MandoPony - Come Back Lyrics

I feel like I am back
To a place I've been before
But I don't even know my name
Is this a memory
I can't be sure anymore
Everything is different yet the same

And now I'm walking down familiar halls
Answering a thousand calls
Ringing through the memories in my mind
If it's all a lie, or just a game
Then keep me in the dark and say
I can come back here any time

It's too good to be true
That's what I tell myself
Second chances take me by surprise
And if it's all a dream
Well, I don't care any more
I hope I never open up my eyes

And now I'm walking down familiar halls
Answering a thousand calls
Ringing through the memories of my mind
If it's all a lie or just a game
Keep me in the dark and say
I can come back here any time

And maybe in the dark
I will find the light inside
Find the light to guide me to your home

And maybe in the dark
In the dead of night
I will take control and you'll be all alone

Walking down familiar halls
Answering a thousand calls
Ringing through the memories of your mind
This is just my kind of game
To keep me oh, so entertained
Resurrected by your demise

Walking down familiar halls
Answering a thousand calls
Ringing through the memories of your mind
This is just my kind of game
To keep me oh, so entertained
Resurrected by your demise
I can come back here any time

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MandoPony Come Back Comments
  1. Kotaku Yorokobi

    FOR THE BAND ONLY: Heheh, i never noticed that LEGIT ALL OF MY UNDERTALE AND FNAF SONG ARE FROM THIS BAND, bruh, the other song you made for fnaf was nostalgia to me, now this???? This sounded great until kris got the red eyes on the audience, i just subscribed, when i listened to your song "they need a monster" it was great, too bad your band is not that popular, everything in your band is great, the voices, the music, your taste of timing the sound effects, pretty great! 6 out of 5 =) (i also liked your other songs)

  2. Pirat Foxy

    Why best chanels die 😭😭😭

  3. jaymanbeastmode

    Is he coming back?

  4. Trijosh

    Happy 1 Anniversary!

  5. Yagura Inuzuka

    Beautiful song mando

  6. La Louison


  7. [ *Ruby: Navy* ]

    *well that got dark fast*

  8. adude withapipe

    Talk about a fucking twist! Wasn't expecting that!

  9. The Nether Hunterz

    As someone who listens to Chara daily, how have I only just found this?

  10. Dank Dead Wolf


  11. K Blue

    Eeeek Toby fox put this into Deltarune chapter 2!!!

  12. Yanick Lavallée

    This is a super good video and you have a super voice

  13. Spyre of the Wolves

    I think the scariest part of this song is how sweet it sounds the whole way through. There’s no notion or warning that THAT end is coming, and even once it establishes itself, the song holds the same style as it does while we’re in Kris’ point of view. It freaks me out, and I love it.

  14. Mady Blackburn

    Can you make more undertale songs

  15. sharo player

    The ending was scary with chara WTF😱

  16. Thunderstorm 1

    I love this song. He published it on my birthday lol!

  17. Aiiri

    I'm at 1:22 and I read the comments..... wot ?

  18. Drum edits 619

    This song is so pe-
    Wow this got dark

  19. Savage Boi

    You had me in the first half not gonna lie

  20. poisonpoopguy

    Lol where have u been

  21. ShootingStarNeo

    What a cute song! :D



  22. Durr_Yolo

    Your fame is diminished, but your talent has not

  23. Nancy Vicius

    Chara:finish the job =)

  24. iRaymond XD

    So....Kris is the Antagonist? Or at least possesed ?
    And we are the hero?
    Like our soul find the vessel that we create and we are the protagonist? Or
    Susie , Lancer and Ralsei are the Heroes and Kris the Antagonist/Possesed?

  25. someone lost

    Omg such a pretty song! I love your singing voice and it's so peacefu-

    *reached the end of the song* WOAH WAIT A MINUTE HOLD ON-

  26. ew ;v

    Chara: GOOD ENDING =)

  27. Midnight _ Stone18

    Love the song man! Honestly freaked me a little bit loved it!

    Btw do you have any sort of music sheet for the music I love it so much! 😂❤️

  28. God of Beans

    Being bipolar like:

  29. Joshheinz100


  30. Joshheinz100


  31. Barnyetta the Dinosaur

    this picture is weird. asriel wouldn't be that young with susie at that age. and why would kris' teacher be in that pic? that's weird.

  32. Not So Negative

    Your music is just so amazing just like I remember it.

  33. unicornkitty adiba subhan dev

    After three years of just being me and my mom alone in the USA we are going back to India to our home Country with my family friends and cousins...I am going to be a liar to say I'm not gonna miss the amazing people I've met and the friends I've made here it's been one hell of a ride living here and I'm sure gonna miss it

  34. CharaDreamurr XOX

    YO KRIS!!!

