Mandrell, Barbara - Sleeping Single In A Double Bed Lyrics

Sleeping single in a double bed
Thinking over things I wish I'd said
I should have held you but I let you go
Now I'm the one sleeping all alone, oh
Sleeping single in a double bed
Tossing, turning trying to forget
I could be lying with you, instead
I'm sleeping single in a double bed

I'd pour me a drink, but I'd only be sorry
'Cause drinking doubles alone, don't make it a party
Another sleepless night, and it's the same old story
When you're the only one, at two in the morning

Sleeping single in a double bed
Thinking over things I wish I'd said
I should have held you but I let you go
Now I'm the one sleeping all alone, oh
Sleeping single in a double bed
Tossing, turning trying to forget
I could be lying with you, instead
I'm sleeping single in a double bed

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Mandrell, Barbara Sleeping Single In A Double Bed Comments
  1. Aliçe Spratt

    Sleeping single in a double bed is the the song I truly miss the most.

  2. Ss Russ

    Beautiful lady,,beautiful voice and a great song... this is when songs where songs

  3. quickstanger

    She wrote the song after looking in a mirror one morning and wondering why she was alone again. Even beer goggle's couldn't help her get a man

  4. Marcus Blackwell

    Was born in 2005 but I've heard this since I was a kid & I loved it

  5. Joel Ybarra

    This wasn't really country and that's why I liked it so much!

  6. Terry McKay

    My mother retitled this song to Sleeping Double In A Single Bed. lol

  7. Brian C

    Only One Barbara!


    More like double dealing in a double bed, Heard this on the radio as a kid when it came out, I always thought she’s sleeping single in a double bed either because her man left her for another woman or he caught her cheating on him and he left and the cheater left her too, or could be she just bought a double bed and eagerly wanting someone to fill the other side and make love all night. So which one is it barb? I know back then a lot of best friends was sleeping around with each other’s partners.

  9. Shawn Duncan

    This woman is so beautiful and sweet and sexy. She sure has a beautiful and energetic voice. She is really great. She never lost her touch

  10. steve brown

    Wish I could see the Mandrell Sister Show again. There were some great shows and singers then.

  11. Sharp Shooter

    She has always been on of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on.

  12. Stormy Davis

    This was hardly classic country, but it was part of that crossover movement that was going on at the time, she was/is still 110% Country though.

  13. Snowman374th

    She just made "The Great Playlist" Holding all the great country classics in one place.. Come on by folks. Thanks Humpycub enjoy the hits on this one.. Many people play this list. We miss our country music.
    The Snowman
    Who loves ya Baby!

  14. Amanda Williams

    Today's music is crap, when compared to this awesome sound.

  15. Bobbie Jo Whitener

    I'm living this Song Now 2019😛

  16. Bob Bennett

    Saw her in an episode of Touched By An Angel. She was terrific

  17. Jared Q

    Just heard this on designing women ❤️

  18. Martin Reihart

    The first lady of country Barbra Mandrel sleeping single in a double bed herself

  19. hr95 hr95

    Ann Murray and Barbara come out if retirement we need u!!

    Hank Austin

    for sure!!!

  20. hr95 hr95

    My uncle hecters fav!!!! Manliest man ever but butter when he heard her!!

  21. Jennifer Lambright

    I miss seeing her show. I really miss country songs like this, when life wasn't so complicated

  22. Kristal Price

    My favorite song ...... I miss old school country

  23. francisco mejia

    God blessed us all with her very special talent. My God I thank you.

  24. Miguel Aguirre

    I want to listen to the song High School Lubbock Texas

  25. Debora Vitale

    Barbara mandrel is another favorite Country singer

  26. Margaret Bradley

    Was this filth banned?

    Hank Austin


  27. Leslie Hamilton

    2019 love this

  28. Charles Wallace

    Barbara babe gorgeous country girl

  29. 80srocknroller

    You could learn a lot from a dummy; buckle your safety belt! Vince and Larry brought me here!

  30. OneWay Designs238

    Does anyone else think of Charlene Frazier from Desigining Women while listening to this?

