MandoPony - Purple Lyrics

"Sometimes it feels like I'm in a dream
Or, a nightmare
But I'm awake
And, I'm doing things but
I'm not meaning to do them
And even though it's a nightmare
I feel happy inside"

I've done some things in my life
That you may think are crazy
A little different from the rest
I get my pleasure from the pain

I've got some ghosts who follow me
You may think I'm crazy
But in the night I know I feel alright

Well I see spirits all around me
As I try to understand
What makes me do the things I do
To everyone around me
And I bet you never knew
I could have regrets for all the things
That make you see red
But all I see is purple instead

I smile in the face of what's to come
We can try but we can't run
From the fate we bring upon ourselves

It's just a dream, it's just a dream
But that doesn't mean
My waking life is not a nightmare

Well I see spirits all around me
As I try to understand
What makes me do the things I do
To everyone around me
And I bet you never knew
I could have regrets for all the things
That make you see red
But all I see is purple instead

This is the end of me...
They got the best of me...
Now justice has been served...
Oh well live and learn

Well I see spirits all around me
As I try to understand
What makes me do the things I do
To everyone around me
And I bet you never knew
I could have regrets for all the things
That make you see red
But all I see is purple instead

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MandoPony Purple Comments
  1. gamerwolfgachagurl

    First sentence: "Sometimes, i feel like im in a dream.."
    My 11 self: tHaTs DeEp, BrO

  2. ロシアのSNジャパンバージョロシアのSNジャパンバージョン

    Aaaaaaaaa! The song is very heart-to-heart! Aaaaaaaaa! The song is very heart-to-heart! My favorite!!!!!!!! Thank you Mandopony!!!!!

  3. FiveNightsAt 32's OFFICAL

    My Purple Guy: Im also the phone guy in Fna32 1 and im turn homicidal i even killed my own Brother. - Luigi
    FNAF Purple Guy: What The --------- is that version of myself

  4. Doctor1Who0 - Games and Music

    Original Version: FNaF 3
    Acoustic: FNaF 6/UCN
    Remastered: FNaF VR Help Wanted

    Anyone agree?!

  5. Doctor1Who0 - Games and Music

    Original Version: FNaF 3
    Acoustic: FNaF 6/UCN
    Remastered: FNaF VR Help Wanted

    Anyone agree?!

  6. Annabel Vaughan

    Through the whole song i kept on saying BRUH

  7. Foxy_ Afton

    EEEEE love this song so muuuch

  8. Alvin Lozano

    2:50-3:09 Notice that this whole part, in the background has the final minigame for FNaF 3, with William getting caught in the Springlocks suit..You need to look closely to see it, and maybe turn the brightness up.

  9. STARgamer BR 93

    This Purple Guy in the deep of screen is like sausage.

  10. Unknøwn Errør

    ... I used to hate this song years ago... Now I listen daily.

  11. Nekorose_109

    I was so obsessed with this song when I was a kid oof

  12. Blue Otter

    I feel happy inside listening to this song
    I get this pleasure from the past

    Golly has it really been 4 years

  13. Charlie HUN

    Play xfaktor

  14. Eldritch Baphomet

    N O S T A L G I A

  15. qt__Nightmare uwu

    Me : *Sees someone who eats MY Toast*

    Dat person : This is the end of me.....

  16. Asher Blood

    wow..for a insane killer, hes got a good voice,
    xD love the vid bro

  17. Jack Copper

    Now there is a glitchtrap that has purple virus.

  18. Freddy Fazbear

    My life is definitely like a nightmare

  19. Violade Forever

    Oh yeah, it's rewind time.

  20. SlightyChippedCookie

    This is the best fnaf song ever
    edit: It sounds like an anime intro :3

  21. Ferretzim 86

    It might just be me, but I actually liked the idea of Purple Guy just being a regular employee, and Fazbear just being irresponsible and lenient with who they employ. Just being a "regular" guy who got away with murder by stuffing kids into animatronics.

