Mandisa - Praying For You Lyrics

I wonder if you think of me like I think of you
Do you long for my touch
I’ll honor you with purity,
so you can have all of me
Am I saying too much?

For now I’m waiting, anticipating
Baby, I know that you’ll be
The one that’s strong when I am weak
I’ll love you through the good and the bad
For rich or for poor
May not have much but this I’m sure
‘Til my dream comes true
I’ll be praying for you, praying for you

I wonder what’s in store for me
Who you’re gonna be
Have you ever passed me by
And I know that you are working hard
For our picket fence and yard
Maybe a little girl and boy

But for now, I’m waiting, oh anticipating
Baby, I know that you’ll be
The one that’s strong when I am weak
I’ll love you through the good and the bad
For rich or for poor
May not have much but this I’m sure
‘Til my dream comes true
I’ll be praying for you, praying for you

That you will fear the Lord
I’ll pray we’ll be on one accord
That God will bless everything we do
I pray that He will shield your heart
That we will not be torn apart
And side by side in Jesus’ name we’ll stand
But for now we’re waiting, anticipating

For rich or for poor
May not have much but this I’m sure
‘Til my dream comes true
I’ll be praying for you
Everyday I’m praying for you

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Mandisa Praying For You Comments
  1. Ashley Hutchison

    I pray for my future husband everyday. Where ever God leads me I'll go.

  2. Cindy 777

    Omgoodness..i love this song sooo much

  3. Lords Herald

    @ Mandisa I too been single and gave up looking for another for 5 1/2 6yrs and gave it to the trinity if i would find love then found this song this year and jesus showed me something about you when i laughed at him telling me we were counterparts like no she probably got married long ago and got a good man he said no my brother check this google her and scroll down boom 40yr old is single and happily waiting and i never thought of you like that before but it fits

    Lords Herald

    Prayed same thing even must of been same time

  4. Kylie Enigma

    I love this so much! Thank you!

  5. Blue berr Yy

    praying & anticipating for Boaz of my life, Lord Jesus!

  6. Joseph Toro

    Amen, every single day. Praying for you.

  7. Charity Simmons

    I found this song by accident and love it! I'm almost 39 and haven't had sex yet so when she sings about purity really hits home. I will continue to wait and pray for my future husband.

  8. Diiané Ramírez

    I love this song. I'm praying for you.💜❤

  9. Joseph Toro

    Although I have not met her yet, I know my future wife's out there singing this song. I'm waiting for her though it's tough.

  10. Rosilene Nogueira

    amo as canções. .ela é maravilhosa



  12. Lourdes borrero

    Beautiful, love it, every word, It also made me think of my son who is so far away from me in the military base of Norfolk VA. I miss him but always Praying for him.

  13. Kayla Wantland

    I am praying for my future true love.. I haven't met him yet, but can you all pray that I will meet him soon? I am waiting ever so patiently for him..

  14. Dianne Palabay

    Im 19 and i'm inlove. I know it's not yet the right time coz Im still young. All i have to do now is to pray for God's guidance and pray for His perfect time. Amen. I love You Lord. Help me love You more Jesus more than this man I'm in love with. Hold my hand o Lord so couldnt lose my way. Amen.

  15. Mariq Todorova

    Such a beautiful prayer in a song <3 I love it!

  16. Achsah Santosh George

    When we pray we think it is hard to do it yes I also felt like that but that's where Grace comes in and we are praying now and forever so that means now you have changed and left the old one behind

  17. Kryselle Jean Malabar

    im a single mom... , then someone love me and i was engaged...but left alone again...
    after going through 3 heart breaks already I don't know if I'll ever trust another one again.....i cry out to God. and ask him.. Why Lord... Why... is it because i have a baby??,
    i want to close down my door..and be SINGLE FOrever!!......I ponder and i decided to go on Youtube, and i saw this song....
    WHEN i heard this song for the first time.... I cried... I know..GOD has prepared someone better for me.. IN HIS Right TIME ...i will continue praying for my Future Husband,..Thank you so much for this song!! im blessed.

