swarming this video

  44. Joey Selvaggio


    Katlyn Goins

    same lol

  45. Amy S

    haha! Looks like some other GMMers took this assignment seriously. :)

  46. rob jackson

    i have this song on a cd

  47. Casey Goodwin

    gmm listening assignment?

  48. July Myers

    hello, fellow good mythical morers


    Hello anonymous stranger who is into the same thing as I am.

  49. niffler09

    human!Barbara and dog!Barbara have the same hairstyle

    Connie Martin

    Remember this was around 1978!  She is a beautiful woman, always has been.

  50. Elizabeth Allenger

    Lol. The stuff I get into during good mythical morning

  51. Lisa Augustin

    shirley brown did sung it better !!!

    Dabigkahuna76 Shabazz

    Yes she did

    Tori V

    Lisa Augustin did you really say "did sung" in your case it would be sang. But if you didn't add the "did" sung would've fitted

  52. Lisa Augustin

    barbara's version is sweet and watered down,

  53. Lisa Augustin

    to me barbara's version was smoooth the other woman did better she put that stuff in it !!! barbara sung it nice and easy, if you want SOUL the original version is better !!!!

  54. Lauren T.

    Found this on 45 today (December 17, 2015) at the local record store. Giving the "other woman" what for in this song

  55. Jerry Cobetto

    Shirley Brown's version of this was nice, but I feel that Barbara just nailed it more. Barbara's version has nicer Major 7th chord changes throughout, as well as a nice groove. Shirley's version was a little too slow (my opinion). I'm sure, though, that others will disagree with me, and that's fine! Music, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder!

    Dabigkahuna76 Shabazz

    Respect your opinion but Shirley Brown own this song hands down

    Shawn Duncan

    I agree with you there. She definitely has the golden touch with music. Her music can definitely take a hold of a person's heart

  56. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard March 4, 1978 ..reached #92

    Kyle Huang

    on the billboard country music charts went to #4

  57. Bryant Martin

    I'm in love with her every chance I get I stop ,& look her up on you tube I am just kidding I don't know what love is yet I haven't been married yet &I'm 47

    Dennis Larson

    women of country are angels

  58. Burn da Rookie

    hi-tech Book of life

  59. Connie Martin

    So awesome, I miss her singing and shows.

  60. myeyesinside out


  61. C M

    this beat is perfection

  62. C T

    I remember this shit on 8 track...unbelievable.  Love her so much!!!!!


    +Cory Taves ....Yep, I have the same old 8-track laying around the garage after all of these years. LMAO. This song is the BOMB when it comes to the deep rooted soul that she could lay down on a record. She had a special talent and it usually showed up in the recording studio. My other favorite is 'The Midnight Oil'

  63. Merengue Lime

    This is ok & I like Barbara Mandrell, but I'm a person who always favors Originals.
    This cover is absolutely no competition for Shirley Brown's original version. The way I see it is if you can't make the song better than it was the first time (which is impossible when the song you're attempting to remake is already perfect), LEAVE IT ALONE!

  64. Chris Gilrath

    Umm uh ah no!!! Epic Fail.

  65. lag3227

    I enjoy BM's version very much, but I also like the more soulful version by Shirley Brown.

  66. HauteMessMom

    shirley brown sang it better

  67. MyJustified

    @housebanks22 Tammy wynette did'nt sing this version, tammy's woman to woman was wrote for her


    There isn't a song in the world that Barbara cannot sing and make her OWN!!

  69. Erich Hoefert

    Barbara Mandrell was the TOTAL package. Looks, sex appeal, voice, personality, like Elvis she had it all! I can appreciate her even more now given the virtual wasteland of talentless "stars" out there today. Got NOTHING on her!

  70. case139

    Wrong song. There was a completely different "Woman To Woman" done by Tammy a few years before this song by Barbara came out.