MandoPony - Wake The Spirits Lyrics

Don't you worry
I know you're far
But I'll travel far
Across the sea

Don't you worry
I know you're scared
But I'll fight on
Until I'm there

I'll ride the wind, tame the ocean and the waves
Darling just hold on until the break of day,

I will face my fears, I'll wake the spirits
Adventure calls and I will answer
Winds are howling, can't you hear it?
My song is on the air
I will face my fears, I'll wake the spirits
Adventure calls and I will answer
Winds are howling, can't you hear it?
I will soon be there...

I won't rest a day
Until you're safe at home
But the winds are guiding me
All across the world

I'll bring power back
To this legendary blade
I'll make my ancestors proud
With my sails unfurled

And I'll join these salty pirates,
They'll help me find my way
So darling just hold on until the break of day

I will face my fears, I'll wake the spirits
Adventure calls and I will answer
Winds are howling, can't you hear it?
My song is on the air
I will face my fears, I'll wake the spirits
Adventure calls and I will answer
Winds are howling, can't you hear it?
I will soon be there...

I will face my fears, I'll wake the spirits
Adventure calls and I will answer
Winds are howling, can't you hear it?
My song is on the air
I will face my fears, I'll wake the spirits
Adventure calls and I will answer
Winds are howling, can't you hear it?
I will soon be there...

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MandoPony Wake The Spirits Comments
  1. Katherine Fisher

    I love this song and I love link

  2. PurpleJessie

    Wish this beautiful song can have more views because you've truly outdone yourself with this beautiful piece and many others too of course

  3. Istas Hu

    hears first first 10 seconds of song
    "I like this song already"

  4. Hugo Lassus

    Wind waker is my favorite but I hate this music because it's too sad for me

  5. niels teinhart


  6. AwesomeTeen Productions

    This is an amazing song

  7. Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation

    If there were ever any Zelda movies made, I'd hire you for the soundtrack, like the background music, and songs for the opening and ending credits, and if it were a musical, the musical numbers.

  8. slingching33

    This song is the reason I bought wind waker

  9. King Namor 777

    The so amazing and awesome. Then I seen last pic of WW Link sister and I had the feels because. He was fighting for her😍😊😂

  10. ThatRandomGamer

    Can you please put a link to download for android please

  11. pako 1

    Wonder if he'll do Breath of the Wild song.

  12. Grimphantom99 InsaneEndermanGaming

    I loved the pictures in the beginning and at the end
    Also the song awsome job keep it up👍🌅⛵

  13. TheKeitaNobodyAskedFor

    This song is underrated

  14. Rosa María Sabater Sánchez

    A beautiful song for a beautiful game. It's my favorite Zelda game with Minish Cap. <3

  15. Niels I Wunki

    Why is this song so awesome?! Why is it so motivating?!

  16. Totoro939

    I beg you, please make a Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time song! Lon Lon Ranch is nice, but it's just about the ranch, not the journey that Link goes on through the game like what you did with this song! Please make an Ocarina of Time song! PLEASE!

  17. Mangle Foxy

    An awesome song for my favorite Zelda game! :D

  18. Mangle Foxy


  19. RedNinja258 Gaming

    im sad, this was removed from soundcloud T.T


    +RedNinja258 Gaming I never put it on soundcloud, so whoever did actually stole it

    RedNinja258 Gaming

    MandoPony oh ok, well that sucks, sorry to hear that, also amazing song, love it!!!

  20. Aris Marie

    I believe that this is Toon Link singing this to Zelda? Because he called someone "Darling". And in the Windwaker, Link expresses a LOT of emotions with Zelda/Tetra. And he also speaks in this song about protecting someone like: "I won't rest until you're safe and sound at home". Or, he's just dedicating it to his sister.

  21. Bi Sabor


  22. Abi Booth

    is link an elf

  23. Mario Party Wars

    Oh my goodness!!! Such an amazing song!!! You rock Andy!!!

  24. William Rivera

    Hi mandopony, I’m love your amazing songs that I thought you can make a song for my plushie series season 4 finale part 3 call... The run,
    Here the lyrics for the song..

    We’re gonna get killed by team octolings
    But they can’t get us because we’re running away...
    Faster than that boom sonic
    I can run..........
    But I can’t hide,

    I will find a way to hide and get out of this mess
    But that team is like the majora’s mask
    And boy I need a milk and cookies on a snackie
    But I’m better than ever!
    Team octolings will wiz their pants because I’m punch them in the nuts
    Oh yeah!!!!!!

