MandoPony - Dad Cult Lyrics

Dad cult, dad cult
Why you gotta be so annoying?
Dad cult, dad cult
They're taking all my friends away

There's a hole in the ground
Where you hear all the sounds
Of a middle aged melancholy gathering

They think they were robbed
Of all the low paying jobs
That defined who they wanted to be

Now we pay the price
Just another small town sacrifice

Dad cult, dad cult
Why you gotta be so annoying?
Dad cult, dad cult
They're taking all my friends away

I hope it was worth it to survive
I guess that I'm glad to be alive

Is it all in my head?
Did we leave them for dead?
Is it better just to leave them alone?

There's a hole in the ground
Where they'll never be found
With all the other dinosaur bones

Now they paid the price
Just another small town paradise

Dad cult, dad cult
Why you gotta be so annoying?
Dad cult, dad cult
They're taking all my friends away

I hope it was worth it to survive
I guess that I'm glad to be alive

I guess I'm alive
Am I Alive?

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MandoPony Dad Cult Comments
  1. Tim the unicorn

    I think what MAEkes Night In The Woods such a great game is how it has actual different characters, not all games have characters that actually feel like they could be real people

  2. Bear Kovac

    Geez this hits close to home, what noise is "I've been hit fuck I'm dying oh well"?

  3. Raf 'Guard' Leblanc

    This song is EPIC... Just lemme rephrase that:

    Paralised Cucumber

    Thanks God, I`m not alone here, even if your comment was made 2 month ago ^_^

  4. Dystopic Empath


  5. Blocky94 GD

    *Now im really black*

    Now I'm not

  6. SansUTx

    Your voice is so beautiful.

  7. Static Blitz

    This song relates to me so much. I have done so many things in the past I'm not proud of. I am, in fact, a major Train Wreck.

  8. Jake Bello

    This song shockingly describes me when I'm sad or angry. This is a FANTASTIC song!

    P.S. the lyrics are super depressing.

  9. SecretlyAnAmoeba

    It's been 9 months, but this song is still a bop.

  10. Left Hand

    Ohh Snapplez! Very nitw.

  11. Boom


  12. gray sky

    2:15 is my favorite part

  13. Nizita Maruvaka

    I can relate to this song.
    I am my own worst enemy.

  14. Dalton miller

    Only 19 dislikes XD

  15. SCP-049

    This song pretty much describes me.

  16. TarotCard0

    If you pay close attention to the constellations and use a chart depicting them, as well as the moon phases, you can draw lines parallel between them and the moon phases assuming you are in Pennsylvania, in which this game takes place, one can prove mathematically that this song needs more views.

  17. why am I alive?

    you know the MAE BEA the best song I've heard yet! I'll go home now

  18. PlaylistFilms

    When I first heard this song on my echo dot i though it was an undertale song lol

  19. Swiftpaw12

    It has been months since this first came out and it still cuts me deep. Way to put all my demons into one fantastic song?

  20. Derp Fox

    How the fuck did you read my mind?

  21. Spectrum16


  22. LunarBitz

    That ending :ó. Just, wow!

  23. Solid Mae


  24. Isaac Dagaz VanBuren

    Heard this live the other night and instantly fell in love.

  25. Lupin Wolfe

    Makes me think of early Autopilot Off :)

  26. Cwitsh

    Aaaand I'm back to my 10th grade self. God, I felt like I missed out on a lot during my teenage years after I finished the game. And this song just cements that feeling into all my memories. Arrrrg, I've never felt this emotionally charged in years.

  27. Maca Man

    E D G Y

    illogical thoughts

    Maca Man look at your profile pic dude

  28. Nation

    I need a tab/music sheet of this now stat

  29. BlueWatch Master

    Hey Mando!
    I know FNaF is probably dead but PLEASE can you make an instrumental version of "They Rise"?
    Love your work :)

  30. RandomHumanBeing

    I know this has nothing to do with the song, but what happens if you remix songs like "I play Pokemon Go, Everyday". Same notes, same music, but sounds cooler. Like WAY more cooler.

  31. TheFireDemon

    You should have a million subscribers cause your the best

  32. Bruno Buccellati

    Just realized you look like Dipper from gravity falls SOOOOO late

  33. the last boi

    do a live on just 3 days

  34. Theatre Lover4

    when is thatch and dial ep.2 coming out

  35. NBgames plays

    mando we need to clab my brother liles you and i do 2!

  36. scott malkinson._.

    Please, make the Bendy And The Ink Machine song:)

  37. ranger danger

    you are the best

  38. SaneYoungPoot

    You know I'd love to see more of your Thatch & Dial stories! I'm pretty sad that didn't pan out

  39. CreepyPlagur

    this is so good ! big like !