  18. Gloria Bitutu

    Until that dream comes true ill be praying for you

  19. Rachel Hillhouse

    I was in a very serious relationship with talks of marriage. I was led on and on and than he tore my heart out and broke up with me. I went to summer church camp to heal from the relationship with no intentions of looking for someone. I met my husband there and he also wasn't looking for anyone. I met him through his sister. The rest is history. We've been married for 16 years 😊 When you step out of the way and let God do the work, He makes everything turn out right!

  20. rox tadz

    wow! I just found this song while looking for another song of you. This melts my heart. What a beautiful song of prayer for the man you haven't even met. I'll definitely take time to learn this song and I'll look forward of making a cover of it and let all young ladies know about this awesome piece. God bless you.

  21. Karma Sherpa

    it's really. a good song

  22. Karu Sherpa

    I'm blessed ☺ thanks mandisa

  23. Lion Rose Music

    praying for you :)

  24. Geoffrey Richie

    GOD is always by our side even when we try to walk out of his ways he always brings us back because he loves us so much that he gave us his only begotten son to die for our sins to be forgiven and have eternal life.

  25. Destany Lewis

    Can you actually pray for another person to love you?

    Chloe Bryant

    Destany Lewis of course

  26. Masvanhise Family

    Again love it

  27. Candace Peters

    Amen....I'm praying for him....that's awesome Dominique Thomas



  29. Dominique Thomas

    Don't give up on covering your future husbands. I'd been speaking life over a stranger since I was a teenager. God put this man on my heart in 2008 and I prayed for him as a sister in Christ. In 2013 God spoke to him and told him that I was to be his wife. It was BIG news to the both of us. He told me how God was moving in his life- molding him just for me. Our wedding was Nov. 2014 and God sent many people to invest in our wedding and than gave us a home for free. Don't put God in a box. Seek first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added... Matthew 6:33

    Rosemary C

    Praise God!! So beautiful!! :)

    Gloria Bitutu

    Dominique Thomas wow that's a blessing, wishing you all the best.


    Dominique Thomas Thank you for sharing your testimony! Peace be upon your household Amen in Jesus Name

    Christy Dilligard

    Dominique Thomas hallelujah!!!

    Lindy Heyer

    I've been trying to do the same thing, praying for my two older sisters and my future husbands. Thank you for the encouragement. Also Matt 6:33 is one of my favorite verses of promise!

  30. Jenny Mabonda

    😍 my love, my one still pray for you all the time

  31. Bella Columbia

    This is amazing Mandisa
    XOXO I am praying for you no matter what God is with us.

  32. Mia Leonardo

    wow! so amazing! i dedicate this song for my future husband. ❤🙏🏽 i am always praying for you. 🙏🏽❤💑

  33. Albert Muindi

    Perfect love song

  34. floral ukes

    I love thisss omg

  35. Caitlin Davis

    praying for the man of my dreams to come along....although after going through two heart breaks already I don't know if I'll ever trust another one again... 💔

  36. Giovanni Mellisa Soesanto

    "I'll honor you with purity so you can have all of me"- Mandisa - Praying For You

  37. Anya Carlson

    Love you Mandisa!!!!

    Prayin For You

  38. Cynthia Pedroza

    Love listening to the beautiful voice of Mandisa and the beautiful messages they pertain!

  39. Treena Nelson

    it was recently engaged I knew I would make a huge mistake if I went through with it and now I'm single again and this is one of the hardest times in my life so please remember me in prayer


    Praying for you! Stay encourage and blessed

    Amanuel Lemessa

    +Treena Nelson don't know you but, praying that you stay strong. Hope you made it through!

    Tory Ellis

    Treena Nelson it's two years later that i see this post. I'm hoping and believing your heart is stronger and in a different place.

    Fr. Austin Fernandes SDB

    Treena,,,,,,,,i will keep you in prayers especially during the holy mass

  40. Common Crew

    In good times, hard times, thank God.  He's teaching us.  Don't run from the lesson plan.  Hang on.  You WILL be blessed.

