MandoPony - Soldiers Lyrics

This injustice, I cannot just let go
The world's becoming something I do not know
Where is the honor and the pride that bound us all
From the inside out we crumble and fall
We bled and died just to give them protection
But in the end we were faced with rejection
Scattered, divided like a fallen house of cards
I still fight on, old habits die hard

Look around, the world is burning
Look inside, can you feel that yearning
To be a fighter and to right these wrongs somehow
Evil walks among us and we're not supposed to do a thing
If we don't stand up then what will the future bring
Like it or not, we must right these wrongs somehow
We are all soldiers now

I refuse to go quietly into the night
I'm locking on and now I've got you in my sights
Try to take me down, you'll never get near me
But if you're innocent, you'll never need to fear me
I'm still watching over anyone defenseless
Call me a cynic but I know this war is endless
We're gearing up to go back one last time
Now we regroup and return to the front line

Look around, the world is burning
Look inside, can you feel that yearning
To be a fighter and to right these wrongs somehow
Evil walks among us and we're not supposed to do a thing
If we don't stand up then what will the future bring
Like it or not, we must right these wrongs somehow
We are all soldiers now

I am not a young man anymore
I question every day
Just what we're fighting for
I am not a young man anymore
I pray that I can once again
Be the leader I was before

Look around, the world is burning
Look inside, can you feel that yearning
To be a fighter and to right these wrongs somehow
I must right these wrongs somehow
Evil walks among us and we're not supposed to do a thing
If we don't stand up then what will the future bring
Like it or not, we must right these wrongs somehow
We are all soldiers now

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MandoPony Soldiers Comments
  1. Bear Kovac

    Geeze, this is surprisingly accurate with how the government treats war veterans after combat and after being discharged, pretty much forgotten, they've done what they were trained to do, WELP, HELLO DEPRESSION AND TWITTER ADICTION!

  2. Nebel Foxy

    I think im the only one who listens to this now and just started playing overwatch a few weeks ago 😂

  3. Revolt Larz Wolfblade

    If Bazza Gazza had this music played, he would be an unkillable Soldier main.

  4. garfield

    i wanna be tracer

  5. ItsDoomgirl666

    Free restarts 0:01

  6. An person's dark corner

    This is probably his favorite playing games AND doing a video

  7. Nomnik

    Sadly, the Beginning of the Song really is how many older military members feel. We used to be a united country, but in recent years we have been breaking apart...

  8. Emo Otaku

    Still waiting for volume 2

  9. Silver Scorpio

    Soldier:76 is Captain America turned into Batman.

  10. quickmaximoffsilver

    okay but why is it goOD--

  11. alex the narcoleptic goat

    You have 666k subs

  12. Austin Davis

    "We bled and died just to give them protection, but in the end we were faced with rejection." That sums up the attitude of people today when it comes to the soldiers of America.

  13. No Name

    If you ever decide to do another Overwatch one, I think a Widowmaker song would turn out well. She's basically been made into a meme, but her story is actually pretty tragic. She deserves some justice to her character.

  14. Redd 02

    I'm getting a lot of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 vibes from this song for some reason.

  15. kptparker

    Good song but I have to admit. It fits with todays times. Old values are throwed away, same values that kept everyone safe. Terrorists and climb of crimals in Europe population in which, nothing can be done.

    Sure, mark it as political but all Im trying to say is: Any song can be related to certain time in our humanity IF looked right.

  16. Dutch Van Der Linde

    Am I the only one who thinks soldier can beat 76's ass

  17. Nenkrix

    Bro this is beautiful..More songs !!!

  18. Tomáš Prachenský

    too smooth voice
    but otherwise ok

  19. Zelda Crafter

    Awesome, love the beat and rhythm, and the lyrics go with them so well, awesome job!