  40. gray sky

    Same old.
    Same old.
    _I'm sorry._

  41. NinjaMan MrC

    The only song in the night in the woods you haven't made a cover of is "pumpkin guy"

  42. SamakiRoden

    I'm just listening to this now cause last time I looked and he didn't do the best song in the game and I got mad and just left. Still kinda mad.


    +SamakiRoden you're mad that i didn't work for hours and put in a ton of extra work to provide you with free entertainment, ok yeah cool


    MandoPony sorry but I would have totally bought it the next time I had money. The only reason I'm following you is cause of the night in the woods stuff and I was really hoping pumpkin head guy would happen cause no one's done it.

  43. Vincynical

    I was waiting for this and yet I'm late, figures.

  44. Fesboo

    when are you going to sing pumpkin head guy from night in the woods I would love that 💜❤😸

  45. Abandoned Channel

    Hey MandoPony, can you please make a Bendy And The Ink Machine song when you have the chance?

  46. Kelly Bulger

    Hey Mandopony! if it's not a huge inconvenience, could you please make an instrumental for the undertale song -Fade Away ? I'm doing a school project and I'd love to sing that beautiful song. Thanks! Keep making great music :)

  47. Brandon C

    this sounds great well done Mando :) love your music.

  48. NootNootBoi

    can't wait for the bendy and the ink machine song, if it's being made, hopefully.

  49. Gamer Bro

    hey you should do a Bendy And The Ink Machine song

  50. AshTheBEASTboy9

    Roses are red that is true VIOLETTS RNT FREAKUNG BLUE!!!!!!!!!

  51. Shay Illuz

    is it just me or that mando is dissapointing. he was in a vication for a lot of time, came back and just had a few songs, most of them on that game. waht about unboxing? what about your gaming channel? shat about those car vlogs? its like he died and autometicly his computer is uploading songs. (BTW sorry if i have mistakes, im from israel)

  52. Dillon States

    What's next, change your name to just Mando? Almost all of your old stuff is gone now.. unsubscribed for now man

    Brenden Ward

    He is moving towards being an independent artist, no fandoms required

  53. Cyanide

    1.bendy and the ink machine song
    2.hello neighbor song
    3.tattletail song

  54. Leo

    This song is pretty great and relatable. You can really feal the regret, disappointment and sadness. I really like this song because of how relatable it is. I hope this song gets more recognition because it is just amazing!


    Shock_ Wave I hope the game gets more attention as well.

  55. waylon cash

    I like trains(asdf)

  56. hamari

    holy fuck mando. the last time i saw one of your videos was back in 2014. youtube unsubbed me from your channel and i haven't seen a video since today. and holy shit, you've grown so much. definitely going to listen to everything that i've missed out on. keep going my smol boy <3

  57. A Wild Yakob

    Hey! You should do that song that Mae writes out of her hate for Cole, I forget what its called but it would be really funny btw I love your songs!

  58. Quietful

    This song has the longest silent outro xD

  59. Hajiman

    bendy and the inkmachine should be next

  60. Roseyrose Quartz

    I want to play this game even more now!

  61. Bootleg

    Well, that was equally awesome and depressing...


    God, is it depressing. But I can't stop listening...

    fjällräv boi

    Bootleg same hear

  62. Zeppeli.

    Hey, man, congratulations, I love your work, I accompany you to the 90k. Congratulations, God bless you for all the success you deserve

    ps:i'm from the brazil

  63. popplio the dinosaur

    You sing good you should go to American got talent

  64. MCmaster2014

    Please make a karaoke/instrumental version of this, and Ghosts!

  65. Mizu水

    wHAt. there foUR disliKES hOWwW

  66. kai-exe

    Hopes and I smell an Undertale ref?


    just an echo...


    Dude that phrase is kinda generic. Just because it is the title of a song in the game doesn't make everytime it is mentioned a ref

  67. SmolMarble

    They have been such a train wreck :3
    night in the woods

  68. Vericle

    This gives me some good ol' Paramore vibes.

  69. TheJolteonMaster

    I'm not sure why, but your singing sounded much better in 'Nullified,' 'The Real Me' and 'Together,' as opposed to what you have been uploading recently. The songwriting is still fantastic, it's just the performance that feels off...


    TheJolteonMaster maybe this is gonna lead to OFF inspired songs next.

  70. lastmemelord lastmemelord

    I swear, MandoPony is a God of Music.

  71. Freja Madsen

    I always end up on your channel I should really just subscribe already xD

  72. Shouzanan

    Imagine if the gang plays this song. It would be awesome

  73. gray sky

    Time to listen to this one thousand times.