  31. Steven Morrison

    Barbara MANDrill I GOT Hocked ON Your Music Real Fast I MiSS You have Such Talent I pray You are Doing Will / alot Of R&R Your
    SMile Would Brighton My Days
    Barbara God Be with You Til I see
    You Again In Hevan 🙏I only Do it
    For You

  32. Joy Kikta

    Barbara Mandrell, true talent. Awesome

  33. Sharp Shooter

    Very beautiful and talented woman; yet was a plain country girl

  34. Wrights Art Studio

    A little switch on the song i could not get out of my head

    Sleeping double in a single bed
    Grabbing covers while there still some left
    Half asleep and I feel your toes
    Baby don’t you know they are ice cold

    Sleeping double in a single bed
    Grabbing covers while there still some left
    Thinking bout sleeping on the floored
    but it is hard and made of boards

  35. Rodney Crosby


  36. Jim Erickson

    They use this to torture terrorists in prison !

  37. Terrence Ragin

    This Black Man remembers and loved Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters

    Cherie' Kimbrough

    So does this Black Woman. I loved the variety show she had with her sisters on Saturday nights.

    Hank Austin

    @Cherie' Kimbrough same here Cherie!

  38. A.J. 232737

    I first head this song on the show," Designing Women."

  39. swainson southern hot mess

    Just loved this one when I was growing up.....I was FORCED to listen to country music growing up...... thank you Dad... now that I am older I have learned to appericate country music alot more.

  40. _CountryFan06 _

    Love Barbara

  41. Jorge Martinez

    1969 through what it's. 2019

  42. curtis grupe

    i remember this song well she sure was hot

  43. Jorge Martinez

    I'm on a catchy in a rainy blame of nights of love

  44. linda petersen

    HAS GONE ON SINCE 70's SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW BUT 60thousand dollars no no no way !!!

  45. BenjiXAddictX4Ever

    Here because of Charlene singing this in a magic marker. :D❤

  46. Ally Kitty

    My nana had this on a record and played it when I was a kid ❤️

  47. Arlene Bowers

    A true Queen of country music!

  48. lovemuffin1963

    I have this album not cd the actual album/

  49. Daniel Smith

    I got a autograph
    Pitcher of Barb oh how I love her singing

  50. love is hard to find who cares love is not real

    yes it is true

  51. Zack Jones

    Love ya Miss Barbara !

  52. Kyle S.

    Good song but it’s NOT country! You can put clothes on a dog and call it a human but it’s still a dog.

  53. dennis kelsey

    This is true country music. Not like the music today.

    billy Richey

    That's right

  54. Dave Overholt

    The great Barbara Mandrell, loved her and the sisters on the TV show back in the 70's.

    B B

    The Mandrell Show! Me too!

  55. Adolph Lopez

    well Barbara Mandrell, if you're sleeping in a double bed, I would like to first married you, then you might also want me to also share that double bed with you.

  56. Adolph Lopez

    that Barbara Mandrell is the most beautiful country singing hillbilly woman artist in the world. even more beautiful and sexier than Dolly Parton.

  57. Dave Overholt

    Still play this song often after 40 years. Great talent!

  58. Az desert gray

    I didn't care for country music until Barbara started her television show. Thank you Barbara for ALL your musuc!!!!

  59. Dave Overholt

    Still a classy lady, play her tunes often.

  60. Jean Hatfield

    ah I love this gal....

  61. Nicole Brown

    good old country

  62. Michael Ingram

    love Barbara mandrell awesome song

  63. Andulas is

    lol i always thought she sang steven seagule

  64. Chef Danger

    Its like a mix of country and disco.

  65. TamA Raahh

    I remember my mom singing to this with my dad in earshot,,,,now I sing it~some nights to myself! LoL~

  66. Katherine Hollada

    Love Barbara!

  67. Paul Ho

    Yeah...The only way this wonderful lady slept single in a double bed would have been by choice.