  20. Ravenge Solo

    Do a torborn song called I’m not a dwarf

  21. PJ Demigod

    Not gonna lie, this song inspired an idea for a campaign mode I had. Soldier, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Tracer and Mercy (Essentially all of the original members of the Overwatch Division when the Civil War happened) fighting across Europe against Reaper, Widowmaker and Moira, and as you progress side stories unlock adding new playable campaign characters such as McCree hunting down Sombra in Mexico, or Lucio leading his revolution against Symmetra's company, or Orisa chasing down Doomfist.

    PJ Demigod

    Well, Winston and Ana would also become main team members, but they'd be unlocked through the main story.

  22. Max Devastator

    Really hit home in the feels

  23. Aitana The Fangirl

    I love this song... I sing it while I'm alone while I'm working all the time, along with others, but this is probably the most emotional one, I feel like. One of my favorite songs in history.

  24. JeylinRocksOut

    I wanna cover this but there is no instrumental

  25. LargeHippo

    when a song gives you goosebumps you know its good

  26. Mallory Bond

    Can you do Zenyatta please?

  27. glitchy hack

    Junkrat song

  28. JHL C

    All alone in the comments? Okay...

    Still here...

  29. glitchy hack

    Junkrat song pls

  30. Lorelai

    Is it just me, or could this totally be a Reinhardt song too?

  31. LadyViciou5

    I love this!! I am a Soldier 76 main, but main D.Va this season. Love her vid too. :)<3

  32. I don’t know what to put here

    *we are all playing overwatch now*

  33. Timothy Gooding

    this song is perfect for playing war thunder

  34. h7 boo

    He mask remind me of the commando hat from roblox lol

  35. Jack Morrison

    just so you know, my eyebrows are brown!

  36. FuzzysoulYT

    I felt emotion for once.
    Why must this and _Blackwatch_ be sad?

  37. Embryonic Wolf

    Soldier 76 : my new main

  38. Annabanana 0706

    Even after all these listens later, this song is still headbang material. Great job mate!

  39. Sonicmaster047

    "I didn't start this war....but I'm DAMN well gunna finish it!..Old soldiers never die..and they don't fade away!"

  40. Aidan Salinas

    As a soldier main this is perfect for him.

  41. Aksu naksu

    Best videogame song EVER!

  42. The Hero Of Sass

    At 1:35, "I'm locking on and now. I've got you in my sights" *uses ult.* Thought that was really cool.

  43. David Lee

    Scumbags, taking a song for your own.

  44. Luna Raven

    This feels accurate for how the world is running right now. Too accurate......😯

  45. Hunter Cinnamon


  46. the delta gamer

    the voice actor was amazing

  47. Xx_MND123_xX

    Ma boi 76 is da real hero

  48. Boiled Cement

    I like reaper more than 76, but his song was better. But not by much! Love them

  49. Black Kasopeja

    I almost feel that the songs is about real world.

  50. Christian A. Stevens

    At first I thought this was terrible..
    But then within a minute into the song.. it was truly Soldier: 76.
    You did an amazing job, Mando.

  51. Raeyne Jaymeson

    Its good. Its almost like listening to Breaking Benjamin play this song.

  52. Isai Gasca

    do a genji one pls

  53. Sweet Tea

    If this was just the slightest bit deeper it would be Skillet. XD

  54. Major Gopn1k

    god bless America

  55. Sanicman!15 swaglord

    im not shamed my soldiers mains stand up

  56. Ambrose Rene

    I can't help but think of my family and friends who are in our military every time I hear this. I also feel sadness for those who come back from war and face rejection due to the scars they've gotten... there are so many feels with this song, mostly good feels but a few sad ones here and there.


    +Ambrose Rene It's a sad truth that many who serve never get the respect or recognition they deserve from society. :(

  57. Ross Jones

    good captain america song
    what i mean soldiers 76 song

  58. transformerfanify

    This song could easily relate to real life with vets in the US, especially Vietnam, but what is little known is the fact that we have a high number of homeless vets, and even vets that have been deported.

  59. Jonathan Landis Jr.


  60. Jonathan Landis Jr.


  61. Isaac Villalobo

    you think you know the song?
    test yourself!