  74. Matthew Smegal

    bruh add some trumpet and id think it would be perfect. this song has a total skaw vibe. i mean its like still super fucking good and awesome but i just can hear an implied trumpet on the off beats

  75. Lily Coons

    I love how from the first to second verse it goes from "What the hell did we expect?" to "What the hell did *I* expect?"

  76. MandoPony

    Hey everyone! My NITW inspired "Ghosts" EP is AVAILABLE NOW!


    Can you please make a something strange instrumental? I need it for a talent show I'm doing and I would sing to it all the time!


    Ok, here is a production question, do you hire other instrument players to play the other parts (ex. Drums). If so, who are they or what band are they. If not, how do you get all of them (plz let your answer be that you play all of them).

    Lazy DIVA

    MandoPony My mom called you Pewdiepie

    Bruno Buccellati

    Lazy DIVA HA he doesn't really have hair like PewDiePie


    MandoPony do you plan on producing a physical cd of ghosts?

  77. Deacon142

    I just finished listening to the album - Mando, this is incredible! You absolutely nailed Night in the Woods! Can't wait to see what comes next!

  78. syeongyeom

    Seriously, this EP is so much better than I expected it to be. All of the songs have such deep meanings and the way they tie in with the game is frickin' beautiful. Good job, man. This EP might be my favourite music related thing that's come out in a long time.


    +kairos Thank you!

  79. Germ Warton

    Hey mando, do you own a mandolin? (I know, stupid question) i just couldn't help seeing the Gibson F-5 Master in your channel icon and noticing that the thing costs $18,299!

  80. clappytallgirlxo


  81. Matt LaTorre

    I'm really loving this, your heavier rock stuff is underrated. Nice way to commemorate the early release of Ghosts, guess I got to go buy it now!

  82. Green Turtlez

    Oh dam can't wait

  83. Knight Assassin

    I guess you could say its aMAEzing

    Cyanhyde M.

    Both of you get out.

    Jess Steyn

    I am so angry right now.

    Jack Schweighardt

    Now you just made me BEAcome depressed.

  84. nody Noodles

    "hopes and dreams" undertale is in your blood my friend XD


    nody Noodles YAY! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that when hearing that XD

    Solid Mae

    Same xD

    moon batchelder

    yeah, because Toby Fox invented the phrase "hopes and dreams". it definitely wasn't around for at least several centuries prior to Toby fox using it as a name of a song in a video game with a fandom full of menials like yourselves who have never read any book written prior to the year 2012

  85. Delsin Rowe

    Im gonna run around naked in the woooooooooooooods

    Pixlegun Superstar8594

    Delsin Rowe GO SIT NOW

    Cheesy Martin

    'cos I gOT niGHtmaRE eyEZZz

    Joey Dempsey


    Joey Dempsey


  86. knivesinwoods

    im so emotional im crying i just want to take mae and squeeze her and keep her safe from everything bad and i just want her to be happy and im fuckign emotional rn

    Jonathan Goodwin

    @Jared Planthaber I've never felt like that. No matter how real they can feel, they are not real. Nothing that happens to them is really happening, so It is just simple entertainment to me


    Awkward Pawter we aren't friends with Mae we kind of are Mae, when you play a game you are that character. did Mae choose to hang out with Bea over fox man ( forgot his name), no you did.


    Jonathan Goodwin huh maybe your to young then.

    Jonathan Goodwin

    @Jared Planthaber I am 18, dude.


    Pretty sure he's just trying to hard to be edgy.

  87. jos121


  88. Snivy con

    Oh hell yeah, it releases on the tenth

  89. ThatWeirdFangirl

    I love this but its sad haha

  90. sadr0s3


  91. Spectrum16

    This is actually really depressing


    Spectrum16 punk rock is pretty much 'down with the system' or 'holy shit things are fucked'


    BarryBear Either way its still pretty awesome

    Caleb Waters

    This is perfectly from Mae's point of view, though.


    Caleb Waters true

  92. Cloudflame

    This is incredible! As soon as I can, I'll be buying the EP to support your amazing work

  93. Centurion Fox

    any news on Thatch and Dial episode 2 by now? I love it

  94. DJ Curly

    *song starts* yes this is good ._.

  95. beese baba

    whose with me like👍

  96. Skoll Iki

    every words relate to my whole life ... i love this music


    Skoll Iki I can't even tell what I relate to anymore. Not trying to be depressing.


    M1nn0s heh heh.

    Skoll Iki

    depression the bright side of it in its own way ^^


    Wow... that may actually be what I have. Thanks.

    Slushieshotz _

    Only one word to explain what I do.... *pretend* if nobody understands, oh-well... I won't and i refuse to explain AT ALL. But thanks that's all I wanted to share...

  97. Piper M

    After hearing literally the first few words, I said "Angsty" out loud. XD