MandoPony - Something Strange Lyrics

I am all alone
But I feel them all around
I try not to think about it
Or make a sound

This gift is a curse
'Cause I won a booby prize
Now my brother's gone missing
And I can't believe my eyes

But I know he's here somewhere
These spooky spirits
Are flying through
The air

Where did you go?
Oh, Mario?
I'll find you I swear!


I'm cleaning house
Getting rid of every boo
My Poltergust is busting up
This haunted zoo

From the attic to the
Basement floor
I won't be tormented
Any more

My brother needs me
So I've got to give my all
I found him hanging
On the side of the wall!

What did he do...
That awful King Boo?
I'm gonna make him fall!



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MandoPony Something Strange Comments
  1. Avan Gonzalez

    It is perfect song when playing Luigi's mansion

  2. Nagual Nagual

    I wonder why the picture is so cool

  3. Juan Ochoa

    No entiendo nada inglés

  4. Yoshi boy 69

    Speed up the to 2X volume and its awesome

  5. Cool Gamer(s)!

    Luigi goes transparent while the ghosts become solid!

  6. Advey

    Oh my God this is 5 years old?!

    Wait, I listened to this when I was on the bus in 8th grade!
    Am I really that old already?!

    Anyways, great song, great atmosphere, everything here is great

  7. Moonstone

    This was the first YouTube video I watched ! And I'm writing my first comment ! I'm proud of what I'm doing...🙃

  8. SonicGamer43243

    Can U Make A Luigi's Mansion 3 Song?

  9. Pikasome 25

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 anyone

  10. Channel Y.Z.H- Yestermorrow Zestful Homeaway

    Can I use for Homage(Like Dancing)?

  11. Channel Y.Z.H- Yestermorrow Zestful Homeaway

    This is cool... I love this.. In 1.25x

  12. GotenLoquendero114

    Best Brother Ever

  13. Numbskull Animatics

    Okay I know this is old, bit most of these ghosts are from Dark Moon/2

  14. Beth Sayles

    Thx for using my favorite ghosts at the beginning part which are boo, greenie, poltergeist, and I forgot that read dudes name but he does this weird clap thing at Luigi which is a super clap thingy and it hurts Luigi


    the Luigi's Mansion 2?

  16. SideQuestR 11

    (Has the Luigi mansion 1 vibes)

    (Has Dark Moon ghosts)

    Me: (inhale) NOW HOLD ON.

  17. Star-Lord

    *sings about Luigi’s mansion, but uses ghosts from dark moon*

  18. Ena Hagon

    My jam 🎸

  19. Trijosh

    Hey Andy, number 3 is out.

  20. Louis Tessier

    Has luigi mantion 1 back round lm2 goasts and sounds like it could be a lm3 song.

  21. Mr. Stripes

    Good rock!

  22. Lunargachagirl

    Who else watched this a long time ago and came back in 2019

  23. Gaming with friends

    So much nostalgia I named the polter Pup Jerome!

  24. MoonstoneLuigi’s Animations

    *Y E S T H A N K Y O U*

  25. crystal costello

    Make a 1 2 3 slaughter me Street song in a Battle for dream island song it's called the last day and the follow me I'm just a stranger

  26. Jkop

    It's finally time to return...

  27. Charaded Chara

    Everytime I sing this I have a deep type raspy female voice and I sound like a male when I sing male songs and female

  28. TealCore Hedgehog

    We need a remaster of this since Luigi’s Mansion 3 is out.

    Gaming with friends

    You put up recent comment thx


    there is already one for the 3ds.

    TealCore Hedgehog

    @Waifudoodle I mean the song, not the artwork.


    @TealCore Hedgehog oh, sorry.

  29. Danny Bromwich

    Who else is here after luigi mansion 3 for nostalgia?

    Gaming with friends

    Me oh me!

    THE REAL Waluigi


    THE REAL Waluigi

    He should make one for the 3rd game

    Prepare for Dededestruction

    This is still the best Luigi's Mansion song.

  30. Dallemore Dalemore

    Those ghosts are from dark moon but the mansion is not. Is it just me who would love a game that combines all the ghosts from all (3 now) of the games?

  31. Twitchy Bunbun

    Who here at 2019?

