MandoPony - Shining Armor Lyrics

Hey little sis, are you feeling alone?
It's been a while now since you left home
I'm guessing that you're doing all right
You were always so smart, always so bright

No you never really needed me
All you had to do was just believe
In yourself, and take a chance
I'm so proud to say it now...

I can't be your shining armor anymore
You don't need my protection
But we'll always have a connection
No, I can't be your shining armor anymore
You don't need my defenses
You're growing up and moving on without me

We lost touch so long ago
And where are you now? I barely know
It hurts to say, we've gone separate ways
I'm praying now I'll see you someday soon...

And even through the fog of time
I'll remember every day just fine
When I was your favorite hero
That was so long ago...

I can't be your shining armor anymore
You don't need my protection
But we'll always have a connection
No, I can't be your shining armor anymore
You don't need my defenses
You're growing up and moving on
I'll always love you from afar
But you're growing up and moving on without me

You're moving on
You've grown so strong
You'll be fine without me
You're moving on
You've grown so strong
You'll be fine without me

No, I can't be your shining armor anymore
You don't need my protection
But we'll always have a connection
No, I can't be your shining armor anymore
You don't need my defenses
You're growing up and moving on without me

Hey little sis, are you feeling alone?
Little sis, are you feeling alone?
Do you wanna come back home?
Do you wanna come back home?

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MandoPony Shining Armor Comments
  1. Марк Жендринский


  2. Josh Brown

    I like is cool songs is cool to

  3. Spectral Nightmare

    This is somewhat how I felt about two and a half years after my older sister ran away for the third time.she is 21 now though, she got back in contact after she turned 18 so no problems

  4. Edgar Bass

    The intro reminds me the intro of "i'm made of wax larry, what are you made of" from ADTR

  5. Leonardo Paniagua

    Singing this at my Sister's wedding for sure

  6. Miriam Kelly

    So Sad 😭

  7. Miriam Kelly

    You need more subs

  8. Rebecca Spainhour

    I love listening to this song on amazon music, but when I looked it up on YouTube, well. Now I feel really stupid because it’s a my little pony song and I had no clue. Don’t get me wrong I love the song, but I’m just not a fan of mlp.

  9. thegaminguy21

    This song is pretty underrated. When you switched to FNAF songs that's all people will listen too on your channel.

  10. Stranger

    Kind sad you decided to cut out your past. A lot of great work, hidden away. Didn't you meet your wife thanks to this fandom? Hey, it's your life, and your decisions.

    Your reasons.

  11. Just for the commenting lol


  12. Abigail C.

    I see people say they relate to this song but in don't for two reasons.
    1. I'm younger to my only sibling, my brother by a year and a half.
    2. He's a stupid gosh darn jerk and I hate him! No sibling love there. He makes it hard for me to show any sibling love toward him.
    I wish I could relate so bad... (why do people hate me?)

  13. Skylos


    NightLight Storm

    It's the Great Tragedy. Rest in Peace. MandoPONY. It's a lot of covers in internet so that not all of us lost


    Some say it was copyright. But if it was copy right striked it would be removed, not put on private. Private means he put it on private.

    Gabriel Fonseca

    Skylos Lets just hope he doesn't delete the big songs like loyalty


    He privated the videos claimed by hasbro or ones he wasn't happy with.

  14. TheLightTiger

    Why are all of your other songs private now? I loved them :( Some of those were fan favorites ...

    SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza

    Same here
    And especially A Long Away From Equestria

    CharIie H

    I'm trying to remember this one song I loved. It was about Luna. Do you remember the name?

    SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza

    CharIie H
    I think its called
    I Don't Want To Live On The Moon


    CharIie H your favorite song may have been I am No hero or song of the night, since both of those were about luna

    CharIie H

    TheLightTiger song of the night! That's the one.

  15. Gabby Pyles

    I love it ❤

  16. MissEmpress

    even though I'm a sister, one day, my younger sister will get married and have children of her own. . . she's still 10 so thats far away since I'm still 12, but she did say that she wanted to go to a high school named Philippine Science high school which is far from home. . . but even if she'll actually go there, I'll still be her shining armor, even to the my younger brother, I'll always be their shining armor, even in the darkest of time

  17. Carschl

    *sniff* I don't have a great relationship with my brothers but this song makes me want to hug them. it brings back only the good memories.

  18. Talidin 1337

    I wonder why Mandopony stopped producing mlp music. He obviously was passionate about this considering how much content he created and how long he had been doing it.

    Arthur Estudillo

    He got into other fandoms and says that if or when he wants to return to it he will but for now he doesn't want to

  19. Iris 191

    this makes me want to hug my brother

    Fire inside of Rain

    it makes me want to hug my brother to😁

    Dub Cake


  20. Sharp Unforgiven

    can you post an instrumental of this song?