    We got mini burgers zombie invasion but stop by.... chicken nuggets? (Wait, oh yeah...)
    I’m never going stop running, because I’m a runner
    We’re gotta go fast
    That octolings will ink her octopus pants off
    Oh yeah!!!!!!!
    And we might found a hideout!

    They will never stop chasing us!!!!
    Even know I got control by the PlayStation 4.........……… I was free...............
    This is crazy-er than the big bad stuff (X2 big bad stuff)
    I gotta keep running!!!!!!
    Gotta make a long jump off a cliff or something?
    That team is better than that showhole
    And we finally got away!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like the song mandopony? If you gonna need some art for it, I might post art for it on DeviantArt I edit the link if it posted...

  25. Ya Boi

    it would be amazing if you could try your hand at a breath of the wild song

  26. GamGam the Great

    Hey can you make a karaoke thing for this ((if not thats fine heck just ignore me if so! *hides in corner playing some video game))

  27. Colfdra Legend


  28. Dylan Mcgehee

    Wow. I decided to check out more of your music after hearing you'll be playing for NWTB in the Cool and Good Tour. I'm so glad I found this. Windwaker was one of the greatest games of my childhood, and hearing a song about it now in 2017 brings so much joy and nostalgia to my heart. This is beautiful.

  29. Zanar Naryon

    Disney, hire this guy


    This makes me sad for some reason.

  31. Unbothered Lil Meow Meow Stan

    You like Windwaker too 😮?!?!?!?!

  32. Jinx Reacts!

    Wind Waker was the best Zelda game in my opinion. it had a great story. I loved it.... I bought a gamecube just to play the game again.

  33. Kirby The Puffball

    I may not have childhood memories of LoZ, but this song made me feel like I really did played all LoZ games.

  34. FlR3 F0X

    Oh gosh... that end picture I wanna cry now...

    This song sure woke my spirits... :P

    Okay, I'll go now.

  35. Habram Garcia

    One for skyward sword please

  36. Eclipse Moonstone

    Oh my god when I saw the second picture at 3:47, only one sentence came out of my mouth,

    that sentence was: Daaaaaaaaawww, that's so cute!

  37. UnovaKid 24

    this is really awesome!

  38. girl error

    mandopony I LOVE IT💋💋😊😊😄😄😄😄😄

  39. Keri Carter

    Link and aryll look so cute!>-<

  40. 05 council

    More zelda

  41. Melody Moore

    Could you make one for Phantom Hourglass???

  42. Sans 1000 Trys

    the frist zelda ......... i ever ....... pla-yed whhhhy am i sturing (crying) 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😔😭😭😭😭😭

  43. TheNerdy Kitty

    Definitely my favorite Zelda game :)

  44. Jonah Toons tv

    is he singing this to his sister

  45. wardog 1220

    I love this version of link because he has the most personally, you really start to cheer him on while you control him throughout the game.

  46. evan

    im nearing the Midway point of Windwaker HD and it is definitely my favorite Zelda game

  47. DJ0421

    I like the way the water is animated

  48. Austin G

    Is this for tetra or aryll

  49. Shen I guess

    can we have a instramental of this

  50. Roseblossom9029

    This game holds many fond memories for me. My brother and I would often bond through video games. I used to watch him play games, especially Zelda games. I remember this game most clearly. I also remember going to a Zelda orchestral concert for his birthday. This song actually made me cry a little out of the fond memories, and the tone and lyrics really hit home as I think of time spent with my brother.
    Beautiful song, wonderful melody,. Gonna listen a hundred times XD

  51. CarsonTheCook

    Medli = Best LoZ girl.

  52. Pokeypug

    I honestly feel like as if this song fits every Toon Link game. It just feels like that to me. Link faces his fears, and adventures until he covers every single spot.

  53. jakedotexe

    right clicks play button clicks loop your welcome

  54. GhiraLink

    Can you someday please do a Twilight Princess song about Prince Ralis and his mother?
    He has such an underrated story. Also is he an underrated character.

  55. Dollarama

    the day is so pretty
    the grass IS green...
    shit i forgot my sister

  56. Will the Inspector

    Who else wants an instrumental of this? (raises my hand)

    Icecream Sundae


  57. rick mignona

    this is a great song that im.amazed no one has made a animation for. you sir have earned my subscription

  58. the 5 personas

    do you care when people make synthesia tutorials of your songs?

  59. someone

    I dunno if you take requests or not, but if you do, can you please make a Don't Starve song?

  60. Knuckles

    Omg this was great. There's not a song of yours that I haven't liked. Keep up the good work dude!!!

    Icecream Sundae

    same here except from the Chica song...