  35. Vael Araragi

    Ah, such a lovely song... I can't wait to listen to it, and shed some tears of joy to this lovely-

    Excuse me, what the fuck

  36. 21st century Cats

    its good how "i can come back here anytime" takes on a double meaning by the end, its really effective writing

    21st century Cats

    thanks man ive been watching since survive the night, your piano skills are unparralleled

  37. Lynn

    y'know, i'd stopped listening for a while simply due to the lack of uploads and/or content i just wasn't interested in, damn, andy. you've still got it, and you're only getting better!

  38. Pretend I Was Never Here

    I feel like that Kris is a troubled kid. Messed up, but not dangerous, or psychotic. Just depressed and lonely. After all, Kris did sacrifice themself for Susie bear the end, and we weren’t under their control at that time. And it’s a lot more meaningful, for this to be a story about a lonely teen opening up, instead of a psychotic killer trying to murder everyone.

  39. Surreaktor

    The music is great and the video is simple but brilliant.
    The photo with X'd faces is a reference to what we see after completing a pacifist run AFTER we complete genocide at least once. We get the picture of everyone looking pretty much like here at the end part. I love this reference :3

  40. Crash Kojote

    And if I don't look at it and let it play in the background, I don't even notice the evil!
    Win win for me.

  41. Haloboy2525

    This is so true for me 😢

  42. aleectohasfingers

    Once again, you've touched me...

  43. logean nesbrio

    Love It!

  44. SapphireFlame

    Describing CGI animated films
    0:00-1:48 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
    1:49-3:05 Sonic, Lion King 2019, Cats

  45. Fafa moro xD

    Me playing deltarune: oh so kris isnt a psycho like chara :D

    Me with chapter 1"s end: so i was wrong?

  46. Gem Universe

    Are blasted this now my ears hurt

  47. Gem Universe

    " find the light to guide me to your home" Kris from deltarune wants to know your location

  48. DimentiosLoyalest

    This comment section is a treasure.

  49. Nsinger998

    1:50 - 1:52

    Its referencing the end of the first chapter! O.O

  50. amber hancock

    I dont know how you do it but when ever i listen to your songs i cant help but feel so much peace and understanding like i havent ever felt before

  51. TinyZfun

    I've been here since the first fnaf song.

    Velvet inc. studios

    Same mate

  52. The Great Papyrus

    Sans: Ah shit, here we go again...

  53. Axolotl Entertainment

    Me: Oh Hey I Haven't Watched MandoPony In A Couple Years. What Was The Last Song I Listened To? I Think It Was Foxy Song. I Wonder How He's Doing?

    Me, 3 Minutes And 4 Seconds Later: God Damnit Why Must You Kill The Furrys

  54. RoboticKnight PU-001

    I hope the new undertale game is a new timeline with new choices.

    See chara again.

    Oh fuck here we go again.

  55. Panpukin Arts

    Damn, just recently I've gotten back into the gaming scene since a very long time... I started revisiting some of the classic Fan Music and Gaming channels I have loved and watched like 4 years ago, and I'm absolutely stunned by how much has changed and yet nostalgic seeing how so much else is still like it was all this time ago. Hell yes

  56. Benjamin Anderson

    i kept expecting the chara eyes and kept getting tricked by his hair's shadow and as i finally let my guard down 2:05 happend

  57. SimonSonian

    Why does the first half of this song sound like something from Dear Evan Hansen? Great song! I loved it!

  58. SFR Gamming

    I love it I even want to post it on the Internet and sing it at America’s got talent!

  59. Anna Jordan

    Is this a memory?
    No you just murdered everyone

  60. Nikol Ert

    This is a very happy song... yes its a bit emotional but in a positive way why the darkness at the end?

  61. SteamTank

    Since MLP gen4 is coming to a close . Will the last 2 songs Honesty and Magic Finally be written to bring a proper close to the Mane 6 songs and mlp g4 itself ?

    We understand you’ve moved on like other great music creators from the fandom but one last hurray for pony . Please Mando? AJ and Twi deserve to be heard.

  62. The Mailman

    0:46 explains me after MandoPony finally uploads

  63. Scoobert2000

    * (no response. . .)

    * (. . . but the distant trousle of bones.)

    Papyrus, *Come Back* !

    Savage Boi

    In chapter 2

  64. brennan laughlin

    This the most lovely song I’ve ever heard in my life it’s ama.. I’m scared for life now

  65. Ben G

    oh hey this is very nice.

  66. Sebas The Gamer 15

    ....please somebody....get Kris help... :(

  67. Technomancer64

    Aaaah was not expecting that.

  68. Tropical Polarbear

    Your voice is like an angel

  69. Wizard Lizard

    *"My choices are my own now.."*

    *A shiver ran down your spine. Something is very, very wrong.