  22. Trijosh

    This version is better:

    Chris Wolf

    Trijosh Well the link you have was when he had a studio record his audio vs this video where he recorded this in his basement, so I’d hope I’d sound better.

  23. Thegalactiknight

    Happy fourth anniversary purple!

  24. Trijosh

    Even though I like this song, green is still my favorite color.

  25. Trijosh

    Happy 4th Anniversary!

  26. Flame Raven

    I still really like this.

  27. Sunrise X Gacha

    am I the only one that stopped liking FNaF in like 2015 but still listens to this song?

  28. Megan Watkins

    This song is seriously underrated

  29. mlem mlem

    Hot take(Matpat theory spoilers);

    This could be applied to Matpat's new FNAF VR theory chains about William Afton posessing the minds of beta testers

  30. ember ashes

    *william walks into a bar and yells* I SEE SPIRITS ALL AROUND ME

  31. Shadow Spire


  32. Rachel Valdez

    Do ballora I dance to forget

  33. Janine Rusinovich

    Love him and phone guy

  34. Ariel Ruh

    Why must you make me love purple guy mandopony ( uh nobody judge me please) and I believe that's what purple guy or Vincent feels like because I love this beautiful song

  35. Linda Lee

    Foxy is purple
    Bonnie is red
    You are blind

  36. TKplaysYT 2019

    Listens to this in school:
    Student:*shushes me to annoy me*
    Me:....*smiles inanley*shut the hell up!
    Mind:wtf am I possessed by each song I listen to XD

  37. Prometheus

    2:40 I paused at the right moment and saw "YOU CAN'T" on my screen! I didn't even know it was in this video!

  38. ragg mann

    0:47 text begins there :o

  39. FiveNights Guy

    Bruh u deserve more regogntion...ur awesome...ur Just Gold song made my fav character Golden Freddy

  40. Dead Demon

    this song describes me so well.

  41. Itz Noelle


    Sunrise X Gacha

    yeesh UwU

  42. Konner Pierce

    When purple guy gets arrested... 'this is the end of me.'

  43. Pink Eclipse

    This and other fnaf songs such as it's me are throwbacks! I mean I remember when I was first getting into fnaf. What about you guys fellow comment scrollers?

  44. Toby Mercury

    2019 anyone? (This song is so good)

  45. Elizabeth Afton

    3:11 *The Purple Guy's spirit started fading...

  46. Ninjago Oni And Dragon Lloyd

    "I'm doing things, but I'm not meaning to do them"
    I like these words. They show that William can't control what he does, that he needs help, that he wants to be good, but he can't. He's broken, and no one tried to fix him. He's stuck in a life where he's not always in control.

  47. OHMI Subaru Baja

    4 years later and I still somehow have these lyrics memorized by heart

    Elizabeth Afton

    *You are not alone...I do, too!

    Sean Titman

    @Elizabeth Afton same :/

  48. PlayerU Plush

    Nostalgia back in 2015

  49. Elise Taylor

    Remember when the FNaF fandom assumed purple guy was hot?

    Trixie Fireheart

    He is >3

    Elise Taylor

    @Trixie Fireheart I mean...

    Lust after the accent all you want, but according to every description I could find in The Silver Eyes he's a lanky, awkward, raccoony sort of man. Think Pete Davidson but with a fursuit.

    Trixie Fireheart

    @Elise Taylor I was joking; I've read The Silver Eyes before

  50. English isn't my first language

    I can't believe i cried listening to this after all this years...

  51. NotTelmo iOS

    William colorblind

  52. Mysticninja95

    Great song

  53. Mr Nobody3021

    Is that Shaggy?
    I see him in the background


    i guess it is

  54. Abigil Mernilo

    A heart of a singer or a drum

  55. Salads are friends Not food

    Why does this remind me of like a 90s or 70s boy band like wth specifically from a tv show like wth

  56. nckZ

    2:40 easter egg!

