MandoPony - Stuck To You Lyrics

I don't wanna lose this day
I don't wanna hear you say
That it's time to go home

I don't wanna lose your smile
Seems to be the only time
That I find my own

Would it be weird if I asked
To never leave?
Can I just be
Stuck to you?
Would it be weird if I said
That I'm not free
Without you
Beside me?

There's a really simple way
To keep the cloudy skies at bay
It's the light in your eyes

I'm broken beyond repair
And somehow you do not care
Such a pleasant surprise

Would it be weird if I asked
To never leave?
Can I just be stuck to you?
Would it be weird if I said
That I'm not free
Without you beside me?

Now I gotta let you go
But I just don't know
How I'm gonna get by
Without my best friend by my side
Now I gotta let you go
But I just don't know
I don't know...

Would it be weird if I asked
To never leave?
Can I just be stuck to you?
Would it be weird if I said
That I'm not free
Without you beside me?

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MandoPony Stuck To You Comments
  1. Elementvortex365

    Been tryna learn to play this for myself but learning when to switch chords while strumming has been a tad tricky. It'd be awesome if you did a live video 😫 much love!

  2. iheckindoodle *

    My best friend is moving schools today after knowing him for 3 years. I'm gonna miss the hell out of him, this song is helping me cope..

  3. Pem Pire

    God I love this song. Always have, always will. The instrumentals are beautiful, the lyrics are amazing, and the vocals are incredible. Everything about this song is great, which is why I have been listening to this on and off nonstop since i first heard it a couple years ago

  4. Tim the unicorn

    Is there anyone else who can smell the guitar?



  6. C Benz

    This song reminds me of my grandma. From when I was a baby, to the day she died I always felt close to her. She had dementia and the last two weeks of her life she was bed ridden. If I knew about this song I would've sang it to her, but now I can go visit her grave and sing it there for her. Man I miss her.

  7. Pumpkin Cake


  8. Code Master Of Disaster

    How did this pass me by, this song is the best!

  9. Hayley Jury

    I have a crush on a girl and she likes me back and she said everytime she hears this song she thinks of me and knowing that I now want this to be our song 😊

  10. Gregg !

    Also it's a crime this hasnt gotten more views now speaking of crimes I'm gonna go smash some lightbulbs

  11. Izuku Midoriya

    I want to try and convert this song into piano, but I can't identify guitar notes. Can someone help?

  12. Fiddlewise

    @MandoPony Do you have a sheet for this? Kinda wanna learn how to play it on my acoustic.

  13. Pine-O-Matic

    This song is making me have too many emotional crises. I'm moving to the other side of Australia and I can't imagine living without my friends. Although it is exciting, it is also equally terrifying.

  14. Gregg !

    I legit fucking cried

  15. Rando

    Friends are like glue for broken people. We hold ourselves together by helping other people do the same, and vice versa.


    Wish I had friends.

  16. Sonja Sikes

    go on the voice or something, cause you are a GREAT singer

  17. GreenSheep

    I sang this to my girlfriend. She cried. :3

  18. Dystopic Empath

    This song rulez ok

  19. Indy Rikerd

    Me: wait. is this a song about Gregg and Angus, Gregg, Angus, and Mae, Mae and Gregg, or Mae and Bea?

    2:24 - Well, mark off the first two.

    Indy Rikerd

    I'm guessing Gregg and Mae

  20. AntGamer01

    This is AMAZING! Can you make a instrumental so i can sing along without Mae's voice?

  21. Corrin the Red Dragon/Ghoul

    Why am I getting a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon vibe to this (specifically the end where you go back to the human world and leave you new best friend). Fade Away can also be this way as well. Both are very sad songs. Good job with them Man do ;)

  22. Karol Tsvetkov

    First song I ever heard by you. Absolutely amazing 👌

  23. 野龍

    Kinda wanna grab a copy of the EP but, I only use Bandcamp.

  24. Grinn3r

    ok so my feels are off the chart and im feeling this is something id want played at my wedding

  25. Jake Bello

    This reminds me of how much I miss my friends from middle school. This and "Train Wreck" are so sad. I'm willing to bet Mando cried while recording this.