  32. AZ.9 Awesome Zone

    Logi’s munsion tree came out (I think I could be wrong)

    Kala Carter

    yep. but its not logis munsion tree. its Luigi's Mansion 3/Three

    AZ.9 Awesome Zone

    Yeah that’s the joke

  33. Luluminal

    i sense this song is about to get another wave of views now that the 3rd game is out

  34. King Furret

    I can’t believe I still remember the lyrics from this song after basically months of not listening to it

  35. ShakariGamer official

    Remember that line in dark moon (I'm gonna paint the town red)is there something king boo ain't telling us

    Okuyasu Nijimura

    Well, E. Gadd does say that too many ghosts in a small area can cause a breakdown of reality, and that if it gets too bad, can even destroy all of the universe.(for reference, I'm going off of Mission E-5)

  36. ShakariGamer official

    Why does Luigi's mansion feel like such a dark game ik Nintendo wanted to make a innocent game and Luigi hanging himself was a accident but I mean the game feels so dark

  37. Benjamin Briley

    did you guy and girls know that ther is a 2 and a 3 of this game

  38. Jose C

    Why the heck did it take me 4 years to find this!?!?!?!?

  39. Cb23

    How did I not hear this masterpiece till now?

  40. Louisiana Ghostbusters

    Is there any way to purchase an instrumental version of this? My son really wants to use it for an audition.

  41. Bluey productions

    This is a great song keep it up!

  42. S_L_E_E_P

    I am but a simple man. I see Luigi on a video and no red bar? I smash my screen trying to break the sound barrier pressing the video.

  43. Liam Atikian

    I’m getting so into Luigi’s mansion now lol

  44. Darkstar 71

    I remember when this came out

  45. Joshua Lebreton

    This was the first-ever song I had ever sung along with

  46. Keith64 _

    October 2019

  47. Kelly Seastar

    Weegee time :)

  48. Mysticninja95

    Mandopony u rock long live Luigi's Mansion and long live mandopony

  49. Mysticninja95

    I love Luigi's Mansion

  50. Martha Burt

    :brentafloss we have a good song about Luigi‘s mansion
    :mandopony well yes but no

  51. pittkendoka

    Halloween 2019 can't wait.

    the griffins

    I can't wait either. :)

  52. Pegicora SoulHawk

    Luigi is really brave when it comes to saving the only family he has. This is why he's my favorite.

  53. Alfonso Cruz


  54. Zeelyle

    Who’s ready for Luigi’s mansion 3!!

    F1sh St1ck79

    Me my guy

  55. Bertil van der Gun

    two words for you: just...AWSOME!!! !

  56. Evelyn Barrett

    Awww~ Polterpup❤️

  57. Alfonso Cruz


  58. SuperPlush Kolin

    Is the Something Strange part of the song a Direct Reference to Ghostbusters considering the game is basically a Reference it self

  59. neogeogenisuse 18

    This sounds like a Luigis mansion song but the art is dark moon, soooooo?

  60. SuperGamer

    Now that Luigi's Mansion 3 is here, you know what to do!

  61. Johnny Arellano

    ;) nice

  62. Ernest Aguayo

    I found the perfect song to jam with Luigi Mansion 3 :3

  63. Tuffythetiger09

    I won a booby prize ( INSERT LENNY FACE HERE)

  64. johnny tube

    Ok i like the thought of a luigis mansion song but i just did not like it it does not give me a this is a song about luigis mansion vibe

  65. The Oshawott Animation show

    Wow this song about *green mario* is great *green mario* is the best character in the mario series
    I’m hyped for *green mario’s* mansion 3

    No where’s my popcorn so that I can see all the angry Luigi fans rant in the comments (and yes I have nothing better to ha)

  66. jonaspacman100 Roblox

    Man Luigi saved Mario from the mansion twice and more to come and he STILL gets treated as the sidekick

  67. youfeelingitnowmr krabs

    The more I listen to this the more I want to buy Luigi's mansion 3

  68. Luigi Killer

    Just in the time for Luigi’s mansion 3

  69. DiA X

    Gonna be breaking the replay button on this when 3 comes out.

  70. Kovu {The Lion King 2}

    Luigi's Mansion 3 brought me here

  71. Keith64 _

    Anyone here after luigi's mansion 3 at E3 2019

  72. I just want a cup of tea.

    Had to come back to this song after the Luigis mansion 3 trailer.

  73. NeelyFanForever

    That's lovely! What an amazing song!

  74. Suzanne Yang

    These spirits are flying in the air N O DUR

  75. fnaf plush and other plush animals

    I play Luigi's Mansion dark moon its awesome yeah

    Guacardo Fan

    glitch pikachu gonna get luigis mansion 3?

  76. Kyle the Roblox Communist

    Im so hyped for the new Luigi's Mansion!

  77. FNaF Boi

    I Wonder When Luigi Will Actully Get his own Mansion
    Like If You Think Luigi Should Get His Own Mansion!

