MandoPony - My Home Lyrics

Summer's almost gone
And I don't feel any closer
To unraveling all these mysteries

I can't pull back the veil
I find a clue but it leads to
One hundred more, on a never ending trail

Books and runes and dreams
Oh, nothing's as it seems
So much to see, so much to find
Common sense comes crashing down
When you set foot in this town
Try not to lose your mind...

Welcome to my home
Where nothing is normal
And I wouldn't have it any other way
Welcome to my home
Where gravity
Is the only thing that keeps me
From floating away

Now I've finally met the man
Who lit the spark inside
He drove me to uncover
All of the truth

I'm learning to get by
I've been told nothing but lies
Am I alone in seeking out
All of the proof?

Who can I believe? What have I achieved?
There's ancient power here that can't be confined,
But I'm still growing, undergoing changes, time is ever flowing by...
I try not to lose my mind

Welcome to my home
Where nothing is normal
And I wouldn't have it any other way
Welcome to my home
Where gravity
Is the only thing that keeps me
From floaing away

Welcome to my home
Where nothing is normal
And I would not have it any other way
Welcome to my home
Where gravity
Is the only thing that keeps me
From floaing away

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MandoPony My Home Comments
  1. LagartoDelgado

    Last time i've been here as a kid, i'm very surprised in see how the time pass so much fast

  2. Chaos Kat

    I've decided to listen to this whenever summer begins... it's January and 64° out so I'm listening to it now.

  3. Devon Rider

    I just finished rewatching this entire series with my family on Disneyplus. It has me wondering if now that the mandolorian is gonna take some time, will they add a season to this show? Or maybe a spin-off. I mean everybody would love that and it would be a popular move

  4. yopo beep

    yo its been 5 years (*holy crap its been 5 years since 2015..*) but i still listen to this song man

  5. JammyBoii_528

    I just spent the past 15 minutes trying to find this song. It took forever. Happy I found it though.

  6. Nova Star


    It is still as good as I remember

  7. SolarPunch33

    I never watched Gravity Falls, but I still love this song! I know I’m like 4 years late, but should I watch the show?

    Alea Draws

    Yes you should it’s an amazing show!

  8. Hydro toxic

    Can you make this on Spotify

  9. unusual freak

    Its been 4 years and the fandom still lives hanging by the thread being held by true fans me including

  10. Ehf Ds kexibt

    1:46 1:58 My favourite part. great job

  11. Bray of fun

    Try not to loose your mind" really you mean LITERALLY BILL WILL STEAL IT

  12. Trijosh

    RIP Gravity Falls 2012-2016

  13. Trijosh

    1:24 Stanford?

  14. GhostGamr

    Do you ever think Alex is gonna claim that at some point, Dipper and Mabel move to Gravity Falls after they graduate from High School?

  15. PrettyCure Guy


  16. Kokichi Ouma

    4 years and I’m still way too into gravity falls.

  17. Jason Podell

    Years later and I still love this song! And wish for more GF of course

  18. Kala Carter

    guys in this comment section are my family and this song is our home. we are true Gravity Falls fans!!!!

  19. Gabriel Shepard

    God Gravity Falls was such a good show

  20. CalliopeSings 0w0

    On God, your voice fits Dipper so well 🥺🥺😭❤

  21. MiX

    2019? People?

  22. Audrey Ruff

    I feel like Dipper would start a band when he got back home and was now like 16 so...yeah

  23. Pigone

    man! this song made my childhood music playlist!

  24. Hau Mung

    But the show almost finshed.

  25. abaddonlikesbagels

    remember when this was relevant
    lol haha
    *crys in the corner*

  26. yopo beep

    Its 2019, im playing minecraft, and ive gone full circle and come back to this song from years back when i played it while playing minecraft

  27. Trickymaiwood

    I always said he sounds like dipper!-

  28. River Palmer

    Hi i love gravity falls and love this song but i just wanted to ask a question. If i am right and this is in the perspective of dipper surely it isnt actualky home cos he lives with his parents in Oregon but this is just for the summer? Whatever i still really like the song well are good at song making☺

  29. Bigbet

    Ok this still slaps wtf

  30. BlueRaptor 718

    Who noticed,that mandopony’s character looks like a gravity falls character

  31. Mr Lockheart

    Do people notice that mandopony character looks like its from the show

  32. xJazzie101

    Why do u sound like dipper?

  33. headass steph

    this is what I feel dipper would sound like if he had a singing voice

  34. Uncagedsinger 98


  35. OneArtsyGamer

    Wow you seriously sound like how older Dipper would
    I love this!

  36. Sophia Metcalf

    I love this. Dipper is so cute!

  37. Not So Negative

    I can't bring myself to watch gravity falls again. I just get too emotional.

  38. Mariel Sinq97

    “Where Gravity is that only things that keeps me from floating away!” Love this song!

  39. Event Official

    Guys if theres three mystery book.

    Then there must be season 3

  40. ToonStar Inc.

    But if nothing is normal dose that make abnormalities normalcies?

  41. Stacey Lightning Dash

    I just noticed that your voice really sounds like Dipper maybe older Dipper or you just really sound like him and I loved it and I loved your *Gravity Falls* oc!♥

  42. MoonShadow Hill

    1:53 doesn't it look like dippers looking at the title of the song?

  43. Astaku Dreemarc

    I vote not for a sequel season, but a sequel series! Return to the Falls! Or, the Next Falls! Or whatever.

  44. AmberStorm 16

    I heard that Gravity Falls is coming back in 2020!! I don't
    know if it is true or not but I hope its true!!

