MandoPony - This Far Lyrics

I don't think
I can take
One more step
Down this lonely road

And I never thought this would be easy
I never dreamed too big
I just thought by now
Maybe somehow, I'd at least be proud
Of coming this far
This far

Was it all worth it?
What lessons have I learned?
What more will I hold inside
When I finally return?
To the place that I call home
Where I still feel just as alone
As I do right now

On the grass
Looking up
Waiting to wake up and make sense
Of this dream I've begun

I may be the very best
I've battled everyone
But I don't know where to turn
Now that I'm done

I want to be more
Than I thought I could
I want to feel
Like I've done some good
I just thought by now
Maybe somehow, I'd at least be proud
Of coming this far

I rose to the top
But I lost who I was
I reached for the stars
And I feel like I'm falling down

I want to be more
Than I thought I could
I need to know
That I've done something good
And I thought by now
Maybe somehow, I'd at least be proud
Of coming this far
This far

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MandoPony This Far Comments
  1. Alisha Unwin

    Sings about filling alone*
    Richu: am I a joke to u

  2. Killcie 76

    Honestly this is what it feels like when you complete any games

  3. Emmze EE

    This song is so magical and heartwarming!!! Love you and your work man 😭😭😭

  4. Dark Dragon

    2019 and this still makes me sad

  5. HermitCrab Guy

    I'mm playing this in a playlist as I play pokemon planet and I start crying....damn I forgot how good this song is

    Denny's Nightmare

    Pokemon Planet ? Is that a fangame I never heard of ?

    HermitCrab Guy

    @Denny's Nightmare yeah it is pretty fun

  6. Karm.a

    Me after I complete literally every Pokemon game (even Pokedex and stuff).

  7. StraightOuttaAttitude

    Petition to have this song play on the credits of the very last episode of the very last Pokemon show

  8. GoogleGanerGirl 2002

    Mando, you sing amazingly and all your songs bring emotion to me, from your sad and vengeful fnaf songs to the calm of Lon Lon ranch to this song! Just amazing

  9. Dragon King22

    Well, just as I though this is summing up how I feel right now.

  10. Bear Kovac

    SHUT UP, I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING *curls up into a ball on the ground*

  11. Lilliac

    Only took pokemon 4 more years after this was published for Ash to win a national league lol

  12. Herbie

    I love this song! It’s sad and beautiful but it’s also just plain awesome.

  13. Chloe Little

    If Disney made a Pokémon movie this would be something ash would sing

  14. PurpleJessie

    2019 anyone?

  15. Timber Maniac

    The ending of this reminds me of the end of My Immortal by Evanescence. It took me forever to figure out what song it was. That's been over a decade now. And even this is 4 years old, I guess.

  16. Fatterhorner

    Me after completely paying off my house loan in Animal Crossing

  17. I love fnaf

    I almost cried listening to this song

  18. Oddly Allaway

    You travel on a journey with your Pokémon to grow and experience the world. Your Pokémon are a reflection of you, their strength is a measure of your growth and determination. At the end of the day, after all the battles, make sure to go back home and show your mother your 6 new family members.

  19. Riku Tepes

    they should use this song on the end of pokemon dectetive pikachu

  20. Mythix Shadowclaw

    You can literally replace riachu with any pokemon and the song still holds the same emotion in my mind I replace Riachu with shadow my partner umbreon that I love to death and took to the elite four in soul silver

  21. Riku Tepes

    im just getting sad about Richu

  22. Anthony Carlton

    this song made me cry

  23. Trap

    You know, this song could also be attributed to growing up. I first heard this when I was 9 years old. I'm 14 now, and everything has changed, and I've grown so much. But where now? I want to be more than I thought I could. I want to feel like I've done some kind of good. How does someone who has tons of ambition but no vision keep moving on?

    Anyway, its been a long road and i have an even farther one ahead of me. Its surreal, you know? My childhood is behind me now and whats next? Maybe I'll come back in another 4 years and ask if I'm proud. This comment has devolved into wors vomit. Bye

  24. Ultgamer cw

    Here after detective Pikachu.

  25. Cloe Cullen

    This totally explains a different aspect of pokemon and you totally nailed Mandopony and I love all your music keep up the good work. Sometimes your life goals don't always turns out the way you want them to do. And I always wondered what If Ash becomes the very best? What else has he to live for? That's basically the whole plot of pokemon and even though I love pokemon more of the old stuff I really can't get into the new animation sorry sun and moon fans. Basically the song is the realistic sense of pokemon and I really appreciate that.

  26. PokeVids

    so THAT'S why Red is just standing at the top of that mountain looking depressed...
    (just making a comment-y comment to gently wipe the tears off your face from listening to this beautiful song)

  27. Charjabugsarebest :3

    This changed my entire perspective of pokémon forever.

