Manchester Orchestra - Wolves At Night Lyrics

I could of sworn that I saw you knee bent on the bedside,
Arms stretched like a kite that time will eventually grow.
I'm so sure of it
And I've got a reason, too long, for songs
That tells why your legs and arms are actually able.

Cause I confide in wolves at night
have you seen my baby girl, she's lonely.

I've got to crucify myself if I am gonna believe you
I've got to promise that I'll finish all the things I said I'd do to begin with too
I've got to make my bed if I am gonna lay with you
Cause a disaster's a disaster no matter what Christian language you drag it through

Cause I confide in wolves at night
Well have you seen my baby girl, she's lonely, so lonely
Cause I confide in wolves at night
I'm like a virgin losing a child, so lonely, so lonely

I swear I did what I could for your rights,
You swear you did what you could for my eyes
And I'll try nothing, try something, try anything
I swear I did what I could for your rights,
You swear you did what you could for my eyes
And I'll try something, for nothing, for something.
I swear I did what I could for your rights,
You swear you did what you could for my eyes
And I'll try something, try nothing, try anything.

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Manchester Orchestra Wolves At Night Comments
  1. Daniel Heusler

    Goddamn I love these guys.

  2. Ritsukay

    Random video, best song, perfect vibes. Thanks youtube ♥

  3. Meitnerium9818

    nhl 08!

    Joey Harris

    Yup I posted the same thing a few years ago. Had to come back and watch the video and saw your comment. Great song and game!!

    Antiker Porsche

    Yup came here from NHL 08 too. Remember playing it as a kid and when I finally got a PS2 again, I got hooked on it.

  4. Kaitlin Howard

    I just love them too much

  5. Darrell Mackinnon

    2019. Still get the feelssss

  6. sarah parker

    They are always amazing live .... Andy Hull a friggin God sent!

  7. RarityGorl

    I’m like a virgin losing a child

  8. Manuel Rodriguez

    Song still gives me chills i was 21 when this came out an it was on my comcast on demand i discovered these guys an the editors another great band!!

  9. Agni Z

    My favourite song ever.

  10. Meitnerium9818

    NHL 8 thnx

  11. alejandra flores

    Sweet Truth Love Vows. Nice Guys.

  12. cyorneon X

    Quiero ir a un concierto de manchester orcbestra

  13. Joey Harris

    When I got my NHL 2008 game, I discovered this song and band. This song was always on repeat!

  14. Mad Saun

    Wish I could see you guys live, but soon! I'm finally moving to america for university, can't wait.

  15. paulimer charms

    i saw them live opening for say anything and let me just tell you.. they were amazing!

    Amanda Jones

    Me too. In 2007. Been a fan ever since.

  16. shadwell420

    One of the best bands of this century

    Raven Martinez

    Listen to ramshackle glory


    I'll check them out, thanks!

    Skyler Overstreet

    Raven Martinez holy Fuck ramshackle glory such a difference I thought i was the only one with that kind of music taste from indie to folk punk garbage......pat the bunny is inspiring af

    andrey vasquez


  17. mctraveller85

    I can't believe a song so good only has 92.8k views. That means only a select few have heard this song and love it for what ever reason.  

  18. Edward Janiszewski

    This is why I need to read lyrics sooner, I've always thought he said "I keep finding wolves at night"...*facepalm*

    Manuel Rodriguez

    Edward Janiszewski lmfao

  19. jigyoda

    it's pretty much the same thing. I've seen that comment when it refers to male singers who are fat/big boned

  20. Franco

    He didn't say that. He said he wasn't expecting that voice coming out from him...

  21. jigyoda

    why does being fat translate to not being able to sing?

  22. Tyler

    Four people accidentally must have hit the dislike button, there's no other explanation.

  23. Michael Patterson

    sounds like a lumberjack impersonating brian molko


    my thoughts exactly

  24. Cameron Watkins


    All I can think of at the end of this song haha

  25. TheBareMin1mum

    One time in the 90s, drummer Dave Grohl of the famous band Nirvana found a hidden time machine while wandering in the woods creating drum lines. He accidentally teleported to the year 2008, where Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra hired Dave, who was now aged slowly. He adopted a new name and became a guitarist for Manchester Orchestra under the guise of Robert McDowell. Only 2:16 shows the truth.

  26. YouK2Tube

    haha true... now check out this guy /watch?v=03Ehaj64FlM

  27. AaronApocolypse

    im guessing you keep coming back cause you cant get enough HULL

  28. tjlyons10

    Another random comment

  29. tjlyons10

    Senior baby yeah one more year

  30. tjlyons10

    Another random comment

  31. tjlyons10


  32. Rickmender23

    He's beautiful

  33. tjlyons10


  34. magicskyfairy69

    pretty random lyrics. confiding in wolves, and virgins hangin out. throw in a crucifixion. good stuff

  35. skylilly1

    It is truly sad to see a rundown amusement park when you have nothing but happy memories there..I used to drive passed one at least once a week. It was weird...good vid! Great band!

  36. Riced In Productions


  37. WarTornManofGod


  38. gmstokes

    NHL 08!!

  39. umjim

    @sheznic hahaha best vevo comment i have ever seen. Thank you.

  40. jsney20

    How did I miss Manchester Orchestra in Birmingham?

  41. Alicia Singleton

    Dudeee. I live in Birmingham (where Sloss is located) :D freaking out how they were like right there in my town. And I didn't even know!

  42. Jesus Gomez

    zach galifinakis is amazing... he can act.. he can sing... he can forget a night he'll never forget... what cant he do :D

  43. Snowball Effect

    @XEGGXSALADX this one does, though.

  44. Tyler Johnson

    thumbs up if you think the lead singer looks like zach galifianakis?

  45. Gerry Flores

    1:53 if anyone has that "colour revolt" shirt, ill buy it from you..I hope colour revolt and manchester tour together.

  46. darkstar3472

    Zach Galifianakis

  47. magicskyfairy69

    Wow, I heard this song and assumed the singer was a chick. So I come to check out the video, and find it's a burly woodsman lookin dood. This is my surprise for the day

  48. Alex425707

    @threedayssober Unnecessary much?

  49. Andrew Dunham

    does anyone know the amusement park

  50. Kirsten Jensen

    I love this guys singing voice!!!!!! :DD

  51. 4closure

    bring it on FUCKERS

  52. Jonny Schaab

    The Colour Revolt shirt is by far the be radder representation! I mean don't get me wrong, I love me some brand new, they introduced me to Manchester a few years back but, the Orchestra Introduced me to Colour Revolt and believe me, they are definitely worth checkin' out!

  53. guitaraddict14

    3:41 Brand New shirt! woo represent

  54. Joe Servo

    @CNiles88 He's like a talented Christopher Cross.

  55. Joe Servo

    @LanaGracex Same here!

  56. SeanWatches

    Andy Hull is a fuckin gangster. so goddamn good live.