MandoPony - Blackwatch Lyrics

Can you feel the revolution in the air?
Can you feel how nobody cares
About the world you try to save

Step into the shadows of my past
Betrayed and abandoned, the outcast
This darkness follows me into the grave

They say they're soldiers
But they close their eyes
To the blackwatch
Underneath the night's disguise
Once more into
The blood red dawn
Death takes us all
But I will carry on

I will regenerate
From hand-crafted corpses
I was a hero
But now I'm remorseless

This is for the ones forgotten
This is for the shadow's son
This is for the heroes strong enough
To finish what you never got done

I broke my ties
And I hunt them down
To the ends of the earth and beyond
Just to put them in the ground

They say they're soldiers
But they close their eyes
To the blackwatch
Underneath the night's disguise
Once more into
The blood red dawn
Death takes us all
But I will carry on

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MandoPony Blackwatch Comments
  1. Gilgamesh ,the treasure hunter

    Initiation into talon: Listen to Reaper sing about stuff *Song plays*

  2. Disloyal Dashie

    I'm sorry mandopony. A few years ago I commented to you very rudely and I was mad that you left the MLP fandom. I dont even remember what video it was you replied to it but anyways I just wanted to say I'm glad you've made something of your life that's more then most of us can say !

    Your awesome man keep up the good work

  3. Izō Okada


  4. Lightning Cat

    Thats the edge I need.
    Gabriel Reyes edge.

  5. Half-Person


  6. Hunter Otte

    I love the line "They call themselves soldiers, but they close their eyes.", because it really does point out its not all Reapers fault everything ended the way it did. 76, the "Lone Soldier", closed his eyes to avoid blackwatch's business. An act Moira claims would be "Convenient" for 76 to do. 76 did not regulate blackwatch, and in the end it destroyed overwatch. It just isn't Reaper's fault, its also 76's shared burden too. Gabriel never wanted top dog, he just wanted to help Overwatch protect. And after the society Overwatch protected ripped it apart, it changed him. Gabriel is no more, there is only Reaper now. Reaper only wishes to bury the past, one corpse at a time.

  7. skinny jason

    anyone thinking this song is kinda sexy?

  8. Sasuke Uchiha

    Step in to the shadows of my past
    Betrayed and abandoned the outcast

  9. chaoslordgreen

    Nice song

  10. Lunarmelody 16

    What if it turned out reaper was framed and the reason he’s so vengeful is because he’s been marked a criminal for something he didn’t do.

  11. ZiggyZagga

    1:19 "Keep Calm and Reap On!"

  12. Grimm Gamer

    How is this so bad ass though! Fucking love it!

  13. Steffen Lee

    I'm just curious, either way props to mando on this song. Good job. But did you do the scream-o part or was it someone else. I also noticed a shawn mendez noticed in the description and I'm also wondering he did?

  14. Scratch Pad

    Who else immediately thought of Aggretsuko when they clicked on this?

  15. vafats

    My main has a song 👍

  16. heath hertter

    There's no sympathy for Gabriel Reyes. The whole reason Over watch collapsed was because he was throwing a tantrum over not getting top digs. He allowed an organization meant to be a beacon of light turn into a mass of writhing darkness, for what, his own bruised ego. He's a hell of a fighter I admit, but he's a pitiful excuse of a person. Watch out reaper mains I'm hunting you ;-)

    Zinthas Mori'Dagnir 'FlyingToastr'

    Have you looked at the lore? Its been said officially that he didnt want top digs. We dont knwo what really happened yet.

    Hunter Otte

    ​@Zinthas Mori'Dagnir 'FlyingToastr' Exactly, and not to mention as Moira points out about 76 (the actual leader to that "Shining beacon of hope") "It was awfully convenient for you not to look into Gabriel's business.", insinuating blame on 76 too. 76 clearly knew blackwatch did jobs that would've been illegal (THAT IS WHY THEY EXIST, to do missions Overwatch would rather not be associated with), but never paid any attention or moderated it in any way. And when people found out, Overwatch was shut down because of blackwatch's activities. I would rather argue 76 would have equal blame to Reaper, if not a little more for just letting everything unfold the way it did.