  26. MLPTechnoColt

    My nearly three-year relationship ended a few days ago. This song broke me last night... You've put into words what I couldn't.

  27. IntrovertedOtaku

    This song is so amazing I'm crying while listening to it it so relatable

  28. Ginger Legend

    Mandopony rulez, ok

  29. Ilham Eko Aris Saputro

    can I just be Stuck to you... wait a sec I don't have any girlfriend or crush :(

  30. bloody thorns

    I'm going to make this quick
    This reminds me of my Aunty and Grandma. They died in a car crash. That's all

  31. Winter404

    Guess there's always that one guy with a guitar at every party, huh?

  32. Der Metzgermeister

    This song hits close to home. Dang.

  33. Brandi Griffin

    I feel the same way sometimes.

  34. Geoffrey Precht

    I've been listening to your other NitW songs a lot for the past few months, ever since I watched a play through of the game. But somehow... I must have completely missed this one back then. And now I'm pretty sure it's one of my favorite songs.

    I recently got NitW for myself, and I'm finally playing it through and experiencing everything it has to offer. I love it mostly because it resonates so well with my empathy. I can feel what the characters are feeling. And you were able to capture one of the game's deepest emotions in this song.

    I've been following your channel for years, Mando, and you've never disappointed me even once. Every one of your songs fills me with more joy than any other musical artist I know, and I truly do mean that. You're quite possibly my favorite musician/singer. Ever since your early FNaF songs, I've listened to and loved everything you've produced, and your music has helped me get through some rough times.

    Thank you, Andy. For everything you do. Keep being amazing, man. You're making the world a better place, one great song at a time!

  35. Star Diamond Crystel


  36. being sad is overrated

    mandopony rocks ok

  37. Centurion Fox

    Any news on Thatch and Dial Episode 2

  38. Freddy FazbearJack17


  39. Tardis Blue

    Ur a wanderful musician Andy! Bravo!

  40. Silent_Noise_

    Hey mando, what is the chord progression if you dont mind me asking?

  41. blurry face TØP

    this is just a pretty song my first time listening to it.
    can't wait to listen to more of these 💗💗💗💗💗

  42. Young Axel The Hedgehog

    Mando, this song kind of relates to me and my best Friend right now, he's selling his house, and im gonna miss him... he's the only person who really puts a smile on my face

  43. Derp Fox

    Why am I crying?

  44. dryboneskirby

    My best friend committed suicide a while ago and this makes me think of her so much. This is one of the many songs that remind me of her. Thank you.

  45. Luke Klivickis

    I cyried

  46. Greta Lau


  47. Commentary, Dramatic Reading And Podcasts

    Not gonna lie. Relatable enough to make me cry. My first date happened recently. Eighth grade end of the year dance. I went with the most beautiful girl I've ever met. She has a beautiful singing voice, and she just makes my day with her smile. But... it was just a one time thing according to her. I just want to say... If you're out there, reading this comment, it's not just a crush, Kae. And if you are not her, remember to always face your fear... before it's too late. Don't be a train wreck like me.

  48. Katie

    Damn, this is pretty. My ears are in love.

  49. amy

    What are the chords and strumming pattern? :)

  50. dead frost

    what is the cords to this cause I wanna lean this song?

  51. TheEpikPikmin

    Is this supposed to represent Mae missing Gregg when he and Angus move to Bright Harbors?

  52. blyat dog

    I Cryed so much):::::::::::::

  53. Eve - Chan

    After recently losing my closeness with my best friend, this song came on and I started to cry. A very well written and performed song, Mando. Thank you.

  54. Bootleg

    You know I find it weird how, to this day, I still can't find anything that I can truly relate to. There are small parts of larger things and a few experiences people have, but I'll never find something that represents my life or someone who understands my nonsensical logic.(Granted, I'm kinda insane compared to others but still)

  55. Mer Grazzini

    You made me cry. Take that as a compliment. Seriously. There's so much feeling in this.

  56. Koda Rossiter

    I honestly can see this song in Life is Strange

  57. Kerokero

    Literally brought tears to my eyes thinking about my partner who i just recently just returned home from, hes currently in Sustralia, I'm in Canada. Lovely song, thanks for sharing.