  70. random person

    Fade Away: "I don't want to go back"
    Title of this song: "Come back"


  71. Tony Stark


  72. Sylveadiff

    I know this has nothing to do with Hollow Knight, but...
    1:30 - Walking back home from Deepnest when the roads "light" up.

  73. Chocko the Pupper

    Lovely. Absolutely lovely. I never thought I'd come back here, after I got out of FNAF, but then Deltarune happened and I stumbled apon you again. I absolutely love this song.

  74. Imperfect Polymorph

    I was listening idly and looked back during what I felt was the end...


  75. QuarterKappa

    one thing: tf2

  76. UniCara404

    I love this song so much its my fave song but if Tony fox really kills Susie I'm never playing one of his games ever again

    Jk i'd just be mad

  77. Creeper 351

    The Ending Tho

  78. Bug Livestreams

    ANDY, WHEN DID YOU START WRITING SEQUELS?! Also love your voice. This went COMPLETELY under the radar for me. Time to start listening to that beautiful voice again.

  79. Cathys Studios

    this would be a very good cliffhanger for the song and Game!^^

  80. Sebas The Gamer 15

    So sweet!

  81. Observer29830

    > Hear lovely song
    > Press like
    > Get to the end
    > Press dislike.

    Fuck you too. This is why humanity can't have nice things.

  82. 3ft Ninja

    Nobody can choose who they are in this world.

  83. Ray

    that end though

  84. Dr. Bolt

    Is it just me or does this song kind of sound like Fade Away

  85. Euchadra Melech

    tbh I feel like Susie would be the last one on the list of murder- you know, her being the strongest basically ovo'

  86. T-ReyeHD

    Beautiful image and song. "I can come back here anytime" yes I will come back here anytime I have a chance.

  87. LovelyPink2005 VA

    This.. Is... WONDERFUL!!! AMAZING SONG!!!
    I really love it! Can I do a cover of this song? And is there any Intrumentals ver. Of this song? I really want to make a cover of it :333

  88. Chaos Recker

    People need to react to this

  89. rede513

    that pretty much sums the game up now doesn't it?

  90. Bunn Bunn

    this can make sense if its for my au.
    everything is different yet the same-the fact that the monsters are copies of her human friends, the ones that fell

  91. ralsei with a gun

    Ten/ten goats

  92. Natasha kat

    Hi guys i have just decided to try to show you guys the song in from another country which is denmark so you will find out how it sounds if you try it out? Or that you can just try to read it okay guys so here is the song from Danish okay

    Jeg har lyst til at jeg er tilbage
    Til et sted, jeg har været før
    Men jeg kender ikke engang mit navn
    Er dette en hukommelse
    Jeg kan ikke være mere sikker
    Alt er anderledes, men det samme

    Og nu går jeg ned på velkendte haller
    Besvare tusind opkald
    Ringer gennem minderne i mit sind
    Hvis det hele er en løgn, eller bare et spil
    Så hold mig i mørket og sig
    Jeg kan komme tilbage her helst

    Det er for godt at være sandt
    Det siger jeg mig selv
    Anden chance tager mig til overraskelse
    Og hvis det hele er en drøm
    Nå, jeg er ligeglad med noget mere
    Jeg håber jeg åbner aldrig mine øjne

    Og nu går jeg ned på velkendte haller
    Besvare tusind opkald
    Ringer gennem mine minder
    Hvis det er alt en løgn eller bare et spil
    Hold mig i mørket og sig
    Jeg kan komme tilbage her helst

    Og måske i mørket
    Jeg vil finde lyset inde
    Find lyset til at guide mig til dit hjem

    Og måske i mørket
    I nattens død
    Jeg vil tage kontrol og du vil være helt alene

    Gå ned på kendte haller
    Besvare tusind opkald
    Ringer gennem minderne om dit sind
    Dette er bare min slags spil
    At holde mig åh, så underholdt
    Opstandet af din død

    Gå ned på kendte haller
    Besvare tusind opkald
    Ringer gennem minderne om dit sind
    Dette er bare min slags spil
    At holde mig åh, så underholdt
    Opstandet af din død
    Jeg kan komme tilbage her helst

  93. penny musgraves cna

    Can me and a friend use this for a cover/tribute video?

  94. Andyyx_15

    Holy shit- this came in my birthDay! :0

    I Love this song!! Your voice is awesome!! qwq

  95. Mr.PewPew

    Sounds beautiful! Wait, that isn't supposed to happen right there!!! Still sounds oddly beautiful somehow...

  96. king ray

    U known I haven't herd u make a music video in a whale it good to hear your music again

  97. _.Wonder._. Proxies._