  17. Greatgatsby017

    As a Reaper main I approve and love this.

  18. pokemon master

    I think reaper was the good guy because in the comics 76 let Gabe kill the man (forgot his name)

  19. Zhonghao Li

    I can understand reaper now. I was trying to be nice and kind to everyone. But they never care about me and never be nice and kind to me.THIS IS MEANINGLESS!!!

  20. Strong Gamers United

    fuckin looove this song

  21. Joshua Aaron


  22. rebby 1313

    Mate, this was released ONE DAY after my birthday.

  23. Chopper Cabras

    fuck yeah im reaper's main 🤘he's badass

  24. Lucidd Things


  25. Mordock 24

    His subs are 666 😱

  26. the reaper

    who wants to join blackwatch

  27. Faron reaper

    you rock

  28. Lillianna H

    We’ll caaaaarryyyyy oooonn... we’ll caaaaaarry ooooon~

  29. zazelby

    I keep thinking of Androxus when I hear that chorus. "Death takes us all" reminds me of "Death awaits you all!"

  30. Kevino Casino

    Reaper isn’t as edgy as everyone thinks he is. He was just so dedicated to helping save the world, and he got a little restless. He was tired of being held back by their rules and not being able to take opportunities when he saw them. The day of the Venice incident was the day he lost it. He couldn’t understand why the others wouldn’t let him stop the wrong doers when the were right in front of him. After an unfortunate incident in Switzerland, he was thought to be dead, but thanks to Mercy, was resurrected. Moira found him and told him that she could help make him who he was truly meant to be and took Gabriel under her wing into Talon. Now he was set on showing Overwatch what happens when you leave untapped power detained.

  31. Wenwen Ng

    can you make a 1 hour version one?

  32. Wenwen Ng

    reaper is my favourite character

  33. Jeronim Lajqi

    Same with the Mcree video I like the lyrics but not the voice (excluding the death metal voice, btw he has a nice voice but it doesn’t match)

  34. Faustina Baldinelli

    This should be on radio

  35. revan the dragon prince

    Sounds like breaking benjamin

  36. Jillianne Arnold

    Shadows son? Is that reaper? Or Mccree?

  37. Lambdadelta

    Try to listen at 1.25 speed.

  38. don’t yell at me please

    I'm trying to get over my emo phase and this makes it really hard.

  39. Asbestos Fish

    Well, we now know it was moira.

  40. Stoker Gedush


  41. Ezgamer200

    Lol 666k views

  42. AkaO

    666 k.... It's really saying something >:)

  43. Link2edition

    I thought reapers theme was just "anything by linkin park"

  44. Pizza Electronic

    Can you do a widow Maker song that would be awesome

  45. Saint_Cichol

    I think I found a new favorite song. This is amazing.


    Reaper is my favourite overwatch character in terms of lore, gameplay, design, personality and motives

    Shirou Kotomine

    I share the sentiment about gameplay, But i hate him as a person, he is an evil monster who feeds on the innocent. A jealous traitor who couldn't handle not being the best.


    Shirō Kotomine parts of that are true but reaper only kills former overwatch agents not civilians

    Shirou Kotomine

    He is part of a terrorist organisation who intends to start a war. He has slaughtered many people, not only overwatch members .

  47. Antimalreao

    Just amazing .

  48. Drake The harbinger

    Need this on Spotify

  49. Swagotron OP


  50. Heba Jammain

    This is the original or fan made

  51. Edin Velasquez

    I wish he'd make a Genji song, he's one of my favorite characters.

  52. Eughh

    Actually, Reaper isnt a part of BLACKWATCH anymore, He is Talon.


    I love this song

  54. Mug Man

    Hey Cuphead if you’re here please reply

    Swagotron OP

    Hey Mugzy

  55. Weebking Tax '

    The length of his fingers is bothering me

  56. TheNewCornyMule

    Not edgey enough.

