MandoPony - Chica Lyrics

You may think that what I'm feeling
Is a little strange
But baby, I believe the world can change

Someday I know that they will see
You were meant to be with me

It doesn't matter if they laugh
Or criticize
They've never felt what I feel
When I look in your eyes

It doesn't matter if they're glowing red
It doesn't matter if you want me dead

Call me crazy baby, but
It don't matter at all...
(It don't really matter at all)
You may be a robot, but
I can't help but fall...

I'm in love with a chicken
Who wants to murder me
I fell in love with a chicken
So deliciously
She's everything I ever wanted or adored
I can't help the fact that she's a cyborg
I'm in love with a chicken
Who wants to murder me
She slays all day
With her secret recipe
She makes me feel like everyday is a party

You're a little yella, but you're hella sex-to the ay-ay
Built just right, oh what a sight, gimme that cupcake
Get a little cray-cray

Oh lordy, here she comes
Creepin' down the hall
You can't miss her
Cuz she's seven feet tall

What I gotta do to get a little
Lovin' from you?
Before I kick the bucket,
I gotta have a taste of that

She's made of metal but she warms my heart
Even if she wants to tear me apart, oh

Call me crazy baby, but
I don't think you're a threat....
(Why you gotta pull my limbs off?)
Why do we always want what
We can never get?

Oh, I just want a little chicken...

I'm in love with a chicken
Who wants to murder me
I fell in love with a chicken
So deliciously
She's everything I ever wanted or adored
I can't help the fact that she's a cyborg
I'm in love with a chicken
Who wants to murder me
(A sexy cyborg)
She slays all day
(A sexy cyborg chicken lady)
With her secret recipe

Wait, stop the beat.
It's a cyborg chicken
And she wants to kill me?
Eh, I'm okay with that.

I'm in love with a chicken
Who wants to murder me
I fell in love with a chicken
So deliciously
(I'm so in love with that porcelain poultry)
She's everything I ever wanted or adored
(She's so good to me, she's got them hips for days)
I'm in love with a chicken
Who wants to murder me
(Those feathers do it for me)
She slays all day
With her secret recipe
(Even though, technically, they ain't even feathers, she's just made of metal)
(Oh, but I still want her so bad)

I'm in love with a chicken
Who wants to murder me
I fell in love with a chicken
So deliciously
(The tastiest love of all)
She's everything I ever wanted or adored
(The tastiest love of all)
I'm in love with a chicken
Who wants to murder me
She slays all day
With her secret recipe
(Yeah, yeah, yea-a-a-ah)

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MandoPony Chica Comments
  1. Awesome Boy365

    Chica: *possessed by a young child*
    FBI: *OPEN UP*

  2. Kenny I.

    Ok, but why tho.

  3. X X

    I just got PTSD

  4. David Chan PH

    Me: **insert Markiplier voice here** Augh, the sounds, I don't like it...

  5. nightwolf6906

    Ummmm................... that's technically a child inside that robot🤔🤔

  6. Dez_Flame_Fox

    Mando when and why did u stop making fnaf songs? Someone please inform me why this happened, cause I haven’t been keeping up with this channel as much.

  7. red creeper07

    "Why you got to pull my limbs off"

    "I'm in love with a chicken who wants to murder me"

    "A sexy cyborg chicken lady"


  8. Antonio Javier

    Furry love

  9. thebenmario10

    this is the toy chica fandom in one song

  10. Phantom_ Frani23

    *what the fuck umm Andrew wants that 20 piece i--*

  11. Tochii

    I'm going to end this whole man's career

  12. Drava Abomination

    What the fuck

  13. Jacob&Pablo WadeyProductions

    Chica: *possessed by a kid*

    *FBI, OPEN UP!*

  14. Jacob Harding

    The child’s soul that’s in Chica: Wait that’s illegal

    MandoPony: I just want a little chicken

  15. Layla Hanley

    I thought this song was a little song about chica and blah blah..

    But then I skipped a little bit of the video and it said *I'm in love with a chicken*

  16. Authorior

    I gotta have a taste of that *m c n u g g e t*

  17. Obi-wan Kenobi


    Is this a joke?
    It probably is.

  18. Vitaliuz

    Black dudes be, like "That's a good song, right there".

  19. Mick Giraffo


    You know she's just the soul of a murdered 8 year old child inside a robot ?

  20. Colin Moore

    I clicked on this video to forget about the stupid fnaf fan-fics and fan-ships and listen to some cool fnaf songs. So I flick on this.. And my cringe level goes higher than the Universe and I almost make an attempt to smash my laptop against the ground.. 😤

  21. Yoda I am

    soooOoOOoooOoOOOOoo neyooOOOoOooOOOOooooOOo

  22. enderman 2000

    Lolbit is beautifuler and hot. And lolbit is mine

  23. Emma the kind master

    :0 save me from this song

  24. The Living Grape

    *When you realize MandoPony stole Groundbreaking song’s name*

  25. Mina Ashido

    my brain cells during a test:

  26. Joe Cheatham

    You are Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gabriel Shingoose

    Who is cool

  27. Gabriel Shingoose

    I sang this once

  28. Elizabeth Wang

    So is Mandopony Scott's son????????

  29. Incognito Spaghetti

    why ya gotta pull my limbs off

  30. Rainbow Apple


    Some HELLA GOOD FNAF CLICKBAIT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  31. Golden Freddy

    Here’s some advice, don’t write a song when you have a boner.