  68. Juanita Buron

    i tried to NOT LET HIM GO, he distracted me by saying he was just friends with "lucy", "pippy longstockings" & someone else. What do ya'll think of that? That was 5months ago out of 17yrs+

  69. Tami Giggles

    And im perfectly fine with it

  70. Calvin Patterson

    I have 2 kittens for sale 10$ each

  71. Calvin Patterson

    I have 1kid

  72. ThisGuy Here

    I bet that's how Anna Faris is feeling, now that Chris Pratt is out of the picture! Sleeping single in a double bed!

  73. Juanita Buron

    remember the show

  74. Lynn Barns

    The Mandrell Sisters Every. Single. Week. Miss those days!

  75. Magnolia

    Lol as a 14 year old new singer in the mid 80s try explaining this song to a band.. lol... it's called what?

  76. Daniel Bennett

    good song.But,too short

  77. Gargamel Goodbread

    This is as country as Madonna is rock and roll.


    Gargamel Goodbread

    So. I read the whole thing, and see no argument as to why she is rock and roll, or worthy of rock and roll status. Not when there are actual rockers being left out of the RRHOF. If you want to make it the "Pop Music" hall of fame--fine.


    I could not care less, just thought it humorous. Arguing over whether it's country or pop or rock just doesn't matter. I have removed "country" from the classification. Peace out.

    Nick Doneilo

    In the late 1970's and early 1980's, this WAS country. A good portion of the hits were crossover pop hits. You still had the "outlaw movement" going during this time which was more of a country "feel", but this was very popular country crossover music. It's a shame that today, the two can't be mixed together to sound this good. It's called country, but it's just plain garbage if you ask me.

  78. Sherrie Stoudt

    the first time I've heard Barbara mandrel i really like her song's.

  79. william edwards

    a true lady with class so sexy

  80. ditsyquoin

    Most bed manufacturers in 2016 no longer make double beds. They consider them too small to accommodate two adults as they are only 54" wide which is the same size as two crib mattresses. A king size bed is the equivalent width of two twin beds. The double bed is now considered only comfortable for a single adult or an adult and a small child or pet. Do couples no longer like to spoon? Sounds like Barbara foretold the future. Would Sleeping Single in a King Size Bed have the same pop?

  81. Joel Downer

    My daughter was 3 years old when this song was popular. She loved this song and could sing the lyrics perfectly... My wife and I thought it was hilarious, given the message and the lyrics... We discouraged her from singing it when the rest of the family was around.... The Mandrell sisters are all very talented and we enjoyed watching them on "The Barbara Mandrell Show"

  82. Justin W

    This is more pop than country. It sounds more like something from the 50's or 60's it has a very retro feeling to it.


    However she did a great job

  83. Iveta Škrháková

    hezký rytmus, ok song

  84. Armando Gonella

    FROM A S T I ( ITALY )

  85. Andytripod61

    Barbra, if you had not been talking back to me or listening to me as Well when we we together then you might not have to be sleeping single in a double pull yourself together girl..I miss you baby☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

    Ludwig Booth

    shut up

  86. Candice T.

    I love this song

  87. Samuel Sheneman

    Now Days a woman just jumps to the next man, especially if he has money.

    Keith Freeland

    Samuel Sheneman yep

    Linda Laird

    Now a days Men and Women practice indiscriminate sex , and attach nothing to it but their own wants and needs without regard for consequences!

    Daniel Hammond

    Very true

    Ann Karin Bruaset

    oh,,noooo,,you got it wrong...we don't jump in anyones bed,,,,just for one night pleasure,,,,,,,,,,,we want more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  88. Patrick Krier

    Country music KICKED ARSE in the late 70s/early 80s. Now UGGGGHHHHH!!

    Sigmund the Papillon

    @countrygirl countrymusiclover when you post in all caps, it doesn't make your OPINION any more correct or important. And it makes people like me not read it and skip to the comments to rag on you. Cheers.