  28. SillyZoZo

    You have the voice of a Angel!!!😭😭😭

    Terraristit 3

    Well if you think *this* is the voice of an angel, I reccomend watching "Nothing can hurt me" by Mandopony. Now *that* is a voice of an angel.

  29. smeargle is best

    Please make a pikmin song

  30. Cory's Schnitzel

    I used to listen to this a few years ago and I still remember writing the text down out of my mind to learn English (English isn't my first language) and get it all correctly!
    I can still remember the text ...

  31. multi- blaster

    I kind of like to imagine this is ash after finishing his journey and finally become a Pokémon master, and all the people he's had to leave behind to complete his journey, just a neat idea.

  32. FNaF WORLD


  33. crowjokes

    oh my god so nostalgic for this gem

  34. TheMajestic

    "We do not really feel grateful toward those who make our dreams come true; they ruin our dreams." -Eric Hoffer

  35. Owen DeCarlo

    ouf my feelings

  36. Krakenade

    -Released on 2015

    -One of my favorite Pokémon songs on 2019

  37. Cookie studio Production

    This song is how I felt when I beat my first Pokémon game ever and felt empty inside when I hade nothing left to do but sit at the league chair thingy

  38. Luigi Fun Time

    Awesome song and it remind me when I watch the smurf 2 when he was so sad that he miss me so much so I have to come back and visit him anytime I want because I’m become a Pokémon Master Trainer in let’s go pikachu on my Nintendo Switch

  39. Lexi Stewart

    This song describes how it feels to beat any pokemon game whether new or old

  40. Monotail

    Charmander, Cubone, Piplup, Chimchar,Tortwig, Zorua and Lucario... they will forver be my companions for ive been a trainer since Ruby Sapphire/ Daimond Pearl. Forever a trainer at heart

  41. Final Hero

    After you beat all the Pokemon games

  42. AWKWRD

    So much emotion... Raichu is also my favorite and when I hear it, it reminds me of myself...😌

  43. Anthony David

    Y’know, I think there’s a little stroke of genius to this song. Nowadays, everyone seems to aim to be the very best, uncontested at the top of the it seems that such a goal is a gilded dream. Think about the games this song was based off of. Unlike real life, Pokémon presents you with a chance to rise to the top, to be the very best. You blast through your first trainer battle, stand up confidently to every gym leader and win, send the evil team careening into ruin, power through the elite four, and try over and over again against the seasoned champion, finally to reach the uncontested peak. Then what? You may have a roaming legendary to catch, some friends to rematch, a few competitive rounds at the Battle Frontier. You may be attached now to the loyal team that got you as far as you did. But you don’t know what to do with yourself after you step for the first time into that hall of fame. Eventually you put the game down, move on to something else. Now, what would that look like in real life? The day you would become the forever-number-one in your craft, what do you do when you reach that dead-end pinnacle? What do you abandon when you’ve gotten bored and tired of it all? ...I guess we’re lucky, then, that we live in a world where that’s unattainable. All we can be is better, and I think I appreciate that a little more now. After all, at least “better” has no limit, right?

  44. Night Star

    You want to be the very best? More like you want to be the very best but question if its really worth being the very best in the end

  45. Sketchy Skies

    I was watching a sad part of a video,and the song fit with what was happening...

  46. Sketchy Skies

    I’m not even a Pokémon player,and this made me sad.

  47. Krakenade


    Cookie studio Production

    We’re all crying and if they aren’t then they have have no soul

  48. Kxrxmx O'Brien

    i love all you song

  49. 8Bittis

    I'm not crying okay? ;)

  50. Clock_Wolf94

    I’m actually crying so hard

  51. Joanna Mysluk

    I will sing this (um, a bit modified) at my graduation.

  52. -ThatThereDelibird-

    "I thought by now, maybe somehow, I'd at least be proud." that line is far more powerful than expected.

  53. Renz Sibal

    || We Finally Reached This Far Raichu... ||

  54. William Afton

    Wow I just cried for 15 minuets

  55. Chicken Sauce

    I haven’t heard this song in like 2 and a half years lol; brought back way too many emotions and memories at once and I cried lol.

  56. erin noll

    is this a lullabe

  57. erin noll

    the feels it hurts

  58. Hina Williams

    This song is how i feel about my Pikachu from Yellow version <3

  59. Rocks star dash

    This song should be played at my funeral!

    Cookie studio Production

    Rocks star dash and mine

  60. Jeff Woods

    This is like a musical XD

  61. DDanoniem

    How can you dislike this

    Konstantinos Vathilakis

    DDanoniem I don't even know...