  57. Mason Novak


  58. JeylinRocksOut

    The beginning reminds me of an ad i watched a long time ago cant remember it though xD

  59. Little Mofi

    *I'm dead*

  60. Zanar Naryon

    Didn't think much of reaper before, but he's grown on me

  61. glitchy hack

    Good how about a junkrat song

  62. Raven the Dragon

    I love how almost every character in Overwatch has had horrible things happen to them. Happiness? Wut now?

  63. Zanar Naryon

    I wish more people would see past the "xxEdgelord666xx" persona and see that Reyes is tragic as hell

  64. Drako Tempest

    I wish reaper was a hero with a ironic name, because I don't like a bad guy to look that awesome. Who agrees with me


    Anti hero would be the most suiting role for him.

  65. Daniel Garcia III

    I love how .you did your.loud rock voice

  66. Dragon Knight

    I think he's badass. In canon,he's only lost to Winston,Ana,and Jack. But when it comes to guards,and a giant mech,he just demolished them

  67. cat cat

    can you do Windowmakeer song!

  68. Dominque Bauer


  69. Zenia Cruz P

    Make one song of widowmaker

  70. glitchy hack

    Awesome can you do a junk rat song

  71. First Flame

    This has like 666 degrees of edge

  72. Katrina Bloom

    The song isn't even in reapers voice


    Katrina Bloom okay and...?

  73. Creeper forthewin

    Who thinks Reaper is depressed

  74. Marcus McGinnis

    Can you please do a Zen song?

  75. Boodah 777

    "I broke my ties, and I hunt them down. To the ends of the earth and beyond just to put them in the ground" That's my favorite part. it sends chills up my spine each time

  76. Dragomon Steelhead

    is Edgewatch what you meant to put?

  77. DF RETR0

    "No one cares about the world you try to save" hints why he throws guns everywhere

  78. cashmandubs

    god this was so edgy and cringey

  79. Nick Venom

    This is so catchy. Do a rock Junkrat song

  80. SuperKociaMama

    mayby now song of sombra

  81. H4zrd


  82. Jason Winters

    the edge is real

  83. Aidan Sparks

    Cut my life into pieces

    This is my book report

  84. Wyatt McElroy

    i just think that a campaign mode would be really cool see more about characters, see and fight in the omnic crisis and learn more about talon i don't know but i think that would be great

  85. Hamivel


  86. Phantasm Blast

    As a Reaper main, I leave a dislike. 0/10, not enough edge.

    Boiled Cement

    Andy Collia Edos agreed my dude

  87. Corrupted FireXX

    one hour version of this song please

  88. Omar Amgad

    Where my Reaper mains at???

    Shadow Titan

    used to be but am now a Reinhardt main

    James Stansberry

    I have been walking among you.

    Albert Weedwacker666

    H e y g u ys

    Doctor Strange

    Right here man
    (Technically mccree main but reaper is my second)

  89. zosia 201999

    i love reaper <3

  90. Christopher Fensom

    It's things like this song that remind me of how much of a curse immortality would be. Eventually you'd just want to die because of all the suffering and death you'd have seen, but since you're immortal that option is closed to you.

  91. Pizza Lisp

    My Reaper boy. ;-; By the way, I loved the style of this song, it was like a slightly lighter version of the style of Breaking Benjamin! ^-^


    Who is here because of reaping sorrow

  93. Mlg L4d2andl4d1andOW

    OMG U JUST MADE MY DAY REAPER IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER/HERO LIKE MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE I MEAN I ONLY PLAY AS REAPER ONLY , WHEN I CAN, but dude I'm sorry but D A GAMES Reaper song is better than urs so at least u tried bro sorry

  94. Fiddle Storm

    I love when he says disguise

  95. Sweet Tea

    I'm pretty sure you got Breaking Benjamin to do this, just kidding bro! This is so good! Keep up the great work!

  96. ZoNeG0KU

    My phone is at 2%, but ill live

  97. Creeper forthewin

    this is what i imagine reaper to sing like