    Guacardo Fan

    FNaF Boi don’t be sorry we all make mistakes if you buy a 2ds (cause you lost your 3ds and the 2ds is only £80) you can get luigis mansion dark moon and luigis mansion 1 on the 2ds cause they ported it to the 3ds/2ds and when luigis mansion 3 comes out you can get that(there is no luigis mansion 3 on demo on the e shop yet)

    FNaF Boi

    Akar Ahmed Ok Thanks ^-^🙂

    FNaF Boi

    Also I actually Have A 2Ds Actully 3 of them! And a 2Ds Deluxe (It's called that Right •w•)

    Guacardo Fan

    FNaF Boi it’s called the new 2ds Xl or new 2ds😃

    Guacardo Fan

    FNaF Boi also remember that any 3ds game can run on the 2ds

  78. NovaGAMEing35

    is this a luigi's mansion dark moon or luigi's mansion. the song and its title is luigi's mansion but the artwork is dark moon.

    Timon {Lion King}

    It's both the mansion in the background is from the first one and the ghosts r from dark moon


    @Timon {Lion King} oh ok. thanks for explaining. glad you didnt yell at me becuase i miss understood something. you gain my respect.

  79. Ted Pet

    I like the song, but the songtext is not very creative

  80. Rickey Thomson

    And luigi should get another year his year 2 years after I was born and I did not even know about this game and I did not know it was the year of luigi

  81. Rickey Thomson

    I love this game I wish I got sucked in the game and helped luigi save mario

  82. Wily_wonka

    This felt like a fnaf song for some reason

  83. Rohan Hordern

    Sounds cooler at 1.25.

  84. Starbuckaddict 239

    Can you do bendy songs

  85. killer talent

    I LOVE Luigi's mansion dark moon . . . Thank you for making this, this makes me happy

  86. Tommylee Guy the LEGO Trains collector

    I Wish I can play this song and Play Luigi‘s mansion

  87. ZV Gaming And Stuff

    The song is amazing, but would really benefit from being faster

    ZV Gaming And Stuff

    @Alakazamlover4 what about undertale and/or little inferno


    @ZV Gaming And Stuff dont know about little inferno (never heard of it or seen it) but undertale might be able to pull it off

    ZV Gaming And Stuff

    @Alakazamlover4 1. Look up little inferno song
    2. Man on the Internet pulled the Undertale part with Your Best Nightmare on Undertale the Musical


    @ZV Gaming And Stuff fair i suppose

    ZV Gaming And Stuff

    @Alakazamlover4 check out my content. It is not very good but its because I'm not very good with lights or editing or pretty much anything else

  88. Alakazamlover4

    Luigi is better then mario...
    he's willing to face his fears for mario, he's willing to get his ass beat for mario...he'll take shit and get made fun of, so mario looks better
    he'll fight beside his brother, knowing he's 2nd rate
    also the line
    "what did he do...that awrful king boo
    i'm gonna make him fall"
    just supports my earlier points
    Luigi is willing to piss his pants...jus to save his brother, he refuses to leave his brother alone...
    Luigi could've easily ran or something of the sort, but once he found out mario was kidnapped? he stayed, willing to fight....

  89. Channel under construction

    Who is the artist of that picture

  90. UnovaKid 24

    I find custom speed x1.15 to be the best speed for this song.

  91. Slimey 8818

    all Luigi’s Mansion Games Theme sing

  92. Tara Morris

    Really impressed of how much it fits well with the Luigi's Mansion game, dead on my friend, dead on! To put it in another way it's totally cool 😎! Tara Dragoknight 🐉

  93. Jonna Mäkinen

    I love this music !

  94. The Smasher

    Music: Luigi's Mansion
    Art: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon


    With the first mansion in the background. But tbh, both games basically have the same story


    @FirebrandJordan same story if you only look on the surface but according there story's are really different with the only similar thing being Mario getting kidnapped but other than that the stories are really different.


    @Gooigi not really tbh. I respect your opinion but in all honesty the only big difference is that the ghosts in dark moon arent paintings like the ones in the first game, and that king boo breaks the dark moon to make them go crazy rather than the ghosts just being assholes to begin with. in the end its all about king boo wanting revenge on the brothers, and even taking similar attempts to make that happen. id say luigi's mansion 3 however does take a more noticeable leap in the story but still nothing crazy. not that im complaining, all 3 games are masterpieces, just interested to see what they will do with the 4th game, and if maybe King Boo will do something other than trap them in paintings

  95. Infinitends

    took me 20 minutes to avoid all the trash remixes to find ur tune , heard it before , great stuff dude. fits like a glove. deserve a remaster for Luigi 3. orchestra and all :)

  96. Eli Dold

    This song is my childhood