  62. Caspian T.B

    Makes the most stone hearted person (me) want to cry

  63. Boblington


  64. Yellow shy guy

    IV noticed all of your songs are sad, they are the best songs IV ever herd

  65. imnotcrazy

    mando pny a amazing singer the best one I know who can turn a pokemon game which is supposed to be ffull of fun jokes and action into a song that makes you uestion literally your entire existence

  66. Beef boy

    Let’s play this at pokemon brick bronzes funeral

  67. T'gamer Hc

    Hey, who put this bowl of cut onions here?

  68. LpsDerpaDerp

    the pokemon company needs to notice this

  69. DanteTheCamel

    i can imagine ash in a bar drinking and listening to this song after hes THE VERY BEST TRAINER

  70. supergamer 1900

    when your done than what are you going to do

  71. supergamer 1900

    make more pokemon😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  72. Tahlia W

    Can you do a female version of this song please

  73. Wolf hacker wolfie


  74. Hannah Sisk

    picachu evolved!? :0

  75. Beatriz Duarte

    This is a sad song....I wish pokemon were real.I wish anime was reality already ;--;

  76. Shelly Drake

    Disney vibes
    Like if you agree

  77. BooperSuper

    You don't need to be a pokemon player to like this song.

  78. Chips are Really good dude


  79. Asterine uwu

    This hits any pokemon fan from gen 1,2,3,4,5,6and7 i miss my team 😢

  80. Ka Cheung

    very emotional

  81. RecyclingbinACK

    im crying

  82. Avalin Gamer 111

    GOD DAMMIT Why am I crying at a freaking pokemon song?! So sad well done dude another masterpiece.

  83. Thewafflegaming

    Is this kid depressed or something?

  84. Yeetonidas the great

    I can't listen to this and not have flashbacks...

  85. NekoLuicario Moon

    *Watching video with shade's on and a tear runs down cheek*

    Random person: Are you crying?

    Me: N-No.... I-i just got something in my eye's, t-that's why i'm wearing shades..... N-Not crying at all

    Random person: Alright if you say so *Walks away*

    Me: *Takes off shade's and wipe's away tears* G-God dang it..... And I-I told myself I wouldn't cry too... *Chuckles and smiles while tears runs down face*

  86. Aaron Dutton

    I watched the animal crossing one before this one and im not crying yet

  87. Coraline Jones

    WARNING: THIS IS LONG, AND PROBABLY A CONFUSING COMMENT! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! (Doubt MandoPony would see this, but who cares? XD) Sorry if there are misspells in the comment, or something.

    ... Well, *this* song hurt my heart.
    ... I don't even know if this comment is funny or sad.
    ... Am I possibly bipolar? Who knows? I know who knows... God. XD
    Anyway, I loved this song very much. You did an awesome job, MandoPony.
    You are my favorite FNaF songwriter as well.
    If I had to say who my favorite Pokemon songwriter was, it would be Trickywi, if you know who she is. (You probably do.)
    She was featured in one of VideoGameRapBattles' FNaF rap songs. Which is the forth FNaF rap song, I think.
    *You* were also featured in one of his FNaF rap songs too, if you remember. It's called "Sprung the Springtrap". I love that rap song! :D
    "For one final job, you have triggered your fate. He's far worse than the monsters you'll hallucinate. You're just one of us, now there's nowhere to go. Because you've sprung the Springtrap, now you're part of the show. You've landed the part, you are our new co-star. You don't *quite* fit the suit, time for a change of heart. This is your home now, forget what you know. You've sprung the Springtrap, now you're part of the show!..."
    And that was honestly the first FNaF rap song I heard from him. And I never knew that it was featuring you. Until later on when I decided to listen to an FNaF song playlist while sleeping, I once heard that song, and I was like: "That sounds familiar..." Then I heard *you* singing, and I was like: "Wait, that sounds like MandoPony." Then I looked at my computer screen, then saw what the video title was, and I was like: "Oh my stars, I never knew MandoPony was featured in this song!"
    ... This is probably a confusing comment. And quite a long one. Maybe I should put a warning saying: "WARNING: THIS IS A LONG/CONFUSING COMMENT" There. I put the warning up! ... Wait... this is making the comment longer, isn't it? Oh boy. Why me?
    Anyway, so, yeah, I'm weird, I know...
    GOTTA GO FAST! *zooms away*

  88. Lost Ones soul

    Hey mando I have one question......why do you do this?

  89. Joe Piotrowski

    I love this song

  90. Realmwalker

    ... wow just wow

  91. Teresa

    this song made me think of something in my life going on and acually made me cry

  92. Caden Does Gaming

    when a girl obviously likes you but you deny it just to fuel your "nobody likes me" attitude

  93. Doshi web

    What happened to the fandub for high touch

  94. Amber Heart

    wow... just wow... this is deep

  95. Ezra N

    when i searched for pokemon songs i was not expecting to get emotional

  96. UwUnicode

    I remember finding this in your newest section... heh... the song suits what I'm feeling, thinking back to when I first heard this I wasn't experienced in the world, but now... I've come far