    K. Mill

    Common Crew yes... i needed to read this...

  41. Tammy Jerkins

    HAPPY 2015, this is going to be a great year for my family & Me!!! I can already tell. Thank you Lord. Feeling blessed & grateful.

  42. LornyLuPots

    I've been struggling with singleness recently to the point of resenting the Lord for not meeting my spouse yet. I moaned and blamed Him and got angry (my mum always said be honest with God so in this case I've been very honest). To encourage those like me still in singleness, the lord planted in my heart, we walk by faith and not by sight. In the natural nothing seems to be happening but in the heavens God is working for our good. And now I know that I know that I will have the man of my dreams in due time xx amen


    Its not been easy tho. The proverb is true when it says iron sharpens iron. Geez, alot harder than i thought, at times i have gone to say something to him about something but then i look at him and think i have done the same so then i have to keep quiet. He is a mirror to my own life if that makes sense, because you have knowledge of what the bible says you line them up with what they should be doing and sometimes they dont then you get mad but at the same time you dont do the things you should do either, its a massive learning curve and its hard but an amazing one at the same time :) its not always rainbows and butterflies. Its just you are working things out in yourself and each other :) 


    LornyLuPots, I pray I get to meet mine soon too :(

    Love Like

    LornyLuPots Thank you. I really needed to see this. I've been struggling really hard lately and I just wasn't sure how to keep holding on. Now I do! Thank you!

    Joseph Toro

    Amen sister, I feel exactly the same way. I'm already 20 and have been single my whole life. My wife will be the one and only girl I ever date, not by my choice alone but by God's grand design. May he hurry and let us meet soon.


    I need prayer.pls pray for me for favour

  44. Olaira Mae Imbong

    This is so good for Christian weddings... God bless you!

  45. canders

    i miss a friend :-(

  46. Evie Sohkhlet

    To the future! :)

  47. Lauren Neal

    for my single ladies out there

  48. Nynandra Nynandra

    To my future husband!!! This song is awesome

  49. Danvepa Ltd

    great song. THANKS Mandisa

  50. BabyRobbin

    I hate to be like everyone else and put this in the comment section..but its really hard to get the word out otherwise. I have a nephew that was diagnosed with cancer less than a month ago. We have raised as much money as we can at our church we have no where to turn. PLease if you can donate anything at all go to Thanks in advance

  51. linda jeannis

    nice song

  52. Elle V Rose

    Mandisa does it again. Every song is beautiful. Definitely an engagement favorite. Praying that we will be in one accord. 

  53. Justin

    Beautiful Christian love song! :-)

  54. Shablee Veal

    Love this song

  55. Jr Shine

    Refreshing n Thoughtful

  56. julia maina

    this song is so sweet

  57. Renee Oakley

    Mandisa is one of My Personal Favorite Artists - This song specifically speaks to me! It has encouraged me to fight through some of the strongest battles of Life ....Her Music & Energy are so Uplifting & Encouraging! Please listen and Take Heart My Friends & Family facing the Daily Battles of Life! Be Encouraged You are a Warrior and Will OverCome!!!! <3

  58. karen roopnarine

    Loving every word of this beautiful amazing song......

  59. Charlyn Baricuatro

    hi i'd really like to sing this song to my cousins wedding,would you mind if i ask the minus one thank you.God bless!

  60. Songbird of Christ

    Thanks I needed to hear this song tonight :)

  61. Ruth Neumbe

    praying for u babe :)

  62. gossemerwings

    Wow - what a beautiful song!

  63. Robin Melet

    I love this song and the entire cd!!! Thank you, God, for using Mandisa for this wonderful orchestration! Thanks Mandisa! You look AMAZING!!

  64. Cindy Johanna Meneses

    Hermosa canción!

  65. Nikkie T

    I know I haven't met you yet, but I'm praying for you.

  66. Maureen Gatharia

    my prayer and thoughts exactly

  67. Monica Eros-Garcia

    I love this amazing song thank you for sharing JESÚS is dancing this song with me..