  58. Sadie In A Cup

    i love your voice 😱😱 ❤❤❤❤


    +nitchi Thank you!

    Sadie In A Cup

    MandoPony sure

  59. Triss Auditore

    This song is so god damn beautiful

  60. Canine Crossover

    I'm sobbing.
    This is absolutely beautiful.

  61. Elle Why

    I will state for the record that I am not a crier...but this song moved me to tears. If I ever found someone who felt this way about me...I'd know they were more than right for me.

  62. Deacon142

    Your music is literally the only reason I discovered this fandom. Thank you so much for that, and please continue to rock on.

  63. Erc

    Do you think you'd be willing to release the guitar tabs? I'd love to learn how to play it. :)

  64. Mathew moo moo244

    do u remember on a q and a when they asked him if he eveer wanted to sing his songs on xfactor and he said no because they wont know what he was talking about? does anyone remember?


    +Mathew moo moo244 Oh no I meant I don't like competitions and trying to win competitions with art, it just all strikes me the wrong way

    Mathew moo moo244

    MandoPony oh ok

  65. Silvia Rondena

    Dear lord, what's wrong with the world? Why is this guy not huge? Explain me why this is not topping the charts while so much shit does? c'mon people


    Elyssa Flaherty #FreeMando

  66. UnovaKid 24

    Your voice is amazing! I wish I knew about you sooner!

  67. Aceofhearts

    I know this is inspired by NitW but it also reminds me of "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe"

  68. ButtonsTheTurtle

    My GF is moving away.... Also thing song is freaking incredible!!!!

  69. Artur Borowski

    Man... This song made this cynical mofo cry. And that's saying something. Great work!

  70. LanokirX

    Im surprised this song doesnt have more views, its just incredible beautiful.

  71. mathina fox

    This song makes me think of all the messed u sh*t in my life and the one person who was always there for me no matter what.

  72. Tsuki Spooky

    I can't help but imagine Mae and Casey before Mae went to college


    Yeah I had the same thought, he gets fed up, tries to hitch a ride with his cousin to at least visit her at college, but disappears mysteriously before he gets the chance.

  73. Ryan Brady

    I found you through nate wants to battle and man you guys are the best CALAB now

  74. Spiky 123

    I just found your channel, and i love the music so far. <3


    +Spiky 123 Thank you!

  75. lpskitfit

    It's the last day of school, and this is exactly how I feel. I'm going to highschool after this. I didn't want the day to end. I hugged all my teachers as I bawled my eyes out. it's funny how I've always been so excited to leave, now I don't want to. I learned something valuable. I saw the most anamalistic, sociopathic, insensitive pricks I've ever met were crying. We hugged each other. Me, a low class nerd, and them, high class jocks. Bonding. I wish I had given them a chance. Now I realize, we were alike all along.


    LPSkitfit kinda


    LPSkitfit wait if your comment was posted a year ago ate we both second high-school class?


    Nightplayer 81 sophomores? I'm a sophomore


    LPSkitfit I think

    Boomer Furr

    Middle school becomes an unpleasant and Repressed memory after freshman year

  76. schnecken haus


    Aj Marygold

    Klara Konrad I know them. On piano.

    schnecken haus

    Aj Marygold Can you please tell me?

  77. Alex Cookendorfer

    This song about Angus and Gregg? Because that's what it feels like. Or at least about all 4 friends in NitW

  78. Tenebrae Eques

    Awesome work!!

  79. Neven Ančić

    what ever happened to Earthbound let's play?

  80. Pinkie Twinkle

    Hey man, I wanted to thank you for the music that you release. I went on a throwback adventure through the Bronyfandom, and I came across the music that you'v posted way back in the day. I was listening to the song "I'll Fly Higher" And I had a flashback of all the good times I had in this fandom, and I remembered that it was your music that hooked me into the fandom. I was snooping around The Living Tombstone', and WoodenToaster's Music, but it was your music that hooked me into the fandom. I don't know if it was your wonderful music, the meaning in the songs you put behind the music, the emotions, but I know that I am very thankful for being apart of my life, even if the part is only through your music. I listen to your music often, and your songs are almost always inspirational. I know you'v moved on from the fandom, but I want you to know that it was your music that got me into the fandom, and has helped me make a lot of friends, and a few great friends along the way, and has also helped me become a more social being. You are a wonderful musician, and I bet you are an amazing person as well. Keep up the good work, and thank you for being an inspiration to me.