  61. Calandra Chapman

    Hey, do you think you could maybe make a Four Swords song? That would be awesome.


    dammit why does this make me cry?

  63. Ultra Nova

    3:41 Man this song is go- oh no, please feels train, don't run me ove- (Gets run over by feels train) WHY DID THIS HAVE TO BE TRANSPORTING ONIONS AND SWORDS!

  64. Humble Shipper

    Is a twilight princess song on your list? I'm not sure if you've made one yet (I should probably go look) but you could do an interesting sort of lullaby from Midna's point of view telling the story of the game through her eyes.

    This was just a little idea I came up with and thought I would share with you. You are free to use it for my song making capabilities aren't the best ^^

  65. Kevino Casino

    It's funny how I'm in the middle of playing wind water HD and this comes out 😂

  66. ItzDodgeBoi

    its an amazing song i never knew he made Legend of Zelda songs because Legend of Zelda is my most favorite game

  67. Shadowfire Dragon

    children are dieing cant you hear it on the air

  68. Marie S

    Random odd question. would you ever considering transposing this into a piano piece and selling the sheet music? because I would buy the heck out of this.

  69. Zach 22

    ive played this game for so long

  70. SunnySolero

    Thanks to you and your wife for sharing your talent and passion with us. Both the song and the artwork are absolutely amazing. Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)

  71. Ashley_

    My feels are exploding out of my soul.

  72. AngelVSDemonCosplay

    i love this song Andy!!

  73. Amanda Slough

    Wonderful, and definitely a different direction, it fits more overall than just wind waker. Would you be a tease and touch back with your origins? I'd love to see a song with your take on Starlight Glimmer/Sunset Shimmer with this mentor-student thing going on in the show. Maybe from Spike's perspective or Sunburst's? Or a discord song, that would be just fun all around.

  74. Sarah Burns


  75. GoCreative _

    U can hear a portion of the instrumental at the end

  76. TheHigh Flyer

    next time you do a legend of Zelda song you should make it on twilight princess

  77. A plant

    I would love to see you cover "Git It(Feed me)" from little shop of horrors

  78. Macaron

    And those are some of my favourite songs made by you! :D

  79. Macaron

    5 seconds into the song and I already love it, this is actually better (in my opinion) then Just 3 Days and Noticed combined!

  80. Filip Lusth

    Im sorry but the lyrics are really good but not really your singing in this song

  81. Mr. Stabby

    I just gotta say. I love your creativity. There were so many directions you could have taken this song and you still made it your own. I realize that not everyone is pleased with the risks you take with your songs but your songs show just what can be created and how it doesn't have to be limited in tone or style. I'm sure you feel uneasy every time you work on a song, wondering if it will live up to what you have already made, but I just have to say I love that you take risks in music. Not too many artists of all kinds are willing to do that. So thank you for being brave and being yourself.



  83. Rachele Henderson

    amazing i knew i would love it from the first few words

  84. Swanii

    This song is perfect, I'm going to buy it <3

  85. Olive Oil

    This one is beautiful, I can't...
    I love song like these, it makes me feel close to the sea.

  86. Zeld

    This may be my favorite song made by you

  87. EmilyJiss

    In my opinion in your songs there is a sense,and therefore I have a positive attitude to your work,good luck to you in the performance of =З

  88. victeldo

    I just got this game

  89. Dr. Pew

    Biiiig BROTHERRR!?!?

  90. Icecream Sundae

    Okay I converted it to Minecraft Story Mode... it's Lukas singing to Jessie or Petra depending on who you ship him with... And he's waking the FNAF spirits cause Freddy Fazbears Pizza is in Minecraftia too XD sorry you can leave if you think I'm crazy

  91. oh no

    Oh my god this is so wicked like most of your songs :3 you should have more subs

  92. Les Burteurs

    +MandoPony Hello MandoPony is it okay if we use your fnaf songs on our channel? Our channel is Les Burteurs we talk frnech and we have 64 subs and yea that's all we wanted to say.

    Les Burteurs

    +MandoPony Please respond

  93. Candy Andy

    You are best :-)
    Your songs are best:-)

  94. 8BitDynamite

    Bruh, im a new fan and this song was uploaded just as i started to replay wind waker and its probably one of my favorite songs.

  95. ProbablyNotKim

    Man I love this song.
    10/10 would mash replay again.

  96. Campfire

    As always, a great song by Mando

  97. The Blind Sniper

    does anyone know if he plans on making more overwatch songs? I know it's a little old but they're still some of my favorite songs

  98. Skull Kid

    So, I created a youtube account after a decade to tell you I like your work.

    Keep Ni no Kuni in mind.