  32. Jaleen Kuo

    I literally always forget that this song exists and then when I feel like listening to FNaF music this happens.
    *This song starts playing*
    Me: *trips from wherever I am/ almost falls* EXCUSE ME WHAT

  33. Gay potato And rainbows are needed

    Honestly though.... I’m lesbian for Chica, Toy Chica, and Funtime Chica... like yes please

  34. Spectro Station

    "why you gotta pull my limbs out?"
    Excuse me sir but


  35. Chica the Cutest Animatronic Chicken

    You may be in love with me, which is very nice of you to say, but I don't wanna kill people anymore.

  36. El Tio K


    Rainbow Apple

    Bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Friendly alien Boi



  38. WhatACow Anims

    My profile pic

  39. Mr. Interest


  40. Kayden Victory

    she belongs to freddy

  41. LPSMoonDragon

    This is kind of hilarious o-o

  42. Maxon Wolf

    *this is now more awkward as this was when Mando still had a pony sona*

  43. Maricel Lariosa


  44. bb gguk

    what the fuck

  45. Ola Zoi Kezo


    *Mando: I fell In love with a Chicken Who wants to murder me I Feel in love with a Chicken so Deliciosly*

    *3 Doritos Later:*

    *2:42** Wait wait a second wait Stop the beat stop stop the beat Stop beat*
    *It's a It's a Cyborg Chicken and she wants to KILL me?*

  46. AshKirby

    OMG, this song is so Rule 34!

  47. Brailey Sloan

    I'm sorry what?? What did I stumble upon?? I think this is a cursed song

  48. AIZAAC

    Man... im sorry to tell you but...

    Chica is possesed by a little girl...

  49. Gabriel Fernandez

    Sex Dolls Originate From Chica I Guess...



  50. Raylee Miller


  51. shelby jones

    "I'm In love with a chicken so deliciously" I say this in and out of my head its stuck with my mind for years

  52. Buckiegg

    OMG I love this lol

  53. MewtwoXx _

    I will have what they were smoking

  54. Stephen Loftin

    I haven't listened to this song since it came out but the chorus kept getting stuck in my head so now I'm finally back

  55. Kei DragonMoon

    This is *CURSED*
    Mandopony: (Makes sad songs like Balloons)
    Also Mandopony:

  56. Pagan Min

    I made some minor alterations to this and sang to a Girl i like... She slapped me and them kissed me.

  57. stela c

    Literally 4am as I lay in my dorm and this song randomly pops in my head from when I heard it years ago lmao. Love it so much

  58. Bwabblepawt Bwabblepawt

    *why you gotta pull my legs off*

  59. Crampshurtlol

    What the..-

  60. hybrue hakiro azre

    i like this song

  61. J & W Nation

    What the- Ummmm XD Mando? You Okay??

  62. Someone Usually

    what have you been eating?

  63. Brenda Duncan


  64. OrangeFalconBeak ph

    Your in love with chica what the hotdog

  65. aarondechamp

    This feels like it would be that thing that you made that you wish you wouldent have.

  66. Partial Bullet

    Chica: Your crazy

  67. Twili Owl

    I thought I understood this song, but now that I'm coming back to watch it after a couple years, I've noticed a bunch of references I didn't get before.

  68. Minecraft Egg

    "a sexy cyborg chicken lady"
    I laughed so hard at that

  69. Queen Rosez

    I almost bursted out laughing at work. I have never seen this before. My gosh, I'm crying 😂

  70. Angel LoveHeart

    Am I the only one who needs an instrumental of this?

  71. Total Trash Mammal

    What in the holy fuck?

  72. surviv pro

    Was your wife mad?

  73. surviv pro

    And was that your real voice??not the song but when the song stopped was that you talking

  74. surviv pro


  75. Jacen Gertos

    The fuck.

  76. Nafira Cuties

    11 y.o me: wtf is this
    14 y.o me: this is masterpiece

  77. M7MD_MNS 115

    WHAT THE FU♥️K😂!?

  78. Evie's Gacha Life

    Im just scrolling through youtube for fnaf play throughs and I couldn't risist not clicking on this video! 😂😂😂😂😂

  79. SuperBacon

    ill be honest it caught me off guard

  80. Sparky the dog6

    This is one song I REFUSE to add to my FNaF Mix playlist

  81. Cadence Soto

    This is making me think of markiplier lmao

  82. Vefrengi

    So what's your favorite song?

    *its complicated*

  83. Lexi Fazbear

    Bonnie: * kicks Mandopony down* STAY AWAY FROM MY WOMAN!!!

  84. Angelina _W

    Okay but, remember that the soul is a *little girl*
    I’m sorry I just had to say that-
    Also your voice is amazing!

  85. Jason Ritter

    This song sounds a little inappropriate.

  86. Maria Witte

    I remember watching this when I was like 9 or

  87. The real Bob Duncan

    _"oh I just want a little chicken"_
    Aight guys imma head out

  88. BlackWatch Squshyturtle 115

    This is so weird...

  89. Julian Rivera

    That. Was. SWEET.

  90. Crystal Blaye

    After a decade of watching this....I still remember the lyrics 😂

    Ethan Gold

    _I have this song in my playlist 😂_

    Crystal Blaye

    @Ethan Gold same

    Ethan Gold

    @Crystal Blaye _oh yeah_

  91. Jhulie Queen

    Cutie mark?

  92. Ethan Gold

    _I Really fell in love when i see this beautiful chicken..._

  93. Azelf Azazel

    Fnaf 2: comes out

    Lesbians: *anime nosebleeds intensify*