  57. AnaNabila4126

    Childhood video~~ now i understand the meaning of it, cuz' i didn't speak English

  58. Ravenna McIan


  59. KiraIsaMira

    Why do i like edgy songs

  60. Jasmine The Jt Machinima fan

    Chorus: I see spirits all around me. As I try to understand. What makes me do the things I do. To everyone around me. And I bet you never knew, I could have regrets, for all the things that make you see red. But all I see is purple instead.

  61. Jasmine The Jt Machinima fan

    I love this song. I never heard of it but when I went to your channel I saw it and I clicked it. It’s so lit 🔥. So this is another song about Purple guy...interesting but great 👍

  62. LuckyFoxQueen Draws


    80%: BOI u colorblind
    15%: Jokes with the lyrics
    4%: Wow your voice is AMaZinG
    1%: Other

  63. BlueRaptor 718

    You seriously need to make a FNAF metal song!
    Ps. 3:05 me thinking about death by skyscraper parkour 🙃

  64. LordChickooon

    I know this comment probably won't be seen since this is an old video, but would I be able to make a PMV with this song? It's probably one of my favorite FNaF songs you've done (Comes in a first-place tie with Balloons) and I would really like to use it! If you don't want me to, that's fine, but if I'm allowed to use it (Crediting you as the creator, of course) it'd be really amazing!

  65. Nullnerd

    Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of the TAB for this?

  66. King_ Jahzeh17


  67. Prometheus

    Random thought I had while listening to this: If zoos are so humane towards animals, then why are we worried that an AI will put us into zoos?

  68. Valerie Lopez

    You see purple bc u may think it’s normal

    I see blood >:)


    Willliam Afton Purple Guy


    Willliam Afton Purple Guy


    Jay Es

    I see Urin, is that normal?

  69. Luna YT 14

    I love purple

  70. Kai Kun.


    Willliam Afton Purple Guy


  71. SU Anything

    i can relate to this, anyone?

  72. Zack dìleas

    Speed X1,25 ❤

  73. Soil

    Oh my edgy fnaf obsessed phase wow

  74. Camille Wilborn

    -Claps- I Just Love it

  75. KensCrabs the crab

    I wonder what would the song be like if groundbreaking and mandopony collabed.

    Any one else wonder the same thing? Comment

  76. Suzy

    Like who like purple i like soo

  77. Tom

    Mandopony:i need help
    youtube:fnaf is a game about killing but IT FINNNEEEEEee

  78. Just a Wild Saturn

    Man with dangerous addiction to the colour purple begins killing children because their blood looks purple to him

  79. Just a Wild Saturn

    This is a song about someone who has theoretically bought a toaster at 3am because the other one broke

  80. AsrielBRpro


  81. Dalton B

    This song gave me chills everytime I listen to it

  82. Melo Is Tnut

    Me: *chuckles*

    My teacher: what's so funny?

    Me: nothing

    My brain: 🅱️ur🅱️le

  83. Shane The Sonic Fan

    This works with HABIT unsettling well

  84. Les ship De MHA

    Can someone make a 8D version of this ?

  85. Unlucky_4mula

    Hands down one of my favorite song with just gold a bit behind it

  86. Odd Harkin

    This brings me back...

  87. * KaiHasLeft *

    I got a mcr vibe at the beginning

  88. Crystal Cl0d

    2019 and this is still fucking amazing lmao-

  89. Cambridge

    Government: censors blood

    Me: all I see is purple instead

  90. duncan chillake

    Sir, you have
    *Sadosochism* : get's pleasure when somebody feels pain
    *Sociopathy* : doing socially unacceptable, gross and scary things
    *Psychopaty* : doing really bad things without feelings such as cannibalism, murder, terror

    Kira 101

    It's a video game character, but technically, yeah

  91. The Axolotl Guy

    That opening though

    Damn that’s deep

  92. William Springtrap Afton

    Omg this is so awesome

  93. BallerDog 1222

    My friends: look you can get aggressive and do some bad stuff

  94. Zexenna

    i love this song

  95. Phantom 66

    The beginning almost feels like a MCR reference. Idk I might be reading into things.