    Believe it or not, there is still some great country music out there, unfortunately it's not commercialized. Check out these artists, trust me, if you like traditional country, you'll love them:

    Willow Osborne:

    Hillary Klug:

    Besides being great, traditional country musicians, they're pretty easy on the eyes, too. ;)

    Jimmie Wright

    Good memories

    Jimmie Wright

    @Nick Doneilo yes nothing like the older country


    I agree Patrick. Today's country doesn't touch me at all. Keyboards, claps, oohs & ahhs just don't get to me.
    I mean it all has to be done right of course. But I've heard many great songs. Country lost it's way. The writers are gone folks. Many passed on. Many gave it up. That leaves new writers bound by copyrights and so on. It's really tough. I wrote and play but not sure if even I am crossing lines. We need better controllers. Now we only have those pop lovers. Eating it all up. Killing the heart of millions daily. lol

  89. Starguard !

    39 insomniacs did not like this song

  90. Deborah Evans

    Awesome lady ,just love listening to her sing .

  91. Maryjosaphina Kelly.Lynch

    Sleeping single in a double bed...nice song....

  92. ibuprofenPill

    Even back then, this song was a really a pop crossover.

    Diana Turner

    yea is is

  93. discovery781

    sounds like the captain and tennile


    yes if you overlay these two songs there you go Captain and Tennile (love will keep us together)

    C Romero

    I coulda sworn that it was when I heard the start. I don't kno which one I like better. This one hits nice tho

    Penelope Pitstop

    Never thought of that before, but I can see that. Did you know since your post, the Captain died?

  94. CyRox98

    I never EVER get tired of listening to this song!  It's been my favorite since I first heard it on the radio as a 9 year old kid.  

    For those who think this isn't country - this WAS country back then.  The genre has changed probably half a dozen times since then.  This, in fact, was one of the most massive country hits of the late 70s and launched Barbara into superstardom.

    Joseph Newsome

    CyRox98 k

    Kyle S.

    CyRox98 You can put clothes on a dog, but that doesn’t make it human.

    Elizabeth Zalewski

    This is def country! She was country when country wasn’t cool!


    Love Will Keep Us Together part 2! In a few years they'll be saying that Sam Hunt WAS country back then. He isn't any more than this is. It's pop.

  95. bluebluevortex

    It's funny that sleeping single in a double bed might be thought immoral. I would think that sleeping double in a single bed would be immoral. Just kidding. I love this song and the singer.

  96. Wayne D

    just plain good country


    I am actually surprised this wasn't a Top 10 hit on the "pop" charts. It is very catchy... "ayind nawt tew cuntry"...

  97. Carl Loud

    A classic song from the Golden Age of country music performed by one of its biggest stars! Back in those days you wouldn't find me anywhere else but in a C&W bar or club. Anybody out there from the southern New Jersey area who remembers places like Eugene's, The Bears Den, The Lions Den, Hamilton B&G and last but not least... Cedarwood? Ah...they were the best of times.

  98. Big DogCountry

    1978-1982 was a snapshot in time for country. Every song was 2 minutes, they all had the same signature sound.  

    Tom Anderson

    @Big DogCountry You are right all the songs have the same theme, same beat, etc.

  99. MRBEACH50

    Love this song

  100. MsKim14

    Good song; brings back memories. I was just a little girl. My older brother was living at home and in college, but he still had to sneak listening to pop or country on the radio. Our parents were super-strict, and popular music wasn't allowed. My mom used to say that this song was immoral, and I didn't even understand what she was talking about! Sometimes I think we had the strictest parents in America.


    No, watch "The Virgin Suicides", now THOSE parents are strict. Seriously though, I feel bad for all kids who have ridiculously strict parents who actually think music will harm them in some way! LOL

    Harley Weedwax

    @MsKim14 Black Guy/ son of two pastors... no videos music or movies that contained cussing nudity etc... had to sneak and listen to any non gospel music, although I got to hear stuff like this occasionally because of travel on hwy with parents to revivals etc...could rarely even attend sports functions let alone dream of playing on the team....could barely leave the yard..I know your pain

    J Ja

    +MsKim14 i bet you're a naughty adult. daddy's little girl's been a bad little girl :)