    Atomi MerKid

    It's agreed, If you're right you can be showrunner, but if you're wrong you have to sing an apology dance,

    Atomi MerKid

    I'm referencing the episode Boss Mable by the way, just being playful, don't stress

  45. Nurbergen Allamjar

    Thank you, Gravity Falls!😢😢

  46. Whitney Pardy



    Is it weird that i think Dipper would sing this if he ever started a music career?



  49. Kitty Cat turned into a real cat

    Two words


  50. Zarna

    "The gravity is the only thing that keeps me from floating away"
    You mean there is no atmosphere?

  51. Ray HawkoTaco

    Four years later and I can still sing this song word for word wow

  52. Dracosgal8

    LOVE this song! 💚💛💜

  53. casey Douglas


  54. Francesca Granieri

    😽😸💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😹💋💋💋💗💋💋Well Well Well 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  55. Dipper Cypher


  56. wister. ia

    aw, memories

  57. ThatFloatingThingYT

    LeTs SumMoN biLL eVeRyOnE

  58. ThatFloatingThingYT

    He actually sounds like Dipper

  59. Abz Edits

    This bring me back to 2017 when i was on summer holidays and I went to the Isle of Wight and watching gravityfalls .

  60. GeorgeGerard Palino

    Gravity falls I watching this when I was a kid

  61. Amir Safaryar

    If u still have hope raise ur hands

  62. Amir Safaryar

    I love gravity falls I miss it so much

  63. Mr quack


  64. Karen Mier

    Me encanta esta Casion

  65. Jason Podell

    This song, no matter how many times I hear it, makes me want to cry. I love it so much, and I love Gravity Falls so much too, and as much as I want more, I understand why it had to stop.

  66. Bella Howes


  67. Strangley Nostalgic

    ɔoɯɯon sǝnsǝ ɔoɯǝs ɔɹɐsɥ!nƃ doʍn,

    ʍɥǝn ʎon sǝʇ ɟooʇ !n ʇɥ!s ʇoʍn.

  68. Hi How ya doin ?

    Bill has disliked the video, there are 666 dislikes, holy crap

  69. Tsar House

    Somehow, in some place or universe, Gravity Falls is still going. Still living and never dying. Dipper and Mabel will never be gone from our hearts. Please fear Gravity Falls...come back

  70. Zakanen Kojukira

    Best song ever 🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼

  71. Zakanen Kojukira


  72. BedirDrawsStuff

    It has been almost 9 years since this song has been out


    Reese Sternhagen

    Actually, it's only been 4 (Gravity Falls hasn't even existed that long)

  73. Pöfinn

    I just missed this too much...

  74. Demon Cat Gaming 22

    I like this

    I’m gonna learn it off by heart ♥️

  75. HazelGaming_ DWC

    I really miss gravity falls so much!

  76. ringo starr is an e boy

    Is it just me or was his songs a small part of my childhood

  77. AnimaDraws


  78. Unmasked _YT

    Gravity falls is a awesome series and hopefully in the future people will watch the whold series then share them to the next generation. #Gravityfalls4Ever

  79. Jomern

    Still get the gossebumps...

  80. Conner Cradic


  81. *InsertNameHere*

    I can see this being an intro to a tv show

  82. SpiritGhoul

    Who's watching in 2019?!
    Only me?


  83. huntress main

    I miss gravity falls like i miss adventure time or regular show

  84. Mya Kelemen

    How have I only found this now?!

  85. Hapless Lime3244

    He sounds like dipper

  86. Mr.LordElliott01

    that literally sounds like dipper

  87. yamile I

    Oh my gods! It actually sounds like a teenage dipper!!!!

  88. Pacman 257

    OMG, It's been so long since if listened to this! Even though the show ended it's still SO GOOD, Good job, and remember The universe is a hologram buy gold,Bye!

  89. Alycia Martinez

    omg you sound alot like dipper 💙

  90. Alycia Martinez

    gravity falls this song...and the show

  91. Star Dragon

    Give me a thumbs up 👍 if you breathe earth air!!!!!

  92. kola Цудний

    It is like my home

  93. Daywalker1973able

    1; wow just wow

    2; this is pretty good

    And 3; this is WAY better than my song “Welcome to Gravity Falls” ;
    Welcome to gravity falls
    It is not what it seems
    Lake monsters
    Goble wankers
    Endless mysteries
    I found a clue
    But it leads to
    A thousand more
    My mind is now an open door
    I have some secrets if you know we’re to look
    The people of this town are an open book
    I found a journal 3
    But will eney one beleave me
    It says TRUST NO ONE
    Or will that ever be
    Can I trust in them
    Or can y’all hen trust in me
    I guess I’ll have to wait
    I guess I’ll have to wait and see

    There’s so many misteries in this town
    But the biggest one that I’ve come abound
    When gravity falls
    And earth becomes sky
    Fear in the beast with just the me eye
    And there may be a few lake monsters
    Goble wankers
    And honted halls
    But there’s nothing to see here at gravity falls

    ( I kinda wrote this song and YES I will admit that I copeyed some stuff from this song and maby a few others but can you plz comment on this but don’t criticize it that mutch just cuz I copied and I kinda tried on this song also sorry if there are eney misspells... )

  94. Alice Hollett

    I know this show ended, and it's very sad but it's the kind of show that would of gotten boring over time. I think that the show ending made people like it more!


    This sounds exactly like Dipper (aka Mason) …….. and I never noticed how well Dipper sounds singing ._.

  96. Cassidy Krick

    I completely forgot about how much i loved this song!! Even after not listening for over a year i still have it memorized

  97. erin noll

    i'd do it at the talent show but o2o problems we need songs on discs and we need at least o2o pepole

  98. Marijn Adriaanse

    Amazing job! The theme music is so well integrated. Absolutely love it!