  21. Bristina Talman

    Shining ArmOUr. You spelled his name wrong.

    Cool song though.

    Abigail C.

    The best male pony?

    Silly Goose

    It's been spelled both ways, and both are technically correct

  22. Shining armor cool

    I love it

  23. wheatherd

    This song sounds like another song I know to the point where I thought this was a parody... especially on the 'anymore' part and opening little tune. Anyone able to spot it?

  24. Jet Gamma

    This sounds like The Police to an unrealistic level.

  25. warkzac


  26. recurve27

    I was just looking at some of the new MLP CCG cards and noticed that the flavor text on Shining Armor - Bastion Brother references this song's chorus. Nice.

  27. HelloDolly

    Only 7 dislikes on a music video. Thats saying something. 😎

    Abigail C.

    12 dislikes in the past 2 years.

  28. Blitzdactyl

    Somehow, I have no idea how, but you... you understand these characters! Not only you impersonate them greatly ( any actor can do that ) But you get into their hearts, you understand their feelings! That's why I love your songs! You are my favorite youtuber and person... and brony of course! All my songs... get greatly inspired by yours... maybe someday.. I'll share some to everybody on youtube, until then... I'll keep watching you!

  29. BeMacized

    The style reminds me a bit of these Amy MacDonald songs, I like it!

  30. George Murphy

    As an older brother myself, I can really relate to this song. Love my little sis so much
    Well done Mandopony. Amazing song! :)

  31. Ayano Tateyama

    *Is at grandparents house* *has headhones on* Yells: NO I CAN'T BE YOUR SHINING ARMOR ANYMOOORE!

  32. Flamaire Heart

    This song brought me to tears. Just... It sounds like how my big brother used to be.

  33. SonicFanGirl

    This song makes me feel bad for my older siblings. One day I and\or them will move out.

  34. robo knight

    The first time I listen to this song I zoned out thinking about my sis and even thought she is just one room away this is how I feel 

  35. Lindsey Watkins

    Shining armor is my best colt i love candace too

  36. Rudolph Ramirez

    being 1 of 9 siblings this song kinda makes me wanna cry and i love it. I wanna hug all my siblings now.

    Caden Durrant

    I loved it as well

  37. Jasmin Navarro

    i love this song!
    and lol 2 dislikes 

  38. Jade Estrada

    .:>^<:. big bro...

  39. Surgewaffle

    I will always love you sis !! ;u;

  40. PonyPowerToTheMaxYa

    Woah... a free download! lol You rock dude. (In more ways than one if you know what I mean. :P) If not, then say something. >.> Not literally though.

  41. INDwolfgirl

    Wish my older sibling felt this way for me...oh well, still a good song!

  42. Pinkie Pie

    One of my favorites!
    Beside every other song you wrote!
    ... Yea.

  43. Flittashy Da Boss

    This reminds me of my friend... :,( I want to cry now...

  44. Vriska Serket

    I'm not a brony, but I absolutely love this song.

    Rebecca Spainhour

    Vriska Serket sameee

  45. SpyrotheDragon97

    Who is the one person that disliked this?!
    I want a reason!

    Kazi Wind

    Hey, don't, their existence is torturous to themselves enough as it is.

  46. RationalCube

    You know how much I LOVE CORN DOGS

  47. Carl Jonh

    precious song

  48. Gray Fur

    I somehow had missed this song and discovered it just now. It's really nice you decided to re-upload your songs. )

  49. Soarin Silversky

    Nice Song. <3

  50. kharnTheBetrayer97

    This will be the first song I am learning on guitar. ^^ /)
    I love it!

  51. Drewniany Toster

    Love It <3

  52. Piplup88908

    I think this is how nearly every older sibling must feel when they realize their little brother or sister has grown up and they miss them. 


    I know I do.

    Log Horizon

    Piplup88908 wow......deep dude.

  53. sdjsjdkfdsjfk

    yayy~ <33

  54. Take Walker

    I think this has always been my favorite of your pony songs.

  55. August Cornelius frost Schilling Hedegaard

    17/49 would like

    Lightning Shield

    What does that mean?


    @Lightning Shield Man, I see you everywhere!

    August Cornelius frost Schilling Hedegaard

    @Lightning Shield was the like/view ratio when i made the comment, now it's 4,11%.
    so the ratio have gone down by 30,85% (not including multiple views per account)

    Lightning Shield

    @August Cornelius frost Schilling Hedegaard Thanks

  56. RobronyTheBrony

    This is one of my favourites Mando! Keep doing what you do :) 

  57. Elliot Fane

    Sounds pretty cool!