  62. Wisdomeel

    This song sums up 2017

  63. Tiglebitys

    MandoPony, I have been subscribed to your channel for long time, keep up great work, love your songs.

  64. Rabum pad

    are your strength with this army
    lets you control the overwatch

  65. unknown

    ok, yes this song was amazing and I listened to it on loop for waaay too long but, and hear me out here:
    Roadhog and Junkrat. Please.

  66. Нозоми


  67. Jamego King

    Doing good things but not being appreciated! Just clean the world with nukes

  68. zenbun12ha

    Wow this song is good!

  69. Joey Fredrickson

    Soldier 76: The glorious cross between Captain America and the Punisher.

  70. .:WelcomeToWonderland:.

    When it first said 'Look around' my mind continued it with 'look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now"

  71. DoubleGamesDutch

    We are all DADs now

  72. Nancy Cracolice

    cancer 76

  73. Sanny Sanary

    Make a Hanzo and Genji Song which tells their story *o* That would be awesome!

  74. Ben

    Make a 10hr version please!!!!

  75. Lunar 76

    you just gained a sub

  76. camouflaged umbreon

    who else but me mains as 76

  77. Zenon Dreadblaze

    I'd honestly love to see one for Genji. This is so good!

  78. Charlie Pierce

    Could you do a song about Bastion?

    Lost Melody

    It'd just be a bunch of beep boops.

  79. Saucebender

    Even though this is a video game song the lyrics is oddly true


    exactly what I was thinking, if there is ever a sort of revolution to fight for the freedoms and rights that are currently in danger, I would want this song to be the anthem of the rebellion XD.

  80. Gytis Slavinskas

    dis is a vert

  81. Jeremy Doe

    *I've got you in my sights.*

  82. 999 999

    Like the lyrics but you sound kinda out of tune in some parts

  83. UncaringZebra7 SevenSquad

    this song is PERFECT!!!!! it matches soldier 76 very well!

  84. MC Sutlu Helva Crazy Boy With A Can Of BIBER

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude this is SICK!

  85. Tea Salt shade

    Is this downloadable?

  86. Avery Maddison

    Your Overwatch songs send shivers up my spine. Reminds me just of what these characters have at stake. TTvTT

  87. cullen hoggan

    i think you should do Reinhardt with his line "are you afraid to fight me?"

  88. Raven the Dragon

    This is quite possibly my favorite Mandopony song. You nail literally every aspect of it. The Tempo and lyrics and EVERYTHING is so awesome! Ive had it on repeat on my phone for a week straight.

  89. Bee Charron

    76 is our real dad

    Tea Salt shade

    Abigail Charron uuuuummm... Why should I believe you?

  90. Steven U

    I can just imagine soldier 76 and seven from Steven universe fighting together. Just a thought

    Steven U

    Steven I mean

  91. Tea-sus

    Maybe you could try doing something with Reinhardt?

  92. DarthMater

    Would it be possible to put your overwatch songs on some other service? I'd love to buy them, but can't stand iTunes for various reasons

  93. Milky Tree


  94. TheKhopesh

    I'm 25 and I relate more with Soldier 76 than I do with kids these days.
    Seriously, I have more in common with Larry the one-eyed 68 year old Korean (and Vietnam) war vet down the road than I do with kids playing pokemon "Should have stopped making new pokemon and focused on better story lines over a decade ago now" version.

  95. Colt Morrison

    Old soldiers never die and furries never fade

  96. Sid


  97. Sarah Hatfield

    my favorite characters are genji, zenyatta, and hanzo what are yours people who reading this?


    Sarah Hatfield 76, Reaper, Dva, Mercy, and Lucio. I love McCree's personality but I just can't get a good hold on his gameplay.


    Sarah Hatfield, Reaper, Soldier:76, Lucio, and Junkrat


    76, Mercy, Tracer, Reinhardt, Widow.

    ibuprofeno 800

    Reaper, Mercy, 76 and Tracer


    Sarah Hatfield reaper, mcree, and junkrat lol