  81. ilavywavy

    Why does this song relate to my life word for word?


    Alex Young Hey, at least you found something that describes your life.

    Commentary, Dramatic Reading And Podcasts

    Alex Young It's so frikkin' true.

  82. Bread Baguette

    this, this, Is how you summarize melody.

  83. Noah McCarthy

    Is it just me, or is this (lyrics) fairly similar to "Dawn of the Third Day" by Natewantstobattle?

  84. Azazel 420

    All of you nitw songs are amazing and there just so good I'm glad your doing this cuz I love nitw and this album so far is just amazing thank u

  85. Matt LaTorre

    Can't. Stop. Listening. On. Repeat. :O

    Such a relaxing tune. Can't say I'm surprised that the new EP has been a true gem. It fits Night In The Woods so well, even though apparently you had to edit the lyrics a bit to remove some references.


    +Matthew LaTorre Thanks! I didn't have to edit any lyrics, just the artwork and the name of the album

    Matt LaTorre

    No problem! And alrighty, I wasn't quite sure what was going on there. xD Still a wonderful companion to NITW that I would recommend to any fan of the game!

  86. James Fairbanks

    I think it's about Gregg and Mae. If you played the Gregg Route Mae doesn't want to let go of Gregg but she knows she has to (oh the feels) lol


    James Fairbanks heh...sometimes you just don't want to wake up.

    Payton Avery

    i think its about both gregg and bea if you play the bea route after college party her and Mae talk about being stuck together and how they're best available friends.

    the determined soul

    Night in the woods has multiple endings?

  87. Rocking Space Dragon

    Trying to figure if this is about Angus and Gregg, or Mae and Bea. Cause Lemme tell you, if there's anyone who only smiles when someone else it around, it's Bea and Mae.


    It's about Mae and Gregg. Since Gregg is moving, Mae is sad. She even asks to move in with Gregg and Angus, but then changed her mind, and said she will visit his once in a while, since moving in with Gregg and Angus would just be super awkward.

  88. Ariel Kawai

    Gon and Killua

  89. RoseGold DRAWS

    Oh fuck, I'm feeling

  90. Nevaltion

    I shall use this y'all shall see someday and my name will be remembered in history (probably not)

    I will give credit even if I take years to even use this ;W;

  91. General Durandal

    I can imagine this being how Mae would feel after Gregg and Angus move away.

    Matthew Smegal

    General Durandal they are home enough for her to visit tho :)

  92. Lindsay Kepler

    This song reminds me of one of my best friends.

    Killermasterwiz Caleb

    Frisk Rollins Dude, me too for some WEIRD Reason

    Jake Bello

    Killermasterwiz Caleb Me too.

  93. Laura Martinez

    bendy cover bendy cover!!!

  94. Winter Phoenix

    I just want to hug Mae right now


    Winter Phoenix understatement of the year for me lol.

  95. Dragostorm

    This song is beautiful. You don't need any context of the game to fall in love with it and frankly this song could apply to any main characters in NITW as far as I'm concerned. Love it Mandopony. Keep being awesome =D

  96. HardcoreSara12

    This is the song I will sing to my girlfriend when I propose to her! THIS GORGEOS PIECE OF ART IS THE REASON I LIVE, I AM LITERALLY BAWLING MY EYES OUT! thank you for blessing my heart with something so beautiful. Also, I'm having trouble to relating this to Mae or just NITW in general. Is that bad?

  97. This Girl

    PLEASE, Mandopony, tell me what chords these are I need to learn this song by June 3rd and I can't find it anywhere 😞 if you're okay with telling me of course

    This Girl

    If not, that's okay, too.

  98. July Emblen

    How does one play this?!?!? I gotta learn

  99. Matthew Smegal

    the way you compose each of these songs makes it very apparent that while you look from each characters viewpoint you also include your own personal view. its quite fascinating how they all combine to make such great songs. truly you are an extremely gifted individual. thank you for your contributions to the musical world :) its inspiring.