  68. Ashley Stevens

    Praying for my husband. For the devil comes like a serpent in the night to steal and tear apart, and I pray that God would heal the damage that the devil has done. I pray that He would soften my husbands heart and give me the words to say.


    Praying with you. The devil is a liar and we are taking back that which he has stolen from us - by force!

  69. Stephanie Kelley

    I love, love, love this song. One of my favorites. I can't wait to have the man God has for my life.


    Have you met him yet? :)

  70. Elaine Averill

    I'm praying :)  

  71. Queen Esther

    I'm still waiting for Him...still praying for Him and our future! Love you Mandisa.

  72. SonyaKB2013

    Love it!!! Great reminder to not rush God in finding the one

  73. Megan Dahlin

    very trusted freind and it just up sets me that where so sreperated and i go to a christian school and that frusterates me how kids are acting 0;

  74. Megan Dahlin

    and anytime i hear this song i just wan"t to cry and cry because its so encouraging and i'm just losing all these animals and people that where my freinds that i love are being ripped from my hand and i can"t hold on and it's just heat breaking and i'm always so lonely when i go anywhere with my class mates but i still have my freinds anna and abigal which are school freinds but this girl any time i'm around her i just think we where freinds once and infact she once siad i was a.. (next comment)

  75. Megan Dahlin

    ever since i had to say good bye to my dogs my life has been tough an i don't get a lot of attention form the other kids from school and any time i have to partisapate in sports which i'm not very fond of there are about 7 people that are actually getting attention and acctually get to partisapate while 20 some people are standing aroud not getting the attention and i get so frusterated and get so up set and fell like i'm not as important as these couple of people are so important (next comment

  76. Brent Dudley

    God bless you in your walk with the Lord. When some chump not worthy of you comes along, say you are married to Our God, for that's all you lust after, His love.When that man comes along, he'll share the same desire, to forsake others to follow His will. Again, God bless you and keep you Elizabeth.

  77. Lizz S

    Mandisa, you inspire me so much! You are someone I really look up to! :) Your music is so encouraging and thankful that God brought you and your music into my life!<3

  78. Allen Nimusiima

    i'll be praying for u.....

  79. Shelby Burk


  80. Elisama Rodrigues

    Crying. I`m waiting 4 mine too.

  81. Marge Gentry

    beautiful song and she is awesome.....

  82. Iya Garcia

    The best love song I have ever heard..

  83. Dorothy Henri

    Best love song. Ever. 3

  84. cumensu

    Do you know that one of the Anthem Lights singer is married to Karen Kingsbury's daughter?

  85. Ellia Priansisca

    such a beautiful song! loooove it.

  86. anne liz

    Super like....(: 3 3 3

  87. Melissa Pierce

    That is an amazing song! Loved it

  88. Amber Holmes

    Oh I just love Mandisa

  89. Skai Rachel Ann

    Love it! <3

  90. MiddleEarthGal

    Between this and Anthem Lights' "Hide Your Love Away", I have been reduced to tears. Both songs are so encouraging to me, with this song coming from my viewpoint, and the other (hopefully) from my future husband's.

  91. Keely D

    I love this you're amazing and I agree with Elizabeth Wamukoya :) God Bless

  92. TouchAudioTV

    Hello... :)

    You have some amazing talent, and some great music. Keep glorifying God with that gift. Please come to Africa, BOTSWANA sometimes. You have quiet a lot of supporters here.
    Check our music out, you might like the instrumentals we make(for Gospel musicians/ministers).

  93. J W

    Anfd I pray that YOU get the one YOU are "praying for" <3

  94. Liz Wamukoya

    This is an amazing song and an encouragement for me as a young lady to remain pure until I am finally married to the man God predestined for me, and to be praying for him until my dream also comes true :-) God bless you Mandisa and may He indeed answer your prayer and that we shall be soon seeing you with your dream :-)

  95. Grace Kwon

    Wow. I'm glad you are posting songs more often! I love them!

  96. Linnéa LS

    love your music!!! :)